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I.  Authors, Editors, etc. -- Names Beginning with
A through C

  • Adams, Dale W
    (1995) "Judge Not: The Saga of D.P. Hurlbut"  [off-site full text]
    (2000) "Dr. Philastus Hurlbut"  [off-site full text]

  • Adams, George J.
    (1841) Plain Facts... Origin of Spaulding Story  [w/Winchester]
    (1849) True History of the Rise of the Church  [off-site link]

  • Adams, John Q.
    (1916) Birth of Mormonism  [off-site link]

  • Aldernut, W. W.
    (1884 Nov) Hurlbut threatens Smith  [off-site link]

  • American Whig Review (magazine title - no author)
    (1851) "Yankee Mahomet"  [off-site link]  [2nd copy]
    (1852) "Mormonism in Illinois series"   [2nd copies: #1  #2  #3  #4]

  • Anderick, Mrs. Sarah Fowler
    (1887 June) Statement on early Mormonism   [off-site link]

  • Anderson, Arthur S.
    (1999) Dark Mormon Beginnings  [off-site excerpts]

  • Anderson, Edward H.
    (1893) Life of Brigham Young   [off-site link]

  • Anderson, Richard L.
    (1970) "J. Smith's NY Reputation Reappraised"   [off-site excerpts]
    (1991)  review of R. I. Anderson book   [off-site excerpts]

  • Anderson, Rodger I.
    (1990) J. Smith's NY Reputation Reexamined   [off-site excerpts]

  • Anderson, Russell
    (1999) "Spaulding Theory Debunked"   [off-site link]

  • Anthon, Charles
    (1834) Letter #1 re: M. Harris   [off-site link]
    (1841) Letter #2 re: M. Harris   [off-site link]
    (1845) Letter #3 re: M. Harris   [article series]

  • Anti-Mormon Committee (Kirtland area)
    (1834) "To The Public"   [article series]

  • Arbaugh, George B.
    (1932) Revelation in Mormonism  [excerpts]
    (1940) "Evolution of Mormon Doctrine"  [forthcoming]

  • Arndt, Karl J. R.
    (1944) "Harmonists and the Mormons"  [full text]

  • Arrington, Leonard J. & Davis, Bitton
    (1981) Saints Without Halos  [off-site excerpts]

  • Ash, Michael
    (2001) Plagiarisms: Solomon Spaulding  [off-site link]

  • Ashtabula Co., Ohio
    (various) Early Tax, Voters and Census Lists  [off-site link]

  • Atwater, Darwin
    (1873) Testimony re: S. Rigdon  [full text]   [second copy]

  • Austin, Rev. D. R.
    (1841) Letter re: Widow Spalding  [off-site link]

  • Austin, Emily Coburn
    (1882) Life Among the Mormons  [off-site excerpts]  

  • Backman, Milton V.
    (1972) "The Quest for a Restoration"  [BYU Studies download]
    (1983) The Heavens Resound  [off-site excerpt]

  • Bacon, Daniel
    (1879) Conneaut witnesses credible  [article series]

  • Badger, Amasa M.
    (1904) "Mormonism... First Appearance"  [off-site link]

  • Baker, Harvey
    (1890 Nov) "Mormonism, Its Rise and Leaders"  [article series]
    (1900 Jan) "The Early Days of Mormonism"  [article series]

  • Baker, Merry C.
    (2006) "Indian Interp. of Book of Mormon"  [off-site full text]

  • Baldwin, Harvey
    (1887?) Rigdon's papers & desk  [article series]

  • Bales, James D.
    (1942 Aug) "B of M & Spalding Manuscripts"  [off-site full text]
    (1958) The Book of Mormon?  [off-site excerpts]

  • Bancroft, Hubert H. (editor)
    (1889) History of Utah  [off-site excerpts]
    (1889) History of Utah  [full text off-site link]

  • Barr, Oliver
    (1836) letter on the Mormons  [off-site link]
    (1836) "What is Truth?"  [off-site link]
    (1836) "Wisdom not from above"  [off-site link]

  • Bartlett, Sylvester M. (editor)
    (1838-1847) Quincy Whig newspaper articles

  • Baskin, Robert N.
    (1914) Reminiscences of Early Utah.  [off-site link]

  • Baxter, William
    (1874) Life of Elder Walter Scott  [excerpts]

  • Bays, Davis
    (1897) Doctrines & Dogmas of Mormonism  [off-site: excerpts]
    (1899) Replies to A. T. Schroeder: #1,  #2  [off-site link]
    (1913) rejects Spalding claims  [excerpts from 1899 letters]

  • Beadle, John Hanson
    (1870) Life in Utah  [off-site link]
    (1870) other copies html version 1  html version 2  [off-site links]
    (1882) Polygamy: Mysteries & Crimes of Mormonism  [forthcoming]

  • Bean, Willard
    (1938) A.B.C. History of Palmyra  [off-site: excerpts]

  • Beardsley, Harry M.
    (1931) Joseph. Smith and his Mormon Empire  [off-site: excerpts]

  • Belisle, Orvilla
    (1855) Mormonism Unveiled  [off-site: excerpts]

  • Bennett, James A.
    (1842 Jun) "Artillery Officer Letter"  [off-site: full text]

  • Bennett, James G.
    (1831) "Mormonism - Religious Fanaticism"  [off-site: full text]

  • Bennett, John C.
    (1842 June) Letter to the Burlington Hawkeye  [off-site full text]
    (1842) Letters to the Louisville Journal  [two letters]
    (1842) Letters to the Sangamo Journal  [several letters, in order]
    (1842) Letters to the St. Louis Bulletin  [two letters]
    (1842) History of the Saints (excerpts)  [off-site excerpts]

  • Bentley, Adamson
    (1841 Jan) Rigdon & pre-1830 Book of Mormon  [pub. 1843]   [2nd copy]

  • Bentley, Martin
    (1885?) Adamson Bentley & Rigdon  [off-site excerpt]

  • Benton, Abraham W.
    (1831 Mar) "The Mormonites"  [2nd copy]

  • Bernard, Adeline M. Fuller [attributed]
    (1881 Mar) Letter to Thomas Gregg  [forthcoming]
    (1881 Oct) Letter to Thomas Gregg  [off-site full text]
    (1881 Oct) fragment of a letter  [off-site link]

  • Bishop, Sereno E.
    (1885 Sep.) "Spalding Manuscript at Honolulu"  [off-site full text]

  • Blackman, Emily C.
    (1873) History of Susquehanna Co.  [off-site excerpts]

  • Blair, William W.
    (1873) The Memoirs of President W. W. Blair  [off-site link]

  • Blatchly, Cornelius C.
    (1831 Feb) letter re Oliver Cowdery, etc.  [off-site link]

  • Blumell, Bruce
    (1999?) Spalding or Ethan Smith?  [off-site full text]

  • Bolles, Henry
    (1831) Rigdon wrote Book of Mormon  [off-site articles series]

  • Booth, Ezra
    (1831) Letters on Mormonism  [off-site full text]

  • Boudinot, Elias
    (1801) Age of Revelation  [under constr.]
    (1815) The Second Advent  [off-site excerpts]
    (1816) A Star in the West  [off-site excerpts]

  • Bousquet, G. H.
    (1934) "Rigdon-Spaulding Theory Re-Examined"  [off-site full text]

  • Boyer, Peter
    (1879) Rigdon not in Pittsburgh  [1843 statement]

  • Braden, Clark
    (1884) Braden-Kelley Debate
    (1891) Braden-Kelley Debate at Lamoni

  • Brannan, Sam
    (1844 Nov) "Rigdon's Folly"  [article series]
    (1845 Dec) "To Emigrants"  [article series]
    (1847 Jan) "To the Saints"  [article series]

  • Brewer, Fanny
    (1842) Statement re: J. Smith  [off-site link]

  • Brewster, Carl M.
    (1945) "Did S. Rigdon write the Book of Mormon?"

  • Briggs, Edmund C.
    (1901)  Early History of the Restoration  [off-site link]

  • Briggs, James A.
    (1838) Recollection of D. P. Hurlbut, etc.  [article series]
    (1875) Recollection of D. P. Hurlbut, etc.  [off-site link]
    (1884 Jan) "Western Reserve (D. P. Hurlbut)"  [off-site link]
    (1886 Jan) "The Spalding Romance"  [off-site link]
    (1886 Mar) Open Letter to Joseph Smith III  [pub. 1888]
    (1886 Sep) "The Book of Mormon...?"  [off-site link]
    (1886 Oct) "Who Wrote Book of Mormon?"  [off-site link]
    (1887 Apr) "Book of Mormon"  [off-site link]
    (1888 Mar) "The Mormon Bible"  [off-site link]

  • Briggs, Jason W.
    (1875) "History of the Restoration"  [article series]

  • Brittan, Mrs. L. E.
    (1908) Testimony (Spalding. etc.)  [off-site link]

  • Broadhurst, Dale R.
    -------- "Personal Info Page"
    -------- "Refugees of The Reorganization"
    (1979) "Proposal to LDS Church Ed. System"  [off-site link]
    (1980) "Coming Forth of Book of Mormon"  [off-site link]
    (1980) "The Book and the Manuscript"  [off-site link]
    (1980)  Spaldingish Text in Book of Mormon  [off-site link]
    (1980) "New Basis for Spalding Theory"  [off-site link]
    (1982) "Secular and the Sacred"  [off-site link]
    (1983) "Sciota Revisited"  [off-site link]
    (1998) "Spalding MS Cross-Index"  [off-site link]
    (1998) "BoM/Spalding: Unique Textual Parallels"  [off-site link]
    (1998) "Names & Proper Nouns in Spalding MS"  [off-site link]
    (1999) "Genealogy of Solomon Spalding"  [off-site link]
    (1999) "The Mormon and the Book"  [off-site link]
    (2000) "Smith History: Spalding Fragments"  [off-site link]  [part 2]
    (2001) "Crisis at Kirtland"  [off-site -under construction]
    (2001) "The Spalding Saga"  [off-site under construction]
    (2001) "Tannerism, Reality or Shadow?"  [off-site link]
    (2001) "Changing World of Tannerism"
    (2001) "Response to Robert & Rosemary Brown"  [off-site link]
    (2002) "The Conneaut Giants"  [off-site link]
    (2002) "Mormons & Mound-Builders"  [off-site link]
    (2002) "Sacred Book of the Indians?"  [off-site link]
    (2002) "American 'New Israelites'"  [off-site link]
    (2003)  Chronology of Oberlin Spalding MS  [off-site link]
    (2003)  Review of T. L. Givens' 2002 book  [off-site link]
    (2003)  Review of M. B. Brown's LDS apolgetics  [off-site link]
    (2005) "Rigdon Revealed"  [under construction]
    (2006)  Spalding/BkofMor vocabulary overlap  [off-site link]
    (2006)  "Book of Solomon"  [under constr.]
    (2006)  Comments re: Cochranism/Mormonism  [off-site link]
    (2007)  Bushman JS bio review  [off-site link]
    (2007)  Children of the Massacre  [off-site link]
    (2009)  Joseph Smith: Con-Man?  [full text]
    (2009)  Parley P. Pratt: Tin-Smith?  [under constr.]

  • Brodie, Fawn M. (short excerpts - copyrighted text)
    (1945) No man Knows My History  [off-site link: excerpts]

  • Bronson, Phineas
    (1872) Rigdon's 1834 denial  [article series]

  • Brotherton, Martha H.
    (1842) Statement on Polygamy at Nauvoo  [off-site link]

  • Brown, Matthew B.
    (2003) Ask the Apologist (re Spalding)  [off-site link] ["Spalding-Rigdon Theory"]
    (2003) Plates of Gold  [off-site link]

  • Brown, Robert L. & Rosemary
    (1984) They Lie in Wait to Deceive II  [off-site link: excerpts]
    (1982-99) They Lie in Wait to Deceive  [off-site link: set of 4 books]

  • Buchanan, James
    (1860) 1860 Messages to Congress on Utah  [off-site: full text]

  • Burgess, Samuel A.
    (1924) "Manuscript of Solomon Spaulding"  [off-site: full text]
    (1928) "The Solomon Spaulding Manuscript"  [off-site: full text]
    (1932) "Old Fable... Bobs Up Again"  [off-site: full text]
    (1933) "Book Review (G. Arbaugh)"  [off-site: full text]

  • Burton, Richard F.
    (1862) The City of the Saints  [off-site link]

  • Bush, C. S.
    (1840) Plain Facts... of the Mormonites  [forthcoming]

  • Bush, Lester
    (1977) "Spalding Theory..."  [off-site excerpts]

  • Bushman, Richard L.
    (1984) J. Smith & Beginnings of Mormonism  [short excerpts] 
    (2005) J. Smith: Rough Stone Rolling  [off-site excerpts]

  • Call, Lamoni
    (1898) 2000 Changes in Book of Mormon  [off-site link]

  • Campbell, Alexander
    (1825) Greatrake's Calumnies Repell'd  [full text]
    (1830-44) Millennial Harbinger  [off-site: excerpts on Mormons]
    (1831) "Delusions"  [off-site: the original article]
    (1835) Review of E. D. Howe's book  [off-site: full text]
    (1839) Review Davison statement  [off-site: full text]
    (1844) Rigdon & gold plates in 1827  [off-site: full text]
    (1848) "Anecdotes, Incidents and Facts"  [off-site: article series]

  • Campbell, Robert
    (1850) "Author of the Mormon Bible"  [article series]

  • Canon, Frank J.
    (1911) Under the Prophet in Utah  [off-site excerpts]
    (1913) Brigham Young and His Mormon Empire  [off-site link]

  • Cartwright, Peter
    (1856) P. Cartwright's Autobiography  [off-site excerpt]

  • Caswall, Henry M.
    (1842) City of the Mormons  [off-site full text]
    (1843) Prophet of the 19th Century  [off-site excerpts]

  • Carleton, James H.
    (1859) Report on the... Massacre  [off-site: 1902 reprint]

  • Catholic World (no author listed)
    (1877) "Two Prophets of Mormonism"  [off-site link]

  • Chamberlain, Solomon
    (1827) name on list with Cowderies  [off-site excerpt]
    (1858) early recollections of Mormonism  [off-site link]

  • Chandler, Ted
    (1999) "Book of Mormon Authorship"  [off-site link]
    (2001) "Matilda Spalding Revisited"  [off-site link]
    (2001) "Another Spalding Fragment"  [off-site link]
    (2001) "Spalding & Revisionist History"  [off-site link]
    (2001) "Spalding Enigma (Review)"  [off-site link]
    (2001) "Smith & Book of Mormon (Review)"  [off-site link]

  • Chapman, George T.
    (1867) Sketches of Dartmouth Alumni  [off-site: excerpts]  [full text]

  • Chase, Able D.
    (1879) Statement re: Sidney Rigdon  [off-site link]

  • Chase, Daryl
    (1931) "Sidney Rigdon -- Early Mormon"  [excerpts]

  • Chittenden, Diadama
    (1901) "recollection of S. Spalding"  [off-site link]

  • Clapp, Henry H.
    (1879) "Statement re: Sidney Rigdon"  [off-site link]

  • Clapp, Matthew S.
    (1831) "Statement re: Sidney Rigdon"  [off-site link]

  • Clapp, Thomas J.
    (1879) Statement re: Sidney Rigdon  [off-site link]

  • Clark, George
    (1880-81) letters re: Jerome Clark  [off-site link]

  • Clark, John A.
    (1840) "Gleanings by the Way"  [off site: the original articles]
    (1842) Gleanings by the Way  [off site: chapters on Mormons]

  • Clayton, William
    (1840-46) Nauvoo Diaries  [off-site link]
    (1848) LDS Emigrants' Guide  [off-site page images]

  • Clemens, Samuel
    (1872) Roughing It  [excerpts on Mormons: off-site]

  • Cobb, James Thornton
    (1878-80) Articles on Early Mormonism  [off-site link]
    (1879 Jul) Letter to Amboy Journal  [off-site link]
    (1884 Aug) Letter to E. L. Kelley  [off-site link]
    (1910 Feb) J. T. Cobb's obituary  [article series]

  • Codman, John
    (1875) "Through Utah"  [off-site 4 parts]
    (1881) "Mormonism"  [off-site link]

  • Coe, Truman
    (1836) "Mormonism"  [article series]

  • Cole, Abner
    (1830) "Book of Pukei"  [article series]
    (1831) "Gold Bible"  [article series]
    (1832) "Smith & Rigdon"  [article series]
    (1833) "Mormon Familiar Spirits"  [article series]

  • Cook, Thomas L.
    (1930) Palmyra and Vicinity  [off-site: excerpts]

  • Cooper, Samuel
    (1879) Rigdon not a printer  [off-site link]

  • Corrill, John
    (1834 Jun) letter to Oliver Cowdery  [off-site link]
    (1839) History of the Mormons  [off-site link]  [2nd copy]

  • Cowdery, Oliver & W. W. Phelps (editors)
    (1832-34) Evening & Morning Star  [off-site link]

  • Cowdery, Oliver & Warren (editors)
    (1834-37) Messenger & Advocate  [off-site link]

  • Cowdery, Oliver
    (1830 Nov) letter re: Rigdon, etc.  [off-site full text]
    (1834 Jan) letter re: Hurlbut  [article series]
    (1834 Apr) Trial of D. P. Hurlbut  [off-site link]
    (1835 Apr) "Trouble in the West"  [off-site link]
    (1834-36) Cowdery's history of Mormonism  [off-site-link]  [w/graphics]
    (1834-50) Oliver Cowdery Letters  [off-site-link]
    (1839 attr.) Defence...  [1907 review]  [1914 reprint]
    (1850 Jul) "Obituary"  [off-site-link]
    (1859 Apr) "Last Days of O. Cowdery"  [off-site-link]

  • Cowdrey, Wayne L., et al.
    (1977) Who Really Wrote Book of Mormon  [off-site more]
    (2000) The Spalding Enigma  [off-site: excerpts/review]
    (2000) The Spalding Enigma  [off-site-link: excerpts]
    (2001) "Curious Ancestry"  [off-site-link: excerpts]
    (2005) Who Wrote BofM?  [off-site: excerpts/review]  [ad. 1]  [ad. 2]

  • Cowles, Austin W.
    (1869) "Mormons: Pen & Pencil Sketches"  [second copy]

  • Cradlebaugh, John
    (1863) Speech on Utah  [off-site: full text]

  • Craig, Isaac
    (1882 Oct) Research on Spalding & Rigdon  [off-site full text]

  • Crary, Christopher G.
    (1890) "Pioneer Reminiscences"  [off-site atricle series]
    (1890) "Pioneer Reminiscences"  [off-site: review w/excerpts]
    (1893) Pioneer and Personal Reminiscences [off-site excerpts]

  • Creigh, Alfred
    (1870) History of Washington County  [link: "Mormonism" chapter]
    (1879) "Mormonism"  [off-site-link]

  • Criddle, Craig
    (2005) "S. Rigdon: Creating the BoM"  [old URL]
    (2009) "S. Rigdon: Creating the BoM (revised)"  [off-site-link]
    (2008) "Reassessing Authorship... BoM"  [with Jockers & Witten]
    (2009) "Tracking Book of Momon Authorship"  [under constr.]
    (2009) "S/R Theory Narrative"
    (2009) "Narrative for Bk. of Mor."  [under constr.]

  • Cross, Whitney R.
    (1950) The Burned-Over District  [off-site excerpt]

  • Cunningham, Artemas
    (1833) Statement re: Solomon. Spalding  [off-site link]


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    II.  Authors, Editors, etc, -- Names Beginning with
    D through F

  • Daniels, William
    (1845) Correct Account of Murder of J. & H. Smith  [off-site: BYU]

  • Davis, Howard A.
    (1977) Who Really Wrote Book of Mormon  [see Cowdrey, Wayne L., et al.]
    (1978) Who Really Wrote Book of Mormon #2  [off-site excerpts]

  • Davis, Inez Smith
    (1934: RLDS) Story of the Church  [off-site-link]

  • Davis, S. J. S.
    (1899) Origin of Book of Mormon  [forthcoming]

  • Davison, George N.
    (1901 Mar) "Spalding's widow, etc."  [off-site-link]

  • Davison, Matilda Spalding (with Austin & Storrs)
    (1839 Apr) "Origin of the Book of Mormon"  [off-site-link]
    (1842) statement to Rev. Gaston  [off-site-link]
    (1842?) undated statement  [published in 1851]
    (1842?) undated statement  [published in 1854]

  • Deming, Arthur B.
    (1888) Naked Truths About Mormonism  [off-site link]  [review #1]  [review #2]
    (1988) Naked Truths About Mormonism II  [off-site link]

  • Derby, Rachael Miller
    (1885) Reminiscence of D. P. Hurlbut  [off-site link]

  • DeVoto, Bernard A.
    (1930, 36) "Centennial of Mormonism"  [off-site excerpts]

  • Dickens, Charles
    (1860) "Uncommercial Traveller"  [off-site-link]

  • Dickinson, Ellen E.
    (1880) Scribners Monthly article #1  [off-site link]  [2nd copy]
    (1881) Scribners Monthly article #2  [off-site link]  [2nd copy]
    (1885) New Light on Mormonism  [off-site link]
    (1886) "Solomon Spalding's MS Found"  [off-site link]

  • Donofrio, Thomas E.
    (2002) "Early Am. Influences on Book of Mormon"  [off-site full text]
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    III.  Authors, Editors, etc, -- Names Beginning with
    G through I

  • Gibbs, Josiah F.
    (1910) Mountain Meadows Massacre

  • Gibson, George R.
    (1886) "Origin of a Great Delusion"  [off-site link]

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    (1879 Oct) Letter to James T. Cobb  [off-site excerpt]
    (1880 Dec) Letter to Diedrich Villers, Jr.  [off-site full text]
    (1881 July) Letter to Thomas Gregg  [off-site full text]
    (1882 June) Dickinson's interview  [off-site excerpt]

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    (2002) By the hand of Mormon  [off-site excerpts]

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  • Gould, Lorin
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    (1852) 3 Letters to N. Y. Herald  [under constr.]  [BYU version]

  • Greatrake, Rev. Lawrence
    (1824) Letters to Alexander Campbell #1  [under constr.]
    (1824) Letters to Alexander Campbell #2  [under constr.]
    (1826) Letters on Religious Notions of A. Campbell  [forthcoming]
    (c. 1827) Dialogue Between Fuller & Regular Baptist  [forthcoming]
    (1827) The Harp of Zion  [under constr.]
    (1830) The Parallel and Pioneer  [under constr.]
    (1831) Miniature Portrait of Uriel B. Chambers  [forthcoming]
    (1836) Lights and Shades...of Campbell  [under constr.]
    (1838) An Anti-Missionary Dissertation...  [forthcoming]

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    (1878?)  Christian Cynosure letter  [off-site articles series]

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    (1880) History of Hancock Co.  [forthcoming]
    (1890) Prophet of Palmyra  [off site excerpts]

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    (1870 Oct) Deseret News Martin Harris report  [article series]
    (1872 May) Palmyra Courier on Harris family #2  [#3 & #4]
    (1875 Sep) Cincinnati Commercial Harris obituary  [2nd copy]
    (1875 Oct) Martin Harris letters to RLDS  [article series]
    (1878 Jan) "The Three Witnesses"  [article series]
    (1878 Nov) Salt Lake Tribune Harris article  [article series]
    (1881 Dec) Deseret News Stevenson letter  [article series]
    (1888 Jan) Naked Truths R. W. Alderman statement  [article series]
    (1888 May) W. W. Blair on Martin Harris  [article series]
    (1888 Nov) "Birth of Mormonism"  [article series]
    (1889 Mar) "Martin Harris in England"  [article series]

  • Harris, William
    (1841) Mormonism Portrayed  [off-site link]

  • Harrison, Elias L.
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    (1843) "Letters from Nauvoo" Part 1   Part 2  [off-site links]

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  • Haven, Jesse & Martha
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  • Henry, Orrin P.
    (1886 Mar) quotes D. Thompson re Rigdon

  • Hickey, Lorenzo D.
    (1887 Aug) refutation of Spalding-Ethan Smith connection  [off-site link]

  • Hickman, Bill
    (1904) Brigham's Destroying Angel  [off-site link]

  • Hill, Donna
    (1977) J. Smith: First Mormon  [off-site excerpt]

  • Hill, Marvin S.
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    (1989) Quest for Refuge  [off-site excerpt]   [full text]

  • Hine, William R.
    (1884) 1833 exhibition of "MS Found"  [off-site full text]

  • Hinkle, George M.
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    (1999) Swedenborg and the Book of Mormon  [under construction]
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  • Howard, Richard P.
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  • Howard, T. B.
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    (1834 Feb) Letter to Isaac Hale  [off-site link]
    (1834 Nov) Mormonism Unvailed  [off-site link: full text]
    (1840) History of Mormonism  [title-page]
    (1878) Autobiography & Recollections  [excerpts]
    (1880 Aug) Letter to D. P. Hurlbut  [off-site full text]
    (1880) Interview with E. E. Dickinson  [off-site full text]
    (1881) Statement to T. W. Smith  [off-site full text]
    (1885) Statement to A. B. Deming  [off-site full text]

  • Howe, Henry
    (1847) Hist. Coll. of Ohio  [excerpts on Mormons, etc.]

  • Hurlbut, D. P.
    (no date)  D. P. Hurlbut Chronology  [under construction]
    (1832 Sep)  Notice in NY newspaper  [off-site full text]
    (1833 Dec)  Press release on Spalding authorship  [off-site full text]
    (1833 Dec)  certification of Spalding's handwriting  [off-site enlarged image]
    (1833 Dec)  certification of Spalding's handwriting  [image in context]
    (1833 Dec)  letter in his handwriting  [off-site full text]
    (1844-52)  letters and articles  [off-site full text]
    (1879) Statement on Spalding MS  [off-site full text]
    (1880) Interview with E. E. Dickinson  [off-site full text]
    (1881) Statement on Spalding MS  [off-site full text]

  • Hurlbut, Maria
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    (1885)  statement to A. B. Deming  [off-site full text]

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  • Hyde, Charles M.
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  • Hyde, John W.
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    (1857)  Mormonism: Its Leaders  [off-site link]  [2nd copy]

  • Hyde, Orson
    (1832) 1832 Missionary Journal  [excerpts]
    (1836) A Prophetic Warning
    (1841) Reminiscence of D. P. Hurlbut
    (1844 Sep 12) Letter re: Rigdon  [Sept. 17, Sept. 19, Oct. 21]
    (1845) Speech Upon Conduct of Rigdon  [partial copy]
    (1846 Apr) Revelation re. J. J. Strang  [article series]
    (1849) "Rigdon's Confession"  [off-site link]
    (1858)  History of Orson Hyde  [full text]  

  • Hyde, William
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    (1888 Nov.)  "'The Birth of Mormonism'"  [article series]

  • Ingersol, Calvin
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  • International Magazine (magazine title - no author)
    (1851) Nauvoo and Deseret  [off-site link]  [see also National Magazine]

  • Isham, Warren (editor of Hudson, Ohio Observer)
    (1830) "The Golden Bible"  [off-site link]


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    IV.  Authors, Editors, etc, -- Names Beginning with
    J through L

  • Jackson, Abner
    (1881: Jan) "The Book of Mormon"  [off-site link]

  • Jackson, John Jay
    (1905: Feb) "Abner Jackson, etc."  [off-site link]

  • Jackson, Kent P. (ed.)
    (1996) The Manuscript Found  [off-site: excerpts]

  • Jackson, Joseph H.
    (1844) "A Narative of Adventures"  [off-site: newspaper version]
    (1844) A Narative of Adventures  [off-site: under construction]

  • Jacob, Norton
    (1847) "Autobiography"  [off-site link]

  • Jacob, Udney
    (1834) "Letter on religion"  [off-site link]
    (1842) "The Peace Maker"  [off-site link]

  • Jeffery, James
    (1884) "Statement on S. Rigdon"  [off-site link]

  • Jenson, Andrew
    (1901) LDS Biographical Encyclopedia  [off-site set]
    (1914) Church Chronology  [off-site link]

  • Jessee, Dean C.
    (1984) Personal Writings of J. Smith  [unauthorized, copyright violation!]

  • Johnson, Benjamin F.
    (1903) "Letter to George S. Gibbs"  [off-site link]
    (1905) My Life's Review  [off-site link]

  • Johnson, Joel H.
    (1858?) Personal Journal  [off-site link]
    (1868?) Autobiographical Sketch  [off-site link]

  • Johnson, Joseph E..
    (1881) "Reminiscences of D. P. Hurlbut"  [off-site link]
    (1882) "Autobiography"  [off-site link]

  • Jones, Josiah
    (1831, 41) "History of the Mormonites"  [off-site link]   [2nd copy] 
    (1833 Nov) letter to D. P. Hurlbut  [off-site link]
    (1834 Jan) "To the Public"   (one of several signers)

  • Juris, James
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  • Kauffman, R. & R.
    (1912) The Latter Day Saints  [off-site link]

  • Kelley, Edmund L.
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  • Kirkham, Francis W.
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    (1942, 51) New Witness for Christ I  [off-site link: excerpts]
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  • Kirtland Elders Quorum
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  • Knowles, Lloyd Alan
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    (2003) "Sidney Rigdon... Benedict Arnold..."  [off-site link]

  • Knuijt, Jerome J.
    (1999) Hoax of Mormonism  [off-site link: excerpts]
    (2000) The Anthon Affair  [off-site link: excerpts] 

  • L.D.S.
    (1830) Book of Mormon  [off-site link]
    (1833) Book of Commandments  [off-site link]
    (1835) Doctrine & Covenants  [off-site link]

  • L.D.S. (attributed to Smith, edited by B. H. Roberts)
    (1890s) History of the Church I-VII  [off-site link]

  • L.D.S. (various speakers & writers)
    (1851) Pearl of Great Price  [off-site link]
    (1852 Sept) Announcement of Polygamy  [off-site link]
    (1853-86) Journal of Discourses  [off-site link]

  • Lake, Fanny J.
    (1914) donation of Spalding docs  [from NYPL]

  • Lake, Henry
    (1811) Agreement with Solomon. Spalding  [off-site full text]
    (1833) Statement re: Solomon. Spalding  [off-site link]

  • Lake, Henry & Zaphna
    (1800s) Lake Family Bible  [genealogy extracts]

  • Lake, Hiram
    (1880 Dec) Henry Lake & Solomon. Spalding  [more testimony]

  • Lamb, Charles W.
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  • Lamb, Martin T.
    (1886) The Golden Bible  [off-site link]  [repro for sale]

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  • Lampson, E. C.
    (1924) "Mound-builders of Ashtabula"  [off-site link]

  • Lang, Frank H.
    (1907 May) on his father's letter to Gregg  [off-site link]

  • Lang, William
    (1880) History of Seneca County  [on Cowdery, removed]  [quotes Lang]
    (1881 Nov.) Letter to Thomas Gregg  [off-site full text]  [reprint]

  • Langer, Isaac
    (1885?) Rigdon in pre-1830 New York  [off-site link]

  • Lapham, Fayette
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  • Law, William (publisher)
    (1844) Nauvoo Expositor - full issue #1  [off-site link]
    (1885 July) Affidavit for Gurley  [off-site articles series]
    (1887 Jul 03) Letters to Wilhelm vonWymetal  [off-site articles series]  [2nd copy]
    (1887 Jul 31) Interview with Wilhelm vonWymetal  [off-site articles series]

  • Lee, E. G.
    (1841) The Mormons... Exposed  [off-site link]

  • Lee, John D.
    (1877) Mormonism Unveiled  [off-site link]   [excerpts]

  • Leffingwell, William H.
    (1885) Reminiscence of S. Spalding  [off-site link]

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    (1879) Statements in Amboy Journal  [off-site link]

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  • Linn, William A.
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  • Littell's Living Age
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    (1850s) More Mormon Articles  [off-site link: full texts]

  • Littlefield, Lyman O.
    (1882) The Martyrs  [off-site link: full text]
    (1883 May) Letter 2 to J. Smith III  [off-site link: excerpts]

  • Luse, Henry Heaton
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  • Luff, Joseph
    (1903) Old Jerusalem Gospel  [off-site link]

  • Lyman, Amasa
    (1865) Autobiography  [off-site link]


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    V.  Authors, Editors, etc, -- Names Beginning with
    M through P

  • Mack, Solomon
    (1811) Narrative of... Solomon Mack.  [off-site full text]

  • Mackay, Charles
    (1851) History of the Mormons  [under construction]

  • Mahaffey, James E.
    (1902) Positive Proof... Mormonism A Fraud  [off-site entire text]

  • Marchant, Byron
    (1994) Mormon Roots  [full text]

  • Marks, David
    (1831) Life of Davis Marks  [off-site excerpts]

  • Marquardt, H. M. & Wesley Walters
    (1994) Inventing Mormonism  [off site excerpt]

  • Marshall, Charles
    (1873 Feb) "The Original Prophet"  [Fraser's Mag.]

  • Marryat, Frederick
    (1843) Monsieur Violet  [off-site excerpts]

  • Martin, Walter
    (1962) Maze of Mormonism  [off-site excerpts]
    (1965) Kingdom of the Cults  [forthcoming]

  • Mather, Frederick
    (1880) Early Days of Mormonism  [off-site link]
    (1880) "The Early Mormons"  [off-site link]
    (1888) "Secrets of Mormon Bible"  [off-site link]

  • McClellan, Richard
    (2003) "Sidney Rigdon's 1820 Ministry"  [off-site full text]

  • McGavin, E. Cecil
    (1935) Mormonism and Masonry  [pdf file]

  • McGlashan, Charles Fayette
    (1875 Jan) "Diabolism: Mountain Meadows"  [article series]

  • McGuire, Benjamin
    (2006) "Parallelomania" (re Influences on BofM)  [off-site full text]

  • McKee, Redick
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    (1882) Statement to E. L. Kelley  [off-site full text]
    (1882) Redick McKee Interview 1  [off-site full text]
    (1885) Redick McKee Interview 2  [off-site full text]
    (1886) Statement on Honolulu MS  [off-site full text]
    (1887) Statement on Honolulu MS  [off-site full text]

  • McLellin, William
    (1831) missionary journal  [off-site excerpts]
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    (1881) Interview with M. A. Cooper  [off-site full text]
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  • Mitton, George L.
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  • Moore, William L.
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  • Morgan, William
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  • Morris, Rob
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  • Morse, C.
    (1884 Oct) Hurlbut displays Ms Found  [off-site link]

  • Moss, Jasper Jesse
    (1878-80) letters to J. T. Cobb  [off-site link]
    (1938) "Autobiography of a Pioneer Preacher"  [off-site excerpts]

  • Murdock, John
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  • Murdock, Orris A.
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  • Museum of Foreign Literature
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  • National Magazine (magazine title - no author)
    (1854 Jun) Nauvoo & Deseret  [off-site link]  [see also International Mag.]
    (1854 Oct) Nauvoo & Deseret  [under constr.]

  • Nead, Benjamin M.
    (1897) Birth-Place of Mormonism  [full text: Rigdon, etc.]

  • Neal, Robert B.
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  • Noah, Mordecai Manuel
    (1825)  Speeches on Dedication of Gathering of Israel  [off-site link]
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  • Noble, Joel King
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  • Norris, Benjamin F.
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    (1930 Jul) "Fairchild's Last Statement"   [off site full text]  

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  • Osborn, Salmon S.
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  • Paddock, Cornelia
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  • Page, John E.
    (1842) "Mormonism, Alias Truth"  [off-site series of 13 articles]
    (1843) The Spaulding Story  [off-site link]
    (1844 Feb) "Spaulding Story" adv.  [off-site link]
    (1844 Jun) "Elder Sidney Rigdon Arrived"  [off-site articles series]
    (1844 Oct) denunciation of Rigdon  [off-site articles series]
    (1858) "History of John E. page"  [Millennial Star article]
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  • Palmyra Freeman (editor: Jonathan A. Hadley)
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  • Patten, W
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    (1882 Dec) "Letter to Joseph Smith III"  [off-site link]
    (1885 Sep) "Spalding's 'Manuscript Found'"  [off-site link]
    (1880s) letters to James T. Cobb  [forthcoming]

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    (1835 Mar) "Mormonism"  [article series]
    (1854 Jan) "Nauvoo -- the Mormons"  [off-site full text]

  • Peck, Reed
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    (1878) Destruction of the Eries  [from S. Spalding essay?]

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  • Petersen, LaMar
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  • Phelps, Alexander
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  • Phelps, William W.
    (1831 Apr) Letter from Jail  [article series]
    (1831 Jun) Letter to E. D. Howe  [2nd copy]
    (1831 Jul) Letter from Missouri  [off-site link]
    (1832 May) Prospectus: E&M Star  [off-site full text]
    (1834 May) Letter to Oliver Cowdery  [off-site link]
    (1852 May) Letter on Polygamy  [article series]

  • Pickdew ?, V. I.
    (1884 Sep) Hurlbut displays Ms Found  [off-site link]

  • Piercy, Frederick
    (1855) Route from Liverpool  [off-site: BYU -- 2nd URL]

  • Pixley, Rev. Benton
    (1832 Oct) Letter #1 on Mormons in Missouri  [article series]
    (1832 Dec?) Letter #2 on Mormons in Missouri  [article series]
    (1833 Nov) Letter #3 on Mormons in Missouri  [article series]

  • Pratt, Orson
    (1811-1838) Orson Pratt Journal
    (1840) Interesting Account... Remarkable visions
    (1848) Remarkable visions  [off-site: full text]
    (1849) Absurdities of Immaterialism  [off-site: full text]
    (1850) Divine Authenticity of the Book of Mormon  [off-site: full text]
    (1853-54) The Seer  [old URL]

  • Pratt, Parley P.
    (1835) Short Account of Shameful Outrage  [off-site link: full text]
    (1837) A Voice of Warning  [off-site link: full text]
    (1837) A Voice of Warning  [off-site link:1846 LDS ed.]
    (1837) A Voice of Warning  [off-site link:1936 RLDS ed.]
    (1838) Mormonism Unveiled  [off-site link: full text]  [BYU version]
    (1830s) Autobiography  [pub. 1874, off-site link]  [2nd off-site link]
    (1839) History of the Late Persecution  [off-site link]
    (1839) Letter to New York Era on Rigdon, etc.  [off-site link]
    (1840) Plain Facts Showing Falsehood...  [off-site full text]
    (1844) Angel of the Prairies  [published in 1880]
    (1844) Appeal to Inhabitants of New York  [off-site: BYU]
    (1845) "J. Smith & the Devil"  ["fabrications" "Spaulding Story"]
    (1852) "Mormonism - Plurality of Wives"  [article series]
    (1864) M. S. Star's Biography  [off-site link]

  • Pratt, Sarah H.
    (1886 May) statement re Joseph Smith etc.  [off-site link]

  • Priest, Josiah
    (1825, 26) Wonders of Nature...  [off-site: excerpts]
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  • Putnam's Monthly Magazine (no author listed)
    (1855) "Life Among Mormons" #1  #2  #3  #4  #5   [off-site link]  

  • Quincy, Josiah
    (1883) Figures of the Past  [off-site link]  


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    VI.  Authors, Editors, etc, -- Names Beginning with
    R through S

  • R.L.D.S. (Attributed to Smith, edited by descendants)
    (1896-1908: RLDS) History of the Church I-IV  [off-site link]

  • Rafinesque, Constantine S.
    (1827 Jan) Meso-American glyphs, etc.  [off site link]
    (1829 Sep) contra Ethan Smith's theories  [off site link]
    (1832) Mormons, Ethan Smith, etc.  [full text]

  • Randall, Pheobe T.
    (1884) re: Hurlbut's 1833 interviews  [full text]

  • Rathbun, Hyram (Hiram)
    (1883 Nov) autobiographical sketch  [article series]
    (1884 Feb) recollections of D. P. Hurlbut  [article series]

  • Ready, Bryan
    (2001) "Wm. Whitsitt: Insights into Early Mormonism"  [full text]

  • Reeves, James
    (1872) "Old Newspapers"  [reminiscences of Palmyra series]

  • Remy, Jules
    (1861) Journey to Great Salt Lake  [off-site excerpts]

  • Reynolds, George
    (1878) "Are We of Israel?"  [article series]  [2nd copy]
    (1882-83) Articles in Juvenile Instructor  [off-site link]
    (1883) Myth of the Manuscript Found  [off-site link]

  • Reynolds, Noel B.
    (1997) Authorship of the Book of Mormon  [off-site link]

  • Rice, Lewis L.
    (1884-85) Letters re. Spalding MS  [off-site link]
    (1886) Final Statement on Spalding MS  [off-site link]

  • Richardson, Robert
    (1868) Memoirs of Alexander Campbell  [excerpt]

  • Riddle, Albert G.
    (1874) The Portrait  [excerpts on Rigdon]
    (1884?) Letter to James T. Cobb  [full text]

  • Ridlon, Gideon T.
    (1895) Saco Valley Settlements  [excerpts on Mormons]

  • Rigdon, Carvil
    (1842) Reminiscence of Sidney Rigdon  [off-site full text]

  • Rigdon, John W.
    (1891 Apr) "Statement on Sidney Rigdon"  [1894 reprint]
    (1900) Lecture: 'Sidney Rigdon'  [full text]
    (1905 Aug) "Affidavit of John W. Rigdon"  [off-site articles series]

  • Rigdon, Nancy
    (1884) denies Nauvoo polygamy  [statemnent context]

  • Rigdon, Sidney
    (1816) Rigdon on list with S. Spalding  [off-site link]
    (1832 Jan) "To the Public"  [off site full text]
    (1832-35) "Millennium"  [full text]
    (1834) ""Dear Brethren""  [full text]
    (1835) "Lectures on Faith"  [from 1835 D&C]
    (1838) 4th of July Speech  [off-site link]  [BYU version]
    (1839) Letter denying Spalding claims  [off-site link]
    (1840) Appeal to American people  [under construction]
    (1843) History of Sidney Rigdon  [SWH version]
    (1844 Feb) Memorial to PA Legislature  [Times & Seasons article]
    (1844 Apr) Spring Conference Speech  [Times & Seasons article, etc.]
    (1844 Sep) Letter against Orson Hyde  [full text]  [Hyde's reply]
    (1845-6) Pittsburgh Mes. & Adv.  [full text]  [under contsr.]
    (1845?) Sidney Rigdon photo  [only one known]
    (1863) Appeal to LDS  [attributed to 3 authors -- full text]
    (1869) Interview - 3 articles  [full text]  [second copy]
    (1869) Sidney Rigdon life sketch  [only one known]

  • Rigdon, Walter Sidney
    (1888) Interview: "The Golden Bible"  [full text]

  • Riley, I. Woodbridge
    (1903) The Founder of Mormonism  [full text]

  • Roberts, Brigham H.
    (1888: Nov) "A New Witness for God, VIII"  [off-site link]
    (1892) Life of John Taylor  [removed: 2008]
    (1900) The Missouri Persecutions  [removed: 2008]
    (1900) Rise and Fall of Nauvoo  [removed: 2008]
    (1903) YMMIA Manual #7  [excerpts]
    (1904) YMMIA Manual #8  [off-site: excerpts]
    (1904 Mar) "Probability of Joseph Smith's Story"  [full text]
    (1905) YMMIA Manual #9  [off-site: excerpts]
    (1905) " The Book of Mormon, Part III"  [off-site link]
    (1906 Apr) "Translation of the Book of Mormon"  [full text]
    (1908) Defense of Faith & Saints I  [off-site: full text]
    (1908) Joseph Smith: Prophet-Teacher  [off-site link]
    (1908) Articles in American Historical magazine  [second copy]
    (1909) New Witnesses For God II  [off-site: full text]
    (1909) New Witnesses For God III  [off-site: full text]
    (1911) New Witnesses For God I  [2nd edition: full text]
    (1912) Defense of Faith & Saints II  [off-site: full text]
    (1927) "A Parallel"   [off-site: full text]
    (1930) Comprehensive History of the Church  [off-site: set]

  • Robinson, Ebenezer
    (1889-92) The Return  [article series]  [short excerpt]
    (1889-92) The Return  [file removed - access via BYU or]

  • Rollman, Hans
    (1981) "Early Baptist Career of Sidney Rigdon"  [BYU Studies download]

  • Root, Asariah S.
    (1926) Letter on Oberlin MS  [associated quote]

  • Roper, Matthew P.
    (2005) "Mythical 'Manuscript Found'"  [full text]

  • Rosa, Frank
    (1891?) Rigdon & Smith in Ashtabula  [article series]

  • Rosa, Dr. Storm
    (1841 Jun) Letter re: S. Rigdon  [off-site link]

  • Rudolph, Rev. Zebulon
    (1881) testimony on Rigdon  [off site: excerpt]
    (1881, 84) testimony on Rigdon  [more of same] 
    (1885) testimony on Rigdon  [off site: excerpt -- 2nd copy]

  • St. John, John
    (1830) Olivr Cowdery - peddler [article series]

  • St. John, Percy B.
    (1861) Jessie, the Mormon's Daughter [off-site link: excerpts]

  • Salisbury, Catherine Smith
    (1881 Apr) Testimony  [off-site full text]
    (1886 May) 1831 move to Ohio  [off-site articles series]
    (1893 May) Testimony  [off-site articles series]
    (1894 May) Testimony  [off-site articles series]
    (1894 Jun) Testimony  [off-site articles series]
    (1895 Apr) Testimony  [off-site articles series]

  • Salisbury, W. Jenkins
    (1846 Apr) Letter re: Nauvoo  [article series]

  • Salt Lake Tribune, (reporters)
    (1875) The Lee Trial!  [off-site: excerpts]

  • Salyards, Richard S.
    (1887) Mrs. Sanborn & D. P. Hurlbut  [off-site: excerpt]
    (1891) more on Sanborn & Hurlbut  [off-site: excerpt]

  • Saunders, Lorenzo
    (1881 spr.) quoted by John H. Gilbert  [off-site link]
    (1884 Oct) Rigdon in 1827 NY  [off-site link]
    (1885 Jan) Rigdon in 1827 NY  [off-site link]
    (1887 Jul) Rigdon in 1827 NY  [off-site link]

  • Schroeder, A. Theodore
    (1899) Letters to D. H. Bays: #1,  #2  [off-site link]
    (1901) The Origin of the Book of Mormon  [off-site link]
    (1906) Articles in American Historical magazine  [second copy]
    (1919) "Authorship of Book of Mormon"  [off-site: full text]

  • Scott, Rev. Walter
    (1824) Reply to... Iniquitous Letters  [under construction]
    (1839) Remarks #1 re: S. Rigdon  [full text]
    (1843) Remarks #2 re: S. Rigdon  [full text]
    (1844 Nov) "Mormonism"  [under construction]
    (1845 Jun) "Mormonism & Catholicism"  [under construction]

  • Sheen, Isaac
    (1849-50) A & M Herald  [article series]
    (1850 May) "Wm. Smith - The Imposter"  [article series]
    (1850 May) "Wm. Smith, Fornication, Adultery"  [article series]
    (1852 Oct) Saturday Evening Post letter  [article series]
    (1858 Apr) "Mormon Vengeance"  [article series]
    (1859 Oct) "Reformed LDS" (RLDS)  [article series]
    (1860 Jan) editorial, Joseph Smith, etc.  [article series]
    (1861 Jul) "From Utah"  [article series]
    (1866 Mar) "
    The Latter Day Saints"  [article series]
    (1872 Aug)
    expounds "hollow-earth" theory  [article series]
    (1874 Apr) Obituary  [article series]
    (1910 Jan) biographical sketch  [article series]

  • Sheen, John K.
    (1889) Polygamy, or the Veil Lifted  [under construction]

  • Sherman, Jacob
    (1885) 1833 exhibition of "MS Found"  [off-site full text]

  • Shirts, Kerry
    (1999) Spalding Fails Miserably...  [off-site full text]

  • Shook, Charles A.
    (1908) "Indians of Jewish Descent?"  [off-site excerpts]
    (1909) "Fair God: Jesus Christ?"  [off-site excerpts]
    (1910) Cumorah Revisited  [off-site excerpts]
    (1910-14) True Origin of Mormon Polygamy  [off-site excerpts]
    (1912) "The RLDS Church"  [off-site excerpts]
    (1914) True Origin of The Book of Mormon  [off-site-link]
    (1916) "The Tactics of Mormonism"  [article series]
    (1916) American Anthro. Disproves BoM  [forthcoming]

  • Slick, Matt
    (1876) "Mormonism Unvailed Defended"  [off-site full text]

  • Small, William
    (1876) "Spalding Story Refuted"  [off-site full text]

  • Smalling, Cyrus
    (1841) Letter re Kirtland Bank  [off-site link]

  • Smith, Delbert D.
    (1966) How The Plates Were Translated  [off-site link]

  • Smith, Don Carlos (editor)
    (1839-46) Times & Seasons  [off-site-link]

  • Smith, Elbert A.
    (1913) "Review of Mormonism (Spalding MS)"  [off-site link]
    (1913) Spalding Romance Theory Reviewed  [off-site link]
    (1949) Differences That Persist  [off-site link]

  • Smith, Emma Hale
    (1845 Nov) Emma's 1st letter to NY Sun  [article series]
    (1845 Dec) Emma's 2nd letter to NY Sun  [under construction]
    (1879) Last Testimony  [article series]
    (1884) An 1854 interview with Emma  [article series]

  • Smith, Ethan
    (1823) View of the Hebrews  [1st ed at off-site link]
    (1825) View of the Hebrews  [2nd ed at off-site link]

  • Smith, Ethan S.
    (1887 Apr) "Solomon Spalding & Ethan Smith"  [off-site link]

  • Smith, George A.
    (1849 Jan) letter on O. Cowdery, etc.  [off-site link]
    (1858 Jan) Speech #1 on Hurlbut, etc.  [off-site link]  [2nd copy]
    (1864 Nov) Speech #2 on Hurlbut, etc.  [off-site link]  [2nd copy]
    (1865 Jul) biographical sketch  [off-site link]

  • Smith, Heman C.
    (1884 Dec) "Mistakes of Braden"  [off-site link]

  • Smith, John L.
    (2000s) The Newsletter  [off-site excerpts]
    (2006) Did Joseph Smith write the Book of Mormon?  [excerpts]

  • Smith, Joseph, Jr.
    (1830-33) Smith & Rigdon's Revison of KJV Bible  [off-site link]  [2nd copy]
    (1832-44) First Vision Accounts  [off-site link]
    (1833 Jan) Letter to N. O. Saxton  [off-site link]  [full text]  [2nd copy]
    (1839-1844) Misc. Sermons & Discourses   [off-site link]
    (1840 Jan) letter to editor  [off-site link]
    (1842) Smith's "Epitome of Faith and Doctrine"  [off-site link]
    (1842) Letter to Nancy Rigdon  [article series]
    (1843) unusual report of his First Vision  [article series]
    (1844) Various Sermons, etc.  [off-site link]
    (1844 Feb) Address to Green Mtn Boys  [off-site link]
    (1844 Jun) Proclamation re Expositor  [off-site articles series]
    (1844) Gen. Smith's Views  [off-site link]

  • Smith, Joseph, Jr. (editor)
    (1837-38) Elders' Journal  [issues 3 and 4]  [4 excerpt]

  • Smith, Joseph III
    (1865 May) letter to editor  [article series]
    (1877 Jun) letter to editor  [article series]
    (1883) Spaulding Story Re-examined  [off-site link]   [original text]
    (1884 Apr) vision of the Spalding MS.  [article series]
    (1886 Oct) "Reply to James A. Briggs"  [article series]
    (1934) Memoirs  [off-site link]

  • Smith, Joseph F.
    (1885 July 14) 1st "Islander" report from Hawaii  [off-site link]
    (1885 July 21) 2nd "Islander" report from Hawaii  [off-site link]
    (1900) "The Manuscript Found"  [3 articles from Improvement Era]
    (1905) Blood Atonement & Origin of Plural Marriage  [off-site link]
    (1919)  Gospel Doctrine  [off-site link]

  • Smith, Israel A.
    (1944) "The Spaulding Story"  [off-site link]

  • Smith, Lucy Mack
    (1853) Joseph Smith the Prophet  [off-site link]  [2nd copy]  [w/ pagination]

  • Smith, Moses
    (1849 Jun) Obituary  [article series]

  • Smith, Oliver
    (1833) Statement re: Solomon. Spalding  [off-site link]

  • Smith, Thomas W..
    (1881 Jul) "Joe Smith" - response to A. McMaster  [articles series]

  • Smith, Vida E.
    (1914) Young People's History of the Church  [off-site: excerpts]

  • Smith, William B.
    (1845 Sep) Proclamation... to All the Saints  [articles series]
    (1845 Oct) "Faith Warning to LDS"  [articles series]
    (1845 Nov) "Faithful Warning to LDS - reprint" [articles series]
    (1845 Nov) Reply to Orson Hyde [off-site articles series]
    (1846 Nov) Letter to Sangamo Journal [off-site articles series]
    (1847 Oct) Manifesto - against Strang [off-site excerpt]
    (1849 Nov) Appeal to the Public [off-site excerpt]
    (1849-50) Remonstrance Against Deseret [off-site full text]
    (1850 Mar) letter against Utah LDS [off-site articles series]
    (1857 May) Willard Richards killed Samuel Smith [off-site articles series]
    (1879 Apr) Willard Richards killed Joseph & Hyrum [off-site articles series]
    (1883) William Smith on Mormonism  [off-site link]
    (1884) "Old Soldier's Testimony"  [off-site articles series]
    (1891) Refutation of claims against Rigdon  [off-site articles series]
    (1892 Aug) Sermon on early Mormonism  [off-site articles series]
    (1893 Dec) Ensign Obituary  [off-site articles series]
    (1893 Dec) Herald Obituary  [off-site articles series]
    (1894 Jan) his "Last Statement"  [off-site articles series]

  • Snow, Eliza R.
    (1829) prediction of Book of Mormon  [off-site link]  [full text]

  • Snow, Le Roi C.
    (1900) "Solomon Spaulding Manuscript"  [off-site link]

  • Sommer, Daniel
    (1900?) What is Mormonism?  [full text]

  • Southern Literary Messenger (magazine title - no author)
    (1844) "Rise & Progress of the Mormons"  [off-site: full text]
    (1845) "Mormonism and the Mormons"  [off-site: full text]
    (1848) "Memoir of the Mormons"  [off-site: full text] 

  • Spalding, Charles W.
    (1897) Spalding Memorial  [off-site: excerpts]

  • Spalding, Daniel D.
    (1888) "Testimony of Spalding's Nephew"  [off-site link]

  • Spalding, John
    (1833) statement to D. P. Hurlbut  [off-site link]
    (1842?) undated statement  [published in 1851]

  • Spalding, Josiah
    (1855) re: Solomon Spalding  [second copy]

  • Spalding, Martha
    (1833) statement to D. P. Hurlbut  [off-site link]

  • Spalding, Matilda
    (see: Davison, Matilda Spalding)

  • Spalding, Solomon (1761-1816)
    (1785) Letter to Elijah Parish  [off-site full text]
    (1794) Letter to Josiah Spalding  [off-site full text]
    (1803-5) Ohio land documentss  [off-site full text]
    (1805) Penn. land sales  [off-site full text]
    (1806-12) Ohio land documents  [off-site full text]
    (1810?) undated letter on religion  [off-site full text]
    (1810?) Agreement with Itham Joiner  [off-site full text]
    (1811) Agreement with Henry Lake  [off-site full text]
    (1812) Oberlin manuscript  [off-site: images/typescript]
    (1812) Oberlin manuscript  [off-site: "standardized" text]
    (1998) Oberlin MS: names index  [compiled by D. Broadhurst]
    (1885) Manuscript Story  [RLDS edition: full text]
    (1886) Manuscript Story  [1st LDS ed: full text]
    (1910) Manuscript Story  [2nd LDS ed: full text]
    (2006) Oberlin MS: Book of Mormon overlap  [by D. Broadhurst]

  • Spalding, Dr. Solomon (1797-1862)
    (1830s)  "Romance of Celes"  [off-site excerpts]  [more excerpts]
    (1832 Apr) marriage to Arvilla Ann Harris  [article series]

  • Spencer, Daniel
    (1873) Reminiscence of S. Spalding  [told by editor]

  • Spencer, Orson
    (1879) Letters by Orson Spencer  [off-site link]

  • Spicer, Tobias
    (1851) Autobiography  [off-site: excerpt on early Mormons]

  • Stafford, John
    (1881 Jun) "The Hill Cumorah"  [articles series]
    (1904 Mar) "Knew Founder of Mormonism"  [articles series]

  • Stanton, William A.
    (1899 Jul) "Rigdon as the Angel"  [off-site articles series]
    (1899 Jul) "Rigdon as the Angel"  [off-site articles series]
    (1907?) Three Important Movements  [full text]

  • Stebbins, Henry A.
    (1894) "Book of Mormon Lectures"  [off-site articles series]
    (1894 1901) Book of Mormon Lectures  [excerpts]

  • Stenhouse, T.B.H.
    (1873) Rocky Mountain Saints  [excerpt on Rigdon]  [more excerpts]

  • Stenhouse, Mrs. T.B.H.
    (1875) Tell It All... Mormonism  [off-site link]  [html version]

  • Stone, Willaim L.
    (1836 Jul) "History of Mormonism"  [article series]

  • Storrs, Rev. John
    (1839) Letter #1 re: Widow Spalding  [off-site: full text]
    (1841) Letter #2 re: Widow Spalding  [off-site: full text]

  • Stout, Hosea
    (1844-6) of Hosea Stout  [off-site link]

  • Stout, Richard B.
    (2001) "Singular Discovery" -1823 Detroit MS  [off-site: full text]
    (2004) Review of Wm. Moore's "Detroit MS"  [off-site link]

  • Stowell, Josiah
    (1878 May) "Deacon Stowell's Gold"  [article about Stowell]

  • Strang, James J.
    (1851, 56) Book of the Law of the Lord  [off-site link]
    (1856 Apr) "The Spaulding Story"  [article series]

  • Sunderland, La Roy
    (1838) Mormonism Refuted  [off-site: excerpts]
    (1842) Mormonism Exposed  [off-site full text]

  • Symmes, John C.
    (1818, etc.) writings on hollow-earth theory  [off-site: excerpts]


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    VII.  Authors, Editors, etc, -- Names Beginning with
    T through Z

  • Taking [Tapping?], Anna H.
    (1891) re. father, Oliver Smith  [off-site full text]

  • Talmadge, James E.
    (1899) Articles of Faith  [off-site link]
    (1901) "The Story of Mormonism"  [off-site: full text]
    (1909) The Great Apostasy  [off-site link]
    (1912) House of the Lord  [off-site link]
    (1915) Jesus the Christ  [off-site link]

  • Tanner, J. & S.
    (1972) Mormonism - Shadow or Reality  [off-site link]
    (1977) Did Spalding Write the Book of Mormon  [off-site link]
    (1981) Changing World of Mormonism  [off-site link]
    (1989) Mormon and Anti-Mormon Forgeries

  • Taylor, John
    (1840) tracts from his 1840 UK mission  [forthcoming]
    (1850) Three Nights' Public Discussion  [off-site link]
    (1882) The Mediation and Atonement  [off-site link]

  • Thayre, Ezra
    (1862) Rigdon in NY, 1830?  [off-site full text]

  • Thomas, Mr. ?
    (1884 Oct) Hurlbut displays Ms Found  [off-site link]

  • Thompson, Charles B.
    (1841) Evidences of the Book of Mormon

  • Thompson, Daniel P.
    (1835) May Martin & Money-Diggers  [more excerpts]

  • Tiffany, Joel
    (1859) "Mormonism"  [off-site full text]

  • Tourgee, Albion W.
    (1887) "Button's Inn"  [excerpts on Mormons]

  • Towle, Nancy
    (1832) Vicissitudes Illustrated  [off-site excerpts]

  • Townsend, Rev. Jesse
    (1833 Dec) "letter 1 re: Joesph Smith  [off-site full text]
    (1834 Aug) "letter 2 re: Joesph Smith  [off-site full text]

  • Travers, Wm. T. L.
    (1889) From New Zealand...  [off-site excerpts]

  • Tucker, Pomeroy
    (1858 May) "Mormonism and Joe Smith"  [off-site link: part 1]  [part 2]
    (1867) Origin... of Mormonism  [off-site link: full text]  [2nd off-site link]

  • Tullidge, Edward W.
    (1878) Life of Joseph the Prophet  [off-site link: full text]

  • Turner, Jonathan B.
    (1842) Mormonism in All Ages  [off-site link]

  • Turner, Orsamus
    (1831 Jun) "The Golden Bible Imposition"  [off-site: excerpts]
    (1849) Pioneer History of the Holland Purchase  [off-site: excerpts]
    (1851) "Origin of the Mormon Imposture"  [off-site: full text]
    (1851) History of Pioneer Settlement of Phelps...  [off-site: excerpts]

  • Turney, Daniel B.
    (1905 Jun) "Cowdery and Canada Rev."  [Cowdery text, from Turney]
    (1908 Sep) "The Book of Mormon"  [Dodd text, from Turney??]
    (1910 Feb) "A Stanza From a Nauvoo Hymn"  [incl. 1843 hymn text]
    (1910 Sep) "The Testimony Examined"  [incl. 1831 Harris text]

  • Tuttle, Daniel S.
    (1891) "Mormons"  [off-site link]

  • Tyler, Daniel
    (1878: Jan) "The Spalding Story"  [off-site link]  
    (1885: Apr) "Solomon Spaulding"  [article series]

  • U. S. Senate (26th Congress)
    (1841) Senate Document 189  [off-site link]  

  • Van Wagoner, Richard S.
    (1994) Sidney Rigdon  [off-site excerpts]  [short excerpt]
    (1994) Sidney Rigdon  [chp. 17 & photos]  

  • Vogel, Dan
    (1986) Indian Origins & BoM  [off-site full text]
    (1988) Religious Seekers  [excerpts]  [full text]
    (1996) Early Mormon Docs-1  [off-site excerpt]
    (1998) Early Mormon Docs-3  [off-site excerpt]
    (2000) Early Mormon Docs-3  [off-site excerpt]
    (2002) Early Mormon Docs-4  [off-site excerpt]
    (2004) Early Mormon Docs-5  [off-site excerpt]
    (2005) J. Smith Making of a Prophet  [off-site excerpt]
    (2002) American Apocrypha  [off-site excerpt]  

  • Waite, David Nye, Sr.
    (1843) Visit with Smith at Nauvoo  [off-site link]
    (1845) Visit to Nauvoo & Region  [off-site link]

  • Ward, Austin N.
    (1857) The Husband in Utah  [off-site link]

  • Waters, William E.
    (1868) Life Among the Mormons  [off-site link]

  • Watson, Wingfield
    (1905) Prophetic Controversy No. 6  [off-site full text]

  • Wayne, John L.
    (1946) "Solomon Spaulding's MS"  [off-site link]

  • Weed, Thurlow
    (1846 Apr) "Origin of Mormonism"   [off-site link]
    (1854 July) "The Mormons"   [off-site link]
    (1858 May) "Peace with Utah"   [off-site link]   [follow-up piece]
    (1867) Preface for P. Tucker   [off-site link]
    (1882) Introduction for E. E. Dickinson   [off-site link]
    (1883) Autobiography  [forthcoming]

  • Werner, Morris R.
    (1925) Brigham Young  [off-site link]

  • West, Ray Benedict
    (1957) Kingdom of the Saints  [off-site short excerpt]

  • West, William S.
    (1837) Rise & Pretensions of the Mormons  [off-site link]

  • White, Joseph W.
    (1947) Influence of Sidney Rigdon  [excerpts]

  • Whitmer, David
    (1869 Nov) Davis H. Bays' meeting with D. Whitmer  [article series]
    (1872 Apr) Deseret News letter on Whitmer  [under constr.]
    (1874 Sep) James Caffall's meeting with D. Whitmer  [article series]
    (1875 Aug) "Golden Tablets" Chicago Times interview  [article series]
    (1875 Sep) Salt Lake Herald letter on Whitmer  [article series]

    (1878 Feb) Salt Lake Herald letter on Whitmer  [article series]
    (1878 Aug) Deseret News letter on Whitmer  [article series]
    (1878 Nov) Deseret News letter on Whitmer  [article series]
    (1879 Apr) T. W. Smith 1st letter on Whitmer  [article series]
    (1879 Jul) J. N. Seymour's meeting with D. Whitmer  [article series]
    (1879 Nov) Traughber's "Testimony of D. Whitmer"  [article series]

    (1880 Jan) T. W. Smith 2nd letter on Whitmer  [article series]
    (1880 Mar) Mullin/Traughber letters on Whitmer  [article series]
    (1881 Jan) John Murphy letter on Whitmer  [from 1887 reprint]
    (1881 Mar) David Whitmer's "Proclamation"  [article series]
    (1881 Jun) Kansas City Journal Whitmer interview  [article series]
    (1881 Jun) Kansas City Journal Whitmer letter  [article series]
    (1881 Oct) Chicago Times interview  [article series]   [2nd copy]
    (1881 Dec) Edward Stevenson letter  [article series]
    (1882 Mar) RLDS visit with D. Whitmer #1  [article series]
    (1882 May) RLDS visit with D. Whitmer #2  [article series]
    (1882 Jun) J. W. Chatburn visit with D. Whitmer #1  [article series]

    (1883 Mar) JSIII mention of D. Whitmer visit  [article series]
    (1883 Jul) S. R. Marks Deseret News letter  [under constr.]
    (1883 Sep) James H. Hart Deseret News letter #1  [article series]
    (1884 Mar) James H. Hart Deseret News letter #2  [article series]
    (1884 Mar) James H. Hart Bear Lake Democrat  [article series]
    (1884 Apr) George Q. Cannon article  [article series]
    (1884 Apr) E. L. Kelley letter on Whitmer  [article series]
    (1884 Apr) James H. Hart Deseret News letter #3  [article series]
    (1884 Jun) RLDS interview David Whitmer  [article series]
    (1884 Jul) New York Times on D. Whitmer  [article series]
    (1884 Jul) Missouri Republican Whitmer interview  [article series]
    (1884 Aug) J. F. McDowell interview David Whitmer  [under constr.]
    (1884 Aug) Richmond Conservator Whitmer item  [article series]

    (1885 Jan) Richmond Conservator Whitmer item  [article series]
    (1885 Jan) Z. H. Gurley interview with D. Whitmer  [off-site full text]
    (1885 Dec) "David Whitmer on Death Bed"  [article series]   [2nd copy]
    (1885 Dec) New York Times on D. Whitmer  [article series]
    (1885 Dec) "Richmond Democrat on D. Whitmer"  [article series]
    (1886 Mar) "Utah Journal on David Whitmer"  [article series]
    (1886 Oct) "D. Whitmer interview"  [article series]  [2nd copy]  [3rd copy]
    (1886 Nov) "David Whitmer Reviewed #2"  [article series]

    (1887 Jan) David Whitmer's BoM manuscript  [off-site link]
    (1887 Feb) David Whitmer Letter to RLDS  [off-site link]
    (1887 Feb) Edward Stevenson article #1  [article series]
    (1887 Feb) Edward Stevenson article #2  [article series]
    (1887 Apr) Address to all Believers in Christ  [off-site link]
    (1887 Apr?) Address to all Believers in Book of Mormon  [off-site full text]
    (1888 Jan) Richmond Democrat Whitmer interview  [article series]
    (1888 Jan) Richmond Conservator Whitmer article  [article series]
    (1888 Jan) "Old Mormon's Closing Hours"  [article series]
    (1888 Jan) Chicago Times "Journey About Ended"  [article series]
    (1888 Jan) Chicago Times Whitmer article #2  [article series]
    (1888 Jan) Kansas City Times "David Whitmer at Rest"  [article series]
    (1888 Feb) New York Times on D. Whitmer  [article series]
    (1888 Mar) "Whitmer's Course"  [article series]

    (1889 Jan) Edward Stevenson article  [article series]
    (1892 Oct) "1885 Z. H. Gurley interview"  [article series]
    (1899 Sep) New York Times on D. Whitmer  [article series]

    (1936 Jan) "1884 J. Smith III interview"  [article series]
    (1941 Aug) "1885 J. H. Moyle interview"  [article series]

  • Whitmer, John
    (1831-38) Book of John Whitmer  [off-site link]
    (1887 Feb) John Whitmer Letter  [off-site link]

  • Whitney, Orson F.
    (1904) Elias: An Epic  [off-site link]
    (1905) Mormon Prophet's Tragedy  [off-site link]
    (1917) Strength of the Mormon"Position  [off-site link]

  • Whitney, Samuel F.
    (1885 Mar.) Statement on Kirtland Mormonism

  • Whitsitt, William H.
    (1882) "Lectures on Mormonism"  [off-site full texts]
    (1885 Oct) "The Honolulu Manuscript"  [off-site full text]
    (1885, 91) "Sidney Rigdon: Real Founder of Mormonism"  [full text]
    (1886 Jan) Polemic Theology Exam  [off-site full text]
    (1886 Feb) letter to J. H. Fairchild  [off-site full text]
    (1886 Dec) "A Case of Plagiarism"  [off-site full text]
    (1888) Origins of Disciples of Christ  [off-site full text]
    (1891) "Mormonism"  [off-site full text]

  • Whittier, Charles C.
    (1977) "Enigma of S. Spalding"  [forthcoming]

  • Whittier, John G..
    (1847 Dec.) "A Mormon Conventicle"  [off-site full text]
    (1850 Aug.) "Mormons & City of Refuge"  [article series]

  • Widtsoe, John A.
    (1943) Evidences and Reconciliations  [off-site link]

  • Wight, Lyman
    (1829-30) "Journal excerpts"  [off-site link]
    (1839) ""Missouri-ism Articles"  [off-site link]
    (1839 Oct) "Redress Petition"  [missing from compilation]
    (1865) History of Lyman Wight  [off-site link]

  • Wight, Orange
    (1903) "Recollections"  [off-site link]

  • Wilber, George
    (1820s) [see Henry, Charles E.]

  • Williams, Samuel
    (1842) Mormonism Exposed  [off-site link]
    (1878) Letters to James T. Cobb  [off-site full text]

  • Williams, William W.
    (1878) History of Ashtabula  [section on Conneaut]

  • Wilson, Lycurgus A.
    (1900) Life of David W. Patten  [off-site link]

  • Winchester, Benjamin
    (1840) Origin of the Spaulding Story   [off-site link]   [BYU page images]
    (1841) Plain Facts Shewing Origin of Spaulding Story [w/ Adams]
    (1843) History of the Priesthood  [off-site link]  [2nd copy]
    (1889) Primitive Mormonism  [off-site link]
    (1900) Last Testimony [off-site link]

  • Winter, Rev. John
    (1870) saw Rigdon's manuscript  [off-site: full text]

  • Winwood, Richard
    (1995) Take Heed That Ye Be Not Deceived  [old URL]

  • Wishnatsky, Martin
    (2003) Mormonism: A Latter Day Deception  [off-site link]

  • Woodruff, Wilford
    (1881) Leaves From My Journal  [off-site link]

  • Woodward, Daniel
    (1870 Nov) Letter about Father of Joseph Smith  [off-site full text]

  • Wright, Aaron
    (1813-17) J. P.'s Docket Book  [off-site excerpts]
    (1832?) Statement in his 1830 Bk. of Mor.  [off-site graphic]
    (1833 Sep) Statement to D. P. Hurlbut  [off-site link]
    (1833 Dec) Draft letter on Spalding MS  [off-site full text]
    (1841 Apr) "Early History of Conneaut"  [off-site full text]
    (1853 Nov) "Death of Aaron Wright"  [off-site full text]

  • Wyl (Wymental), Wilhelm R.
    (1886) Mormon Portraits I  [off-site excerpts]  

  • Yates, John
    (1824-26) History of New-York  [off-site: antiquities excerpts]

  • Young, Almoran
    (1884 Oct) Hurlbut displays Ms Found  [off-site link]

  • Young, Ann-Eliza
    (1875) Wife No. 19  [off-site link]  [2nd copy]

  • Young, Brigham
    (1844) Manuscript History  [off-site link]

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