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Lawrence Greatrake
Harp of Zion...

(Pittsburgh, 1827)

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    OF  THE






    [ iii ]


    To circumcised ears TRUTH only is eloquence. To circumcised hearts, TRUTH only is a cordial: To the souls of Jehovah's elect, when regenerated, TRUTH only can make a jubilee. It is therefore the design of the author to exhibit in the subsequent pages the truth of grace (or gospel) of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to the record thereof by St. John. The author loves every lover of that doctrine, and reveres every one who faithfully preaches it: Every such minister, is to him nearer than the apple of his eye: lovlier in his estimation than were Saul and Jonathan, on the mountains of Gilboa, to the son of Jesse. The author cannot say he is pleased, or even satisfied, with any feature of the work, excepting its theology. That theology is essentially that which is embraced in the "Articles of the Church of England" -- "The Westminster Catechism," and "Baptist Confession of Faith;" -- and if it is not, essentially, the doctrine of God our Saviour, then,

    'The pillar'd firmament is rottenness,
    And earth's foundation stubble!'
    Whoever rests the visible church on earth upon the influence of this doctrine, is, a Minister, Missionary, Evangelist or Pastor after God's own heart, and in the genius of the gospel dispensation; and at the present time, may lay claim to the fortitude of an apostle. Whoever abandons this only lrgitimate means of raising up and exhibiting a visible church on earth, and resorts to other means, though never so politic, PROFITABLE, ingenuous, shewy or popular, they do but devise and maintain slander against Jehovah, and commit wrong and outrage upon the church of Christ. A system of theology that does not recognize the purposes of God is as intangible as the spirit of Saul -- consuming to the soul as the Persian flame -- as wild, lawless, and indefinable as the ravings of a maniac: -- such a system is, Arminianism! She hands a charte vlank to her disciples, and ministers, to be filled up with the language of their mere animal feelings -- images of their unsanctified imaginations, and notions of their crude brains. While she is babbling away "to the unknown God," as did the prophets of Baal, and while she is stunning the ears of the community with her morning yells, or midnight croakings, it is the privilege and duty of those who know the certain sound, to shout it in the camp of Israel, "lest the brazen throat and adamantine lung'd" monster ultimately drown the voice of truth, or, otherwise, deaften the ears of the circumcised!

    The author is an old fashioned theologian, in the Regular Baptist Church: (No Arminian!) not yet sufficiently scientific to believe, with the numerous tribe of modern Baptists, that the gospel is to be accommodated to the ever varying modifications of human society, or susceptible of the improvements of natural philosophy or political science! He is, by the grace of God, devoted to the faith and order of the regular Baptist church, in contradistinction to Fullerism,


    Arminianism and Socinianism; all of which sentiment he is equally opposed to, as being equally foreign to the cause of God and truth. To countervail those sentiments, this volume is published: at least that is the design of the author in publishing it, subordinate to affording the lover of truth the comfort of having faith reciprocated. Such is the design; how far it may succeed the author does not expect to know in this world. The poem is the product of some solitary hours during a preaching tour. It is affectionately designed to be laid at the feet of the "Elect Lady" (if she has not become invisible) as a tribute of my devotion to her for her illustrious husband's sake. I owe her nothing -- but HIM every thing! Should the offering prove acceptable, the author will, in that event, should life be spared him, find sufficient inducement to embody in the same form and dress, the great doctrine of sovereign grace as spread out and blazing in the sacred page, together with the inimitable, historical, and enchanting figurative illustration thereof which the divine volume affords.

    The author would as soon eat living coals as to offer a philipick against an evengelic ministry: and he spurns the idea of insinuating that a liberal education, is not a happy and desirable acquisition to an EVANGELICAL minister. But for a mere man of letters to be a minister, is what he spurns: and that is what abounds in the church at the present day: -- their light is delusion, and their presence stench: from them emanate a thousand errors and heresies where the unlearned broach one. It is the settled opinion of the author, made up after travelling about 20,000 miles in the ministry, and as many more out of it, that there is no more moral affinity between a vast majority of ministers of the present day, and the essential church of Christ, than there are emotions of maternity in the breast of an Egyptian mummy.

    For the opinion of the world, or (which is pretty much the same thing) the Arminian, as to the theological character of the following poem, the author has no more anxiety than the man has, upon whose forehead the dew damps of death are glistening, whether the wind blows high or blows low. It is the church of Christ upon whom his solicitudes centre, and for whom he can say, (Labour ipse voluptas,) labour is a pleasure, and sacrifice gain. May it comfort the "chosen generation," and animate the breasts of some of the few evangelical ministers still left to the church on earth; and lift them above the hiss of the world, the wild declamation and croaking anathema of Arminianism, and the more formidable assault the devil may make upon their patience and fortitude through the timidity, unkindness, selfishness, carnal expediency and treachery of those who profess to be brethren in the one faith of God's elect! If such be in any degree the results, thine, O Shepherd and Bishop of souls! thine, be all the praise! Amen!

    [ 5 ]


    Baptism and Temptation of


    Jehovah's wrath to man, and how disarm'd,
    Tell, O my soul, by heavenly fire warm'd;
    Tell how thyself, in common with thy race,
    Had sunk in sin and Satan's dire embrace;
    How pleas'd in bondage, and how proud in shame,
    Thou trampled on Jehovah's holy name;
    Despis'd his laws, and thought his service hard,
    And all his terrors blasphemously dar'd.
    Tell how in councils of redeeming love
    Thus God design'd thy thraldom to remove.
    On summit of the everlasting hills,
    From whence the Son does what the God-head wills,
    There sat the Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
    While round their burning throne, the heavenly host
    Bow in a deeper awe -- to see reveal'd
    New floods of glory -- in which conceal'd
    The Deity commun'd -- Man was the theme!
    What eye could piry, or what arm redeem?
    Then rose the Son! in splendours only known
    To eye omniscient. -- Thus his words roll'd on.
    Eternal Father! first great cause of all
    Created good, on me let vengeance fall!
    Now, now, let heaven and earth and hell behold,
    The fullest glories of thy grace unfold.
    Give up thy Son to unheard deeds of wrong:
    At me, be all the shafts of vengeance flung
    From thy stern hand of justice -- let earth and hell
    Hunt and torment me while in flesh I dwell
    To heaviest sorrows, infamy, and death;
    I'll man redeem with my expiring breath!


    (pages 6-15 are still under construction)

    Great Son of the Eternal! spake the Sire,
    Vast is thy glory -- this shall raise it higher --
    O'er all recorded, shall it endless shine
    In our deep volume, glory's brightest line.
    And now 6ur Spirit,shall descend to earth,
    And form a body for thy mortal birth:
    A virgin shall c;nceiv@ and bear a Son,
    Thro' whom our mighty conquest shall be won,
    The Father's justice and Jehovah's love,
    Shall make the highest, sweetest note above!
    And now the Spirit leaves the high abode,
    In heaven's majestic quietude it rode
    On gentlest zephyrs, to the virgin bless'd,
    And in omniponce her womb possessed
    With "form of man" -- while she exultant cried,
    "Henceforth of women I shall be the pride."
    At the full time the Holy Ghost declar'd,
    The body of the wondrous babe prepar'd:
    When all amazement, angels cought the sound,
    And circline Gabriel, ask with awe profound
    The import of those words -- he silent bent
    His pregnant zlance toward the throne -- intent
    To learn if he might fill the listening ears
    Of angel hosts, with what himself reveres.
    The smile of God, ineffable and sweet,
    Beam'd all around -- while rising his seat
    He sppke in answer to the angel's eye,
    And thus, in words of fire, gave a reply.
    No -- Gabriel, no -- distinguish'd as thou art,
    The theme's too vast for other to impart
    Than my own lips. And now, ye heavenly throng,
    Hear what shall raise your everlasting song,
    To all the fulness that'your powers can bear,
    In all my joys, of which I will you share.
    My "Equal" and my everlasting Son,
    In whom, well pleas'd, I view all I have done,
    By whom I made the worlds, above -- below,
    Angels and men: and rebels overthrow;
    In whom, Elect, your seat in bliss is sure,
    And whom adoring, more you would adore:
    That Son has rose in all has matchless love,
    And in the form of sinful man, will prove
    His power to save as well as to destroy!
    This be your theme of highest, endless joy.


    So spake the Sire -- a moment angels gaze
    on their great head, and then in new-found praise
    Strike all their lyres -- while from their tongues arise
    shouts of salvation, rending all the skies.
    With big emotion now they hear the word,
    To stand prepar'd, to bear their glorious Lord
    To the frail tenement of mortal clay,
    Now ripe to usher to the light of day.
    Throng upon throne of radiant seraphs move,
    And Cherubs, flying on the wings of love,
    Precede the advent Of the King of kings,
    While each exultant, rivals what each sings.
    Then came The Ancient of Eternal Days!
    Around him spread insuffrerable blaze:
    The clouds his chariot -- his coursers were the winds,
    His throne behind -- before a world's dire sins,
    Onward he rode, while gathering hosts surround,
    Of noblest spirits, fill'd with awe profound
    To see the heavem bow, and God desdend!
    Transgression finish and of sin make end.
    Thro' space unmeasur'd thus the concourse mbv'd,
    While heaven's broad arch in burning splendours
    Till watchful, now they catch a glimpse of earth,
    Their glories shroud, and check their holy mirth.
    The mighty Son by power original,
    Cloth'd his fierce flames in an impervious vail,
    In Iiiilden darkness from anryel siilit withdrew -
    And to his earthly house Jehovah flew,
    In virgin womb -- which felt the power divine,
    Nor longer could the holy thing confine
    Within its cell -- but travailing, bore its charge
    To life's wild waves -- salvation's only barge!
    The radiant angels now o'er Judea flame:
    On watchful shepherds' wond'ring. vision came
    The host celestial. -- Wlhile from their tuneful lips,
    Bursts the loud song, and thus their theme depicts.
    Fear not, ye highly favour'd of the Lord,
    To you is born this day the Eternal Word;
    The Saviour promis'd -- Israel's glorious hope,
    Of whom the prophets and patriarchs spoke;
    And this shall be the sign, in Bethlehem lays,
    This object of our past future praise;
    In infant form -- a manger is his bed --


    Where cattle feed, he rests his holy head.
    In swaddling clothing is wrapt, thar awful form
    Which rides the whirlwind, and directs the storm.
    In infant helplessness that power is found,
    By which all worlds in adamant are bound.
    Ilustrious scene! be highest glory given
    To David's God, by all earth and heaven;
    Henceforth be peace and good-will to the earth --
    All nature shout -- Immanuel's wondrous birth
    Wraspt in amaze! and overwhelm'd with joy,
    The shepherds' muse -- their labouring thoughts employ,
    On what their ears had heard, their eyes had seen,
    Their souls had felt, of Deity within,
    While angels spoke. -- Let us rise and go, they cry,
    And see this long desired mystery
    Now come to pass. -- All other things give place.
    To seeking him who's full of truth and grace.
    Let wolves devour our flocks, let ruin come
    On earthly things -- all, all's but dross and dung
    Compar'd with finding him the promis'd seed,
    And thro' him, resurrection from the dead!
    With rapid steps they hasten'd then away
    And found the cradle where Immanuel lay;
    Saw -- felt -- rejoic'd in him their Lord and God --
    Returning, spread his wondrous name abroad.
    To Jewish, ritual Christ was duly given,
    And Jesus nan'd, by seal of circumcision:
    So call'd, in harmony with God's decree,
    That he, his people from their sins should free!
    This rite scarce finish'd, when old Simeon came
    Into the temple, glowing with a flame
    Of inspiration high! he fondly gaz'd
    On the strange child; and then exultant rais'd
    His lovely form within his wither'd arms,
    And feasted on his thousand nameless charms,
    Till his full soul no longer could contain
    Its joys immense; or his glad tongue refrain
    From breaking forth in song of sweetest strain.
    O Lord, he cried, let thy blest servant now
    Depart in peace, according to thy vow;
    For I have waited till my eyes have seen
    Thy great salvation shew'd before all men;
    A light to lighten Gentiles to the skies,
    And Israel's glory thro' all centuries.


    Thatgreat salvation now,begins to grow;
    Thro'every nation shall its waters flow,
    Till wash'd and ransom'd all the heirs of grace
    ln'highest heaven shall consummate, the braze
    Of thy revealed glory and thy praise.
    Thus Simeon sung; by Anna was the theme
    Prolong'd, in joys celestially serene;
    'Till all around were fill'd with sacred awe,
    And all the footsteps of Jehovah saw.
    In grace and wisdom, Jesus rose thro' youth,
    Yet green in years, he taught the wisest truth:
    Burning with zeal his Father's will to do,
    From all on earth his thoughts and heart withdrew.
    Now thirty years had Jesus been inured
    To mortal scenes, in sphere of life obscur'd --
    When God within him led him to the flood
    Of sacred Jordan; where the Baptist stood
    Immersing sinners! Buried in the wave
    Was great Immanuel: (type of his own grave!)
    When rising from the watery tomb there came
    The Holy Ghost, on dove-like form of flame!
    And rested on his head; while lo! the Father's voice
    Proclaim'd him Son of his eternal choice,
    In whom his soul delighted as a Sire,
    Whom he had honour'd, and would honour higher,
    And thro' the power and glorious name of whom,
    flis sov'reign pleasure had, and ever should be done!
    Thus scarce express'd was the great Father's love,
    'Till power divine the holy Jesus drove
    From man's abode, to gloomy deserts -- where
    Prepar'd in dread array, the Prince of air,
    Of darkness, death and hell, in ambush lay,
    All fierce to make the Son of God his prey,
    And close in endless night, salvation's dawning day!
    The desert reach'd, the Saviour, musing, said,
    Here, then, once more, I make the earth my bed,
    And wait submissive to to my Father's will,
    With all the purposes he may reveal
    In this wild waste. Some awful hour draws nigh,
    Some mighty deed my soul is near to try;
    For all her powers are stirring in a strength,
    That makes her kindred to omnipotence.
    To do or suffer, as high heaven ordains,
    Is all my joy -- the end of all my pains.


    While musing thus, the Son of God descries
    A hoary form in solemn reveries,
    'Neath neighboring shade: to whom, when near, he said,
    Hail man of solitude! thou seem'st like one that's dead
    To mortal sense of sublunary things,
    And all thy thoughts pois'd on celestial wings.
    The straner rais'd his silver head and sigh'd,
    And thus to Jesus meekly he replied.
    Alas! young man, 'tis time now to withdraw
    My thoughts, from all my waning eyes e'er saw
    In this vain world. Its im,age is a curse,
    Nor can imagination paint it worse --
    Unless on recent day, to serve a friend,
    A full score years, my feet did ne'er ascend
    From this rude scene; and deep perpetual gloom,
    Or my thoughts fix on auglit but worlds to come.
    Alone I've liv'd -- nor e'er had thought to see
    In this wild waste, a fellow man with me;
    Nor can I yet devise, what cause could move,
    Onr full of life as thou, here to remove
    Thy form attractive. But I check the tongue
    Of talking age -- it suits not with the young,
    To listen to their verbiage. I wait to hear
    If thou in court'sy may the same declare,
    What cause hath urg'd thee hither to repair.
    To whom the Son replied. We live and move
    In God, the cause of all below and all above;
    Our habitation is by him ordain'd;
    Our lives therein by him alone sustain'd.
    Where you retir'd to gain your grey hairs rest,
    God may have led me, here more full to bless;
    Or this, or not, his righteous will be done,
    His name extoll'd, and his bright kingdom come.
      Brief is thy answer, now the sage replied,
    If not most courteous, with piety supplied.
    And now methinks, some doctrine of that kind,
    I recent heard from mouth of clownish hind
    In Judea's plains. Loud did his voice proclaim,
    That the Most High had come on earth -- and came
    To seek and save the fallen race of man,
    By some great, deep, and heaven-contrived plan.
    In sooth, he put aside so far great REASON's rules,
    That none will heed him but some rustic fools.
    And yet with all his mass of nonsense he had some


    Sound, sober, ratioinal doctrine like thy own.
    'Twere well, said Jesus, if you could afford
    A standard for the fool or wise man's word;
    Did human thoughts of largest compass stand
    A text book for the rest, then all were damn'd;
    Damn'd in the tumult of their steadiest views,
    And wretchedness the fruit of their best truths.
      To whom the sage replied. I see that man you've
    And know the sandy base on which they stand
    When most they feel secure. But fair youth,
    Tho' finite man way not know what is truth,
    Reason alone will prove his guarantee,
    From views disgraceful to the Deity;
    Nor suffer him to think, the Lord of all,
    Who spread the heavens and form'd this earthly ball
    With all their glories, e'er bestows a thought
    On pigmy man -- if righteous, or if not;
    Much less admit the Infinite unknown,
    From all his peerless glory would come clown
    To this dark world -- as mortal culprit die --
    Convuls'd with pangs and cloth'd with infamy.
    Who thus conceive, the lowest reason boast,
    And of blasphemers, guilty are the most.
    But should some mortal vainly think, that he
    Was thus possess'd the great Deity,
    The scorn of wise men, and a life of shame,
    Would well secure imperishable fame,
    As chief of maniacs, or of hardiest knaves,
    And round his name for ever there would blazes,
    Tophet's dire, lurid halo of disgrace.
    But e'en suppose this wondrous being form'd,
    And now on earth with heavenly light adorn'd;
    What sort of message would he have to give?
    What sort of welcome would he here receive?
    His message holy, men would frowning spurn;
    His claims divine, their hearts with rage would burn;
    One universal cry against him rise,
    And all denounce him as the Prince of lies:
    Nor marvel here -- for from this Holy One
    Such loveliness and glory must be shown,
    That men must see (and seeing hate the light,)
    The deep and all pervading moral night


    In whiclh they grop'd -- Fierce would their passion rise
    For then as in a mirror burnish'd in the skies,
    They'd see themselves inade up of moral infamies.
    Pride, vanity, self-love, would call for blood,
    And man assail his maker and his God!
    Pride, vanity, self-love, and lust would cry;
    "Quench, quench the light! tho' God himself should
    Thus artful, did the long-disguised foe
    Of God and man, in sceptick converse go
    With the bless'd Jesus. Changing his wily arts,
    And every hour he flung his poison'd darts
    In subtle words: now vent'ring to suggest,
    That if a God some mortal form possess'd,
    No heath, no desert would be his abode;
    No thorny path of grief, or rugged road,
    Would he e'er tread. But that for him would rise
    The gorgeous palace, tow'ring to the skies;
    That tables spread with all earth, sea, or air
    Could yield, delicious, or make matchless rare,
    Would be his portion, and his pomp declare.
    That thousand vassals would his steps attend,
    And his, all earthly glory, would transcend.
      Thus talk'd the tempter, while Immanuel's bed,
    Was where e'en foxes would not rest their head;
    While torn with hunger and with thirst inflam'd,
    And every nerve with burning fever pain'd.
    His foe, unwearied, tauntingly advis'd,
    By miracle to have his wants suppli'd
    With food convenient -- and to quench his thirst
    By bidding water from the rock to burst.
    If thou, said he, indeed, be God's own Son,
    Then feed thyself bv making bread of stone;
    Thy life draws nigh to the devouring grave
    For want of food; nor is their aught to save
    Thee from consuming famine, but the power
    That vindicates the God-head of the doer.
      'Tis written, said the Son, that man shall live,
    Not by bread only, but he'shall receive
    In every word of God defence from ill,
    Attendant on the doing of his will.
    Why I am here without a place to rest,
    By gloom, by satan, and by want oppress'd,


    Is not for me to tell, or you to know --
    Who cast my lot will bear me safely through.
    And dost thou seek a token of my power!
    Hast thou forgotten then, that fearful hour,
    When rushing on thee and thy rebel throng,
    I pour'd the thunders of my voice along,
    That shook the heavens, crush'd your mighty throne, -
    And sunk you to your present awful doom!
    And soon the hour shall come, when I will make
    Not only heaven, but earth and hell to shake!
    When this right hand shall excavate thy cell
    Ten thousand times more deep, in thine own hell;
    When mountain waves, of blazing fire shall roll
    In tempest-fury o'er thy impious soul
    When every breath of my eternal ire,
    Shall fiercer kindle the the devouring fire;
    And, as in crime, shall thy condition be,
    First in hell's pains thro' all eternity.
      Unmov'd, the tempter heard the Saviour's words,
    And, REASONING HIGH, conceives ofwhat affords
    Fresh ground to doubt the being of a God
    In him, before whom now he hostile stood.
    Thus settled in his views, he once more plies
    The ear of Jesus with his specious lies.
    Tells of his power, his kingdoms and control
    ThroughoUt the earth, wide spread from pole to pole.
    Bears Jesus to a lofty mountain's height,
    And brings the whole to his attentive sight:
    Describes their origin, their growth, their kings,
    And movement of their deep politic Springs;
    And how, by his long-tried and potent skill,
    All could be moulded to the sovereign will
    Of one whom he might honour with the rule,
    And raise the matchless monarch of the whole,
    All this, said Satan, will I give to thee,
    If thou wilt "bow thyself," own, serve, and worship
    One splendid empire, shall this world become,
    And all its glories be secur'd thy own!
    Choose then, while choice is left thee, nor forget
    The sad reverse of glory, that must wait
    Contempt of my fair offer -- then, I'll turn
    All power in hell and earth, to do thee harm.
    Hunt and torment thee, thro' each path of life,


    And curse thee in the bitterest of strife
    That creature ever knew -- Thy name shall rot --
    Thy friends betray -- thy foes shall make thee sport,
    Till all that's vile and horrible shall roll,
    In whelming floods upon your sinking soul!
    Behind me get thee, Satan," said the Lord,
    For thus 'tis written -- "thou shalt worship God."
    And canst thou think, if thou hadst worlds to give,
    That at thy hand, the whole I would receive;
    Or ever act a part in thy base train,
    And own thy with'ring, blasting, damning reign?
    What are the nations and the pomp of power,
    Of which thou least shewn so much, and now talk o'er?
    Some master spirits by thine own design,
    Have founded kingdoms -- and support their reign
    In all that's lawless, cruel and accurs'd,
    And made, throughout the earth. a flood of mis'ry burst,
    Kings -- heroes -- noblest lords, (of thine) have been,
    And will be, blasting monuments of sin,
    Throughout the world; till he, whose right to reign
    It is -- shall come and burst their heavy chain;
    Restore the human race their equal right,
    And put thy principalities to flight.
    Such value give I to thy offer'd boon;
    Nor in thy insolence again presume
    To tempt me more, with what vain mortals prize,
    Made great by lust, and gilded with thy lies.
    For thy bold threats, fulfil them as you may,
    Thy victim I may fall -- but ne'er your prey.
    'Tis mine to suffer here -- Eternity's to show
    The boundless glories that shall ceaseless grow
    From love of God, and rige of thee his foe.
    Satan, aghast, heard thus the Saviour speak,
    And from hls visage saw a glory break,
    That fill'd him with dismay, lest this fair form
    Contain'd the power, destin'd to raise the storm
    Of his damnation, to its utmost height!
    And sink hi air to interminable night I
    In mad'ning throes the fiend began to writhe,
    And rage and terror for the mast'ry strive;
    While all that's hideous, hateful and abhorr'd,
    Rose in his face and stamp'd him hell's own lord.
    Till furious render'd by the storm within,
    He seiz'd, and bore upon his rapid wing,


    The passive Jesus, to the temple's height,
    And thus, in foaming spasms express'd his spite,
    Here -- thou would-be God, here rest thy wearied limbs,
    While gently fann'd by heaven's obedient winds,
    No doubt thou'lt find repose, exalted thus,
    And own my kindness lib'ral for thy curse:
    And when refreshed with sleep, cast thyself down,
    For it is written -- heaven shall thy person own,
    And keep thy feet from every hurtful stone.
    To whom, the Saviour calmly thus replied --
    Thou fiend detested, firSt in power and pride,
    Thus far thou'st gone in insolent control
    O'er this frail tenement -- thus vex'd my soul
    With thy foul words -- and dar'd profanely quote
    The sacred truths, the lips of God have spoke
    Of his great Son: here breaks thy awful power,
    Thy kingdom totters from this very hour,
    And shall dissolve, till the whole would be free
    From thy control - and own no Lord but me!
    In human form, I have thy arts all foil'd --
    In that same form thy kingdom shall be spoil'd --
    More, it behoves me not, to thee to tell;
    A world eternal shall the rest reveal
    To thy confusion, and all heaven's amaze,
    To my high glory, and thine own disgrace.
    Now go, thou cursed, to thy dark abode,
    For thou shall never tempt the Lord thy God!
      In sullen silence, Satan then withdrew,
    Abash'd -- defeated, to his hellish crew;
    With them to counsel, and with them to plan
    More deadly warfare 'gainst the SON OF MAN.
    Now angels, ministrant on Christ attend,
    And with him once more to the earth descend;
    They hymn his praise, and feed his fanting soul
    With bread from heaven; while from the flowing bowl
    Of Deity's own comforts, large he quaff'd,
    And rose restored from all his sorrows pass'd.
    Thus cheer'd and strengthen'd, Christ return'd again
    To Judea's cities, and the haunts of men.





    In miracle and doctrine now he moved,
    In bold relief, and grandeur of a God!
    And first -- at "Caana's feast, by power divine,
    He gave to water, the gen'rous warmth of wine;
    See! cried they, while in red'ning tide it gush'd,
    The bashful stream hath seen its God -- and blush'd."
    A breath from Jesus wings its instant course
    To miles around, and there, with heavenly force,
    O'ercomes disease -- with health fills ev'ry vein,
    And pleasure's throb succeeds to that of pain.
    The shrivell'd form of ghastly atrophy,
    Is cloth'd with flesh, and swells with youthful glee;
    The impotent are nerv'd with manhood's strength --
    The limb contracted, gains its equal length.
    The blind behold the golden flood of day,
    And bound in wonder and in ecstacy:
    The floating atmosphere is turn'd to bread,
    And thereon, marvellously, are thousands fed.
    Now sailing o'er the deep and raging sea
    Toward Capernaum, Christ's disciples see
    Their master, walking on the foaming wave --
    The billows own their maker, and his feet they lave.
    In glist'ning sprag, now swiftly rolling on
    In liquid softness, yet with strength of stone,
    To bear their God, in flesh, to the frail bark
    In which his followers sail'd, and trembling mark'd
    The roaring tempest and the mountain surge,
    Which hung terrific o'er their groaning barge.
    The vessel gain'd, new impulse now was given
    To winds and waves -- by which, obedient driven,
    The master and his servants reach their haven.
    Again, the Saviour rides the mighty deep --
    Heaven wrapp'd in whirlwind, and himself in sleep;
    Aghast his followers stand, or wildly cry,
    Master awake! behold that awful sky!

    * This account of the ministry of Christ, is from the gospel by John.


    How dire its darkness -- how its thunders roll!
    And see its lightnings blaze from pole to pole!
    See how our vessel reels! O Master save --
    Behold that yawning sea, that mountain wave,
    It fills -- we sink -- the ocean is our grave!
    Jesus, majestically serene, arose;
    And from his lips, the mighty mandate goes
    To warring elements -- peace -- be still, he said,
    And all was hush'd as slumbers of the dead.
    At his small voice, heaven's darkness roll'd away,
    The deep voracious gave him up its prey,
    And the sky kindled into sudden day;
    The winds retire to their unknown abode,
    And oceans billows, prostrate own their God!
        O'er grave of Lazarus, the mighty Son
    In human sympathy, and sorronv hung;
    While in the same omnific word, he said,
    To him, now mould'ring with the sleeping dead,
    'Lazarus, come forth, from out thy loathsome grave:
    And prove my arm omnipotent to save!'
    Obedient to the word, behold him come!
    While friends and kindred all, delighted run
    To greet him welcome to their arms again,
    And their tongues the name of Christ proclaim.
    These miracles perform'd, and thousands more,
    Rous'd men to hear, to wonder and adore
    The glorious author. -- Eternal Spirit, tell
    The doctrine utter'd by Immanuel!
    And first -- a Rabbi struck with sacred awe,
    At what his ears now heard, his eyes now saw
    Of the Messiah -- 'neath covert of the night,
    Sought his abode, to feast his longing sight
    With his bright form -- and have his list'ning ears
    Fill'd with the mission, which the Saviour bears.
    In terms of adulation, he salutes
    The lowly Jesus, and therefrom computes
    The object of his homage, would observe
    Much deference to himself, and truths reserve
    Of harsh and vulgar import; or dispense
    His words selected and of polish'd sense.
    (Thus, vain man still, in little learning dress'd,
    Or rais'd in power, something O'er the rest;
    Conceives e'en God should always speak to him,


    In soften'd lainguage of a hell and sin;
    'Tis this, that prompts the liberal support
    Of Teachers, who with their very words assort
    To please the ear, to fan the innate pride.
    Of fiends incarnate, who the truth deride.
    They talk of human dignity and moral worth,
    As superceding the celestial birth,
    And call, alike the pious and profane,
    Dear brethren -- lovers of the Saviour's name; --
    Be not offended, if we dare once tell,
    That somewhere, it is written, there's a hell!)
    The Ruler's Rabbi, and his words polite,
    Pass'd with Immanuel for their just weight
    Of worth -- for nothing. -- Listen to Christ's reply;
    Hear, feel, and understand, or doubly die!!
    Thou learned Rabbi, mark what I proclaim --
    You and vour race, must all be born again!
    Born in free grace, and by the Spirit's power,
    And made to own the God-head of the doer.
    Or this not done, and man shall never know,
    The nature of my kingdom here below;
    Or this not done, he ne'er can rise to see,
    That Kingdom's glory in eternity.
        The Ruler, startled and amaz'd, exclai,'d,
    How call this be, -- or how at all explain'd?
    Can a man enter in his mother's womb
    A second time? such doctrine, I presume,
    Is not impli'd -- for never yet has been
    An instance of it heard, or read, or seen
    Among the human race. Then Rabbi, say,
    What is its character, its mode and way.
    That, said Immanuel, which of flesh is born,
    Is flesh in every inner fold and form.
    As well as outward. What is flesh, you cry --
    Let God's unerring word give the reply.
    Each thought is evil -- evil is their heart --
    Each acts the Demon, e'en when most approv'd his part:
    In sin conceived, in sin he lives and moves,
    Hates God -- hell serves -- and all uncleanness loves.
    Proud is his heart -- his mind is cloth'd with lies,
    He lives a Demi-god -- a devil, dies!
    Such portrait, by the high command of heaven,
    Has the unerring Spirit of Jehovah given
    Of human kind; vain mortals shrink, from this


    Self knowledge -- ignorance here is bliss.
    The renovation which I now proclaim,
    Is to restore this fallen wretch again
    To holiness -- so that heaven may become
    His glorious dwelling place, and final home!
    No power created, can the work perform,
    And thus, to holiness the soul transform,
    But th' Eternal Spirit -- and that comes
    To whom he list -- to all the chosen ones!
    As blows the wind; so does that Spirit move
    On every soul, that the Creator's love: *
    Not more resistless, is the tempest storm,
    By which the loftiest forests are uptorn.
    Not more beyond created fiat or control
    Do ocean's billows rage, or gently roll
    From their deep centre, to the distant pole.
    Again, the Rabbi marvels -- and again he cries,
    Can these things be -- so hidden from my eyes!
    Must human reason thus submissive bend,
    Believe, what it can never comprehend?
    To whom the Saviour -- In nature many things
    In mystery operate; in mystery, springs
    The wind that prostrates, or that gently spreads
    Its balmy undulations o'er our heads;
    'Tis heard by all, by all its power is felt --
    From whence it comes, or where it hidden dwelt,
    Or whither goes -- is knowledge never dealt
    To creature mind. Jehovah thus ordains,
    Or where the Spirit moves, or where triumphant reigns.
    Be wise, and from effects, judge ye the cause --
    Such only is the base of reason's laws:
    O shame for Israel! when thou, a master's place,
    Holdest among her dark degenerate race;
    Untutor'd thou, in first, plain, simple rules
    Of my salvation, taught in Prophets' schools
    A thousand years -- a perfect fool I find --
    Blind leader of the feeble, perishing blind!
    Thyself, a sample of a host to come
    In after tiines; who, thro' the earth shall run
    As sent of God, and moved from above,
    When gold's their God, and only self they love.
    I say to you, we speak what we well know,
    And testify to what we've seen below,

    * Zeber ath Buriak.


    Of this great work; if this be not believ'd,
    How will the heav'nly vision be receiv'd?
    Beyond the grave, no mortal eye hath seen --
    To bring to light Eternity's dread scene:
    What this world is, and has been since the fall,
    A few brief years will give a gust to all!
    I only know, what's in the world to come --
    And I alone, can tell what's the doom
    Of sinful man -- Then by myself I swear,
    He that's not born again, shall perish there!
    Sin, like the poison, which the Hebrews felt,
    (When in the wilderness, of old they dwelt,)
    From fiery serpents, diseases every part,
    And pours its deadly influence thro' the heart.
    And as the remedy to Israel given,
    Was by the SOV'REIGN will and power of heaven,
    So, when the sinner's cur'd, the power's the same --
    The antidote is 'looking to the Lamb,'
    Slain from the earth's foundation; look and live,
    Is the great lesson I have come to give
    To fallen man -- who learns its import well,
    Is saved from sin and everlasting hell.
    God so loved man, as to give up his Son,
    That in man's form, due honours might be done
    To his dishonour'd law. In Adam, all transgress --
    I am the Lord -- their perfect righteousness.
    I am deliver'd for the sins of men,
    To wo and death, that they may live again.
    Whoe'er believes, and feels these doctrines true,
    Is born again -- or Gentile, or the Jew!
    Light has come into this benighted world --
    That light, is God's most holy law reveal'd
    In Moses' precepts, and my pattern bright:
    But men avoid, and hate the holy light,
    And rather choose a state of moral night. *

    * (John iii. 18 to 21.) In this passage of scriptures Jesus evidently means his own light as a moal example! Not his light as "the sun of righteousness" to Zion! It was his moral example and precept, the world hated and hates -- shrunk, and still shrinks from -- and this, their hatred, of his example and precept, and turning their backs upon him, as that moral light, provid they were depraved and condemned already. Jesus refers to their conduct towards himself, to shew their fallen nature and condemnation. -- He then declares, that whosoever believeth in him is not thereafter condemned but justifted freely from all things, and this manifestatively to his


    If they would come to Sinai's holy law,
    There they would see themselves -- as yet they, never saw. --
    A mirror, burnished by the hand of heav'n,
    Would that law prove; in which their sins engraven,
    Would so alarm them, that no peace of mind,
    Nor gleam of heaven-ward hope, could they e'er find.
    Whoe'er desires to do God's righteous will,
    Comes to this law, which all his sins reveal
    His sins revealed, abhorring self, he flies
    To me the righteous -- then he never dies;
    That law Is the judge of all the human race,
    And with that law, my gospel I preface:
    Till THAT is felt, extending to each thought,
    THIS is neglected, spurn'd, and set at nought,
    What God has join'd together, none may part --
    The attempt proclaims a dark and impious heart.
    Man's device makes a thousand standards more,
    To judge of man -- till blinded o'er and o'er,
    Each, by another, measures his proud self,
    And when he's bankrupt, boasts of moral wealth.
    Samaria's border now the Christ receives --
    He went obedient to high heaven's decrees.
    People he had, among that hated tribe,
    For whom he suffer'd, -- and for whom he died.
    A woman loose, and profligate he met
    At Jacob's well -- where wearied, he was set;
    To whom he spoke of the celestial springs,
    Whose living water, full salvation brings
    To vilest souls, and cleanses from all sins.

    own soul! on the contrary, whosover believeth not, remains in nature's depravity and condemnation to the law! This is the scope, sum and substance of Jesus Christ's meaning in this passage of scripture. And this harmonises exactly with the matter of fact experience of the church and the world, and the tenor of divine revelation.-- Nothing but the spirit of Arminanism would ever breathe a different interpretation of the passage.

    The difference between Fullerism and Arminianism, appears to be this --- The latter says, God will send no man to hell without giving him a chance to secure for himself an interest in the salvation of Israel! The former says, that men are condemned because they reject the gospel; and that in fact there was no condemnation until they had so rejected it. If this be true, thrice happy would it have been for man that the gospel had never been promulged; for nine out of ten that hear it, reject it: and what is the everlasting happiness of one compared with the everlasting misery of nine!


    The woman marvelled, and desired to know,
    Where such choice waters might be found to flow;
    That as he saw her, now herself she felt,
    Conceiv'd in sin, and laden'd deep with guilt;
    Relief she ask'd from the dread power of sin,
    And wept and groan'd to have her soul made clean;
    Besought Immanuel to inform her mind,
    Where she the presence of her God might find;
    That to Jerusalem, Samaritans could not go --
    And only there, 'twas said, God dwelt below.
    The Saviour, answered -- list! the time is nigh,
    When souls regenerate, one and all shall fly,
    Into my name; there there their God adore,
    Their superstitions, and vain forms give o'er.
    God, is a Spirit diffus'd throughout all space --
    No form describes him, and no time or place
    Controls his presence -- equally he dwells
    In highest heaven, and earth's unfathom'd cells.
    Who feel the unction of devotion burn
    In their new hearts, are ever prompt to learn
    The precious truth; the water I will give
    To those who thirst, shall in their spirits live
    A springing well, eternal as my throne --
    And all the glory be secur'd my own!
        The woman heard, and flew away to tell
    Her friends and kindred, of Immanuel.
    Come, come, she cries, to Jacob's well, and see
    Some glorious One, resembling Deity! --
    He told me all my thoughts, my heart and life,
    And how to five, I've been a faithless wife;
    Must this not be the long-foretold Messiah?
    Lost Israel's hope, and the whole world's desire!
    Of whom 'tis written -- I will Jacob show
    All his transgressions -- Israel too, shall know
    His numerous sins. In both their souls, shall rise
    Wailings and groans, whose voice shall reach the skies,
    As that repentance, which alone ne'er dies.
    Meanwhile, Disciples their great Master greet
    With proffer'd food, and urge him much to eat.
    I've meat, said Jesus, that ye know not of --
    'Tis to perform the will of God above,
    And finish his great work of saving love.
    The day is coming when you too, shall feel


    How high the Spirit mounts, that has his will
    For its great pole-star; and how much endure,
    That heav'n soul, that does its God adore!
    With what solicitude do men compute
    The varied seasons, till the earth yields fruit:
    E'en you exclaim, within a few months more,
    Again we'll reap our ample annual store
    Of golden grain; again our vallies ring,
    With songs of those who shout the harvest hymn.
    If joys thus high, expand the human breast,
    When with their earthly bread, each season is bless'd,
    How vast my joy, when I shall gather in,
    Those sheaves of grace I've saved from hell and sin!
    How full my glory, when I shall make good,
    That harvest sown and nurtur'd in my blood!
    This joy is set before me; and for it I brave
    Unfatom'd woes, and taste death's bitterest wave.
    O look, my friends! the ripening harvest's come,
    When my elect shall gather to their home;
    Already are their whit'ning heads bow'd down
    In penitence, which God himself shall own
    As unto life, through his exalted Son!
    Pray ye the Lord, that lab'rers may increase,
    And reap in rightousness the sheaves of grace;
    Until the time come, when you all shall meet
    In my areat garner, as the chosen wheat:
    When joys of him who sow, and they who reap,
    Shall be eternal, and exceeding great.
    While thus the Saviour his disciples taught,
    The woman had a thousand neighbors brought
    To Jacob's well -- these, too, his words attend,
    And hail him Christ, the sinner's only friend!
    This doctrine taught, and works of mercy done,
    The Jews in wrath now charge upon the Son,
    A breach of Moses' law -- because, said they,
    Thou'st done these, these things upon the Sabbath day.
    To whom, Immanuel thus an answer gave --
    I knonw the law, which you from Moses have --
    From heaven it came -- I am the mighty Lord
    Of e'en the Sabbath day, ordain'd of God.
    Who gave the law, he only, can annul:
    The Lord of th' Sabbath, is the God of all!
    These truths displease you, fill your hearts with rage,
    And urge you now most impious to engage


    In bloodiest deed against my sinless life;
    And henceforth to maintain the fiercest strife
    Against my person -- doctrine - and my cause,
    And make your own blind passions all your laws:
    But I'm the same -- eternally the same --
    I work as God -- Immanuel is my name;
    I raise the dead -- I quicken whom I will --
    I lift to heaven -- I sink to lowest hell!
    I judge the world -- the mighty universe!
    My smile is bliss; my frown the heaviest curse:
    Who honours not the Son as the great Sire,
    May say he worships, but he is a liar.
    Who hear my words, and thus believe on me,
    They shall be bless'd thro' vast eternity.
    The hour is coming, and is now at hand,
    When those who're dead shall hear my great command
    Say to them, sleepong in sin's awful grave,
    'Awake -- come forth,' it is my will to save
    Your souls from sin -- obedient they shall live,
    And thro' all ages, shall due honour give
    To their Redeemer's name -- which honours shall be full
    When o'er creation my loud voice shall roll,
    To wake each atom of the mortal dead,
    From the long slumber of their dreamless bed.
    Thus I will speak: all flesh shall then appear
    Before my throne, their final doom to hear.
    The good to life and endless joys shall rise,
    The wicked to taste the death that never dies!
    I can in my mere manhood, nothing do
    Of all you've seen, or all I've promis'd you
    I will perform; yet is my judgment just
    Or of myself, or you, from last to first.
    My, works and Father, testify of me --
    He owns me Son -- they speak my Deity!
    Search ye the scriptures, for in them ye say,
    Ye have eternal life -- and they are they
    That testify of Christ.   They thus proclaim,
    The countless honours of his matchless name,
    JEHOVAH call'd! of whom all Israel boasts:
    The GOD of Jacob, and the Lord of Hosts!!
    The First and Last in heaven's unceasing praise,
    The Ancient of interminable days:
    A God most true -- most great -- God over all:
    Before whom, heaven bows and devils fall!


    Of his Eternity, those scriptures tell,
    And loud proclaim him the Immutable:
    Whose presence fills the boundless universe --
    Whose eye Omniscient, does all space traverse;
    While his Omnipotence, their pages prove,
    And deep engrave his name 'The God of Love!'
    To him, those scriptures every work assign --
    Or what eternity unfolds, or in time,
    By him, all are, upheld, on him depend:
    He their beginning, and their final end.
    Of him, the holy oracles have said,
    The woman's seed shall bruise the serpent's head;
    While Moses cries, his bosom fill'd wiih praise,
    A prophet shall the Lord to Israel raise,
    Like unto me -- him shall the people hear,
    And Jew and Gentile each, his name revere.
    Old Jacob wrestled with him thro' the night --
    The man! the God! nor e'er forgot the sight;
    But dying look'd thro' ages yet to come,
    And thus predicts the advent of the Son.
    Hear ye my sons! now tottering o'er the grave,
    I bow myself to taste death's icy wave;
    Ere I depart, I claim your solemn thought,
    Of the bright vision to my spirit brought.
    That angel who, hath saved myself and you,
    And led me all life's fitful journey thro',
    Appears! His inspiration all my powers feel,
    And thus, triumphant, I his truth reveal.
    From Judah's hands, the sceptre shall not go
    Til he appear from heaven, to man below:
    To him, the gath'ring nations all shall come --
    The world's vast empire own his sway alone.
    O glorious day, when that bless'd angel reigns,
    The end of human crimes and mortal pains!
    Thus Israel spake -- heav'n beaming in his face
    And fell, exultant, in death's cold embrace.
    Now holy Job, beholds his day afar,
    Gleaming thro' clouds, like the bright morning star;
    To heaven he lifts his hands and tear-dimm'd eyes,
    With sacred rapture -- there the patriarch cries,
    I know that my Redeemer lives, and shall stand
    At the last day on earth -- and give command
    To the pale inmates of the narrow tomb,


    To lift their heads, and to his preqence come.
    Then joyful, to corruption may I say,
    Thou art my Father -- hasten thou this way --
    And to the grave, O mother, let my head
    Repose within thee as my downy bed.
    My mothers and my sisters, clay-clod worms,
    O how I long to have your sinewy forms,
    Wanton and sport within this curious cell,
    In which my soul is confin'd, and there to dwell
    Battening on this now fainting, tortur'd flesh,
    And at life's fountain moisten'd and refresh'd.
    All this I hail as my soul's final good;
    For thus in flesh refin'd, I'll see my God: *
    And him, whose mem'ry the bless'd psalms embalm,
    Whom Zion gives as minstrel, bay and palm,
    He by the Spirit, says of Christ to come,
    'My Lord and God! my long-desir'd Son!
    Thy foes shall fall -- Jehovah's is thy throne;
    Thou wilt not leave me to the grave or sin --
    Thou'lt raise my body, make my soul all clean.
    Thee I shall worship in thy courts above,
    And swell the anthem of redeeming love.
    Isaiah now, the prince of prophets, cries,
    Behold, descending from the lofty skies,
    The Holy One of God! to us he's given,
    A child! a Son! the God of earth and heaven!
    The Government shall on his shoulders rest;
    And therein Israel be forever blest.
    His name, (incarnate) shall be "Wonderful --
    The Mighty God," who filleth all in all!
    The Everlasting sire of Israel's race,
    The warrior roll'd in blood -- "The Prince of Peace."
    For me the striptures prophesy -- for me run blood --
    And bring to view, all that is great and good

    * The denial of the resurrection of the body, by a numerous denomination of professed Christians, furnishes out one impressive evidence that man, in nature under the delusion and influence of the Devil will disbelieve every truth of the Bible -- Indeed it is worthy of notice again and again -- that the Devil has at last, raised up about as many denomidations of professors, as is necessary to enable him to have a separate and distinct instrument, for assailing every important truth the Doctrine of the Gospel!! And then he comes forward with a proposition to exercise charity for one, and for all! i. e. Believe all to be in the truth, tho' all-together, deny and denounce all the truths of the gospel!!


    In human life; as a faint type of me,
    So glorious they -- what must the substance be!
    Such testimony do, your prophets give --
    And yet I know, you never will believe:
    How can you -- when earth's honours are your God --
    Nor own my righteousness, nor want my blood!
    Your Rabbies teach, to be far-famed for lore --
    God's wisdom they exclude -- their own adore;
    Your Rabbies rule -- God's providence exclude,
    That men may laud them, for their country's good;
    Your Priests burn incense, with unhallow'd fire --
    Exalt Jehovah -- but themselves still higher,
    But all is done in the Eternals name,
    And heaven's made pander, thus to spread their fame,
    The world's epitome! from north to south,
    From east to west, such is its moral growth,
    Rabbies and heroes, scribes and priests and kings
    Their virtue from pride and vanity, all springs;
    While each, obsequious to the other bows,
    Flatters -- is flatter'd -- nor higher motive knows. *
    And now to Gaililee, the Saviour moves,
    Follow'd by those who love, and whom he loves:
    And here, mirac'lous he five thousand fed,
    From two small fishes, and five loaves of bread;
    They with one voice, when their strange feast was done,
    Declare him in truth, the prophet that should come;
    Make heaven and earth with his loud praises ring --
    Offer to make and claim him for their king.
    To whom the Saviour, thus himself declar'd --
    I see you now, are one and all prepar'd
    To follow me -- the object too I know,
    For which, so zealous after me ye go.
    The loaves are in your eyes -- these move your feet;
    The bread of idleness, you find is sweet.
    My awful power none of your spirits moves,
    You're all engross'd with the miraculous loaves.
    You are the first fruits of a numerous tribe,
    Whom loaves and fishes shall inspire and guide,
    As my disciples, in an outward form,
    Who will mendicity, itself adorn.

    * Who is prepared to deny this; no one having common sense, and extensive intercourses with the professing world!


    So, now, the world in raptures those adore
    Who feed its appetites, and promise more;
    Who see its present and prospective worth,
    In mind and words; and glowing set it forth,
    As heaven's bright image -- (albeit yet to come!)
    And only claim the glory as their own.
    Hence -- who has made two spears of grass to rise,
    Where one but grew, is lauded to the skies,
    As man's great patron -- wonder of the age! *
    Statesman and patriot, philosopher and sage!
    While millions sacrifice to Frenchman's blood,
    Hail him their Saviour -- toast him as their God!
    Thus honour to the man who acts a part,
    To feast man's senses, or his pride of heart,
    In his great praise, tongues eloquently move,
    While dumb and speeclliless of the God of love!
    Thus, earthly, do they think and speak of earth,
    And prove they know not the celestial birth.
    Albeit among the Galellians some,
    In nature's pride inquire, what must be done
    To work the works of God -- to please high heaven,
    To save their souls, and have their sins forgiven.
    To whom the Saviuour -- 'tis by Jehovah's power,
    That man believes -- the Godhead is the doer,
    Of this great work, the sov'reign gift of grace,
    God is the author -- God's be all the praise.
    Were you indeed, true follow'rs of me,
    Your hearts desire and prayer to God would be,
    To give your souls imperishable bread,
    That on it might evermore be fed,
    To life eternal -- here each soul would feast,
    Wonder, adore, that it was made a guest
    At this rich banquet -- and in holy strife
    Contend for me, as the true bread of life!
    But tho' you've seen me, this you don't believe,
    Or that my flesh, can life eternal give.
    † All that the Father gave me, shall confess

    * Vide -- Beniamin Franklin's life.

    † The stupid Jews, (like the stupid Arminians of the present day) thought, that the character of Christ and of his doctrine, was to be estimated by the artificial distinctions of life, or the numbers that followed him: Jesus saw into their hearts -- and calmly replied, "All that my Father hath given me shall come unto me." -- This was the Elect Head's consolation, so it must be of the evangelical minister --


    I am the Lord -- their souls great righreousness.
    For this they'll labour, and for this they'll groan,
    'Till all my fulness shall be made their own.
    Such is the Father's will -- it must be done!
    From his all-glorious, everlasting throne,
    He say, My counsel shall forever stand,
    My work shall prosper in my Servant's hand:
    All who're to life ordained, will believe,
    I come to seek them, and they'll me receive.
    The Father gave them -- what he gave, I prize --
    For them Christ liveth, and for them he dies --
    With me they'll suffer, and with me they'll rise!
    Cease ye to murmur at the sov'reign grace,
    Which the great doctrine of my lips displays.
    Is your eye evil because I am good?
    Shall th' hungry starve because you hate the food?
    What's gall and wormwood to your carnal mind,
    More sweet than honey, my elect all find!
    Drawn by the Father, my embrace they seek --
    Undrawn by him -- in sin's dark grave they sleep;
    Thus it is written in prophetic word,
    "And all the people shall be taught of God."
    If taught of him, on them convictions fall
    That Christ's their Lord, their God, their all in all.
        Indignant, now the multitude depart --
    The words of Christ had cut them to the heart.
    The false professor found his guile explor'd,
    The Pharisee, the idol he ador'd
    Denounced as loathsome in the sight of God.
    So still the doctrine of electing love,
    When preach'd detects, and hypocrites all prove --
    Who still exclaim, 'what sayings! heavens, how hard!
    † All, but th' Elect of sov'reign grace debarred.'

    Christ spurned mere appearances of rank or numbers in his followers -- and so must those churces and ministers, who have the mind that was in him!

    * The same cause will produce the same effects! Let the same doctrine be preach'd and most professors will fly like chaff before the fan!

    † Nothing is more frequent in the ministry of Arminians for them to say -- did we believe, "once in grace, always in grace; we would live as we list -- we would eat, drink and be merry, and indulge ourselves in all sin." -- For once they speak truth! they would do so -- and in that very acknowledgement testify, that their inclination


    Let's leave such doctrine - Satan is its sire,
    And every one who holds it is a liar.
    Albeit, there's some who think the middle way,
    Is the expedient; and warm profess to pray,
    That those who preach the doctrine, and who revile,
    May mutual yield, and on each other smile,
    In christian love and unity; while each esteem,
    Half Truth, Half Lies, the Gospel's glorious theme.
    Ye hypocrites! ye serpents! can you tell,
    How you may escape the devil and his hell?
    All now, the Christ forsook, except the few,
    To whom he said, -- "will ye forsake me too?"
    The impetuous Peter, answer'd for the rest,
    And thus their feelings and their views express'd.
    Lord of our life, to whom then shall we go --
    There's none our hearts desire to serve below
    But thy dear self -- thou hast the words of life --
    Thee, we will follow in thy peace and strife.
    Depart front thee! what, when we feel assur'd
    Thou art the Christ, the anointed of the Lord,
    On whom we rest our oft delighted eye,
    And to thy arms for endless refuge fly:
    Thou must be ours, or we forever die!
    Bless'd art thou Simon, Jesus then replied,
    To me in bonds eternal, thou 'rt allied;
    My Father taught thee who and what I am,
    The brightness of his glory -- sin's atoning lamb.
    You twelve I have chosen -- and you seem to prove
    Yourselves confirm'd in faith and holy love.
    Yet of Your number, one is full of evil,
    And in the end, will prove himself a devil.
    Thus will it be, in every age to come,
    That, in my church below, there will be some
    Assign'd, or chosen in God's providence,
    To Zion, various service to dispense,
    Who yet, essential, have no part in grace,
    Or of my chosen, or regenerate race.
    And now the tabernacle feast came on;
    To which, Christ's brethren urge him to be gone.
    No man, said they, if honest, ere will claim,

    is to sin! that a carnal, sensual, devilish nature, is still their own! The child of grace however, cannot live in, or love sin -- holiness is his element, for God has made him a new creature! the Spirit has made him holiness unto the Lord! unto Jehovah!


    From hidden deeds the meed of public fame;
    If you and your mission be indeed divine,
    Why not appear in Jewry at this time?
    Where now are met our rulers, great and wise, --
    They'll prove thy power infernal -- thy doctrine lies.
    Thus did their conduct forcibly express
    That nature's ties are wide from those of grace,
    That who, of th' flesh, were breth'ren of the Lord,
    Revil'd the Christ, and all his truth abborr'd.
    To them, Immanuel thus himself address'd,
    And on their minds, his heavenly doctrine press'd:
    My time, said he, is not arrived to go
    To Judea's feast: with you it is not So.
    Your time is always ready; you can fill
    Your part in union with this vain world's will --
    Whose children you, by nature's spirit are, --
    One in their labours and their earthly care.
    You, they cannot hate -- you, they will receive,
    And all the service that you have to give.
    Their pride you flatter, and their maxims learn,
    For their idolatries with zeal you burn;
    Nor will the world e'er cease to smile upon
    A man or devil, if he but prolong
    Their pride -- and pomp -- he's timbrel and their song.
    Go then, the world's own children, to the feast.
    You each, no doubt, will prove a welcome guest.
    One will be with you, after whose dark work
    Has more progressed, I also will go up.
    Till then, my going is forbid of him,
    Who's God around me, and a God within.
    The world hates me because I prove it evil,
    A mass of sin, and captive to the Devil.
    I am ordain'd of God, to seek and save
    Those whom Jehovah loves and to me gave.
    The time, the place, for me to meet with them
    By God is determin'd, tho' unknown to men.
    Where'er their sojourn on this woe-worn earth,
    There shall my word and spirit give them birth.
    At the Full time, the Saviour secret goes
    Up to the feast, where murmuring friends and foes
    Inquire for him -- or if he's to appear
    At their great banquet, and his truths declare.
    'Twas then, as now -- they murmur'd different views
    Of Christ -- his miracles and glorious truths.


    Some thought him a good man -- and some a bad,
    Some thought him wisdom -- and some said he's mad --
    As now 'twas then -- a thousand notions rose
    In man's vain mind, of him, who none e'er knows,
    But those to whom the spirit's power is given,
    To feel themselves a Hell, and Jesus Christ their Heaven!
    To all the malice, ignorance and lies
    Of these revilers, Jesus thus replies.
    My doctrine that, in boldest terms, embrace
    The fallen nature of the human race,
    Is not my doctrine, but it is that or him,
    Who sent me on earth to save from hell and sin.
    To him who does Jehovah's will perform,
    Which will is by his spirit to transform,
    And from which will, my people are all born;
    He shall the doctrine know, as God's own truth,
    Or hoary age, or inexpenenced youth.
    Whoe'er has aught of his vain self to say,
    As agent in salvation's work or way,
    Is a blasphemer, or a Deity!
    There is a glory in the vast design
    And mighty act, of pard'ning human crime,
    Of which, Jehovah never will dispense
    One ray to any but Omnipotence.
    I seek not mortal's, but Jehovah's fame --
    This proves itself from who, and whence I came.
    The Son of man has nothing -- nothing claims
    On earth, but sufferings, infamy and pains;
    The Son of God, demands an equal share,
    In th' Father's glory, of which he's heir.
    * Ye know me from whence I am,
    My earliest and my latest years as man:
    In all my acts, in all my words, I've been
    Harmless, and undefiled, and free from sin.
    A life like mine the best guarantee,
    I honour God, and he will honour me.
    And now the last day of the feast arrives --

    * Arminianism here, with its characteristick ignorance, supposes that those Jews knew him as the Saviour, when it was his mere life as an harmless man, and good citzen, that Jesus is speaking of; and which they knew from first to last: hence he said -- "which of you convinceth me of sin."


    Jesus stands forth, and vehemently cries,
    Whoever thirsts, O let him come to me,
    (Whate'er his nation or his crimes may be,)
    And drink the waters that I will reveal,
    Which in his soul, shall prove a living well.
    Man thirsts for pleasure, honour, and for wealth --
    The poor for bread, the sick man pants for health.
    'Midst this vast concourse, is there not one,
    Who thirsts for life in God's eternal Son?
    Not one, who lifts his eyes and heart to me,
    And cries, O Christ, my soul does pant for thee,
    More than the swellinig fish pants for the sea!
    If such there be -- to me, O sinner come,
    And share the river flowing from my throne.
    Fierce now the wrath of rul'd and rulers grew --
    To mount of Olives, Immanuel then withdrew;
    There thro' night watches, Jesus sought the face
    Of his great Father, and his lov'd embrace.
    To cheer and elevate once more his heart
    In ardent zeal to finish the great part,
    Design'd him to fulfil -- the Father heard
    The voice of his beloved, and appear'd
    To his delighted vision, in those glories high,
    Which the Son shared from all eternity.
    Again, the Saviour felt the miglity glow
    Of Deity's own consolation, flow
    Through all his soul; and strengthen'd to sustain
    The labours, sorrows, o'erwhelming shame --
    That now were forming for his life's last scene!
    Thee day return'd, again he came among
    The motley group, and wonder-gazing throng,
    Within the temple; where as he meekly raught,
    The Scribes and Rulers to his presence brought,
    A woman, taken in adulterous sin --
    And, tempting, ask'd that she be judg'd by him.
    Master, say they, what punishment is due
    To her transgressions -- shall we here pursue
    The course prescribed by Moses, who doom'd
    All culpritslike her to be swiftly ston'd,
    Till they were dead -- but Master, what say'st thou?
    Was their inquiry, with the artful view,
    To tempt him in some seeming form, to stand
    In opposition to divine commmmand


    To their great leader given; that attain'd,
    And well they knew, that furious and inflam'd,
    The passions of the Jews would urge them on,
    In murderous wrath to kill the Holy One.
    Immanuel stoop'd, and on the ground he wrote,
    As if he heard not what these serpents spoke.
    Again they ask him -- while his fingers trace
    Their moral portrait and their own disgrace.
    He rais'd himself and thus the throng address'd --
    Why have ye on me thus, this question press'd?
    Because your natures were so sunk in sin,
    Your appetites so beastly and unclean,
    That e'en your plighted matrimonial oaths,
    Could not the flood-gates of your lusts oppose --
    To save your species from a brute-like state,
    And the fell curse, unbridled lusts create,
    God gave to Moses a command to kill
    The woman, that in the foul transgression fell.
    But I bring forward other means to check
    Your brutal passions, and your fears beget;
    Yet I forbid not any to fulfill
    The law of Moses, and the adultress kill.
    Whoe'er is sinless, * let him cast a stone --
    'Till all ye righteous have your missiles thrown.
    The Saviour's words the hypocrites now felt,
    And stood convicted of their secret guilt;
    Abash'd, retreated from Immanuel's eye, †
    Nor more insisted that the culprit die.
    The woman only, with the Saviour staid --
    To whom, in gentlest accents now he said,
    'Thine accusers, woman, are they then all gone?
    And uncondemn'd have left thee here alone?
    Then go in peace -- I know thy heart contrite,
    And that thou seest thyself in a true light
    As chief of sinners. I break no bruised reed!
    But every stream of godly sorrow feed!
    To judge you after different laws of men,

    * 'Tis well that this law of Moses' is abrogated, or the numerous, perfect and sinless professors in the Methodist church, would have prodigious labour-- and vast would be the havoc they would make, of the frail daughters of Eve!

    † In the the same mantier our modern Pharisees, alias, Arminians, will shrink away from the eye of Jesus, in the judgment day!


    Is not my province -- that power is given them,
    Whose kingdom is below -- go sin no more,
    Lest a worse evil fall you than before.'
    The Jews returning -- Christ once more began
    To preach himself, the light life of man!
    'The world, said he, in grossest darkness lies,
    In sin conceived -- in sin lives and dies;
    In sparks of their own kindling they pursue
    A thousand paths, nor find the one that's true.
    Nor in their darkness and their errors think,
    Their feet are sliding down damnation's brink;
    Or care they for the endless worlds to come,
    If they but have possessions in this one.
    I am the light! -- who follows me shall find
    Joys that shall fill his vast, immortal mind.
    His path shall shine in brightening prospects on,
    'Till death shall bear him to celestial noon
    Of day immortal -- where the Son of God,
    Shall ceaseless, spread his glories all abroad,
    O'er every eye; and warm each holy soul,
    And consummate the vision of the whole.
    One point, the subject's brought to -- that is this --
    Whoever hopes, or seeks for heavenly bliss,
    Must learn of me -- the beggar and the prince
    Alike, must my bless'd Spirit still convince,
    I am their light. -- The life of man proclaims
    In every age, that darkness o'er him reigns,
    In reference to that world to which he goes,
    In all its blessedness and all its woes.
    Ye judge me after my mere form as man,
    Nor know from whence I came -- or who I am --
    Tho' I be clothed in flesh, can ye not not see,
    No signs, no features of the God in me?
    Has ever man or creature spoken as I speak?
    Can man or angels, my grcat acts repeat?
    O blind, blind mortals -- first of those to come
    In after years, who shall esteem the Son
    Angelic -- super-human -- or much less --
    And treat his blood and his great righteousness,
    As nothing better than their own vile forms,
    And God's own image, class with guilty worms.
    But they and you shall all die in your sins --
    And when you grasp at heaven, your hell begins.


    ALL ARE IN SIN -- they who do not believe in me,
    In sin continue, through eternity!
    Condemn'd already! -- ere my gospel came!
    And not believing, they condemn'd remain.
    Not by my gospel cursed! But by the law,
    Other condemnation, in my word none e'er saw!
    I go my way, to my great throne on high,
    By paths unknown to e'en the vultures eye.
    In vain you'll seek me -- neither can you come
    To where I go, when my great work is done.
    Ye are from beneath, but I am from above --
    In different course our thoughts and feelings move.
    Mine flow to glorify Jehovah's name,
    And yours, to prove from sin and hell they came.
    I have many things to say and judge of you --
    But he who sent me, is forever true,
    Or sleeps his vengeance, or his judgments slow.
    Whoe'er continues in my word will prove,
    They are the objects of my Father'love;
    For 'tis ordain'd that this shall be a sign,
    Who have me theirs, and are forever mine!
    They shall know the truth, the truth shall make them free
    From earth, from hell, from sin and misery.
    Whoe'er professes to be born of God,
    And then returns to tread in sin's broad road,
    By this will manifest they're not my sheep;
    For all my flock, Jehovah's power keeps!
    Ye boast of freedom, when the slaves of sin,
    Call Abraham Father, tho' no more like him
    Than vulture's like the dove -- he, friend of God --
    Ye thirst to shed your very Maker's blood.
    What dire delusion overspreads your brain,
    When children's place with Israel's God you claim;
    Call him your Father -- of his favours tell --
    When Satan's your sire, and your portion hell.
    Thus countless numbers thro' a future age,
    Shall speak of God, and of themselves presage
    In different forms and names, themselves profess,
    Begot of God, and subjects of his grace;
    When darkness shrouds their mind -- their hearts will rage --
    Against my glory, and my truth engage


    Your Father Abraham, saw my day afar,
    Beaming resplendent as the polar star;
    Rejoicing saw it with exceeding joy --
    The blessed Prelude, all his thoughts employ.
    Before his day I was -- the same shall be
    Thro' life -- in death -- and all eternity!
    Furious, the incarnate demons now become,
    And breathing slaughter, essay Christ to stone,
    E'en in the temple -- where, profess'd they came,
    To worship in Jehovah's awful name.
    Full well that scene our modern forms describe,
    Or rampant vanity or wounded pride.
    The ample temple, fretted aisles and dome,
    The gilded pulpit, and the organ's tone,
    Feed thousand's vanity, and bid them rise
    In self-esteem, above the very skies.
    But should some one by accident appear
    Within their temple, and the truth declare;
    Contrast their temple, with their hearts and mind,
    That beastly foul -- and this more beastly blind,
    How would their pride, insulted, urge them on,
    To curse the doctrine and the preacher stone
    With calumny -- contempt, and each bad name,
    Until they murdered all his honest fame.
    Jesus retired from the infuriate throng,
    Within the temple -- and as he pass'd along,
    He saw a man who from his birth was blind,
    With whom he stopped in purposes most kind.
    The disciples notice and inquire of him,
    Whether the parent's or the child's great sin
    Had been the cause: The Saviour, brief replies,
    Ye err in judgement why he has no eyes.
    This man nor parents either e'er did sin,
    More than all others who are born therein,
    What think you? those on whom the tower fell
    Were greatest sinners than have went to hell?
    Or those whose blood, with Pilate's offering flow'd,
    When sacrificing to his idol God?
    I tell you nay -- nor longer dream ye thus --
    Man -- one and all -- are 'neath the law's dread curse.
    One mind they have -- it's darkess -- awful night --
    One heart they have -- it's enmity to light --
    One path they have the broad and downward road --


    They worship the creature and the world's their God.
    One heaven the righteous have in worlds to come --
    one hell the wicked find, their endless doom --
    God ne'er has taught you that there are degrees
    Of joy in heaven, or torment in those seas
    Of Tophet's flame. Each saint's ordain'd to be,
    Heirs of God's glory and joint heirs with me!
    Proud man -- false teachers may from this inquire,
    What greater portion Israel can desire,
    And what they are, who look for something higher?
    The fire prepared for Satan and his crew,
    Is the dread portion of each sinner too;
    The doctrine of degree, of hell and heaven;
    Springs from man's pride, and is delusion's leaven. *
    Man's natural, and his moral blindness too,
    But serve to show what sov'reign grace can do.
    All nature's maladies its power can qwell;
    Its mighty acts redeem from sin and hell.
    The works I work, inverting nature's laws,
    Proclaim who is the essential and first cause;
    And well may prove to all the human race,
    The secret omnipotence of reigning grace.
    For sovereign judgment to the world I came --
    Eyes give I to the blind, feet to the lame --
    I quench the light of those who think they see,
    Make blind and lame each righteous pharisee.
    Who enters not into the fold of grace,
    By me the door, shall never see the face
    Of God in peace. Who climbs some other way
    Into the fold, shall in the judgment day,
    Be sentenced as a robber of his God,
    And feel forever, his avenging rod.
    All that have come before me, are but thieves --
    Their doctrine falsehoods, and their life deceives;
    The mantle of their literary fame,
    When raised, but left them a mere, Rabbi's name.

    * I am aware that this sentiment will make a hue and cry! But I believe that the scriptures will fully support the sentiment: unless they represent a Devil in chains, less a Devil than when roaming at large! Should any person of the calvinistic faith, offer any argument, or authority, drawn from the scriptures, or sound philosophy to the contrary, I shall duly notice it! -- if I am wrong, Arminianism is right!


    Their vain traditions, dawning day did quench,
    * Their light delusion -- and their presence, stench.
    Again I say, I am the only door
    To heaven -- thro' which the rich man or the poor,
    Can ever enter. -- This the sheep well know,
    And other way, into the fold wont go:
    For they are helpless, and salvation crave,
    And feel my arm Omnipotent to save.
    At my command, my spirit seeks my sheep,
    At my command, their wand'ring feet he'll keep --
    He sanctifies, or puts each of them forth.
    From east to west, and from the south and north,
    I call them by that spirit -- lead them out
    From nature's darkness, and the world's vile rout.
    I go before them in that Spirit's power --
    They follow me -- I keep them every hour!
    My voice they hear -- they know 'the certain sound.'
    'Tis music in their ears -- a balm for each wound!
    A stranger's voice they will not follow now,
    A stranger's voice my sheep can never know.
    When mine they've heard -- a stranger's voice they'll flee,
    As plague and pestilence or infamy.
    All but my sheep, do only force their way
    Into the fold, to make the sheep their pray,
    Make merchandize of pasture and of flock --
    Insult -- betray -- and artfully provoke,
    To their Base Projects, those who think no guile,
    And glory in the infamy and spoil.
    I'm the good shepherd, and my life I give,
    That my dear sheep, may all forever live;
    Their lives are hid with me, their Christ, in God --
    I'll wash them clean, in my own precious blood.
    Each one I know -- they're ever in my view --
    On earth I'll own them, and in glory too.

    * Will the Baptist society ask themselves, what servants or service they have derived from their theological seminaries? Or, if Baalam's ass, was not about as laborious and luminous a divine, as any one of the protoges of these institutions has been! Or if Judas Iscariot moved less from under the influence of the mammon of unrighteousness, than these excrescences do! Let the Baptist church ask when or where they have'seen them evangelically engaged; and the merits of the case are met: -- Surely they have a right to do so, when this fry have cost them $100,000!


    Me they shall know as him whose blood was spilt,
    To wash their souls and free them from their guilt.
    Not more distinctly does my Father know,
    Me, as his Son, from creatures here below,
    Than I know those among the human race,
    Who are my sheep, and destin'd heirs of grace.
    And now arrives the long-expected time,
    When Gentiles shall appear as sheep of mine;
    As such, the Father gave them to his Son,
    That Jew and Gentile might in me be one!
    They are wand'ring now in sin and darkest night --
    Them I must also bring to heavenly light.
    They shall hear my voice, and enter in my fold --
    One flock, one shepherd, will the end unfold.
    You ask, again -- if I'm the Christ of God?
    Still unbelieving in my solemn word.
    Once more I bid you all my works survey,
    And due attention to their import pay.
    If ye believe not, it is indeed because,
    Ye are not my sheep, or subjects of my laws
    As Mediator -- my sheep hear and follow me
    From earth, from hell, from sin I'll set them free;
    I give unto them an ETERNAL life!
    They are my bride -- long betrothed wife --
    They ne'er shall perish, or from my hand be pluck'd --
    The everlasting arms shall bear them up,
    Thro' all the fury of life's stormy sea,
    With me they'll suffer, and then reign with me.
    My Father gave me all my chosen sheep;
    He loves them in me, and will safely keep,
    The shepherd and the fold -- with him I'm one --
    They know the Father, who have knowetbe Son!
    Ye stone me now -- say ye -- for which good deed,
    Does all your rage and violence proceed?
    Or would ye have me, my very self deny,
    And for your excuse, admit myself to lie.
    Make what you will of the eternal truth,
    I'm Son of man, and God's co-equal both --
    You hate the doctrine -- whence is your dislike,
    Because if true, my judgment must be right.
    I judge you ignorant, sinful and accursed --
    In earthly things selfish views immersed.
    Now treading down the broad frequented road,


    To hell's dark caverns -- Satan's dread abode.
    Nor can you think if I Jehovah be,
    That of yourselves to judge you can be free.
    But to my word, your every thought must bow,
    And own without me, you can nothing know.
    This galls your pride; your vanity and fame --
    Dependant leaves you with the meanest name
    Upon my teaching -- bids your boasted lore,
    Lie prostrate in the dust and me adore.
    As little children, ye must learn of me,
    However great, However wise you be.
    These truths repeated, still you wont believe,
    But think by wisdom and your deeds you'll live.
    This strong delusion on your minds will dwell,
    Till undeceived you raise vour eyes in hell.
    The doctrine of my Godhead and my GRACE,
    Is what you abhor -- as will the human race
    In every age -- 'gainst these will hell array
    Its fiercest front, and men their guile display
    In subtle lore; these truths will test and prove
    Who know the Son, and whom the Aliem * love;
    Who take the Glory of my GRACE away,
    As sov'reign, free, discriminating, -- may
    As well deny my proper Deity!
        In Bethany, Immanuel now appears
    'Mong those he loves, and who himself reveres:
    They had recent laid their brother in the tomb,
    And all was lamentation and deep gloom.
    When Christ appear'd, the weeping Mary cried,
    Lord, hadst thou been here, our brother had not died!
    To whom, the Saviour thus august repli'd:
    The resurrection and the life I am --
    I made -- I kill -- I keep -- destroy or save vile man:
    I give the faith by which the soul shall rise,
    From sin's dark grave and soaring reach the skies!
    I too will raise the bodies of all men,
    And in those bodies, acquit, approve, condemn. --
    Whoever believes in me. shall never die --
    God's be the glory -- every heart reply.
    But come and shew me where your brother lays,
    And soon your sorrow shall be turn'd to praise.
    E'en tho' the 'worms are battening on his flesh

    * Aliem or Gods


    And at the fountain of his heart refresh
    Their appetites voracious -- still, your dead
    Shall hear my voice and leave his loathsome bed.
    The grave now reach'd, the Saviour said to some
    Attendant on him -- roll away the stone;
    This done, Immnanuel raised his eyes to heaven,
    And said, Father! I thank thee, that to me is given
    Thy gracious ear; -- that always thou dost hear,
    And answer to my ever fervent prayer:
    That now I do, in feeble mortal's form,
    A deed, from which some present here, shall learn,
    I'm God their Saviour, and thine own first-born!
    This homage paid, the anointed cried, come forth
    Thou Lazarus, mouldering in the humid earth!
    The dead arose -- the event was made the mean,
    Of raising many from the grave of sin,
    To a new life, in th' kingdom of Christ's grace,
    The precious pledge of everlasting peace.
    The Pharisees now heard of Christ's great deed --
    All former bounds, their passions here exceed;
    And now a council's call'ed, and prompt convene.
    And fierce determine here to close the scene
    Of the Messiah's life. Then, of his foes,
    Caiphas, (high priest of the Jews) arose,
    And thus address'd prophetic words to them,
    Tho' priest nor people did their import ken.
    Ye do not appear thus much to know, said he,
    That 'tis expedient that this man should be
    An offering -- that our nation may keep free.
    Or that this event shall gather from afar
    Our scattered tribes, and all to Judea draw.
    If the great deeds and doctrines of this man,
    Are but directed to some earthly plan
    Of aggrandizement, in this event they say,
    He'll stir up th' Roman's cruel jealousy,
    Who will come and take our liberty away.
    The counsel is -- that now this man be slain --
    His single life will be a nation's gain.
    To this, the council one and all agreed,
    And now prepare to execute the deed.
    But Jesus knew their bloody, base intent,
    And with his followers in retirement went:
    There waited till the Paschal feast drew nigh,


    The time he pointed when himself must die.
    His visits now, to different friends he paid,
    E'er he was numbered with the sleeping dead,
    And Bethany,once more receives the Lord,
    And Laz'rus spreads again his ample board.
    While here the Saviour with his followers eat,
    The pious Mary, bathed and washed his feet;
    Anointing theme with unguent soft and sweet.
    At this, indignant, Judas thus observ'd,
    Why is this waste? -- or why have ye thus serv'd
    These feet of Jesus with such costly oil --
    Why was it not used in charity's sweet toil?
    The value would be full three hundred pence,
    Which to the poor would varied good dispense.
    How many bodies, and how many souls now die,
    For want of means, that ointment might supply!
    This said arch Judas, not that once he cared,
    Or if the poor were fed, or if they starved.
    The name of charity, or Christ he would press
    Into his service, that he might possess
    Himself of money. This dear aim, here was cross'd --
    He deep deplored that all these pence he lost;
    Nor could he rest, until he made it good --
    And to that end, he sold the Saviour's blood.
    Such Judas was -- and such was Judas' God!
    No lack of likeness in the present brood
    Of begging teachers -- who compass earth and sea,
    So they get money for self charity.
    They cry for gold -- rebuke -- exhort and threat --
    Nor can they good perform, till that they get!
    To whom, as Judas, thus the Saviour says:
    Think ye herein, that this true zeal displays?
    I feel myself most worthy of your all --
    What's given to me shall ne'er unfruitful fall:
    Or in my person, or that of my saints. --
    The water given, when either of us faints,
    Shall be recorded as an act of love,
    And full recompense received above.
    Who love me, in my members, do proclaim,
    That they are true believers in my name:
    Who give to me, by serving my elect,
    Shall in their souls, the choicest peace beget,
    Israel I love -- for Israel live and die --


    For them I rise -- for them I reign on high!
    For them I feel -- for them I intercede --
    E'en God's elect, and Abraham's faithful seed.
    The world is Satan's -- that I pray not for --
    I pray for those, for whom my soul I pour
    Out unto death * -- what cause of wonder then,
    That my own love should be surpass'd by men!
    E'en Judas here, exalts himself above
    The God of Jacob, in his claims to love!
    Ten thousand thousand, shall the world afford,
    Who, Judas-like, shall rise above the Lord;
    More full in charities -- in grace still higher --
    Save all the world and Devils from their fire.
    Should not my doctrine and their claims agree,
    They'll fill the measure of their charity,
    By cloaking that, and telling lies for me.
    Who have my mind as teachers by me sent,
    For Israel's weal they labour, and they're spent
    In charities and doings for the souls
    Of my elect; this all their heart controls.
    Their charity, their zeal, their labour and their love.

    * If Jesus Christ prays not for the world -- Who that has the mind that was in him can pray for it? if Jesus Christ prays only for those whom the Father hath given him, out of the world, and had the Spirit without measure: how can the Holy Ghost ever make intercession in the hearts of genuine believers for the salvation of all men? Let them answer this, whom it concerns: -- for our own part we believe it mere nature's ebullition of passion; or the trimming policy of those, who would be something more than even Jesus Christ himself, at least in the estimation of the world. The simple fact is -- the Holy Ghost never put it into the heart of man, yet to pray for the salvation of the world, or all men -- but only for those whom the Father has given Christ, out of the world! -- If the contrary, then the Holy Ghost makes intercession in Christ for one thing, and his people for another!

    † This is a striking incident! Judas, judging from appearances, was really more charitable, benevolent and evangelically zealous than the Lord Jesus Christ himself -- and yet he was a Devil! Who may not, after this suspect mere appearances! May we not suspect those popular Baptist D.D's, who build splendid, round, meeting houses in large commercial cities, and cheat orphan and widow, friend and stranger, out of 50,000 dollars to accomplish it! Or who build Baptist colleges and theological seminaries, and defraud the community out of 100,000 dollars.

    ==> Apply for further information to the Editor of the "Columbian star."


    Is to them peculiar -- its value known above!
    No trumpet sounds their fame -- no tongues proclaim
    What mighty acts of love their lives mantain;
    Nor that they save, restore, confirm, and keep
    My flock -- and make the very world my sheep!
    The service that my shepherds do my fold,
    Is not in mortal's eulogy e'er told;
    When that's incentive and the world's the judge,
    That is all delusion -- and this the pledge.
    And now the Saviour leaves the peaceful home,
    Intent once more among his foes to come.
    While in his way admiring crowds attend,
    And heaven's vast concave, with hosannas rend.
    This multitude was fill'd with joy and dread,
    To think of him, whose power could raise the dead!
    They fondly hoped their homage might secure
    A living interest in his almighty power;
    That he, who a friend had raised from the grave,
    From death's dire embrace might them also save. *
    The Pharisee's exclaim, in maddening throes,
    Behold this Jesus -- the world after him all goes. --
    Our mandates, frowns and laws do not prevail;
    The people crowd him and his presence hail!
    Some Greeks attendant at the paschal feast,
    Eager inquire if Jesus be a guest --
    They say to Philip, sir, we wish to see
    Jesus -- the Jew's and Gentile's mystery.
    Philip and Andrew thus inform their Lord,
    And HE an answer to the Greeks afford.
    The hour is come, in which I am glorified --
    Life is man's glory -- mine that I have died!
    The hour of my miracle and doctrine's gone --
    Those ensign I resign, -- and stand alone --
    The subject of man's meanest, basest form,
    In human eyes a grovelling reptile worm --
    Such will the Greeks behold me, and despise,

    * It is very important, that we know upon what ground we estimate, or from what considerations we are attached to the name of Christ! This multitude lauded him as one able to give bodily health, and to preserve or raise the body from the grave. The name of Christ now a days, is found excellent, and duly lauded by a multitude, because, in that they can get a living from the turn-spit of a college kitchen to the D. D. president.


    My life, recorded as but foolish lies.
    The corn of wheat that's buried in the earth,
    But dies to give a countless number birth;
    So thus I die, -- and dying raise to heaven,
    The numerous seed to me in covenant given.
    My death's their life -- my infamy their crown --
    Hell claim'd their souls -- I give that hell my own! *
    While thus he spake, dire horrors seize his soul,
    And from his lips, strange words began to roll;
    My soul, he said, is troubled -- what shall I say?
    Father! O save me from this awful day!
    So craves my trembling flesh; -- but for this hour,
    I left my glory, and my regal power.
    'Tis past! the energies of grace divine,
    Now makes my prayer -- thy will be done -- not mine --
    O Father, glorify thy glorious name!
    I'll bear the cross and glory in the shame.
    In awful thunder, now a voice from heaven,
    Replies to Jesus; and this answer is given --
    My name I've glorified -- and now proclaim,
    That I will glorify that name again!
    In thy obedience, law is magnified,
    And now my justice must be satisfied
    By thy life's blood. -- My mind is ever one --
    The cov'nant's sealed -- Thy Work must now be done,
    And die thou must, my nameless, matchless Son!
    The multitude had heard the voice, and stood
    O'erwhelm'd with awe and wrapt in musing mood.
    This, Christ perceives, and now his lips repeat
    His glorious truth in accents bland and sweet.
    This voice said he, for you, not me, has come --
    It testifies, I have Jehovah's pleasure done.
    He hears my prayer -- has promised to fulfil
    Through me, the counsel sov'reign will.
    A little while the light remains with you --
    That light's my precept and my example too.
    My sinless life, and my pure guileless heart,

    * Spiritiial and eternal life to the elect, was and is, in the promise of God, as sure as the death of Christ was made sure by the promise of God.

    † This is a passage of scripture that Mr. Fuller uses with much apparent triumph to prove, that it is the duty of all men to exercise faith, saving faith in Christ! when in fact, it has nothing to do with


    Of Moses' law a comment does impart;
    This shews what man is ever bound to be,
    In his relation to the Deity.
    Such light's offensive to the sons of men;
    It tests them all, and all it will condemn.
    While I am with you, walk ye after me --
    My limit may set you from delusion free;
    Give you, as in a faithful mirror, view
    Of what God's laws require of man to do.
    This knowledge given, and men will contrite cry,
    What shall we do, or whither shall we fly
    From wrath to come -- and then shall grace reveal
    My works, to justify, my blood to heal,
    And that I've power to make alive, and power to kill.
    My miracles, my ministers, God will use,
    My life, my word, or what means he may choose.
    Of sin, of righteousness, and judgment, to convince.
    And bring the soul to Israel's penitence.
    Without his power, the means are vain and naught --
    The present proves it, as the past has taught.
    What miracles were wrouoht in Egypt's land,
    When Moses, by Jehovah's high command,
    Spread midnight darkness o'er her, at mid-day --
    Her waters turn'd to blood -- or her first-born slay.
    But Pharaoh and his host, impious stood
    Against the wondrous workings of a God.
    So Israel witness'd thro' the wilderness,
    The depths of wo, and heights of earthly bliss;
    And all by miracle. -- For them there came
    Manna from heaven, as a shower of rain;
    For them, when panting with a deadly thirst,
    From flinty rock; the living streams out-burst:
    For them ihe clouds a moving pillar go,
    To guide them daily all their journey thro'.
    For them a pillar of mirac'lous light,
    Appears, to guide them' thro' the shades of night,
    The Sun recedes, that Israel's tribes may see,
    To strike, pursue and kill their enemy.
    Again -- when Israel fights in Ajalon,
    To give them light, Jehovah stops the moon:

    the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in Christ Jesus, as a Saviour! But as a moral example!


    Yet Israel's prophet cries, who hath believ'd,
    God's own message, or his word receiv'd.
    And now for three years I have daily done,
    Such miracles as have been perform'd by none.
    Yet men believe not! -- this will fully give
    Conclusive proof, that men, by God believe!
    Such doctrine does the word of God declare --
    Hence says the prince of Prophets, great Isaiah,
    To whom hath Jehovah's arm been revealed?
    To whom has salvation's prophecy been sealed?
    They cannot believe without Jehovah's arm --
    Miracles and judgment but surprise -- alarm.
    Men s eyes are blinded, harden'd are their hearts:
    God leaves them so to act their various parts
    Of opposition to his sacred word,
    And of their darkness evidence afford.
    So God ordains, that heaven and earth may trace
    The faith of Israel to his SOV'REIGN grace!!
    So God ordains, that Israel e'er may own,
    Salvation is of Jacob's God alone!
    And other faith, detest, denounce, disown!
    Did signs and miracles convert the soul,
    Then all who see or know them would be whole. *
    That, signs and miracles are not design'd to do,
    But man's unbelief and awful darkness show,
    And round my earthly life, due glory throw.
    Who believes on me, believes too on his name,
    From whom, inspired, the sacred scriptures came.
    Man's moral infamy that book reveals --
    True faith perceives it, and the soul then feels
    Itself all sin -- all hell -- on me it cries --
    I show my cross -- to that the wretch now flies;
    There lays him down beneath sin's awful load --
    The mountains † melt and leave him in my blood.
    When in my blood, sin ne'er can burn again,
    Forever quench'd is the accursed flame.
    He sees the Father, Who has once seen me --
    I was, I am, and ever am to be!

    * The awful sentiment, that saving faith is the mere belief of the fact that Christ is the Messiah, upon the testimony of twelve men and their miraculous doings -- has, for its Father, in the Baptist society, the Arian Robinson -- and Alex. Campbell has but revived from the writings of Robinson [Robert Robinson's 1790 History of Baptism ?], the Arian delusion.

    † Judges v. 5.


    The brightness of the Father's glory I,
    His person's image from Eternity?
    Who sees me truly, ever see me this --
    The vision's glory and the sense is bliss!
    An all-devouring, great desire reigns
    Within believers, while each soul exclaims,
    "All hail, Immanuel! my heaven thou art in whole:"
    Hail! NAMELESS object to my musine soul!
    Who believes in me, in darknes don't abide;
    I give him grace and will to glory guide.
    Whoe'er rejects me, continues in his sin,
    And proves I knew him not or died for him!
    Those the Father gave me, in Providence I keep --
    In grace my spirit shall each of them seek:
    As prodigals shall they come to my arms,
    There rest embalm'd in my ten thousand charms.
    The word I have spoken that shall judge all men,
    Those left in nature, and those born again.
    That word does law and gospel too embrace --
    The world that judges, but this the fold of grace.
    That word has said, the world is dead in sin,
    But those in me, are every whit made clean.
    And when the day ordained shall arrive,
    That word shall prove its truth -- or, as I live. *
    God has commanded what I've spoke on earth,
    Has made that word the mean of spiritual birth; --
    And so will make it to the end of time --
    Man's all the grace the glory, Lord, be thine!
    Who knows as I, God's commandments sure,
    Ordain'd to give, and to eternal life secure;
    Obedient to his great command will tell
    Of sov'reign grace redeeming man from hell.
    The word, the counsel, of the Lord he'll preach;
    No other gospel know, receive, or teach. --
    Or if the world abhor, defame, despise,
    wrap him in infamy, or pierce with lies,
    He'll preach it still, in it will "toil along,
    Weep tears of joy, and burst into a song!"

    * Here is another, favorite passage of scripture that Andrew Fuller makes use of to support his darling proposition -- that is the duty of all men who have the scriptures to exercise faith, &c. -- Now, suppose that the above interpretation is correct, and how miserably ignorant he must have been of the import of the "word," in this place.






    The public ministry of Christ now ends --
    Designed a model for all whom HE sends,
    To labor in doctrine and to preach the word,
    Or Zion prosper, or exalt the Lord!
    And now Immanuel with his friends retire,
    To form their minds -- with zeal their breasts inspire.
    He loved, he sought, and found them -- and still loved,
    As now example and his precept proved.
    He supped with them the night he was betray'd,
    And after that himself a servant made.
    Their feet he washes, and he wipes them too,
    And says to them, "Will ye not do what I do?
    I give you example in humility,
    For one another, do as thus you see.
    The love I bear you makes all service sweet,
    Or if I cleanse your souls or wash your feet.
    So will it be with those who have my mind;
    My saints they'll feed and serve where'er they find --
    When they are in need, no office then too low,
    For them' neath sorrow's heavieat wave they'll bow.
    Ye are clean as washed by my renewing grace,
    And in my house ye shall have children's place.
    Albeit not all. -- I know that with you's one,
    On whose dark soul that work was never done;
    And tho' he's chosen to an apostle's place,
    He ne'er was chosen to renewing grace.
    His heart's against me -- and soon too I'll feel
    The treach'ry and violence of his base heel.
    These words alarm you -- and each anxious cry,
    Lord, can it -- may it -- will it e'er be I?
    To which I answer, he it is to whom
    I give a sop -- that seals his awful doom."
    Thus saying, Christ to Judas gave the bread! --
    And now the Traitor is by Satan led.
    Till this, the powers of darkness were restrain'd,
    And Judas left in a profession feign'd.


    Forth goes Iscariot to the Saviour's foes,
    To them the Christ's retirement to disclose.
    Hell moves his avarice -- the ointment he had lost,
    * It must be made good, tho' Jesus' blood it cost!
    Meanwhile the Saviour in exultance cried,
    "Now is the Son of Man and God both glorified. --
    God's glorified in me, the Son of Man,
    In God'Jehovah glorified I am!
    Little children, while I'm yet with you,
    A new commandment give I -- that, hear and do.
    Love ye each other as you all I love,
    And prove ye're children of your God above.
    By this shall all men evidently see,
    That ye are mine, and that ye follow me.
    Your joys, your sorrows, your tumults and your fears,
    Your conflicts, trials, groans, and flowing tears,
    Are to you peculiar; -- while on earth you stay,
    Each other comfort, for each other pray.
    I go my way, where yet you cannot come --
    All, all will leave me to my fate alone!
    As Jesus spake, fierce Simeon gave reply --
    Lord I will follow thee, or I will die!
    No danger, pain, or death, my soul shall shake;
    All is but dung and dross for thy dear sake.
    Wilt thou, said Jesus, lose thy life for me?
    Alas! proud man, thy heart deceiveth thee.
    The truth is this -- tho' humbling you shall know --
    Thrice thou'lt deny me ere the cock shall crow!
    Thyself a lesson through all future time,
    Who stand in faith are kept by power of mine.
    Let not your hearts be troubled if I go --
    Ye believe in God, believe in me also.
    One God there is, one Mediator too --
    I ever live to intercede for you.
    In my Father's house many mansions are --
    I go before you, and a place prepare:
    And surely, if I prepare a place for you,
    I'll come again, and bring you all thereto;
    That where I am, there ye may be also.
    Whate'er ie ask the Father in my name,
    That will do: for that I live and reign
    The Father must be glorified in me --

    * This shows the awful power of a ruling passion.


    Thus God ordained from all eternity.
    'Tis glory in the highest! that I save
    From hell and sin all that to me he gave!
    If you love me, my commandments keep --
    Thus will ye prove ye are my ransom'd sheep:
    They follow me, no other voice they know;
    After strange voices they will never go.
    I have been your comfort in our toilsome path --
    Another Comforter the Father hath,
    That I will pray him on you to bestow,
    And he shall guide you all life's journey through,
    That Comforter' the Spirit of all Truth,
    The staff of Israel's age -- joy of his youth!
    The world cannot this Comforter receive,
    His office know, or his work of grace perceive.
    But ye and all my saints are known to him;
    He saves from sin and makes all pure within.
    He dwells with you, and in you still shall be,
    Till mortal's lost in immortality!
    In life's rough polgrimage and deep distress,
    I will not leave you, children, comfortless.
    A little while the world will no more see
    The Son of Man -- to them will Immanuel be
    As one that was not -- they will seek nor find,
    Or of his person or his life still blind.
    But when they see not me, the Invisible,
    Ye still will see me; -- also where I dwell,
    Because I live, ye all shall live with me --
    That life's co-equal with eternity!
    At that great day in which you shall appear
    In glory's regions, as my Father's heir;
    Then ye shall know that I am in your God --
    That I am your's and you are my abode!
    He that hath my commandments and keeps them,
    Will prove he loves me, and that I work in him.
    The Comforter, the Holy Ghost, will prove
    The earnest of peace and of my Father's love:
    He shall teach you what th' oracles reveal,
    Jehovoah's grace -- and be thereof a seal;
    All things I've said, to your remembrance bring,
    Soothe all your sorrows -- make your souls to sing.
    O well spring up! Eternal Spirit rise
    Within my breast! adorn me for the skies!
    Peace I leave with you -- 'tis my special gift. --


    If I be gone, that still with you is left,
    And shall remain till I return to you,
    And bring you to my heavenly glory too!
    I now will give you various faint idea,
    Of what relation to my church I bear.
    I am the vine. The husbandman is God! --
    The Spirit, agent: -- instrument, the Word.
    Each branch the Spirit grafts in me the vine,
    Bears fruit, is purged and lives forever mine.
    Each branch men bind, or bind themselves to me,
    By mere profession or outward sanctity,
    Shall be removed -- their end is to be burn'd
    Tho' here they seemed with heavenly graces warm'd.
    Abide ye in me through the means of grace,
    For thus my Father will reveal his face;
    And thus he'll manifest to every heart,
    That to his glory ye are set apart.
    Through those means your souls shall feel and see,
    That I had chosen you ere you had chosen me.
    That I have chosen and also do ordain
    My people fruitful, and that fruit remain!
    This answers to Jehovah's great decree,
    That I my people from their sins should free.
    'Tis further written in the Word of Grace,
    That God in Christ has chosen Israel's race,
    Ere man was formed, or angels sung above,
    That they be holy, without blame in love.
    Ye are GOD'S Workmanship --it must be good --
    'Tis founded on my righteousness and blood!
    I am the corner stone -- on me shall rise
    Jehovah's building tow'ring to the,skies!
    Each stone is lively -- polished my grace: --
    In Zion above it has its destined place.
    The Temple grows tho' opposed by hell and sin,
    And soon I'll bring the blessed top-stone in;
    While all in heaven's ineffable praise,
    Shall shout, behold the work of sov'reign grace!
    I am tied Head, -- my Church the body is --
    The head existing, so the body lives.
    All the members, by high heaven's decree,
    Are framed a temple for their God in me.
    I am the bridegroom -- Zion is the bride --
    Her name is graven in my hands, my side:
    Or as a bridegroom o'er their brides rejoice,


    So I will joy o'er Sion as my choice.
    I am the husband -- Israel is my wife --
    Our union ends but with the huband's life.
    Our marriage is that she may amply bear
    Fruit to her God and of his glory share.
    Such figures shadow forth my church and me,
    Here on earth, or in eternity:
    Then by this union once for all I say,
    Love ye each other, and for each other pray.
    The world will hate you -- me it hated too;
    Suff'ring is my portion -- sufferings wait for you.
    If ye were of the world, its love you would share,
    It loves its own -- knows who and where they are.
    As face in water answers to its 'face,
    So human heart, in nature or in grace.
    That is dire darkness -- enmity to God --
    Earth is its heaven -- there 'twould make abode.
    This in its powers is verging to the skies --
    All but Immanuel is mere vanities!
    The world the contrast can't but feel and know,
    And o'er your lives will all contumely throw;
    Impugn your motives -- feed upon your sin --
    Suspect your reason, call your faith a whim!
    When in your lives due evidence you give,
    That I have chosen you in me to live,
    It is then the world hate you and despise,
    And to you act, or of you speak in lies.
    'Tis thus the world will shew itself to be,
    Zion's fierce foe, and enemy to to me.
    Whoe'er lives godly shall this portion have;
    This God to Israel did by promise give.
    Remember always, what before I've said,
    They'll wound the members if they wound the head.
    The servant is not greater than his Lord --
    As they've kept mine, they'll also keep your word.
    If maniac, liar, Beelzebub, and more,
    They've made my name, and con it o'er and o'er,
    If of my doctrine they incessant cry
    'Tis hard -- 'tis guileful -- delusion, and a lie --
    Thus God ordains my truth to testify!
    Whate'er my gospel is -- to natural men
    'Tis foolishness -- a tale -- or less to them.
    They never have, nor e'er can understand
    The Evangelists' pen, or harp of Israel's land.


    Whate'er my Gospel is, that the world hates,
    Or all of me, or of itself relates.
    When that world cries -- these men or these words be
    The power of God -- they are neither sent from me!
    When, that world rails, and says the doctrine's lies,
    Or when it offers all indignities
    To him who preaches; then the argument
    Is, God's the author, and He the message sent!
    Fierce and more furious they passions high,
    Till thousands of them impiously deny,
    That I or my Spirit ever used the word,
    Chosen, elect, or righteous in the Lord.
    But when, by grace, you fearlessly, declare,
    That you are chosen to be Christ's co-heir;
    The world will cry, -- Election! that from Satan came.
    Their wrath will burn, you'll have the basest name.
    The world's the same in every age to come;
    Their souls, (as bodies), essenially are one!
    As tigers, have been tigers, and will be;
    As serpents have been and will be in subtlety.
    This persecution, then, you must endure,
    As those to follow, and those who have gone before.
    Though thus my life and precept testifies,
    Ten thousand teachers shall hereafter rise,
    * Whose wisdom shall presume the doctrine lies.
    They'll learn to think that they can so impart
    The Gospel's doctrine, that the human heart,
    Shall see, shall own, shall love, and bless their name,
    As stars of science, Israel's shining flame.
    Myself, and prohets -- and my apostles too,
    Compared with them, will seem a drop of dew
    To the vast ocean -- they will vaunting cry,
    Behold the fruits of our bright charity!
    In love we move: -- the world our powers own --
    Jew, Gentile, Turk and Pagan, all are one!
    With every Christian sect, -- we please them all!
    Before us mountains rise, retire or fall!
    So men will dream delusion of themselves;
    The varied victims of Satanic spells.
    But all those things the world has done to me,
    So will it treat my GRACE'S ministry.

    * This day exemplifies the case -- hence the doctrine of expediency -- the proposition to have open communion, and to fling away Creeds or Confessions of Faith!


    Man knows that not, no more than God he knows;
    Light he calls darkness; darkness still he'll choose.
    Had I not come, my enemies had not felt
    * Their conscience stinging with their recent guilt:
    Their mantle of forms, -- of Pharisaic pride,
    I've lifted up, and shew'd their hearts all dyed
    In crimson crime. They rage, and furious cry,
    "He has a devil -- let the monster die!"
    While they are tormented thus before their time
    Of final judgment, -- ye and all ordain'd as mine,
    Shall have the Comforter sent from above,
    Who thro' your souls shall shed my Father's love.
    The Spirit of truth within you all shall dwell,
    And keep you from heresies of earth and hell.
    These things I've spoken that you may prepare
    For sore affliction and my cross to bear.
    The time is coming that the monsters will
    Some of you curse, and others of you kill,
    In God's own name -- and claim reward of him,
    For filling the measure of their nation's sin.
    And thus 'twill be with all the human race; --
    God's name they'll use to murder truth and GRACE!
    Countless the multitude who will proclaim
    Themselves believers in Immanuel's name:
    Their temples, synagogues and domes shall rise
    † o'er gorgeous columns, tow'ring to the skies,
    Their dagon shall stand beside the ark of truth;
    That robed in gold, -- this prostrate in sackcloth.
    Evincing still the human heart to be

    * Here Fuller, and other disguised and open Arminians, conceive that Christ means to say, that if the Jews had not have had an opportunity to reject the gospel, they would not have had sin! -- So these miserable men pervert the scripture, and virtually deny original sin!

    † This is not so much amiss when they are honestly paid for -- but when widows and orphans, mechanics and credulous brethren, are cheated to the amount of 40,000 dollars, to gratify the vanity of one church and their minister, with a splendid meeting house, or when in building a collge to gratify the vanity of a few fantastic pretenders to science, the community are cheated to the amount of 120 or 130 thousand dollars, we humbly conceive that it is not the Lord's work, though these creatures may have a host of retainers and dependents to proclaim to the contrary. If the Baptist society think they are intertested in this reflection, they are referred to the "Columbian Star" for the neccesary explanation.


    Not only error, but truth's enemy.
    While those whose zeal shall prompt them to repel
    The foul aggression of this tribe of hell,
    Whose souls exclaim -- with bitterest anguish torn,
    O sirs, for Christ's sake -- spare that glorious form,
    The ark of Truth! -- degraded now it lies,
    Cloth'd with your calumny and sophistries.
    Why not content your Dagon to adore?
    Thou lying spirit -- art crying still for more!
    Wist ye not what we say? -- heaven hear our vow --
    We'll rescue that or with it lie as low.
    'Gainst these my servants they shall raise a yell,
    Whose voice is Satan's, and whose centre's hell!
    No device, means, or subtle art will they
    E'er leave untried, to make these men their prey.
    Their lives, their minds, their morals the they'll decry,
    And laud each other to the vaulted sky. *
    Their noisy hubbub and their mighty shout,
    O'er those among them, and 'gainst those without,
    Shall lead the world, (as led since first it fell,)
    By sound confounding, to the groan of hell.
    When my great Spirit shall descend to earth,
    To give the souls of my elect their birth;
    Of sin of righteousness, and judgment too,
    He shall convince, and give a vision new.
    In that vision they shall see their sin,
    And righteous the condemnation man is in --
    They'll see the judgment that awaits their race,
    And feel they're sav'd by God's free sov'reign grace.
    Many things I have yet to say to you;
    But ye my friends cannot bear them now.
    More knowledge of yourselves, and more of man,
    Or of my providence, or grace's plan;
    Is necessary, ere your souls can feel
    The glory of doctrine, I shall yet reveal.
    Again I say, my Spirit shall descend,

    * Preference to Jared Sparks' "Unitarian Miscellany," Alexander Campbell's "Christian Baptist," the "Latter Day Luminary, and Columblian Star," will furnish out an illustration of this case. -- Should any thing more be wanted of explanation, let any old fashioned, evangelical, Regular Baptist minister go to Washington City, and visit the wonder-working, scientific Baptists there! The explanation will then soon be made complete, unless through some impulse of policy they should act covertly towards him.


    And on your souls efficiently attend;
    In truth to guide you and your minds illume
    In what is written, and in things to come.
    Me he shall glorify in your bless'd sight,
    As Israel's glory, and the Gentiles' light!
    All things the Father hath, belong to to me --
    In this, all scripture has and will agree.
    I am before all things -- by me all things consist,
    The fulness of the God-head and of faith's in this.
    Ye are a deep unfathomable, of sin --
    I am a deep of grace, to make you clean.
    Ye are a deep of fearful emptiness --
    I am a deep of perfect righteousness!
    Deep answers unto deep -- as you will feel,
    When my grace and glory th' Spirit shall reveal;
    Till your wrapt spirit shall incessant cry,
    "Lord Jesus come! for thee I faint -- I die!"
    Such feelings will evince that me ye know,
    And in that knowledge and that grace ye grow!
    The world rejoices, but ye now shall weep;
    You shall lament, while that its festals keep.
    So strange it is -- the man of God in dust --
    The child of hell exalted in his lust --
    The holy nation weeping tears of blood,
    The world rejoicing, tho' reprobate to good.
    Your sorrow endureth only for a night! --
    The morning comes of radiant, unborn light!
    Then shall ye know that those of heavenly birth,
    Sink, sigh, groan, weep, and bleed while here on earth:
    To triumph in their scars while Gods * endure,
    And angels live to worship and adore.
    A woman when in travailing pangs and throes,
    Thinks only of her peril or her woes:
    But when of her tender burthen she is freed,
    Her sorrow's forgotten, and her joys succeed.
    So is it with my people here below,
    They travail in'spirit, pierced with heaviest wo;
    They agonizing call on Jesus' name,
    While every throe is threat'ning, their frail frame
    With dissolution -- Yet when all is o'er,
    They shall rejoice, and me the Lord adore!
    Or more triumphant own I've sav'd from hell,

    * Berashith Bera Aleim -- i. e. in the beginning Gods created, &c.


    Than that for them I have done, all things well.
    Ten thousand saints, in glory shout my name,
    And thus the Wonders of my acts proclaim.
    Great, marvellous are thy works they cry,
    Lord God Almighty! Glory of the sky!
    Just and true are each and all thy ways,
    Thou King of Saints! -- Ye heavens proclaim his praise!
    These things. are proverbs till the soul begins,
    In a new life, to struggle with her sins.
    This wisdom's dawn is when that work is done --
    It's perfect, when man's glory is begun.
    I not only love, but will pray for you --
    The Father loveth and has loved you too.
    The evidence he loves you he has given, --
    A heart to love me as I'm lov'd in heaven!
    That love, that faith, both coming from above!
    Are given to all in God's eternal love --
    No others have them -- who have them ne'er shall die:
    They're God's in time, and through eternity.
    These things I leave spoken that you may have peace --
    They are the doctrine of my sov'reign grace:
    All hell may slander them and men deride,
    Sway'd by their lust or fill'd with legal pride.
    No peace to them will these bless'd truths afford --
    They'll abhor my doctrine, and yet call me Lord!
    But to my people this shall music prove --
    Their ears are circumcised -- their hearts are love.
    Our meeting terminates -- the hour has come,
    When ye will flee and leave me all alone.
    Yet I still love you -- I'll ne'er your souls forsake,
    And this monition, as my last, now take: --
    Through tribulation, tumults, and great fear,
    Ye all will pass, while you shall sojourn here --
    In this dire world -- such promise I have given
    To all who're destin'd to be heirs of heaven!
    And now the Saviour lifts his eyes above --
    Commends his followers to his Father's love.
    What feelings breathe in that matchless prayer!
    O, Zion, for thee what consolations there!
    Father, says Jesus, the eventful hour is come! --
    I'll glorify thee -- glorify thy Son!
    Over all flesh thou dost his power extend;
    Grace in the object, glory in the end.


    The obiect, that eternal life he give
    To all thou hast given and ordained to live.
    In me their life, and thro' me grace receive.
    And this is life eternal, that they know
    Thee, the true God, from whom all blessings flow,
    And Jesus Christ, whom thou all sov'reign gave
    To the law a curse -- a prisoner to the grave.
    I have glorified thee thro' my life on earth;
    I have set thy holiness and precept forth;
    The law I've honored and have magnified,
    Nor from its curse will shrink or step aside.
    Thy name I've magnified to those of man
    Whom thou crave to me ere the world began.
    For them, (not for the world!) I faithful pray --
    For them I suffer, and for them obey.
    Father, no more with them may I remain --
    I came from thee, and to thee come again!
    But these thou gav'st me, still on earth abide --
    Father, preserve them. and their footsteps guide!
    Holy Father! keep them thro' thine own great power,
    Those whom thou gave'st me to reward this hour!
    Let them be one, O God! as we ate one!
    Thy Son in thee, -- they mersed into thy Son;
    Our union lasting as thy awful throne!
    Father, whate'er of wo awaits my soul,
    Tho' wrath and vengeance o'er my spirit roll,
    Let them rejoice -- my joy do thou fulfil,
    In saving those thou gav'st me -- thus I will.
    Keep them, O Father, from the evil here --
    That thine own workmanship they may appear,
    In me exalted unto righteousness --
    Witnesses for reigning and triumphant grace!
    Sanctify them, O Father, through thy truth,
    From the womb of th' morning, and the dews of youth!
    Thy word is truth -- no other instrument
    Hast thou ordained to make man penitent:
    My word is truth -- no other source can prove
    The means of blessing to the souls I love.
    The world, O Father! hates thy sacred word,
    And all the vision that it can afford.
    The truth. is what must bless the chosen race,
    The doctrine I have preached, of sov'reign grace.
    Father! give them pastors after thine own heart,


    Who shall know the truth, and that truth impart;
    That my sheep still may through them hear my voice,
    Avoid false doctrine, and in truth rejoice.
    For their dear sakes, myself I sanctify,
    Am set apart to suffer and to die.
    The object is, that they one and all may be,
    In time appointed, set apart to thee,
    As chosen vessels -- monuments of grace --
    A holy nation -- a peculiar race!
    The Truth of My Gospel thou hast ordain'd to be,
    The blessed means, from all eternity.
    Neither pray I alone for those who now believe,
    But for all who shall like precious faith receive,
    Through all ages, yet in time to come --
    That they may likewise thus with us be one.
    So that at last when all things here shall end,
    And my saints' glory all their thoughts transcend,
    E'en the world itself shall own thou didst me send!
    Father, I will, that those who're to me given,
    Behold my glory, and be heirs of heaven!
    Thus shall their union with thyself and me,
    Prove thou lov'est them as thou hast loved me.
    Thy doctrine I've declared in thy name,
    And by my Spirit will declare the same:
    That they may all the rich bestowment feel
    Of thy eternal love, which I reveal:
    The revelation and the sense of this,
    Shall be their earnest of immortal bliss.
    O righteous Father! for all this I crave,
    By mine own word and faithfulness to save.
    In their salvation I am glorified,
    Or they not saved and in vain I've died.
    To me thou gave them, when thou saidst of yore,
    Because to death thou dost thy spirit pour,
    I will surely give thee a portion with the great,
    Prolong thy days in endless regal, state;
    The spoil thou shalt divide most amply with the strong,
    And be the burthen of eternal song!
    Thou shalt see thy seed -- the pleasure of the Lord
    Shall prosper in thy hand and by thy word.
    Thus thou hast promised -- Father be it done.
    Thy justice here will glorify thy Son.
    The work I do -- the reward is thine to give;
    For Israel I suffer -- Israel then must live!


    Thus spake the Savior to the world and those
    The Father gave him and Jehovah chose.
    Such doctrine still is the great gospel's truth,
    Sion's song in heaven, her cordial while on earth. *
    In vain the worldling and the carnal wise
    Attempt to cloak it with their base sophistries.
    In vain the they're brib'd, by title and by pelf,
    Dubb'd,doctors, rabbies, masters, wisdom's self; †
    In vain who own it are despised, accursed,
    Its glory o'er the elect of God still bursts;
    One faith, one Lord, one baptism still is theirs;
    By Grace they're saved -- by Grace are glory's heirs,
    The Saviour now the awful garden sought,
    Not there to teach, but knowledge to be taught:
    Salvation's captain in must be perfect made,
    Through sufferings of unutterable grade.
    At Olive's base the prostrate Jesus lies,
    In supplications, groans, and awful cries.
    What thy pangs were, O Jesus! none can know,
    But those who to the flames of Tophet go.
    Whence, Christ! thy pangs, thy cries, thy sweat and blood?
    What scene might shudder an incarnate God!
    'Twas the prospective that began thy woes,
    And lheav'd thy spirit in convulsive throes.
    Sinai's dire form advanced upon his view,
    And round him its tempest and its darkness threw;
    While from its mouth terrific thunders roar,
    And flames consuming burst from every pore.
    From this dread mountain forth a spirit came,
    With voice appalling, cloth'd in living flame;
    In adamantine grasp the Saviour took
    And thus in fury to his victim spoke.

    * This is the Gospel Christ commanded to be preached, and promised to be with! He is not with any other, however the pulpit or the press may cry, "Lo! here, or lo! there."

    † There is no truth under the heavens -- no fact on record -- no reality in nature, if this is not now one of the Devil's master strokes to corrupt the Gospel: hence, even in the Baptist society, what shoals of mere literary feathers are driving to and fro with every wind of doctrine, as ministers of the Gospel. One scrap of grammatical criticism from the "Diversions of Purley," will upset their confidence, (and well it may,) in theirsystem of theology. These insects verify the old saying, -- "The greater the grammarian, the worse the divine!"


    Pay what thou owest -- give me eye for eye:
    Thy soul for soul, thy flesh for flesh must die
    No common death, no vulgar woes awaif,
    Behold, prospective, thy unyielding fate.
    That mountain's weight must fall upon thy soul,
    Its burning lava o'er thee furious roll:
    Behold its jaws extending to receive!
    Hark! how it thunders -- the victim justice give!
    "Thou art the man" -- I've sought thee and have found,
    I've seiz'd thee, and thy feet and hands have bound.
    Thy funeral pile is ready, thou must now
    Ascend this mountain to its yawning brow;
    And in its flaming bowels thyself throw;
    Its fires extitiguish with thy boiling blood,
    And make the promise of Jevovah good.
    Such wo prospective fill'd with dire dismay
    The Saviour's soul, while agoniz'd he lay,
    On earth's cold bosom, sweating at each pore,
    Marr'd in his visage, covr'd with his gore.
    O Gethsemane! thou awful, glorious place,
    Type of the garden of Immanuel's grace;
    That garden shaded by Jehovah's wing,
    To which the heavens in rapturous anthems sing.
    A vineyard of red wine! -- the Lord will keep
    Whose love ne'er changes, and whose eyes ne'er sleep;
    Lest an hurt it, he will day and night
    Water it with his own blood -- be himself its light;
    For its salvation heaven and earth employ;
    Himself, at last, sing over it with joy.
    Now Christ returns to where his followers lay
    In sleep, unconscious of his own dismay.
    To whom he said -- arise, and watch and pray.
    Temptations fierce and terrible shall fall,
    On your souls also, and his souls or all
    That follow me -- be ye than doubly wise,
    With God to wrestle -- for heaven to agonize;
    That no temptations lead your souls astray,
    from holines, to God, and me the way.
    Jehovah's Angel only can sustain,

    * The dignity of Christ's person gave infinite value to the atonement Of Christ, say the Fullerites, to make out their general atonement scheme. Now the truth is, it was the measure of his sufferings that gave infinite value to it!


    Through life's dread pilgrimage of toil and pain.
    O for that angel ever, ever cry,
    Who only can your souls' vast wants supply,
    And make your lives Jehovah glorify.
    While Jesus spake, Iscariot, vile, returns,
    With rulers, captains soldiers and their arms.
    The traitor advanced to where the Saviour stood:
    Cried -- hail! Jesus, master, the holy and the good!
    Around Christ's neck the viper arms he threw,
    Bestow'd the kiss, and sullenly withdrew.
    And now advanc'd the infuriate lawless band,
    Rage in their eye, and murder in their hand;
    To whom the Saviour -- mortals, whom seek ye?
    Jesus, they answer'd -- Jesus said -- I'm he!
    When thus he spake, deep horror o'er them spread,
    Backward they stagger'd, and fell there as dead.
    Again Christ spake -- wretched mortals, whom seek ye?
    Rising, they said, Jesus -- Jesus said, I'm he!
    (Strong emblem this of our Immanuel's voice,
    When utter'd to the people of his choice:
    First -- awful thunder -- then in music rolls,
    It kills and makes alive their wond'ring souls!)
    And now they seize their unresisting prey,
    Bind him with cords and hurry him away
    To Annas, Caiaphas, and the judgment-hall,
    To endure the insult and the rage of all.
    Pilate, the judge, inquires the pris'ner's crime,
    If civil, religious at what place or time?
    His foes but answer, with demoniac roar,
    He's a malefactor, judge, what want you more!
    As then, so now, a name is oft bestow'd
    To screen the lawless and condemn the good.
    Most frequent does the wanton case apply,
    To heralds of the cross, who fearless cry,
    "Salvation's of the Lord" -- to them is given,
    Each name offensive to the world and heaven,
    As -- fatalist -- the antinomian -- friend of sin:
    World! judge them thus -- thus bring your verdict in,
    No life of innocence, no life of prayer,
    No warm devotions will the sland'rers spare:
    The world, they know, still sov'reign grace decries,
    And Pharisees Christ's righteousness despise.
    Pilate his pris'ner's life, and doctrine learns,
    His judgment's settled and his pity warms.


    I find, said he, to Christ's inveterate, foes,
    No harm in Jesus, or even yet in those
    Who follow him: my voice is to release
    Your captive meek, and let him go in peace.
    Then cried the Jews -- if Jesus thou set free,
    No friend to Caesar, Pilate, canst thou be;
    More accusation would thou have us bring?
    Then know -- this Jesus makes himself a King!
    Who makes himself a King, must surely be
    A civil, culprit -- Caesar's enemy!
    When Pilate heard, he to the hall return'd,
    And of the charge the lowly Christ inform'd.
    To whom the Saviour -- whate'er my foes may say
    For no earthly kingdom do I toil and pray;
    If that were so, 'twould be obtain'd by might,
    For that my servants and myself would fight.
    So rose the kingdoms that do now exist,
    By such means founded and by such are fixt.
    thou art a King, then, Pilate now replies,
    The assertion and thy state produce surprise,
    For this, said Jesus, I was to be born,
    For this have come in feeble mortal's form:
    The kingdom's form'd of Jew and Gentile both,
    Founded in righteousness, and grace, and truth!
    What is truth? the heathen judge inquires:
    He asks the question, then from Christ retires.
    What is truth? vain mortals still will cry,
    Or who will teach us what is truth or lie?
    The question ask'd -- men from the truth recede,
    Nor dare the Scriptures or their hearts to read!
    What is truth, regen'rate souls will cry,
    To Jesus and his word as suppliants fly,
    And there in wisdom and in safety lie,
    Till God, who teaches, make them wise to see
    Their moral ruin and his remedy.
    Pilate once more from the hall withdrew,
    Where eager met him the blood-thirsty crew;
    To whom he said -- again I testify,
    I find no fault in him that he should die.
    You have a custom that at your great feasts,
    From death I should some criminal release:
    Will ye, therefore, that Jesus be the one,
    And thus atone for what you say he has done?
    Then cried they all -- no -- Jesus do not spare,


    Save Barabbas -- the robber we prefer!
    So cries the world, and e'en professors too,
    Or Gentile worshipper, or that of the Jew --
    The Deist, Arian, and Arminian -- all,
    Are robbers too, for whom professors call!
    They rob Jehovah of his sov'reign will,
    And all the glory that his truths reveal;
    They rob the Church, Jehovah's heritage,
    If food and raiment -- bulwark, wall, and hedge.
    The difference is, the robbers now must be
    Professors -- learn'd -- of some gentility.
    But still the same and general is the cry
    Give us the robber, let King Jesus die!
    We never have or ever will we own,
    We're saved by Jesus' Sov'reign Grace alone!
    We want not, will not have a King, like him,
    The thought's abhorrent and the doctrine's sin:
    The pliant Pilate, politically urged,
    Consents to have the Saviour basely scourged:
    That done, the Jews and soldiery agree,
    To robe Immanuel in mock royalty.
    A crown of thorns is placed upon his head,
    A purple robe is o'er his body spread:
    A reed is placed within his harmless hand,
    (Mock ensign of imperial command,)
    While thus the rabble the passive Lamb abuse,
    Contemptuous they cry -- hail! monarch of the Jews!
    His eyes they blindfold and then sportive cry,
    (While rudely smiting) prophet prophesy
    Who smote thee on this, and who upon that cheek;
    Come, answer us! thou model of the meek:
    Give proof thou art a prophet, as a King,
    And to our view what's future do thou bring.
    So mortals still in wantonness will gibe
    The Christ -- his presence and his power deride.
    They ask -- why are not miracles still perform'd
    And thus the doctrine of the cross confirm'd?

    Were we to see the wonders that were done,
    (Per gospel statement,) by St. Mary's Son,
    We would believe him to be the Messiah,
    The child, the God, or any being higher!
    No miracle, they say, that we've not seen,
    Can be to us a proof of any thing.
    If thus repeated, canst thou not see, O fool!


    'Twould be but common law in nature's school.
    Others declare -- that miracles, when done,
    And well attested as each scripture one,
    Are good as if seen our credence to engage,
    And truly miracles to every age:
    That God designed them to be rational proof
    For saving credence in the word of truth.
    Thus mad together they exceeding err,
    Know not what they say or whereof aver;
    'Till both at last, beneath Satanic spell,
    Have their eyes open'd in the flames of hell.
    Albeit e'en then the former still may cry,
    (As Dives when in hell he lifted up his eye,)
    We speak the truth and Abraham's is the lie;
    No! -- miracles were ne'er design'd to give,
    That faith by which the elect of God all live!
    That is the product of the Spirit's power!
    Who have it own the God-head of the doer!
    As preaching, so miracles may or may not be,
    The means of faith -- as may be God's decree.
    And now they bring the lowly Jesus forth,
    To Jews and Gentiles he's made food for mirth..
    Genius of Arminianism! here you see
    Thyself in true, though faint, epitome!
    Thou Christ exaltest to be Zion's King,
    Call him the Saviour -- profess to worship him:
    Give him a throne in heaven as the head,
    Of every throne, and judge of quick and dead.
    Robe him in royalty, a sceptre give,
    And cry -- hail! Jesus -- mighty monarch live!
    Thou call'st all heaven, and earth, and hell, to view,
    The matchless honours which to Christ you do:
    And yet thou sayest -- The King May Reign Alone!
    Has Lost His Subjects and May Lose Each One!
    The King -- the crown, the robe and sceptre be
    In Heaven Itself but solemn mockery!!
    If thou possess a true and heavenly sight,
    Then Herod and his soldiers acted right;
    And of salvation's end but gave a type!
    Thy doctrine is (from every caveat free)
    Subjects for Christ's kingdom may or may not be!
    And dost thou think, thou soul delusive sprite,
    That Christ is like thee or as some bedlamite;
    Who in his frenzy, and with maniac glee,


    Dubs himself King and struts right royally!
    Back, back, retire to thy dark abode,
    For when you worship you blaspheme your God!
    Once more for Christ did Pilate intercede
    In vain -- the victim now submissively must bleed:
    The hour ordain'd of God for him to die
    Was come -- the multitude now furious cry,
    Away with him -- the blasphemer crucify.
    What! saith Pilate, crucify your King?
    Again they cry, away, away with him;
    We have no King but Caesar, him we'll serve;
    His kingdom strengthen and his laws preserve.
    Thus Jews of old, in enmity to Christ,
    Would own a heathen for prophet, king, or priest;
    Profess to love, esteem, or be content,
    With Caesar's worship, or his government.
    Genius of Arminianism! -- again You see
    Thyself in bold relief of subtlety.
    The world, you own, in sin and darkness lies,
    Gulph'd in delusion, toss'd in vanities,
    In heart dire enmity to Israel's God,
    Perverting truth to lies of endless brood.
    Such you declare, (at least when politic you find,)
    To be the character of all mankind!
    Yet for Your gospel's warrant, and defence,
    You summon that world's feelings and its sense,
    Flatter its head and heart and reasoning powers,
    And boast -- these allies prove that truth is ours.
    Again -- whene'er a certain gospel's named,
    In which free grace's doctrine is proclaim'd,
    How dost thou then salute the world, thy friend,
    Its feelings and its reas'ning powers commend;
    Dilate with passion and indignant cry,
    "Salvation of the Lord!" -- 'tis all a lie!
    The doctrine will not stand e'en reason's glance,
    That reason says -- "God gives all men a chance."
    God has done his part, we must now do ours.
    So testifies the world's great reas'ning powers.
    Thus dost thou, spirit of delusion, still
    Flatter, like the serpent -- and like him to kill!
    The pride-swoln world applauds your zeal and sense,
    Though all just standard prove you ignorance.
    So Herod and Pilate too were once made friends.
    Their friendship in violence on Jesus ends.


    Arminians now the world's false frendship woo,
    Its end is violence on Jesus too!
    How, violence on Jesus! some will cry --
    They slander his saints and call his truth a lie!
    Whoe'er's an enemy to them or this,
    Christ has proclaim'd, are enemies of his!
    Nor may we forget, thou Genius, here to tell,
    The friendship of the world's the road to hell!
    How comes it, then, the world and you agree?
    You say, "do and live" -- and so, it says, "do we!"
    The principle's the same, the difference lays
    In this -- you claim but half, they all the praise.
    How comes it, then, (if heart to heart agree,
    As face answers face upon the glassy sea!)
    That that world's heart and head, and all its powers.,
    (Your mantle off,) agree exact with yours?
    It proves the world's in grace as will as you,
    Or if in darkness, you're in darkness too!! *
    And now the cross on Christ the soldiers lay,
    And without the camp they hurry him away
    To Gabbatha, on summit of a hill,
    The measure of sin and suffering there to fill.
    As a lamb to the slaughter, Christ is led,
    Or as a sheep is dumb, he bow'd, his head.
    In frantic mirth and fierce, revengeful blood,
    They stretch their victim on the fatal wood;
    Through feet and hands they drive the rugged nails,
    While life's soft chord in agonizing quails:
    Then raise the cross and surge it in the ground,
    And make the earth with demon shouts resound.
    Expiring with him, (one on either side,)
    Two malefactors were'-- e'en these deride
    The suffering Jesus -- tauntingly they cry,
    Thou boasted Saviour! wherefore dost thou die?
    Canst thou save others! make that power known,
    Save us from death, and from thy cross come down!

    * To say the best of this detestable system, it makes all its abettors and teachers continually lie for God -- continually makes the scriptures contradict themselves. So that we may as rationally look for truth and sincerity among its professors, as for nutriment in a serpent's fang -- or expect to meet with Leviathan in a mud-puddle, as an able, evangelical minister among them! They are, for the most part, if not altogether, children of nature, -- at best whitened sepulchres, not the less offensive, because more deceitful than the world generally.


    The multitude these tauntings now prolong,
    As they recede or to the cross they throng.
    Hark! what sound was that? it came from heaven's abode,
    Was it the curse and terrors of a God?
    That piercing light! was it consuming fire,
    The flame of justice, God's avenging ire?
    Where did it reach? what rebel did it strike?
    Or sink to tophet, or translates to light?
    Blaspheming robber, testify -- thou can:
    Thou art the object, thou the favour'd man.
    That sound was mercy's penetrating voice,
    To thy dead soul -- Jebovah's sov'reign choice!
    That light, the day-spring sent thee from on high
    To shew that path unknown to vulture's eye,
    Consume thy sins, tnd raise thee to the sky.
    O glorious 'scene! O nobly awful proof!
    And illustration of that blessed truth,
    "Esau I've hated -- Israel still I love."
    That sinks to hell -- this reigns with me above!
    In burning oangs the Saviour cries -- I thirst!
    Then rush his foes, each eager to be first,
    To give him drink -- 'twas vinegar and gall!
    Our nature's morale, since our nature's fall!
    Jesus receiv'd it from the insulting host,
    He bow'd his head, and giving up the ghost,
    He cried -- "'Tis Finish'd"! creation's groan replied,
    'Tis finish'd -- the incarnate God has died!
    'Tis finish'd -- ye heavens, and,thou prof6undest hell,
    The import of those words ye ne'er can tell;
    'Tis thine, O Zion, only, to express
    The grace, the glory, and the righteousness,
    Of those vast words -- eternal ages roll,
    That thou may'st learn and manifest the whole.
    On summit of the everlasting hills
    (Where peace and glory all thy border fills)
    Thou sit'st enthroned in joys immensely high
    While day and night incessantly you cry;
    'TIS FINISHED -- the counsel is fulfill'd!
    The counsel of peace, to Israel long reveal'd.
    Now we behold with what vast import fraught,
    Was all in providence, and by prophets taught
    To Jacob's tribes -- in Abraham they were chose,
    A peculiar nation, and a Type of those,
    Elect in Christ before the world began,
    And shadow forth salvation's sov'reign plan.


    In Abraham chosen, they heard Jehovah's call,
    Hearing, obey'd -- forsook the world, and all
    Their former life: become Jehovah's charge,
    Who multiplies them and their tents enlarge.
    Egypt allures them to her fruitful soil,
    Transforms them slaves and makes them groan with toil:
    Jehovah's ear is open to their cry,
    He measures their tears, and listens to each sigh,
    Till in due time, and by Almighty hand,
    They're brought from Egypt to the promis'd land.
    All this but shadows the redemation given
    By Jesus' death, to destined heirs of heaven.
    They too bt eye omniscient are ceaseless sought,
    And by God's power from sin's foul bondage brought.
    A paschal lamb -- the moving pillar too,
    (As fire and cloud) that led the Hebrews through
    Their fitful journey -- were but types of Him
    Who atones and leads his people from their sin.
    The bread from heaven -- the gushing streams that flow'd
    From Horeb's rock, (by miracle bestowed,)
    As all the forms and rites to Israel given,
    Or led by promise, or by judgment driven:
    All all, prefigure, and as types set forth,
    Immanuel's glories and his matchless worth,
    And how he saves his church from south to north.
    Types are Finish'd -- his providence he hides,
    But still he gathers and securely guides.
    'TIS FINISHED -- all that holy men of old,
    Mov'd by the Spirit, of the Christ foretold.
    The woman's seed has bruised the serpent's head,
    The Shiloh has come, obey'd, endured and bled.
    The prophet, like to Moses has appeared,
    The world despised him and his saints revered.
    The Holy One of God -- the undefiled,
    The Gentiles scoff and Judea has reviled.
    The ransom's given -- shout, O earth o'er it!
    Deliverance now is found from hell's dire pit.
    The Desire of all nations now to man has come,
    True peace and happiness are in him alone,
    For which all nations seek and sigh and groan.
    The Righteous branch, the plant of great renown,
    In fruitfulness and healing virtue's come;


    Jehovah's corner-stone, the tried and elect,
    As the foundation, in God's Zion's set.
    The light of Gentiles, glory of Israel's' race,
    Has come in fulness of his truth and grace.
    The Holy One of God, as leaven, appears,
    To purge from sin each of his glory's heirs.
    The Messenger of the covenant has come:
    A refiner's fire is that heavenly One!
    The Ransom, Surety -- all in all is given,
    Of prophecies and promises of heaven!
    'TIS FINISH'D -- God's holy law is magnified,
    By his obedience it is satisfied.
    Thus saith that law -- a foolish thought is sin!
    One foolish thought was never found in him.
    That law each moment claims for God the heart!
    One moment Christ from this did ne'er depart.
    That law demands that man his neighberlove,
    As his own life, and that each mortal prove,
    In word and act, that he does to man the same
    That he would have others do to him again.
    Christ was made man, and he his neighbor loved,
    As his own soul, and in his life he proved,
    He did to all, all that the law had claim'd,
    And thus the honors of that law maintain'd.
    What Jesus was in his life's righteousness
    Each man must be or die, without his Grace.
    One jot or tittle of default in man,
    Involves the curse, and will the sinner damn.
    'TIS FINISH'D -- the great atonement now is made,
    Forever perfected are those who're saved!
    Jehovah incarnate -- the Lamb of God has died,
    And perfects all the Father sanctified. *
    O what a scene! from Edom see him come,
    Roll'd in his blood is God's eternal Son!
    Glorious his apparel, travelling in his might:
    Thou universe! behold the nameless sight.
    O Son of God! wherefore art thou red,
    In thine apparel, as are those, who trad
    The crimson wine vat? -- Let us hear Thee tell,
    WHY thou beneath the monster death hast fell,
    "I've trod the wine press of Jehovah's wrath,
    The fountain's opened -- fill'd is now the bath

    * Or set apart. -- Jude i.


    Of blood divine -- on my holy soul there fell
    Jehovah's venocance and my people's hell *
    The sword awoke! -- My Father drew the blade,
    Its gleaming terrors made all heaven afraid:
    I saw its vengeance, aghast my spirit stood,
    That Sword oracular cried for my blood!
    My Father's hand then raised the blade on high,
    And to my groans he thunder'd this reply:
    The day of fierce vengeance to thy soul is come,
    I must bring the ransom'd of The Covenant home!
    Thus saying, in fury through my heart he smote,
    Convulsive throes succeed the awful stroke:
    He saw my sorrows -- then Himself Withdrew,
    And Tophet's horrors round my spirit grew.
    I roar'd my God! hast thou forsook me too?
    O there was wo! the deepest ever felt;
    O there was a curse! the fiercest ever dealt
    Or in hell or earth -- God from his Christ depart!
    Such pangs will ne'er convulse another heart!
    My saints on earth, at times a shade endure
    Of that deep wo, when horror-struck they roar
    I'm lost! I've lost the God my powers adore
    Billows of wrath in burning torrents roll,
    And hell's fierce pains transfix my struggling soul;
    To the last dregs sin's nameless curse I drunk,
    And to the power of the grave then sunk.
    FOR the transgression of my people, I
    Was doom'd to suffer, and compell'd to die,

    * Of all the fanciful ideas of fanciful Divines, that of the abstract dignity of the person of Jesus, giving value, infinite value, to the attonement of Christ, is certainly one of the most artful, if not one of the most fanciful of their Father's suggestions. The design of the Devil, in raising up such an idea in the Baptist society, was to get, if possible, an accommodation on the part of that society to Arminianism. The Baptist sociey is to preach the atonement of Christ from his infinite dignity as of infinite value, and such a might save all men! Well, if the Devil gets them (as he has got multitudes of them) to preach that, then he has the avowed Arminians (the others are but disguised ones) to preach its general application, and to tell the world that even the Baptists admit it of unbounded efficacy! But that is not the worst of those wretched Fullerite sentiments. They represent to us that the death of Christ would have been of just as much value, (from the infinite dignity of his person,) if he had died in a gentle slunber, as it is after all the pangs he endured. O, what a reflection upon Jehovah? What an insult to Christ!


    On me their countless mountain sins were laid,
    Their Hell I suffered that they might be saved.
    The flock the Shepherd ransom'd with his blood,
    His death's their life, his flesh is made their food.
    My church is purchas'd with the blood of God.
    Of the possession who shall him defraud!!
    False, blasphemous, will hell and earth proclaim,
    Another doctrine in my sacred name:
    Some will dare to teach, for devils I atone,
    And in the end will raise them to my throne!
    Others declare for every man I died,
    And with salvation have the world supplied:
    That for the salvation flowing through my blood
    ALL have a chance, if they will make it good. *
    To cap the climax of the absurd and lies,
    A host will cry, for all men Jesus dies;
    The atonement's general, specially applied!
    Hell gets a part of them for whom I died!
    This doctrine too shall turn e'en Israel's brain,
    They'll hail its authors with a loud acclaim,
    Greet them as Doctors, matchless reas'ning men,
    The honor of my church, and giants of the pen!
    Their eclat shall cause a thousand more to rise
    From maggot state, to be pestiferous flies,
    Swarming through Zion brooding endless lies.
    What may not follow! when vain men affirm,
    Within my earthly courts, that thus they learn
    Of my blessed gospel -- when their ridiculous fame
    Is wafted o'er the earth for lying in my name.
    The Father and the Son atonement makes
    For all mankind! But the holy spirit takes
    And specially applies! Jehovah's then
    Divided in counsel and in saving men!!
    This shall be call'd reason of the highest grade!
    Satan its sire -- his creature Doctor made
    Others will make mutable -- my blood of nought,
    And give to hell-fire whom from hell I bought!
    My Father's justice infamously impugn,
    And blasphemous teach, he ha's deceived his Son!
    Has trifled with his blood and that in vain,
    Humbled me to death transfixed with hell's pain.

    * This is something like as if blind Bartimeus had said to Christ -- Lord put in one eye and I will put in the other!


    Others, maniac-like, will through the nations run,
    And thus proclaim -- "Whoever loves God's Son
    For what to them He is * or for them has done,
    Into his kingdom they shall never come!
    Then seizing water and a flaming brand,
    Frantic they'll cry with each of these in hand,
    We'll quench hell's flames -- the heavens we will burn,
    That selfish man henceforth may live and learn
    To love Immanuel for himself alone,
    And not for what he'll do, or ever yet has done
    To save our souls, to have our sins forgiven,
    To cleanse our hearts or make us heirs of heaven! †
    But ye, my saints, Who reign with me on high,
    Perceive the doctrine is an awful lie!
    That by one offering of myself I save,
    My chosen ones from hell and sin's foul grave!
    'TIS FINISHED. -- HUMAN nature is display'd,
    In all the turpitude of which 'tis made,
    The heart's deep enmity to God is seen,
    (Albeit but visible what has ever been,
    Since Adam's fall,) nor are the outward best
    Of human kind, of better hearts possess'd.
    Who different think, do but themselves delude,
    And by false standard deem themselves the good.
    The scriptures and philosophy declare,
    That, as the tree, the various branches are;
    That every creature its likeness must forth bring,
    Of course the sinner one conceived in sin.
    Let then self-righteous men this act survey,
    And learn that all are demon-like as they,
    Who rush'd infuriate on the peerless good
    Slaughter'd Immanuel, trampling on his blood!
    At this dire scene the sun refused his light,
    The heavens were shrouded in a tenfold night,
    The souls of saints in gloom are shrouded o'er,
    Nature convulsive trembles through each pore!

    * i. e. Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption.

    † This sentiment is the soul of Hopkinsianism! A woman was the originator of this sentiment -- barefooted and with disshevelled hair she walked the streets of Alexandria, with a torch in one hand and pitcher of water in the other, and exclaimed as above! This infamous sentiment is very prevalent in the New England states; we have recently got some of it from there in this western Metropolis!


    The rocks are rent, the graves wide open flung,
    And stamp the deed the foulest ever done!
    SUCH IMPORT to Immanuel's dying words,
    The church in heaven or on earth affords:
    While all united cry -- O ye heavens shout!
    Rejoice O earth! Zion, let your praises out!
    Break forth into singing, O ye mountains high,
    Ye forests and each tree join in the cry:
    Shout all! -- The Lord for Jacob's seed hath died,
    In Israel's salvation he is glorified!






    Three days within the tomb did Christ repose,
    Guarded and watch'd by his inveterate foes:
    The Sabbath ended, the morning now arrives,
    When God commanded the Son of Man to rise.
    And now Immanuel with his friends retire,
    The Christ awakes -- omnific he exclaims,
    O death, I am thy plagues! I'll burst thy chains!
    Thy destruction will I be, O boasting grave,
    And prove my arm imnipotent to save!
    Thus saying, in the power of a God,
    Invisible, he left his dark abode!
    Obedient clouds his glorious form infold,
    From mortal sight his presence they withhold:
    Around him gather heaven's adoring host,
    In unbreath'd ecstacies their songs are lost:
    They gaze upon him, bow in sacred awe --
    Scarce could they feel that real which which now they saw.


    From soul to soul the gentlest murmurs ran.
    Hail! mighty God! all hail! the glorious man!
    Here we would lie, here wonder and adore,
    Eternal muse -- nor ask a heaven more.
    Meanwhile disciples at the grave appeared,
    With fragrant spices, piously prepar'd,
    To enbalm the body of their precious Lord,
    And their last act of faithfulness atford.
    The grave is open! roll'd away the stone,
    The 'Saviour's risen -- the blessed object's gone!
    The tomb they enter -- every part explore --
    But seek, in vain, the object ihey adore.
    While fill'd with wonder, and with gief oppress'd,
    Two radiant forms appear'd and them address'd.
    "Why seek ye, mortals, 'mong the sleeping dead,
    The Lord of life and Zion's living head!
    Why not remember what he said to you,
    He must suffer, and what he must do:
    The Son of Man by sinful man must die,
    And rise again, to return with God on high.
    So spake Messiah, while yet in Galilee,
    And thus the time that those great things should be."
    The disciples heard, and then remember'd well,
    From lips of Christ such promises had fell.
    They quick return, with bouudless joy possess'd.
    And the great scene make known to all the rest.
    Peter rush'd forth to the vacated grave,
    Of the event full evidence to have:
    He came -- he saw, and wondering did recede,
    And testified that Christ had risen indeed.
    Two of the disciples, the same day, went forth,
    To Emmaus -- of Judea's cities north --
    And as they journey, they beguile their walk;
    While Christ they speak of, and his hist'ry talk.
    Their hopes, their joys, him had almost fled,
    Since he was numbered with the silent dead.
    While they thus commune -- and mutual sympathize,
    Lo! one appears, who fills them with surprise.
    He asks the subject of their colloquy,
    Receives their answer, and makes this reply.
    O fools and slow of heart, are ye to quote
    Ail that the prophets of Messias wrote.
    Ought not Christ to have suffered all these things,


    And rise to his glory as the King of Kings? *
    And then beginning with what Moses penned,
    He expounded the Scriptures 'till the prophets' end.
    Their heaving breasts With sacred rapture thrill'd
    To see in Christ those prophecies fulfill'd:
    And when he left them they together cry --
    What floods of light! our ecstacies, how high!
    While He unfolded to our wond'ring souls,
    Jehovah's promises, which none controls!
    How dark our minds -- O how blind were we,
    Thus long to live, nor this connexion see!
    Jehovah prophesied that Christ should come,
    He has appear'd, and heaven's pleasure done.
    And O! what joy does the great thought convey,
    That Jesus Christ, the life, the truth, the way,
    Shall (all, all the prophecies of God engdge!)
    Possess in Heaven a Ransom'd Heritage!!
    Genius of Arminianism! what say'st thou?
    God may, or not, fulfil his word -- his vow!
    Ergo -- God prophesied that Christ should come,
    The event might or might not have been done!
    God prophesies that Christ shall have a seed,
    Albeit that promise is not to be believed!
    To thee we say -- avaunt, thou impious fool,
    Nor more profess thou'rt taught in Jesus' school.
    He says -- all things the prophets spake of him,
    Must be fulfill'd -- till the last stone's brough't in,
    Of Grace's edifice -- not one tittle fails,
    Or as He lives or his great power prevails.
    O Zion! shout -- the glorious truth rehearse!
    God has proclaim'd, through the wide universe,
    The counsel of the Lord shall ceaseless stand,
    His will be done through earth's remotest land;
    The Ransom'd of the Lord Shall Return to Him,
    On Zion's Hill, and Own Him for their King:
    Songs Fill their Lips, while Round Them Glory Spreads!
    And Everlasting Joy Shall Crown Their Heads!
    Once more Immanuel to his saints appears,

    * What that system is, in the sight of heaven, or in value to the soul, which makes all the prophecy and promise, of God pure nihility, we may want a term suitably to express. But such a system is Arminianism! -- making the word of God of none effect -- giving the lie essentially to the whole of it.


    To cheer their hearts and banish all their fears.
    To give them counsel -- ordain and to command,
    The MEANS of grace -- to Jew and Gentile's land.
    Go ye, said Jesus, into all the world
    (My name's the banner that must be unfurl'd)
    And preach MY GOSPEL -- at your peril dare
    Proclaim another, than what I declare!
    The WHOLE COUNSEL of Jehovah make ye known:
    How holy -- glorious -- sovertign is his throne.
    Proclaim the kingdom of your God's at hand;
    Exhort attention, or the same command:
    THE KINGDOM OF GOD! its rise in sov'reign grace,
    A past eternity its bless'd birth-place!
    THE KINGDOM OF GOD -- in Jehovah plann'd,
    By Father Son, and Spirit duly scann'd;
    Just in its principles, secure its end,
    Jehovah's glory, and the sinner's friend.
    THE KINGDOM OF GOD! ordain'd in worlds above
    To embrace the objects of electing love.
    And God's great purpose in his Christ to prove.
    THE KINGDOM OF GOD in providence conveyed
    To every soul ordained to be, saved;
    Spirit, agent -- instrument, my Word:
    Ye Heavens! witness -- "Salvation's of the Lord."
    THE KINGDOM OF GOD! establish'd in the heart,
    Repentance and faith the gifts it does impart:
    In Grace 'tis founded in the human soul
    And Glory's vision consummates the whole!
    Preach ye this gospel -- loud these truths proclaim,
    They'll prove a blessing in Jehovah's name.
    Though men despise it -- pharisees abhor,
    Such is the gospel that shall be the power
    Of God to life -- preach that -- on me repose,
    I'll save you from its fierce and subtle foes,
    And by it save them whom Jehovah chose.
    Yea, more -- I'll make it music to the ears,
    Of all my saints -- a cordial for their fears.
    By it they shall grow in knowledge and in grace,
    And as a river they shall find their peace.
    Such is MY Gospel -- such shall be the end.
    Who preach another -- their labour vainly spend.
    False Christs, false prophets, and false gospels too,


    Shall soon appear, and last all ages through.
    They'll suppress the doctrine of my sov'reign grace,
    Afraid of contumely from their fallen race:
    Some indistinct, time-serving scraps they'll preach,
    Of my deep counsel which the scriptures teach.
    Provoke each other in base sophistries,
    And for my gospel substitute their lies.
    Audacious, they will, Virtually, proclaim,
    Much of the scripture is reveal'd in vain!
    In wild, unceasing effort they will try,
    By making proselytes, to multiply,
    And for their works each other Deify.
    The means I ordained reject -- in their own boast:
    More wise, more gracious, than the Holy Ghost, *
    All, in my name, will loud profess to be
    My zealous servants cloth'd in charity!
    Some say the Spirit has too much reveal'd,
    That all those doctrines should have been conceal'd
    Which men, by reason taught, indignant hate,
    Or, most professors cannot tolerate!
    Others will admit all scripture to be good,
    If in the hands of the great D. D. brood:
    That they must interpret, ind so much dispense
    As may not shock man's feelings or insult his sense!
    That their vast wisdom must the case control,
    Lest scripture CORRUPT and damn the human soul!

    * It is a very general idea among professors, at this day, that only some part of the scripture doctrine may be safely preached: such as repentance and faith; that the rest is too mysterious and will do no good if preached upon! -- Now such sentiment implies --

    1. An infamous reflection upon the wisdom of the Holy Ghost: and is a direct lie to the word of God. -- (See 2 Tim. 3:16.)

    2. It betrays an ignorance of what the repentance and faith of God's elect are, for there is as much mystery in the source and nature of that repentance and faith as there is in any thing revealed in the scriptures.

    3. It is a virtual acknowledgment to the Dagon of Arminianism that the doctrine of sovereign grace is bad, consequently false.

    4. That those who preach upon this principle, are ignorant or knavish Arminians, who want to get, and keep a congregation together, that they may keep themselves by the fleece thereof.

    Those that act so, as professed Calvinists are ripe for any measure of treason against the truth that hell may bribe them to.

    Declare the whole counsel of God!! the doctrine of Jehovah's sovereignty is as likely to be blessed by the Holy Ghost to salvation, as that of repentance!


    Ten thousand will have their pious labors bless'd
    When they make some scripture contradict the rest! *
    On this their systems and their spoils will stand.
    Those fly like chaff -- these fall -- forever damn'd!
    Of such are those who spurn my righteousness,
    Insult my elect, rob'd in the glorious dress:
    Who on their LEGAL IDOL shreds of scripture hang,
    And cry -- behold salvation's glorious plan!
    The world will see, and seeing hail its own.
    And of the idol worshippers become.
    Then shout the host -- O what a proof is given,
    Ours is the gate, and ours the way to heaven!
    Again -- more general shall my gospel be
    An off'ring at the shrine of man's cupidity.
    My truth be valued by measure and by weight,
    (And hell unnumbered purchasers will make)
    That inch of truth, in common courtesy,
    To span of interest ever should give way:
    For ounce of lie, no liberal man e'er thought,
    That pound of gain is not most cheaply bought!
    That truth suppress'd for peace' sake, all may see,
    Is emanation of heaven's bright charity! †
    A multitude, while their Father's fire'burns,

    * The author has, in every direction, found an exemplification of this, among the Arminians: So that when one or another of the truths of the gospel have been luminously discussed and supported by the whole tenor of divine revelation, and the "lying Spirit" itself began to blush, then if one scrap of scripture was suggested, apparently opposing the doctrine of grace, the welkin ring with a "bless God -- glory to God," &c. -- and for what? Why for making it appear that God's own word contradicts itself! And when a scrap of scripture cannot be found by them for such a purpose, and in such a case, they will make one, of their fraternity a class-leader or a bishop, who will belch out lustily an anathema against the doctrine in such cases of their extremity. There is more demoniac glee among the Arminians in exhibiting or attempting to exhibit God a liar, than the devil himself ever manifested.

    † Charity! heaven born Charity! how art thou disguised, perverted, and abused, by ignorance and knavery. God ordains ONE ONLY, and grand instrument, to save sinners and bless his Church, and that is, his Gospel in all its doctrine, precept and promise! And ministers (so called) and churches (so called) exalt themselves to heaven for liberality, Prudence and charity, because they suppress the greater part of the doctrine of that Gospel! Ye hypocrites, ye generation of vipers, God will find you out in all the meandering of Your Proteus existence.


    Shall zealous cry -- The gospel gives the terms
    And conditions, upon which all men may live
    And these are they -- repent and Christ believe!
    Who have have with these conditions well complied
    They will be saved, thouogh Christ for them ne'er died!
    Others will tell how Christ and all heaven weep
    Because all men will not become his sheep: *
    And others declare (and chill e'en devils' blood)
    Sinners reject the gospel -- and thus stab their God! †
    Tratisfix his breast with agonizing pain,
    O'erwhelm his face with disappointment's shame!
    The truth is this -- my gospel loud proclams,
    To give repentance and faith the Saviour reigns
    These fools know not -- 'tis my sovereign instrument,
    To make my people truly penitent;
    And to their souls the "election's" faith convey,
    Which faith shall end in heaven's immortal day.
    For them the pages of my sacred word,
    Exhortations, precepts,and commands afford --
    'Tis by the foolishness of preaching them,
    God shews his sov'reign power in saving men!
    Man is condemned already -- e'er the gospel came!
    And thus of him the words of God proclaim:
    If he believe not -- condemn he'll still remain!
    If he believe not, then full proof is given
    He ne'er was chosen to be heir of heaven!

    * Vide the Editor of the "Columbian Star," who is wont to say in his sermonizing, that "Jesus Christ in heaven is weeping over sinners because they wont repent and be saved!"

    Vide The Baptist Minister (so call'd) of the Pittsburgh church, who says in his sermonizing -- "The very bosom of God is stabbed by sinners in their rejection of the gospel." -- The stabbing, I suppose, is to account for the weeping: What a ghastly looking obiect their God must be by this time! Juggurnaut must be a very Apollo himself compared with their God!

    ‡ Again we repeat that not exercising evangelical faith in Christ, does not make men guilty -- is not the cause of their final condemnation: But the want of that faith leaves them guilty, leaves them condemned -- leaves them in a state of nature, leaves them where they fell to in Adam's transgression, and where God designed they should remain! For those who pretend to preach salvation by grace, for them to hold such a sentiments is a most gross inconsistency: And yet, alas! how many professed Calvinist ministers do it! But the cause of this inconsistency is most obvious -- to wit: by making it the moral duty of all men to believe, they make it the moral duty of all men to support a ministry as the means by which they


    My kingdom some will fancy born with them,
    And some will make it in the power of men.
    Some disconnect the spirit and the word,
    Yet claim the kingdom and salute me Lord!
    The Spirit's work some will dare deride,
    And in the letter lawlessly confide:
    Profess, that reason and the letter give,
    That faith, which my elect from God receive.
    Nor aught so base, so false, so full of sin.
    But the world will own and a glory in
    More than my kingdom -- which I bid you preach,
    And Jew and Gentile the great doctrine teach.
    But fear ye not -- though few may follow you:
    Remember God is to his cov'nant true.
    That all he has given me shall surely live,
    And by MY GOSPEL too they shall believe!
    That gospel preach'd to Adam's fallen race,
    In its deep counsel and its sov'reign grace,
    Shall determine who the truth receive,
    Or who in its form or in its power live!
    Was MY GOSPEL preach'd -- my counsel thus made known,
    My church on earth would not (instead of stone!)
    Be heap'd with rubbish -- stubble, hay, and wood,

    are to believe; and they also make it the moral duty of man, woman and child to fill up their meeting houses and make them out respectable congregations: But the truth and the divine commission is, "go, preach my gospel," not as the moral duty of all men to believe, but as the simple (and to the world foolish) means of giving unto the elect repentance and faith! It is the instrument of salvation to the church, not a moral obligation to the world!!

    This doctrine of its being the moral duty of all men to exercise evangelical faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, reduces many of our professed Calvinistic ministers to such a degree of self contradiction in their preaching that it is difficult to say whether pity for them or contempt for their heresy prevails: They say with one breath -- Evangelical repentance and faith are part of the riches of grace treasured up in Christ Jesus for the church! With the next breath they say that it is the moral duty of the world to make provision for its own salvation, from the ruins of the fall, exactly equal to all that Almighty God could make in the man Christ Jesus! That man's sin is not because he has made himself unholy, but because be wont make himself holy! not because he has fallen to hell, but because he wont raise himself to heaven!

    Such palpable self-contradiction proclaims the presence of Arminianism, or theological knavery! hated of the truth, or love of the loaves!


    While men blasphemous call it work of God! *
    And then no sinecure would Zion prove,
    For those who the wages of the unrighteous love.
    No more the arena for ambition's pranks,
    Where every Judas gets a world's loud thanks.
    No more would man in learning's tinsell'd dress,
    Or of my gospel, or in my name profess
    To flutter o'er the heads of gaping fools,
    In babel's chatter or in heathen's schools.
    'Midst all this scene forever I will raise,
    Bold champions of my cross -- whose mortal days
    Shall all be consecrated hell to dare,
    And my great kingdom fearlessly declare.
    Thus Christ commanded, then to Peter said,
    Simeon! -- you see me risen from the dead:
    I am now to leave you and iny little fold,
    I have lov'd, and love them, in a love ne'er told:
    While still I linger on this wo worn earth
    My bowels yearn o'er them of grace's birth.
    Thou lovest me! do thou that love now prove,
    By serving them whom I eternal love.
    Feed, feed my sheep, my lambs with milk supply,
    Thou shalt live for them, for them too thou shalt die!
    They drink one fountain, and they eat one bread,
    Pursue one way, are by one Spirit led;

    * There am very many ministers calling themselves Calvinists! -- Or, believing that the grace of God is sovereign, discriminating and confined to the elect: and that the providence of God will being forth and sustain a ministry for carrying into effect his purposes of grace! this they are in their creed by profession: now only let them abandon all meritrious means of keeping up the appearance of a visible church, and let them simply preach the doctrine of grace, without guile or hesitancy, and throw themselves upon the arms of a special providence -- let them do this, according to the genius of the calvinistic faith, and they will learn -- as sure as souls are in their bodies,

    1. That mankind esteem the gospel of Christ now as they did from the lips of Jesus!

    2. That no talent, no piety will exempt them from the same calumny that Christ endured.

    3. They will learn how hideously vast is the difference between what men have got together as the Church of Christ, and the real, essential Church.

    4. They will learn that the particular providence of God is as necessary to prevent them from starving in this day of overflowing charity, it was in the prophet Elijah's!


    In every age, in every clime the same,
    They REST and GLORY only in my name!
    Give them the milk, the bread and the strong meat;
    That's all they hunger for and all they'll eat.
    Nor yet fastidious will my people feed
    Or ask who bring it -- canst thou Hebrew read?
    The hungry care not, if the food be good,
    If it be serv'd on porcelain or on wood. *
    Albeit my sheep essentially deem,
    That servant and dish, respectively, be clean.
    Chaff, husks and rinds demand a golden plate,
    (The latter will much appetite create.)
    Full flowing periods, nature's rhetoric,
    Pathetic tales and stage stirrig trick, †
    Will be the wisdom and the power of men,
    To make my gospel merchandise and gain.
    In wisdom's semblance they will loud profess
    To clothe my gospel in scientific dress;
    Bow to the world, and cry in loud acclaim,
    Behold our religion by your science reign! ‡
    The world in court'sy the flattery will return,
    And thousands for office in their gospel burn;

    * Nothing is a more certain evidence of secret enmity to the truth than when professors thereof find fault with the mere manner of address of those who preach it -- such persons may be set down at once as Iscariots!

    † This telling of old wives' fables in the pulpit gives many ministers all their consequence: Hence we hear from the pulpit that all modern improvements in the arts and sciences -- such as steam boats, canals, railways, turnpikes, bridges, balloons, &c. &c. are all in preparation for the Lord when he comes in the latter day glory; that he will take it all from the world and give it to his people, especially those that are Baptists! Who, then, would not be on the Lord's side? Who wont contribute to making a revival for the Lord? Who wont join his church, especially the Baptist society, who is to have Benjamin's portion! Indeed, Mr. B. this may be said to be "good news from a far country." How deep your researches into the scriptures are! What new things you bring out! 'Tis high time your M.A. was changed into a D. D. for nothing but the erudition of a Doctor could have made you thus knowing! Quere -- If the world would not be, upon the authority of Grotius, Puffendorff, or any other international law writer, justified in making the church now meet the expenses of these improvements! Are you learned enough, Mr. B. to answer this! at least, are yet not afraid of it?

    ‡ Vide Col. Star -- and verily it is true, their religion reigns by the science, i.e. policy of this world!


    That world will feed them, clothe them, dub them wise;
    Strange phantasies shall o'er their visions rise;
    'Till they at last shall, self-deceived, conclude
    That Zion has Changed Habiliments and Food.
    That what feeds my church at dawn of gospel day,
    Has at last become as thistles or as hay.
    Who differ from them (in the truth's defence)
    They'll class with oxen, as to zeal or sense,
    Proclaim them stupid -- illiberal, unkind,
    And of their wond'rous signs profoundly blind!
    They'll multiply their heralds, woo all men,
    And by their standard, judge, approve, condemn. *
    Against my pastors anathemas be hurl'd,
    By countless professors and a kindred world;
    'Till in the end, and when again I come,
    The faith of my elect shall scarce be known!
    But Simeon, in you I have exemplified,
    That truth which hell and earth shall thus deride.
    I cail'd, I quicken'd, and your soul I fed,
    I kept, I counsell'd and have safety led
    Your wandering feet: -- e'en when you denied
    Your Lord and Master, stil for you he cried.
    At mercy's throne -- for you he intercedes:
    The Priest must pray for all for whom he bleeds!
    Then go thou forth and all life's journey through,
    Proclaim that grace which has appear'd in you.

    * Here "the author means to be understood as saying: -- That our Fullerite Baptists get up some meeting-house, college, theological school or missionary project, and those that do not aid thein are marked as the objects of their covert inuendoes, or open flings, if they may dare attempt the latter. Under the primiership of an appropriate Doctor, and the agency of one of Asia's converts to Baptism, (tho' not a tawny one,) the above doinigs have been carried to an extent in the history of the Baptist society, that is without precedent in the history of the Baptist church in America. Never as there a society that exhibited greater credulity in the professions of two ecclesiastical aspirants, and never was a society made to bleed in reputation more than they have done for that credulity. The bubble is now bursting -- the whole of their vast edifice is totterinq -- college, school, "Star," and all are sinking into merited oblivion: 200,000 dollars, at least, have they, first and last, defrauded orphan and widow, friends, brethren, honest laborers and mechanics, out of, to make their religious Demonstration. In doing this, they have given a practical illustration of "Fuller's gospel"!! O how worthy of all acceptation! and imitation too!


    I'll raise u others, who shall well maintain
    The glorious gospel you are to proclaim.
    However foolish to the world it be,
    Or high it raise their carnal enmity;
    However treach'rous professors too may prove
    To MY bless'd gospel, which they seem to love;
    It is the truth, to all eternity!
    It is the truth, and shall my people free
    From hell and sin: the hungry it shall feed,
    And staunch all wounds with my saints may bleed!
    Tell ye my people, that a God of love,
    Beholds them from his glorious throne above
    With pitying eye -- his bowels o'er them yearn,
    And underneath them's his eternal arm.
    Tell them, thus saith the High and Lofty One,
    Who on rolling worlds wheels his eternal throne;
    To this man I'll look, with complacent delight,
    E'en to him who mourneth with a heart contrite.
    The smoking flax I never will forsake,
    The bruised reed my power shall never break:
    That sweeter music to my ear's their Groans,
    Than song and lyre of all angelic thrones!
    And those, ungrateful, who backslide from me,
    (A lasting monument is found in thee!)
    Their sins I'll visit with chastisement's rod,
    But still will be their loving, faithful God.
    Tell them their sorrow now will not compare
    With that great weight of glory to which they are heir:
    That having loved them, I will love them still,
    And give them grace to endure and do my will:
    Nor height, nor depth, things present, or to come,
    Nor life, nor death, shall separate them from
    My intercessions and my Father's love,
    Or rob them of their inheritance above.
    That all the attributes of God engage,
    To save them from sin, and Satan's subtle rage:
    God's power, his wisdom, faithfulness and truth,
    His justice, mercy, promises and oath,
    United stand, to make salvation sure,
    While heaven shall last, or God himself endure.
    thus teach my saints Jehovah's love to know,
    Thus comfort, comfort, them while here below:


    And as they learn what mercy is bestow'd,
    What sin forgiven through God's incarnate blood;
    So will their love to the Jehovah rise,





    Thus spake Messiah, while around him form'd
    A cloud of glory, ineffably adorn'd:
    It felt his mandate (inaudibly given)
    And bore its Maker for his native heaven.
    Midway from earth ten thousand angels meet
    The rising God! and his bless'd presence greet,
    As they ascend in worship at his feet.
    From heaven's empyreal confines, angel Thrones,
    Behold the object, and exclaim, Who comes!
    Who shall ascend from earth, sin's dark abode,
    Into the the hill of an all-righteous God?
    What being from that world shall see the face
    Of our Jehovah in his holy place?
    Whoe'er he be, clean hands he must possess,
    A heart all pure, and spotless righteousness.
    Whose soul has ne'er been swoln in vanity,
    Or dealt with God or man deceitfully:
    He, and HE only, ever shall receive,
    The blessing which Jehovah has to give!
    That blessing is, eternal life and grace,
    To man's degenerate, wretched, ruin'd race!
    With trumpet tongue attendant hosts reply,


    'Tis the Maker, monarch, Glory of the sky,
    Jehovah incarnate -- the mighty Son, the child!
    The man -- all holy, harmless, undefiled!
    Lift up your heads, ye gates of heaven, wilth joy,
    Let all within you ever power employ,
    In song of welcome to the First and Last,
    Our future glory, as he has been our past.
    O, everlasting doors wide open fling,
    And let Jehovah's king of glory in.
    He's the Lord strong and mighty, terrible in fight,
    He has put the alien armies all to flight:
    Returns to heaven! -- In him Jehovah boasts:
    The King of Glory and the Lord of Hosts!
    The gates spring up, the doors wide open fly;
    The cloud of glory sails resplendent by,
    To the eternal mountain of the Lord,
    By thrones saluted, and by thrones ador'd.
    Into the Holy place Immanuel flies,
    (Abode unpierced by created eyes,)
    At Jehovah's feet the holy Jesus stood,
    The Almighty radiance smiled ineffably,
    And for this offering gracious did reply.
    Son of my love eternal! delight of my eyes,
    I hail thee welcome to thy native skies!
    A sweet smelling sacrifice to me thou hast brought,
    A glorious robe of righteousness hast wrought:
    Opened "a fountain" in thy Father's house,
    A cleansing font for sov'reign grace's use!
    Delight of my eyes! thou darling of my soul!
    I'll give thee of glory, visible, the whole!
    Now go thou forth to my eternal hill,
    And there I'll utter my unutter'd will.
    Obedient, Christ recedes to where ordain'd,
    And thus the voice omnipotent proclaim'd:
    Hear, O ye heavens, O earth -- all lands and sea,
    My righteous, and unalterable decree!
    This day I set on Zion's holy hill,
    My King of glory, and he Shall fulfil
    My sov'reign pleasure -- whate'er he asks of me,
    That I will give him through eternity.
    The heathen I will give for his inheritance,
    And earth's utmost bounds in saying penitence.


    He shall bring his children to an holy birth,
    And daughters from the ends of the wide earth.
    Out of all nations, kindred, people, tongues,
    He shall redeem all Zion's chosen sons.

    His throne shall be an everlasting throne,
    To his dominion no limits shall be known,
    To him, I ordain, that every knee shall bow,
    Of thrones in heaven, and creatures too below.
    To him shall every mortal tongue confess,
    As Judge, the guilty -- saints, as Truth and Grace,
    A day I've appointed in which the quick and dead
    Shall all be judged, by Christ the living head
    Of all that live. Ye heavens your homage give
    To him, in whom elect you only live!
    The obedient heavens move in immense desire
    Toward Zion's hill, cloth'd in devotion's fire:
    The just made perfect in the cov'nant's blood,
    Are first to worship the incarnate God.
    Thou art worthy, they cried, O Jesus, to receive,
    This throne, this power, all honor God can give;
    Blessing and glory to the great I Am,
    And thou Jehovah's sin-atoning Lamb.
    In thy own blood thou hast wash'd and made us white!
    Through thee, O Christ! we feel this glorious sight,
    And worship thee eternal, day and night.
    Ten thousand times ten thousand angels then,
    The matchless alories of time Lamb proclaim;
    They veil their faces with their golden wings,
    While heaven's vast concave with their anthem rings.
    Hail! holy, holy, holy, mighty Lord,
    The one Jehovah, and the sov'reign God;
    Who was, and is, and ever art to be
    One -- Three in One, through all eternity!
    Thus Christ exalted to his heavenly throne,
    MUST send his glorious blessed, Spirit down,
    To work salvation FROM THE POWER OF SIN
    In every soul ordain'd to life in him!
    Eternal Spirit, said the Son of God,
    Descend to earth, and make my promise good.
    Thou see'st that people I've redeem'd from hell,
    How cloth'd in darkness, how deep in sin they're fell;
    Thou knowest each soul for whom I died and live,
    I WILL that thou to such salvation give.
    No power but thine, Eternal Spirit, can


    Thus change and renovate the soul of man.
    Light came from darkness by thy power divine,
    Do thou into the souls of my elect now shine;
    Give them the light of th' knowledge of their God,
    That they may sink in dust and self abhorr'd,
    Thence be they rais'd to living faith in me,
    And let them feel my love in feeling thee;
    Then rest upon them all life's journey through,
    With heaven their spirits and their thoughts imbue;
    Provide them Pastors after my own heart,
    Who shall feel My Gospel and its truth impart:
    From glory to glory do thou change each one,
    'Till on earth my pleasure shall in them be done;
    And when below they have magnified my grace,
    As plants of my hand, and trees of righteousness,
    I'll transplant them to my paradise above,
    Where, in the full fruition of my love,
    They shall fragrant bloom in everlasting spring,
    And consummate the praise of Zion's King.
    The eternal Spirit leaves its high abode,
    In heaven's majestic energy it rode
    On mighty rushing winds -- and entered where
    Christ's saints were met in hope and fervent prayer:
    The house is filled with the unseen power,
    And all proclaim,the Godhead of the doer!
    Anon, that spirit is seen in tongues of fire,
    Which all their hearts with sacred awe inspire.
    Upon each disciple came a flaming tongue;
    (Emblem of Israel's new and living one,)
    Wrapp'd in amaze, in heaving wonder lost,
    Each soul o'erflowing with the Holy Ghost;
    Language mirac'lous to the saints is given,
    To preach the kingdom and the grace of heaven,
    'Mong every nation, kindred, people, tongue,
    where God ordain'd his sacred word should run.
    Amaz'd the enemies of Christ now stood,
    Though still they own'd not 'twas the power of God.
    To vulgar merriment themselves resign,
    And cry -- these men are filled with new wine;
    Their brains are turn'd, their tongues know of no rule,
    Hence 'tis they chatter, and thus play the fool.
    The apostles rise -- while Peter cries -- forbear!
    Ye impious men, and hear what I declare.
    God prophesied! (and he his word fulfils,)


    And here is seen what holy Joel foretells:
    The Spirit of God's pour'd out upon all flesh,
    (Gentile and Jew mirac'lous tongues possess,)
    The unction of prophecy in our spirits burn!
    We preach the gospel, men of Israel learn!
    For God declares -- who on Christ's name shall call,
    He shall be saved from human nature's fall.
    Ye men of Israel, hear ye then our words,
    The gospel that we preach, it is the Lord's!
    Jesus, as man, HAD all his life approved,
    By signs and miricies, as just and good.
    And now ye see a glorious sign is given,
    That whom you kill'd has from the dead arisen.
    By God's fixed counsel, and foreknowledge He
    Was delivered to you, that all heaven might see
    How demoniac, dark, and infamous is man;
    And Yet fulfil His sov'reign grace's plan!
    This Christ, exalted o'er heaven's highest host,
    Receives the promise, and gives the Holy Ghost;
    Which now te see, in mighty works we've done.
    Which now ye hear, in Jew and Gentile's tongue.
    As erst to Sinai came the Eternal Sire,
    The mountain quak'd, and shot terrific fire;
    Or, when the Son in human nature came,
    Exultant angels o'er Judea's shepherds flame;
    So, when the Spirit to the earth descends,
    Due signs and wonders the event attends!
    While thus the Spirit honor due receives,
    To us, as preachers, mirac'lous tongues it gives:
    That we to Gentiles may that truth proclaim;
    Which God ordains to life, through Jesus' name!
    Though we have tongues, are fill'd with prophecies,
    Possess all knowledge, fath in mysteries,
    Or have that faith which mountains can remove,
    Or feed, or die, for whom our natures love;
    All this will prove of nought -- 'tis all in vain,
    Unless our souls from heaven are born again!
    Born of the Spirit's regenerating grace,
    Wash'd thereby; as are all Israel's race!
    THESE SIGNS, THESE WONDERS, and this mighty power,
    Of the Eternal Spirit, whom we adore,
    But shew, in visible creation, that control,
    It has, and holds, o'er every quicken'd soul!


    New heads, new hearts, new feet, an hands and tongues
    It gives to Israel, -- all the ransom'd ones!
    It rests upon them all life's journey through,
    Their thoughts with heaven, and holiness imbue;
    Reveals more deep their native impotence,
    And Christ, the Rock of ages and our sure defence!
    Enchants their souls with glories of his throne,
    'Till they incessant cry -- come! O Jesu! come!
    Thus makes as high the souls of God's elect
    Above the world, as what apostles' act
    Is high above the maniac's frantic deeds,
    Or who fights his shadow, or for his honor bleeds,
    This Spirit's presence to all saints proclaims
    Jesus has risen, and still lives and reigns!
    Again Peter speaks the awful mystery,
    In Jehovah's counsel, and his firm decree;
    That Jews, with impious hearts, and wicked hands,
    Must kill the Christ fulfilling heaven's commands!
    That God had raised him that he should dispense,
    To Jew and Gentile SAVING penitence.
    That thus exalted, HE had shed abroad,
    The Holy Ghost -- and lived both Christ and Lord!
    BOTH LORD AND CHRIST! the LORD of power unknown,
    To RULE the wicked, and,to SAVE His own!
    THE CHRIST! the anointed Prophet, Priest and King,
    Thus given of God to The Elect in him.
    Made of Jehovah to all the heirs of grace
    And SANCTIFIETH! -- HIM, his saints adore,
    Ye men or devils, what wait his people more?
    Such truth the Lord commands we preach to all,
    That from the MASS he may his people call! *

    * It is an almost universal impression among men, that God designed the gospel as an instrument for moralizing the world! And what is called the gospel ministry is shaped accordingly! So that there is infinitely more solicitude manifested to moralize the world, than to save the church! It is, however, to be proved, yet, that God ever designed his gospel for any thing more than to save, instrumentally, his church and people! He has got other means of managing the wicked nature of the world, and he as effectually controls that among the heathen as in christendom: God always has, and will continue, in his providence, to place man in such a situation and before him such objects of temporal pursuit as will suitably


    To them he'll Give repentance and true faith,
    E'en to those Ordain'd to life throuoh his own death.
    Such was the SERMON first promulged to men,
    By an apostle, in Immanuel's name!
    What an apostle preach'd must be safe rule,
    For all who would learn, or teach, in Zion's school!
    That sermon, hateful as it may appear,
    Or grating to each uncircumcised ear;
    Was made the power of the Holy Ghost,
    To give repentance to a numerous host.
    With uplifted hands -- tears streaming from each eye,
    Three thousand sinners simultaneous cry;
    "O, awful depths of sin to which we have fell;
    What shall we do to save our souls from hell?"
    The apostle answered -- Sinners! vain ou ask,
    What you shall do! Salvation is a tas,
    Which only God performs; to, you we are sent
    To say, that God COMMANDS men to repent. †
    Thee commandment of the Lord still standeth sure,
    If men repent, Jehovah is the doer!
    He speaks! -- 'tis done -- commands, it standeth fast;
    Of our salvation he's the first and last!
    Christ is exalted Zion's glorious Prince,
    To Give to his people saving penitence.
    Repentence is of grace, and so is faith,
    Both GIFTS secured by our Immanuel's death,
    Thus testify the saints, and thus the scripture saith.
    As now, hereafter multitudes will rise,
    As Israel's teachers, mantled in disguise,
    Profess to make the gospel to all men plain,
    And thus, illusive, to the world proclaim.
    O Earth, Earth, Earth, you have most ample POWER,
    You want but the WILL for to become the doer
    Of all the law and gospel too demands,
    And thus fulfil all the divine commands.

    influence him to put himself under so much restraint as will secure the existence of society, until God has done his purpose with that society on earth! "He makes the wickedness of the wicked to praise him, and the residue of their wrath He restrains." -- Then let the gospel be preached to the end designed, and not attempt to shape it into another use! Dont fear the wicked, but fear God, and do his commandments!!

    † God commands men every where, (not all men,) i. e. among Gentiles as well as Jews! -- God commands in sovereign grace! -- it must be done!


    We have found at last, what mortal never knew,
    The law says, "do and live," and thus the gospel too! *
    We've found it out! let not our wisdom die!
    (Ye Arminians, frown on all reply!)
    We have found it out! anuthiis in love proclaim,
    Repentance and Faith, and Moral Law's the Same!
    (Who will deny us now a D. D.'s name!)
    This being so, then only love the Lord,
    Eternal life shall be your great reward!
    O you have Power to quicken your dead souls!
    Get but the WILL and then your Power controls
    All sin, all hell, all earth, death and the grave,
    And proves your arm omnipotent to save!
    Ne'er doubt, though Christ asserts, it is a God
    That works repentance, and does faith afford:
    Though apostles say, Almighty power doth save,
    E'en that rais'd a Saviour from the grave!
    Though Paul himself declares he the will,
    But not the power, one precept to fulfil!
    Though all before us who leave Jesus own'd,
    For want of power have sigh'd and wept and groan'd;
    Though every step of the dread path they trod,
    Was watered with scalding tears, and sweat and blood;
    While each exclaim'd, alas! no power have I
    To think one righteous thought: I'm vanity,
    Of vanities; my volition and my power,

    * Fuller, in his gospel, labors to convince the Baptist church that he is a Calvinist sentimentally, and conceiving that he is secure of this opinion, he throws all his subtlety of effort into an attempt to lead the Baptist church into the practical foolery of a methodist camp-meeting. This is what the Devil was at when he put forth Fuller's gospel! He found he could not make the Baptist church sentimentally Arminian, to the end that they might become practically so! and therefore, he determined to exercise his master stroke of manoeuvre to make them practical Arminians, to the end that they might, ostensibly, tolerate and sanction, for a season by their doings, all the deleria impulses of Arminianism; and become, finally so charmed and enchanted with the parade, eclat and honor, He would secure their practical Arminianism, that they would become (like Samson in the lap of Delila) so enfeebles with adulation, that they would yield it last to the sentiment as well as practice!! -- This is an epitome of the Devil's design with Fuller's gospel that has, already, tingling demonstration! The Columbian College and Columbian Star are the centre point of that demonstration!


    Are both abortions every fleeting hour! *
    Though it be said by Him who's ever true,
    'Tis God works in his saints to will and Do;
    That by his power they are kept throu faith,
    And in that power stand faithful unto death.
    Be not ye mov'd from Fuller's ‡ gospel, wise,

    * That the atonement of Christ derives its value from the mere dignity of the person of Christ: that God the Father made that atonement, general, and the Holy Ghost makes it special that Jesus Christ was in a state of trial and probation here on earth: that Jesus Christ weeps in heaven because sinners wont believe and be saved: that the very bosom of God is stabbed by sinners in their rejection of the gospel: that believers are not to love Christ for what he is to them, but for what he is in himself, and must love him as much if he sends them to hell as if he raise them to glory: that every man will be judged and rewarded according to his works, and therefore John Wesley will have one of the highest, or the very highest seat in glory -- higher than the apostle Paul, or any other apostle, for he did more works than either Paul or any one of the apostles: †   that it is the moral duty of all men to believe, who have the gospel, and the moral duty, of those who have it to send it to those who have it not, and that to neglect these moral duties is to be subjected to condemnation: that every sinner may, at any moment, now or hereafter, choose and decide whether he will be saved or not: that the condition or term upon which pardon of sin is granted, is the confession of sin: that all the improvements in the arts and sciences, political and domestic economy, are all but so much preparation for the Lord, when he comes to reign on earth: that he will give it all to his saints, particularly those who have been Baptists; and that their shares in the general stock will be in proportion to what they now do for the Lord, in building colleges, theological schools, &c. The foregoing is a small specimen of the doctrine preached by the Fullerites: all of which the author has heard them advance himself, and will hereafter give their worthy names. Well may the Fullerites vaunt and say -- Andrew's gospel is unanswerable! If what they preach be his gospel, the Devil would blush at the blasphemy it exhibits -- even Satan would find it intangible!

    ‡ This sentiment is preached by a man calling himself a Regular Baptist minister! Is this not a slander upon the Regular Baptist Society of sufficient magnitude to entitle that individual to the penitentiary? But he threw it out as a bait for the Methodists, and it is worthy of the prostituted intellect and selfish doings of the creature that uttered it. To him we say -- Thou lineal descendant of Elymas, mark! there is a point beyond which forbearance ceases to be a virtue! You appear to have done your dirty work, your reward is at hand! An instilted, slandered society shall ere long mete it to you -- or you must fly!

    ‡ As a regular, old-fashioned Baptist in theology authors feels expresses an ineffable contempt for Mr. Fuller's gospel! and


    'Tis no bald, disjointed chat, or cloth'd with lies!
    Still, still believe, that God made man more wise
    Than angels -- who ne'er could scan the mysteries
    Of Grace's reign! believe ye, furthermore,
    That God made man with Almighty power!
    A power from corruption holiness to form!
    And if he wills, a Devil to transform!
    Believe not only, man was made to love
    With creature power, the God of heaven above,
    But that man also, if in case he fell,
    Was bound to save himself from sin and hell;
    That if he be saved not by his own powerful hand,
    Then his damnation is because he's damn'd! *

    solemnly, after repeated perusal of that gospel, he does not think, that ever Fuller knew, in his own soul, what the repentance and faith of God's elect are! Fuller did well as a writer against Arianism -- it was Greek against Greek! (argumentum ad hominem!) in which case he might prove the better Greek without being a Christian! Stephen's answer to Andrew's gospel shows the latter committing himself to so many and such palpable contradictions as would disgrace a school-boy: yet his numerous brainless or graceless admirers proclaim the book answerable! Now be it known that the Devil has 99 Arminians and Fullerites to patronize Fuller's gospel, or any other heretical book, where there is one child of grace to patronize an answer! This will account for Andrew's gospel not having been exposed as an imbecile heterodox production by many!

    * If the gospel be simply the blessed Instrument, in the hand of the Holy Ghost, of saving the church from sin and preparing her for heaven: then to hold it up as a code of law for the world is a lie! And yet how much of this slang is found in the ministry of even professed Calvinists. For instance, they say to the world -- What gospel light you have resisted! What grace you have abused! What privileges you have neglected! Now the fact is, the world has not one ray of gospel light, not one grain of grace, and not one privilege in the gospel- not one tittle of interest there! Then again the world is threatened with damnation for resisting that gospel light -- for abusing that grace -- for neglecting those terms &c. -- Men, women and children are terrified with the apprehension that the gospel will be the sole cause of their condemnation, or doubly damn them unless they comply with certain terms and conditions which it holds forth to all. To have read or heard read, to have even touched or seen the gospel, appears to involve them in this double damnation, and they become terrified into a profession -- like unto Ephraim's food! i. e. the east wind!

    Why this blasphemous representation of the precious gospel? -- Why this mighty solicitude to terrify sinners with a prospect of damnation from the gospel as well as from the law? Why this perverting


    Believe ye this -- nor will ye want for proof,
    That Fuller's Gospel is the matchless truth:
    Ten thousand covert PHARISEES will own,
    That Fuller's Gospel is the worthy one:
    Ten thousand geniuses, of order bright,
    Shall bless the day that usher'd it to light;
    The day that gave it to their subtle hand,
    The alchymist, magi, and their FATHER'S wand! *

    the right ways of the Lord? Why this unblushing and gross inconsistency among professed Calvinistic ministers? Is it ignorance, or is it to make good the quid pro quo!

    Jehovah has proclaimed his gospel to be his instrument of "saving them that believe, even as many as are ordained unto eternal life, or that the Lord our God shall call!" Why not then hold it up with unwavering purpose of heart, and in uniform testimony, as that instrument, and nothing more or less! This only can give the sinner legitimate ground of confidence in and hope from it. if this view thereof does not attract his attention and interest his feelings, no other will! Other representation of the precious gospel is false, and must end in delusion!

    * By this potent dogma of Fuller, namely -- that it is the "moral duty of all men who have, or who can have, the Bible, to believe savingly in Christ:" and, consequently the moral duty of all who have the Bible to put it into the hands of those who have it not, or be subject to the "most awful of God's punishments," by the power of this dogma, we say the Fullerite Baptists in America have established missions in the gentline spirit of Arminianism, built 60,000 dollar meeting houses -- a college, theological seminary, obtained extensive patronage for their Baxterian, or, otherwise, non-descript theological publications (Latter Day Luminary, and Columbian Star!) run into debt to the amount of 200,000 dollars, (and which they will pay exactly when Great Britain pays her national debt!) to the defrauding of widow and orphan, and ruin of friends and brethren! † By the power of this dogma the most of the Baptist churches cease to have any charity for themselves, for their children, for their families, relatives, friends and neighbors, (O what zeal for the Lord!) they cease to maintain all evangelical ministry among themselves: they cease to consider it their duty to bestow a farthing upon an evangelical minister that God in his providence may send or permit to go among them -- they cease to care whether one doctrine or another is introduced among their churches! By this dogma, delusion has been carried so far that shoals of professors in the Baptist society have conceived it their moral duty to preach, even though they stuttered equal to Demosthenes when his mouth was filled with gravel stones. ‡ By the power of this dogma, shoals of professed Baptists have conceived that any little, petty thing they might do, or had done, to put the Bible into ther hands of others, raised them at once, in "the eye of the world," as Howards! made them very Solomons and superseded the necessity


    (Dead, dead the soul, what Power can it have;
    Or, -- WILL -- the bones, now crumbling in the grave!)
    The doctrine has the voice of Tophet's Sire:
    'Tis a blasting effort to make God a liar!
    To hurry professors into all extremes
    In doing and. device, of the maniac's dreams;
    Till the vain form of godliness prevail,
    Blanch Zion's cheek, and make her pastors wail
    In tears of blood -- while foes exult and rail!
    Apostles preach'd! and so did Zion's Head,
    To man as in a moral grave, and dead;

    of their knowing, or being concerned about, the mere truth of the Bible through the medium of an evangelical ministry which they conceive to be an old-fashioned, OBSOLETE affair in the church, and, therefore treat it with due gibe and contempt when compared with their scientific doings. By the power of this dogma, delusion has already been carried so far that young ladies of the first respectability have conceived it their moral duty to marry Indians with the expectation and fond, fond, hope of securing a Progeny of Christians: while other females have been excited to such a degree with the idea that it was their moral duty to preach, that even in the Baptist church alone, several females have become, (by the agitations of their minds upon the subject through the day) somnolent preachers at night: By this dogma, Miss Livermore and Miss Miller (the latter, if not the former, was a Baptist) have been goaded into the ministry as a call of God, though God himself in his word peremptorily forbids any petticoat ministry, (see 1. Tim. 2:11) and though it is a solemn fact, that no woman that ever yet pretended to preach, has preached the truth, but, at best, gross arminianism! And further, it must be observed, that when any female preacher has been made an evangelical believer, she has blushed at the recollection of her own impudence, delusion and lies while professing to be a preacher; and has learned thereafer to keep silent in the Church. By the influence of this dogma, the Regular Baptist Church will have themselves inundated with heretical professors,and ministers, until they lose sight of their faith, order and every thing, but this dogma of Fuller's about moral duty: this will be the case, or they must, ere their arm is palsied, shake the loathsome reptile off them, and leave it, to consume in the noisy blaze of its own kingling! The author knows the temporary storm that these observitions will raise against him but very shortly after, if his life is spared, he will hush it to prudential silence, by the exhibition of facts stern as death!

    † Among numerous instances the author knows of one ministering brother who has been cheated out of 5000 dollars, and one private brother who is responsible for them to the amount of 36,000, 2nd he will no doubt be made a bankrupt for it in his old age! -- Who, then, can doubt their zeal for the Lord!

    ‡ Instances of this sort the author has met with again and again.


    Until they hear the Omnific voice of God,
    "Awake -- arise, and leave your foul abode!"
    Is in the sermon which we now pursue,
    Peter exclaims -- to Gentile and to Jew;
    Repentance to your souls we see is given,
    Arise and be IMMERSED! so wills high heaven!
    And when baptis'd you shall triumph in
    A heartfelt pardon of your every sin.

    You then shall share the richer fruits of faith,
    See more full the glory of Christ's life and death,
    So God ordains -- thus means connect with end,
    To his bless'd statutes let his saints attend! *
    The anxious multitude, with hope surprised,
    Obedient arose and straightway were baptis'd!
    Steadfast they continued (nor other gospel sought)
    In the great doctrine the apostles taught!
    Daily more num'rous grew the faithful host,
    And walk'd in the comfort of the Holy Ghost.
    God's great salvation they united crav'd,
    On all around them, DESTINED to be sav'd!
    God heard their prayer and daily he brought in
    Such as should be saved from the world and sin!
    Thus preach'd apostles -- thus the gospel ran,
    And was made glorious in renewing man;
    In every nation, kindred, people, tongue;

    * More would be written here upon the subject of baptism, was it not that the Devil is so busy, and so successful, in making baptists at this time, out of Arians, Fullerites, Arminians, and other errorists, that the author is almost ashamed to solicit the attention of the intelligent, observing, and evangelical reader to the subject: and yet he must say, that his own extensive observations upon religious society assure him, that many pious individuals in paedo-baptist churches feel it is their duty to be immersed. Such in attending to the ordinances, may expect much spiritual enlargement and consolation.

    Again we say, as our honest opinion, that the Arian Robinson and Metaphysical Fuller have made at least three baptists where the Holy Ghost has made one Christian in the Baptist church; and this is said upon a knowledge of the society equal to that of any other individual's in the denomination. This assertion is not the less true because unpalatable: the Baptist church wants now stern and candid friends: she has had selfish, knavish flatterers long enough.

    † This prayer God answered because it was the product of the Spirit! The Holy Ghost never taught any one to pray for the salvation of all men -- that is mere nature!


    E'en ALL ordain'd to life and joys to come!
    As then, so since, the Holy Ghost has sought,
    And, by the gospel, in the elect has wrought,
    Repentance unto life, and faith in Christ,
    As Israel's Glorious Prophet, King, and Priest!
    Thus will it work through every age to come:
    Thus Sov'reign Call: -- 'till the great work be done,
    Ordain'd of God Immanuel's CROWN to Prove,
    And Shew the Triumph of JEHOVAH'S LOVE!!
    The universe shall then the work survey,
    In the full splendors of immortal day;
    Through angel thrones the mighty shout shall run,
    Behold! the marriage of the Lamb is come:
    The bride is ready for her glorious Lord;
    Prepared the mansions -- spread the nuptial board:
    Ye heavenly hosts, hail this triumphant day,
    And to the hill of Zion speed your way:
    Tune, tune your harps, your lyres harmonious string,
    This day Eternity's great anthem you begin,
    The ascendant of God's sov'reign acts to sing!
    Obedient arise the countless hosts on high, *
    And to the hill of Zion mellifluent fly:
    The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords there stood,
    Rob'd in a vesture crimson'd with his blood,
    Enraptured heaven with holy tumult daze!
    Prostrate they worship, then rising shout his praise!
    while thus adoring, o'er their vision came
    A rolling, world of uncreated flame,
    whose dazzling rays converse on Zion's King.
    While thus Jehovah's voice spake from within.
    Thou brightness of my glory, darling, Son!
    The hour of thy espousals and thy glory's come!
    Behold the Bride adorn'd for thine embrace,
    The wife I gave thee in covenant and in grace!) †
    She comes in lustre glorious as thy own, ‡

    * There may not be a correct keeping of time here, even in poetc licence: if so, let it pass for what it is worth in the estimation of the critic.

    † The salvation of the church from hell is justice to Christ for his blood and righteousness! Her preparation for heaven is grace to him for her -- it is the emanation of Jehovah's charity! Therefore to talk about sun beams, dew drops, bread and water being bought by the blood of Christ is the height of absurdity!

    ‡ 16 Rom. viii, 17. See also that remarkable passage in Jer. xxxiii, 16, ending with -- "ooze asher ikira Le Ieva Zedkenoo!" Here


    To share with thee the honors of thy throne.
    Ye angels ministrant the chaste bride bring in:
    Ye heavens prepare the hymeneal song to sing!
    Angels obey with joy and holy pride,
    And swift as a sunbeam are at Zion's side
    Hail! highly favor'd of the Lord! they cry,
    How lovely thou -- thy destiny, how high!
    All heaven is waiting, thy fair form to see;
    Thy Bridegroom's heart is yearning deep for thee.
    We bear thee to Him, lovelist of all above,
    To consummate thy joys and his great love.
    While thus conoratulant, the angels gain,
    With their lov'd charge, triumphant Zion's plain.
    Christ sees his Bride, and she Lord!
    He shouts, my love! -- she cries, O my adored!
    Resistless, as lightning, are their mutual charms,
    They rush triumphant to each other's arms,
    Receive and give an embrace never known:
    Or since, or While Jehovah has a throne!
    Well pleas'd Jehovah the lov'd scene surveys,
    Imparis his glory in a fiercer blaze;
    All heaven dilates in overwhelming joy,
    And the event their lab'ring thoughts employ.
    While thus they muse from glory Jah * descends
    In glory that all former far transcends.
    As blazing noon the twilight -- angel eyes
    O'erladen'd, close -- prostrate all heaven lies!
    The superior glory of Jehovah moves,
    Around the twain whom he so matchless loves:
    Upon their heads a Father's hand he press'd,
    Their union crown'd -- and thus that union bless'd.
    Child of my adoption! spouse of my great Son!
    Well may thou exclaim -- WHAT HAS JEHOVAH DONE!
    Thou seest yon hell, unfathomably deep,
    Where devils and men incessant howl and weep.
    Pangs pierce their souls, frenzy fires their brain;
    They writhe convulsive in eternal pain.
    Their NATURE still enmity to Israel's God,
    And still they feel my fierce avenging rod.

    we have it declared that she (the church) "shall be called Jehovah our righteousness."

    * Jah is that name in the Hebrew language which signifies the divine nature or essence!


    Why thou art not there, and thy bed in hell:
    Hear me, the Father of thy husband, tell!
    Before.the world began, or heavens were made,
    My delight was with you in your glorious Head.
    Or e'er the morning stars together sang,
    In him I chose you from the race of man!
    I loved you with an everlasting love,
    And ordain'd your sin and thraldom to remove.
    My Son Eternal the same passion * felt,
    His bowels too o'er thee did yearn and melt:
    Nor less the Spirit felt the love divine,
    The Three in One exclaim'd -- she shall be mine!
    My gift, the Father said -- my wife, -- said the Son!
    Nor will I cease till she becomes my own!
    He read our laws -- he saw I inust have blood!
    Exultant he cried -- I'll give it, O my God!
    Betrothe me HER in cov'nant for my wife,
    I'll give to thee, if thou to her give LIFE!
    The word went forth -- the marriage bond was drawn,
    The parties, respective, by themselves had sworn:
    Bone of thy bone, flesh of thy flesh my Son
    From that great hour virtually become!
    What God had join'd together none could part,
    Nor sin, nor death, nor Satan's subtlest art!
    WHO, WHAT, and WHERE, thou wast, I've made thee feel,
    In yonder world -- there, there, I made thee reel,
    To and fro by floods of sorrow toss'd,
    In which thou oft shriek'd -- my God -- my God, I'm lost!
    There thou wast made to feel a hell thy due,
    That for thy redemption thou could'st nothing do:
    When, lo! I said (well thou rememberest it)
    "I have found a ransom -- deliver from the pit!"
    That ransom was the blood of my lov'd Son
    In whose embrace thou hast -- and now shall share his throne!
    Was ever object in such a manner sought!
    Was ever wife with such a ransom bought!
    Thou, too, wast naked, and most hideoeus foul,
    He flung around thy horror-smitten soul,
    The ample robe of his great righteousness

    * The author uses this term in its figurative sense.


    And bid thee welcome to Jehovah's face!
    When thus without so beauteously adorn'd,
    For inward holiness thou secret mourn'd.
    No language could thy pantings here express,
    Thou roar'd, give me, "Holy Ones," * True Holiness.
    Holiness had now thy element become!
    In that thou could'st live and move and breathe, alone.
    When thy breast first upheav'd with that desire,
    It prov'd the presence of the "Refiner's fire:"
    That heaving was the converse of all sin,
    And made thee, Daughter, "all glorious within!"
    O'er that spark celestial, did corruption roll,
    Which oft cast down and terrified thy soul;
    But unextinguish'd did the fire remain!
    Fierce and more fierce upshot the sacred flame!
    Till with enragement of holiness thou giow'd,
    And meet for thy destined heavenly abode.
    It was by my Spirit given through my Son,
    That in thee, Zion, this great work was done! †
    Well has he fulfill'd a husband's faithful part,
    Wel may he have, O Daughter, all thy heart.
    And now thou dost before my throne appear,
    Blameless and perfect and Jehovah's heir.
    Let the wife honor and obey her Lord,
    As erst commanded heaven's unerring word:
    The husband love, sustain and cherish his chaste wife
    As his own soul; or while lie shall have life!
    Jehovah's blessings, as a Father's, rest
    On your espousals -- BLESS'D OF ALL THE BLEST!

    * Daniel iv, 17. This unquestionably refers to the triune God.

    † The author, in common with all who preach the doctrine of sovereign grace, has been dubbed an Antinomian: but he has the satisfaction of knowing that they who gave him that name were disguised, or open, Arminians. He has disturbed many a covert nest of them in the Baptist society: and it was very natural that when the old serpent's head was hit the young ones should hiss. The fact is, an Antinomian is rara avis in terris, nigroque simillima cygno -- (a rare bird in the earth, and very like a black swan.) The character is in direct opposition to the moral predilections of man since the fall, which are to save himself by his own works, if not altogether, in part; or, in other words, man is as predispqmd to Arminianism, as swine are to mud-wallowing. This the Devil knows, and is too wise to trouble himself with making men Antinomians, when he is sure of them as Arminians. But when Arminianism is assailed, the Devil will be sure to have plenty, of his jackalls yelling out, Antinomianism! Antinomianism!


    O'er thee the JAH eternally shall sing,
    To JAH eternal fruits of glory bring!!
    The awful majesty of unborn light
    Retires -- and angels once more regain their sight:
    While in their ears Jehovah's voice proclaims,
    Ye angels rise! and sing eternal paeans.
    Uprise the hosts, exultant, and surround
    The hill of Zion, as heaven's most hallow'd ground:
    The Son, as a burning furnace, they see glow,
    And round his Bride an ineffable halo:
    To them she speaks, as heaven's imperial Queen,
    And thus directs the Jubilee's first scene!
    Thrones and dominions, principals and powers,
    Approach the object whom all heaven adores,
    And see in him the Husband of my soul,
    Through whom, o'er us, these whelming glories roll.
    In him elected you have never fell,
    In him elected I'm redeem'd from hell:
    In him elect, you've kept your holiness;
    I am holy through his sov'reign, sov'reign grace.
    Unite ye heavens to make his praises known,
    While his Bride's hand his glorious head shall crown.
    Behold the splendors of his diadem:
    What countless stones! how living every gem:
    Purg'd in his blood, and polish'd by his hand,
    Is eveery jewel: and shall forever stand,
    In blazinf radiance on his majestic brow,
    And o'er his Zion light eternal throw.
    So spake the Bride: and then in holy blush,
    (While every nerve with sacred joy was flush)
    She rais'd the crown, and plac'd it on his head
    And from her soul's centre, to her Bridegroom said:
    In thee, O Jesus, I am now complete;
    "Presented perfect" at Jehovah's feet!
    I feel thee here to be my all in all:
    Into thy dear arms I now forever fall;
    No more to mourn the hidings of thy face,
    No more to agonize for thine embrace:
    But on thy bosom eternally to rest;
    And hail'd forever: -- "Bless'd of all the blest."
    While Zion spoke new glories fill'd the sky:
    From whence, or what is this? the angels cry.

    * Zephaniah iii, 17. The Jehovah, thy God in, &c.


    Behold that Bow! high tow'ring o'er our thrones!
    Then rove their eyes to see from whence it comes.
    The Bride interprets: and thus the source explains:
    Behold HIS CROWN! 'tis streaming forth its flames,
    To blood-dy'd Calvary! Behold them run,
    While from its brow, in awful grandeur's sprung
    The arch of Messiah's glory: looming high,
    In this refulgence, through our hallow'd sky;
    Its termination on the eternal hills:
    And thus the glory of MY Husband fills.
    Ye triumphant heavens, obey ye Zion's call,
    Hail ye mY Jesus -- Sov'reign Lord of all!
    O, what a sound! what mighty glories roll!
    And drown my senses, and upheave my soul!
    Pause, pulse, my muse, attempt not to describe
    The 'whelming antehm: or of Jesu's bride
    Sing more, till at his sov'reign feet I fall,
    And with them hail, adore, and feel him -- LORD OF ALL!


    [ 107 ]

    NOTE I.

    Let not scriptorians complain because there is not reference given to the numerous passages of scripture embraced in this Poem: be it remembered by them, that it is an experiment by a solitary, isolated, individual, to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints, in a novel form -- even that faith which is the most unpopular subject, at the present day, under the heavens! Let not erudite theologians complain, because there is not more systematic, or comprehensive theology embraced in the work: be it by them remembered, that it is written mainly for a region that can bear but little light; where few know the truth, and where most of those who know anything about it shrink from the defence, or even the recognition of it, as flesh and blood shrink from the halter or gibbet. The author is aware, that this implies a severe reflection upon the sentiment, or mental integrity of ministers around him, but not more severe, than he knows feelingly to be merited.

    NOTE II.

    The title page calls for "a Retrospective and Prospective view of the Baptist Society," as an appendage to this poem; but it is, upon further reflection, deemed advisible, to extend that view beyond what could have been well prepared for this volume without detaining the press, or interfering with the preaching tours of the author. It is therefore now concluded to publish the said view in a volume by itself. That view will comprise about 150 pages octavo; in which will be exhibited irrefragable evidence, that all the heresies among the Baptists on the eastern side of the mountains, and all the heresies on the western side, together with all their college, publishing, theological school, and missionary enterprize, originated from the writings of Arian Robinson, and metaphysical Andrew Fuller. That while Fullerism has been playing off its anticks on the eastern side of the mountains, under the appropriate and particular agency of Dr. Staughton, Luther Rice, O. B. Brown, and some few others; that Robinson's arianism has been equally busy, in its experiments on the western side of the mountains, under the agency of the two Campbells, one Dr. (so dubb'd by the Arian Holly president of the Transylvania college in Kentucky,) Fishback and others, and all at the expense of the character of the Regular Baptist Church. It will be also shewn, that the union of Robinson's arianism, and Fuller's metaphysical gospel, has produced a brood of heresies in the name of the Baptist church, only surpassed in number by the progeny of Milton's allegorical personages of sin and death, and only equalled in hue, by the colours of the Kaliedescope. It will be further shewn, that Fuller's Worthy Gospel has been and is indebted to all the open and disguised Arminians in all the professing societies in Great Britain and America, for its celebrity: that it has posed all their brains to know what it means, but that they have inferred it was designed as a blow against the ugly


    monster, Calvinism, and from that consideration, together with the vanity of appearing to comprehend incomprehensibles, they have hailed it as the Athenians of old did their unknown God: and that, with thousands more, the vox populi, in reference to Andrew's gospel has been, as first it was, considered as the vox Dei. It will be further shewen, that upon Robinson's system of theology (of which Alexander Campbell, in his "Christian Baptist" is a mere copyist) every man, woman and child in christendom, who have simply heard or read, that "Jesus is the Christ" may become Baptists: and that Fuller's gospel makes it their moral duty, to become so, and that it WARRANTS every means, honest or dishonest, to make men believe: a full practical illustration of which, will be furnished from the history of the Church, College and Seminary buildings, together with the varied carnal expedient, guile and knavery, that have been resorted to, to gather the moral sensibilities of the country together in support of their enterprises in the Baptist society: all of which the writer will, if life be spared him, make self evident to every truly spiritual man that may investigate the subject. The far famed Principals of these and other kindred projects will then have, in addition to the vast posthumous celebrity they have been so intensely struggling for, an appropriate reminiscence furnished to their minds, of the "ways and means" by which they have secured such distinction, and involved to probable beggary numerous respectable individuals and families, gulled the community out of $300,000, and the labourer of his hire, to the amount of $100,000 and that the whole is a visible, tangible, and most ample experimental demonstration of the profound sapiency and unparelleled zeal of the agents under whose memorable auspices this luminous practical demonstration has been given, that Andrew "Fuller's Gospel is worthy of all acceptation."

    The design of the VIEW will be, to contribute a mite towards facilitating a separation between the essential Regular Baptist church, and these detestable, and now huge Arian and Fullerite excrescences. * That separation must take place at some and no distant period: the sooner the better. To have been instrumental in bringing it about, will be a grateful evidence to the author, that he has not lived for nought or in vain.


    We have said in Note 2nd. that all the freaks and experiments of Fullerism, have been at the expense of the character of "the

    * There will be a loud and a long exclamation on the part of the Fullerites of "divided we fall," and it will be true so far as it respects themselves: they will fall to their proper level; they will dwindle into insignificancy, or merge into the Arminian ranks, to which, in all their moral feelings, they properly belong, and from which Andrew Fuller's gospel has merely detained them, as the ignus fatuus diverts, for a moment, a swarm of insects from their NATIVE QUAGMIRE.


    Regular Baptist Church" -- has an instance, the author is surrounded with a "conie folk" calling themselves Regular Baptist; they have the Philadelphia Confession of Faith in their hands, as their safeguard, while from their pulpit, they receive the grossest heresies that ever was uttered by a man calling himself a Baptist minister. They profess to the Baptist Confession of Faith, and yet exclude their female members from a vote in church affairs, and admit persons into their societies, who will tell them that they must be Methodists too, i. e. go to Methodist meeting when they please -- while their ministers themselves attend Methodist class meetings, love feasts, &c. and profess a great fellowship with them: No wonder that bank-stock, rail-road stock, &c. is offered (when thee Lord shall come!) in double portion, to every Methodist, Presbyterian, or any one, who will but confess their sins to Mr. B. and become Baptists. And yet these creatures will lustily vociferate, that they are regular Baptists, and shew the Baptist Confession of Faith, as an evidence thereof: indeed they go so far as even to use that Confession of Faith, when they want to silence a member who may be conscientiously constrained to denounce their brainless and heretical ministry, and which they call "false accusation;" and by the Confession of Faith, they would then exclude him, tho' at the same time, they call the doctrine of that Confession of faith, "hodge podge stuff." -- They are subject to endless schism and uproar, and when in an extremity, they send to some distant place, an hypocritical lament, about their sufferings for the sake of the enlist the sympathies of some faithful minister, ignorant of them, cajole him to come among them at the sacrifice of hundreds of dollars, promise to bear his travelling expenses, at least, and then cheat him out of the whole, and attempt to make, him submit to their lawless creed and order, by threatening their united voice against him (a stranger!) if he submit not to their maniac-like dicta -- This case is not imaginary, but real -- not solitary, but one of a thousand instances of the crocodileism of the Fullerites.

    NOTE IV.

    It has been reported that the writer was engaged in writing against Fuller's gospel -- now, when the writer began the foregoing poem, he had not Fuller in his thoughts; any notice therefore, of Fuller's writings, is contingent and incidental. When the'contemplated "view" comes out, then Fullerism will be seen in bold relief, both as respects its plan of operation, and practical doings: Afterwards the author may shew Andrew's self contradiction to be equal to his theological heresy, and that both together, rendered him worthy of being placed among the number of Arminian idols, and labelled with a D. D. All of this however, depends upon the number of days that may be added to the existence of the writer. If he lives not to do it, he will die, having it in his heart to perform that much more service for the Regular Baptist Church!


    The author has added a few miscellanous pieces, t0 meet the expectations, and gratify the feelings of some few private christian friends: Their es thereof, leads him to believe, that they will not prove altogether unprofitable to others. The pieces are from a volume designed, in the end, to be called the "Lights and shades of Christian and Ministerial life" -- of which, the following scraps are somewhat expressive.


    O how precious 'tis to meet,
        Kindred spirits in the Lord;
    And with them take counsel sweet
        In the peace his paths afford.

    To them is his promise given,
        That where two or three convene,
    Jesus, will descend from heaven,
        And reveal himself to them.

    O the matchless mercy shown
        In the riches of his grace,
    Jesus may be found at home,
        Found in every sphere and place.

    Christ!, be with my longing soul:
        O I'm sick for sight of thee!
    Breathe upon me, make me whole,
        Let me feel thy firm decree.

    Yes, thy firm decree it is,
        That thy chosen should attain,
    All the holiness and bliss
        That an angel's eye e/er seen.

    Other hope, O Christ I've none,
        For redeeming power and grace;
    The plan, the work, is all thy own
        An thine forever be the praise.

    O how little do I feel,
        While the words so freely flow;
    My heart is oft as hard as seel
        And sideling as the treach'rous bow.


    Now Jehoyah, Jesus come
        Down with every rival form;
    Let me serve thee, God! alone,
        For thee, for thee, still I burn!.

    O the balmy, soothing thought,
        That the time fast rushes on,
    When all that blood divine hath bought.
        And I in glory will be one.

    Then I'll lay my weary head,
        On the bosom of my God;
    On his smiles be ever fed,
        For ever to his love restored.


    What mind can grasp Immanuel's boundless love
    To those for whom a servant he became
    In mortal's fearful form. For whom he drank
    The bitter cup of God's severest wrath:
    From wave to wave of heaviest sorrow toss'd;
    With grief acquainted of unfathom'd depths:
    Sustain'd in sufferings 'till omnipotence
    No further might sustain? Who that partakes
    Of the Redeemer's mind, but feels a glow
    Of high, unutterable love to those
    For whom he suffered and for whom he died!
    What are all feelings that possess the breast
    Of man ambitious, or of man supine,
    Compared with those of the messenger of grace
    Has for the Zion of his God on earth!
    His soul for her, incessant travail feels:
    Nor wealth, nor honour, fondest friends nor foes,
    Can e'er divert his head and heart and all
    From this bright object of his heaven-born zeal.
    His eye is fix'd intense on every soul
    Renew'd by sov'reign grace, as a bless'd part
    Of that vast edifice ordain'd to rise
    Above all angel thrones! the highest point
    Of Deity reveal'd. To lay one "1ively stone"
    On this, Jehovah's last, choice, dwelling place;
    To him, is higher honour than e'er graced
    The radiant brow of noblest seraphim!


    But O, what language can express the wo
    Of him, who feels all these immense desires
    And fond solicitudes for Zion's weal,
    And yet forbid to share the humblest part
    Of service for her: cast aside and doom'd,
    To drag his soul, from day to day, thro' scenes
    Of earthly labours, and of earthly cares!


    O Thou! in whom my life is hid,
        Who in my soul hope's glory dwells:
    Let thy Omnific mandate bid
        Destruction to the tempter's spells.

    Lord Jesus! bound to thee am I,
        Thou art my meat, my drink, my all!
    Earth hell and sin, in vain shall try,
        To drown my heavenly shepherd's call.

    Ye angels, see me 'midst the flames
        Of trials, fiery, sharp and stroll,
    Tho' unconsumed the bush remains!
        To Jesus higher raise your song.

    And ye, who thro' the awful gloom,
        And tempests of this wo-worn world,
    Have gain'd an high celestial noon,
        With glory's banners all unfurl'd:

    Look ye on one, who trembling treads,
        The rugged path your feet once trod:
    Whose arms of faith and prayer outspread.
        Are reaching for your heaven -- your God.

    Soon another gem will blaze
        In the crown of your high Priest:
    My soul redeem'd by sov'reign grace
        Will make more rich your heavenly feast.


    What! trust in man! extreme of all that's mad:
    A Parthian spear were harmless to his heart.


    Repose on human kind! O fool of fools!
    A nest of scorpions were a safer pillow.
    Yes, I would rather trust to serpent fangs
    For nurturing juice, than human breast for kindness;
    Or place myself beneath the tiger's paw,
    Than in man's hand, for'generous protection.
    Take all that's hateful, loathsome and abhorr'd
    In reptile form, or prowling beasts of prey,
    Combine it all -- all, all's but a faint type
    Of man's vile turpitude: a sea unfathom'd,
    Unmeasurable, known, to none but God!
    Nor has the page of human life been scann'd,
    If this be fancied or affirm'd untrue.
    O, who would dwell forever with this herd
    Of ruthless monsters, in the form of man!
    My soul is sick and gasping in her toils,
    To shun the blasting embrace of the wretch,
    And struggle from the meshes of his snares:
    But all my toil is vain: hell triumphs in him,
    And brings me prostrate to his ravenous maw.
    E'en now his iron teeth are fasten'd on me,
    He bites and will devour, 'till all is gulp'd
    That years of labour bid me call my own.


    God hath sav'd us! shout ye angels!
        Sav'd us e'er the world began!
    His own spirit hath proclaim'd it,
        To the fallen race of man.

    By the precious life and dying,
        Of his perfect, spotless Lamb;
    Sinners have, and may draw nigh him;
        Yea, HE calls them by their name.

    Calls them with an holy calling,
        Saves them from their every sin;
    Keeps their feet from ever falling,
        Binds their wand'ring hearts to him.

    O the mighty depths and riches,
        Of Jehovah's truth and grace:


    This an angel's thought outstretches,
        Theme of heaven's external praise.

    Shout O heavens! God hath done it!
        Nothing's wanting -- all's complete:
    Jacob's seed shall ever sing it,
        Seraphs shall the song repeat.


    A little longer lend a cheerinz ray
    Spirit of God! a few steps further on
    Direct my tottering feet: -- soon, soon I'll sink,
    Peaceful syumbers of the grave,
    No more to vex thee, and no more to wound
    The name of Jesus in a recreant life.
    There, there I'll rest, exempt from all the storms,
    That now beat on me and alarm my soul,
    'Till the great day, whien Gabriel's awful trump,
    Shall usher in the Sabbath of our God,
    "'Midst wreck of matter and the crush of worlds."
    Then this corruption shall put on a form
    All pure, and lovely as Immanuel's own!
    But oh! what conflicts, and what woes are mine
    In struggling forth from hell and earth and sin!
    I agonize to pass the narrow gate
    That leads to life eternal; while every throe
    Of my convulsed soul, appears to threaten
    The dissolution of this mortal frame.
    And yet I live! Omnipotence sustains!
    And oft rejoice! The Godhead gives the joy!
    Jehovah's arm withdrawn, and deep I sink
    In death, the death that never, never dies.
    Remove his comforts, and my life's at best
    An embryo hell, in all its horrid shapes.
    But I shall triumph, for Jesus ever lives
    To carry on the work his grace began,
    And shew his glorv in the weakest saint!

    IT WILL NOT TARRY, &c. Hab. ii. 3.

    Art tbou coming to me -- art thou cominag to me
        O Jesus! the penitent cries;


    Art thou coming, deliverer, art thou coming to free
        My soul from the death that ne'er dies!

    An horror of darkness rests on my soul,
        A mountain of guilt sinks me down;
    Hell moves to receive me -- its billows fierce roll!
        But more dread rolls the cloud of thy frown.

    Pangs, pangs, seize my soul -- frenzy fires my brain,
        I writhe on the brink of despair;
    Is there no eye to pity -- no arm to redeem,
        No ear for my groans and my prayer?

    O yes! thou art coming -- I see thee! my God!
        From Bosrah! all streaming in blood!
    The wine press of wrath, alone, thou hast trod:
        For me wast thou 'imersed in hell's flood.

    Shout! shout! ye heavens! rejoice O ye Earth!
        Burst forth in new anthems of praise:
    Immanuel redeems -- gives a spiritual birth,
        AND GLORIFIES sov'reign grace.

    Art thou coming to me -- art thou coming to me?
        O Jesus! the child of grace'cries:
    In heaven or earth, there is none besides thee,
        Can cheer these oft tear dimmed eyes.

    Thou hast given my soul a glimpse of thy charms;
        Thou hast ravish'd my heart with thy smiles:
    Thy absence creates, in my breast, fierce alarms,
        Thy presence any sorrow beguiles.

    O Jesus! remember thine own awful cry,
        And the billows that o'er thee did roll;
    When Eloi, Eioi, lama Sabaechani,
        Burst forth from thy agoniz'd soul.

    Oh! think, thou bless'd angel of presence divine,
        Of thyself, and then think thou of me,
    Hell's pains thou hast felt -- a measure is mine,
        When absent, O Matchless! from thee.

    Art thou coming for me -- art thou coming for me
        O Jesus! the dying saint cries:
    Art thou coming to bear my wrapt spirit to thee,
        To mansions prepared in the skies?

    The dew damps of Death on my forehead now glisten,
        His rattle is sprung in my ear:


    For thy coming,O Jesus, I long,and I listen:
        Hark! tis he -- 'tis his voice that I hear.

    O music mellifluous - O vision Divine!
        O Glory! ineffably bright:
    That object -- that music -- that glory is mine!
        Thrice welcome, O death, for the sight.

    See, see! he descends! streams of glory outbursting
        From his head and his feet, from his hands and his side;
    They rush through my soul (for holiness thirsting)
        These speak, in mute eloquence, Jesus has died!

    Come nearer, O Jesus! let me gaze on thy charms,
        Let me feast on the smiles of thy face;
    Be thy bosom mv pillow -- let ime rest in thy arms
        In the last, and e'erlasting embrace.

    O! it is done! it is finish'd -- I'm free from the clay,
        I'm mounting, I'm flying above:
    Hail wondrous vision -- ineffable day!
        I'm lost -- lost for ever, in LOVE.

    The foregoing lines were suggested by reading of a Venetian song -- beginning wih "Venite per me" * -- and which words were the exclamation of a female maniac, in reference to one, who had been her betrothed lover, but whom death tore from her embrace.


    Shall this tonoue again e'er tell
        Of Jehovah's sov'reign grace!
    Can this darkness, gloom of hell,
        To the GOSPEL'S LIGHT give place?

    Father! suffer me to prove,
        My Allegiance to thy Son;
    Let me a panting, burning love,
        Jesus and his cross to own.

    Clothe my mind with heavenly light:
        Fill my heart with holy fire:
    Rouse me to the noblest fight,
        Never, never let me tire,

    * "Art thou come for me."


    'Till I have gathered unto thee
        All thy sovereign grace ordained,
    Should thro' my feeble ministry,
        Receive thy faith, and that faith's end.

    O does heaven or earth afford,
        Greater wonder than, that I.
    Who thy Jesus once abhorr'd,
        Now for him, should live, should die!

    Yes, for him, I die to all,
        That the world calls great and good;
    Die to self, and at his call,
        Plunge in sorrow's heaviest flood.

    But, O God! do thou not fail,
        To impart thy gracious smile;
    While the waves of wo prevail;
        While at the gospel net I toil.

    Oh I remember thou hast sworn,
        By thyself and by thy word;
    That bless'd are they, who for thee mourn:
        Christ shall be their strength, their Lord.

    On my pillow-thoughts this night
        Let thy glorious image press;
    Ravish'd with the pure delight
        That my labours thou wilt bless.


    Yes, I would drop a tear at thy bless'd feet
    Immanuel Jesus -- where the streaming eyes
    Of Magdalene, once penitently flow'd.
    That tear is shed! and angels bear it hence
    To learn its import in the sight of God!
    They know the sorrow of the world works death,
    And that there s sorrow unto life eternal!
    Hence, every tear that flows from mortal eyes
    Becomes the burden of an angel's wing;
    'Till borne on high before the judgment seat,
    Omniscience reads its source in frowns or smiles;
    While mute or inellifluent, the celestial hostsI
    Proclaim the dread results! -- then come my soul
    And deep inquire the import of those tears


    That often flow in sympathy for thee;
    Frighted with condemnation or with life!


    Words may express the sinfulness of sin
    As man conceives it -- not as the saint feels!
    The mouth of the Eternal ne'er has spoke
    The deep and awful ruins of our fall,
    No more than his own holiness described!
    Who knows not this, knows nothing as he ought
    Of the Supreme's bestowments thro' his Son,
    Of sov'reign mercy, and redeeming grace!
    Hence cries my soul -- O God I if ere I reach,
    The holy habitations of thy throne,
    'Twll be to tell of doings for my soul
    More vast, more mighty, than worlds on worlds
    Were raised and moulded by Omnific power,
    Or angels sprung exultant into life,
    Before thy throne, to quaff immortal joys.
    Is here thy glory seen? then that is truth!
    A bench of Bishops could not shew it more.


    And can it be that in this heart, O God!
    Thy Spirit ever dwelt? that in thy love
    It bath'd in bliss extatic! while every throb
    Was spent in murmuring sighs for thee
    In the full vision of immortal day!
    This heart so pregnant now with earth-born cares,
    And cleaving fast to vanity and dust:
    All insolent, in terms'of bitterest charge on thee
    Because my gourd is fading, and my hopes
    Of temp'ral joy are scattered by thy frown:
    A frown more blessed, perhaps, than brightest ray
    That ever floated o'er angelic eyes
    From thine eternal throne! O wondrous change!
    How can such awful, trembling sad extremes,
    Be found in mortal soul! The fearful scene
    Appals, confounds, and sinks me into gloom.


    Approaching to despair, and fiend-like rage:
    I long to say "My Mother!" to the grave,
    And be familiar with the clay cold worms;
    To have them batten on this trenibling flesh
    And moisten'd at the fountain of my heart.
    And yet, O God! all deep'ning comes the groan
    That thy bless'd will, not my vain wish be done.
    Oh, that's the talisman, that charms each grief,
    And gives each cloud of sorrow, rain-bow hues!
    Bereft of this prevailing, growing prayer
    ("Thy will be done,") and I am Satatn's mate,
    Legion my name, and hell my dire abode!


    Ye humbling, loathsome, torturing train
    Of self-abasing view -- why hunt me thus
    Thro' labours of the day, and dreams of night!
    Hast thou no bounds? is there no point, at which
    These less'ning estimations of myself will stop!
    My head once teem'd with varied projects vast
    To ravish earthly fame, and raise proud self,
    A Saul in Israel's camp! How are the mighty fallen!'
    Behold me now, disposed to name myself
    The chief of fools -- the vilest, beastliest wretch,
    That ever crawl'd to David's cleasing font:
    And wherefore this! That I may sink to naught!
    And Jesus be exalted -- "all in all!"
    Thus God ordains! my soul cry out -- Amen,
    While mere PROFESSORS read, jibe, and are damn'd.


    Night is as day with thee, omniscient One!
    Down to deepest recess of man's heart
    Thine eye, all piercing, every moment strikes.
    And every fleeting, shadowy, thought surveys,
    With all that lifts to joy or sinks to wo.
    Exulting thought, to those who Jesus have
    "The hope of glory" in their blood bought souls!
    There, there, thine eye delighted ever dwells,


    While there thine image brightens and expands
    Into the full expression of thy grace
    In temples holy, lasting, as thy throne!


    Deep is our guilt! what mind conceives a cure?
    Deep is our wo! what arm can yield relief?
    Deeo are our groans! Where is the listening ear,
    Or where a Saviour that will bear our grief?
    No sooner ask'd than, radiant, forth he comes
    From David's throne -- Immanuel! The Most High!
    In clouds of glory: -- streaming mercy runs
    Before his chariot -- hell and sin must fly!
    He speaks! in lofty, deep unequall'd words,
    And says -- O Jacob, thou thyself hast slain!
    In ME's, thy help, ME, the Lord of Lords!
    I'll bring thee, wanderer, to my fold again.
    My arm's not shorten'd that it cannot save,
    My ear's not heavy, that it cannot hear;
    In my own blood, thy sin-stain'd soul I'll lave,
    And to my glory, tho shalt rise an heir!


    Was it Jesus, then, thy meat
        Thy great Father's will to do?
    Glorious labour! O how sweet!
        Saviour let me do it too!

    Thou, Immanuel, oft hast said,
        That thy strength should perfect prove;
    To heal the sick, to raise the dead,
        And turn the heart of stone to love.

    Glorious Saviour! deign to dwell,
        In this troubled soul of mine;
    Thy absence makes the gloom of hell,
        Thy presence yields me joys divine.

    O when thou art nigh I run,
        In the ways of righteousness,


    Then Jehovah's will is done,
        Then I feel Jehovah's peace!

    By thy doings and thy death,
        By Thy oath and promises,
    Make my living, dying breath,
        Shout thy sov'reign, sov'reign grace!


    Ye pure, translucent soul refreshing streams,
    Of light, life, joy and heaven endurine peace;
    That glow and flash in more than orienat beams,
    O'er every page of God's redeeming grace!
    How pants my soul to drink your pleasures in,
    And bathe, incessant; in your holy waves;
    Till wash'd and cleans'd from all remaining sin,
    I prove your power, the vilest sinner'saves!


    Oh, what floods of heavenly light,
        Does the word of God contain;
    Darkness felt is put to flight,
        And sin and superstition's reign.

    Oft I leave thee, precious book,
        For some mortal's feeble lamp:
    Or days roll on and I ne'er look
        For thy truth of holiest stamp.

    But on bended knees I come,
        And retrace thy sacred lines;
    The only light, the lamp alone
        That can shew the end of crimes.

    REV. xiv. 1 to 3.

    Behold, behold, yon beauteous throng,
        Hymning round Jehovah's throne;
    "By grace we're saved" -- is all their song,
        Glory to our God alone!


    We are now on high enthroned,
        Who once were burning brands of hell!
    Jesus for our sins atoned
        On him all our sins have fell.

    Nothing like our Christ is seen,
        On earth below, orin heaven above;
    All our souls area fill'd with him;
        Ocean of eternal love.

    The Jehovah, with delight,
        Views us all complete in him:
    Exulting angels see the sight
        And eager ask from whence we came!

    Tribulations we have known,
        Thro' them reach'd our hi&h abode:
    In sufferings have With Jesus flown
        To the haven of our God.


    This day vouchsafe thy blessing, Israel's God!
    And guide my feet along the narrow road:
    Dispense the rays of thy all-cheering smile,
    And my deep sorrow let thy beguile.
    O let me feel, make me act that part,
    By which I'll prove the regent of my heart:
    Display thy power to save from every sin,
    And make the vilest of all siiinerg clean.
    Well known to thee, is all the mountain care
    That presses on me, sinking to despair;
    Beneath its weight, I stagger to and fro,
    I go, I know not where, I know not where to go.
    Thine eye seems closed, and thy arm withdrawn,
    Thou leav'st me helpless to the pitiless storm.
    I cry to thee at noon-day and at night,
    "My path is darkness Lord, do thou sow light."
    The more I cry, the darker gronws my path,
    I groan, I weep, half frantic now I laugh:
    I kneel, I rise, I read and think and stand,
    And try a thousand ways again to meet thy hand;
    But try in vain -- I know not what to do.
    I cry -- my God! hast thou forsook me too?
    Shall I no'more behold thy smiling face,


    No more find refuge in thy lov'd embrace?
    Dear Lord, in mercy, this day change the scene,
    Remove the clouds that now do intervene
    Betwixt my soul and thee: make my path straight;
    Nor let me Stitt my very I
    O spread thy glory o/er my waiting eyes
    An urge me onward for my native skies.

    "HAS PA COME."

    The last words of a dying Infant,
    in reference to its absent Father.

    Yes! thy heavenly Father's come!
    To his bosom takes thee home:
    There forever thou shalt rest,
    In immortal glory drest.
    Now thine earthly Father's love,
    Thou canst read from thrones above;
    There, matured, thy mind can know,
    All my bitterness of wo.
    Be thou, spirit of my babe,
    While the floods of life I wade,
    The guardian angel of my way,
    A Beacon to eternal day.
    Thou art dwelling now in God,
    Now I press for thine abode;
    Child of my love, behold I come,
    Thy Father will be soon at home.
    There he'll clasp thee in his arms,
    Free from sin and death's alarms;
    Welom'd by thee to thy home,
    There to glow round glory's throne.


    Once more kind friends, support this sinking head
    To that bless'd pillow, where so oft I've spoke
    To Jacob's God; in unbreath'd converse high.
    There, there, I'll gasp my last, nor more entail

    * Alexander Pope has written a piece bearing this title: With due estimation of his poetical genius, it must be admitted that his


    Wearisome night's and days, on mortal friends,@
    Oh! here, this shivering body once more rests,
    The grave, that rest, e'er long, shall consummate.
    I feel my soul, in all her varied powers,
    Gathering her Jesus as her "all in all!"
    O welcome, and o'erwhelming grand display
    Of the aboundings of rich sov'reign grace:
    With life, my all forever might have been lost,
    And now that all, forever is secured!
    Yes, yes I feel my fragile bark is off
    The terrific waves of life's tumultuous sea.
    The haven is at hand, where floods of wo
    Shall o'er me roll no more -- hurt or alarm
    This million times,toss'd spirit. Ah! what's that?
    Some hand of friendly mortal shuts my eyes,
    Already seal'd to sublunary things.
    They see death's dew damps on my forehead glisten,
    And hear his rattle sounding from my heart:
    While busy hands are forming now my shroud,
    And give it fragrance with affection's tears.
    O Christ! where art thou -- robe for my soul
    Of righteousness eternal! where are thine arms?
    O let me feel their fond and sure embrace!
    Now speak -- thy voice can sweetest music make
    Of dying groans: -- now come and own
    The purchase of thy blood -- my panting soul!
    O welcome, welcome this long look'd for hour;
    This night of death, that consummates the love
    Of Jesus to my soul. See! the Conqueror comes
    High on salvation's car! music s spirit breathes
    From angels, attendant on the Son of man.
    Bright and more bright, the heavenly scene unfolds!
    In exstacies absorb'd, my soul surveys
    The prelude to her everasting joys,
    And springs triumphant to Immanuel's arms.

    "soliloquy" is purely sublimated heathenism -- for there is not a word of Jesus Christ, the christian's life, in it. so true it is, that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, or the pen writes: If Christ,be not in the heart, that heart will teem with any thing but Christ! But nothing but. Christ makes out christianity.

    ==> Should any one be interested, or curious to know who the author of the foregoing volume is, they are referred to Elder Lawrence Greatrake, who is alternately on the eastern and western side of the mountains: he will satisfy all concerned.


    Lawrence Greatrake
    The Parallel and Pioneer...

    (New Lisbon, Ohio, 1830)

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  • 1827 pamphlet   Transcriber's Comments








    "It is written: My house shall be called the house of prayer, but ye have made it a den of thieves." -- Matth. xxi, 13,

    "Make not my father's house a house of merchandise." -- John ii, 16.

    "And through coveteousness* shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgement now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not." -- 2 Pet. ii, 3.

    "This KNOW ALSO, that in the last days perilous times shall come," &c. -- 2 Tim. iii, 1 to 5.

    "O ye hypocrites ye can discern the face of the sky, but ye cannot discern the signs of the times." -- Matth. xvi, 3.

    *Coveteous of office, title, honor, literary fame and money.
    Multum in parvo.


    Minister of the Regular and purely Calvanistic Baptist Church.





    [ ii-a ]

    Messieurs Jacob Lindly, Cunningham Hazlet, Wm. And James Laughridge,
    J. M. Stewart and Matthew Lind of Mansfield, Richland county, Ohio.


    "The foundation of the Lord standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knoweth them that are his — they are the chosen in Christ Jesus from before the foundation of the world, that they should be holy and without blame before him in love -- they are saved, according to the grace given unto them in Christ Jesus before the world began:" * They ever have been and they continue to be "a poor and afflicted people -- through much and peculiar tribulation entering into the kingdom of heaven -- they are the salt and the light of the world, and as salt and light, scattered -- they are, as sheep, wandering in the wilderness, or hunted, separated and driven to and fro among wolves:" To exemplify the character the character and discharge the duty of an Evangelist, Missionary or minister is, to go into all the earth, as far as the physical energies of man and the dispensations of Providence may enable us, and to preach the gospel to or in the hearing of every human creature: Those who are citizens of the spiritual Jerusalem will be taught of God a knowledge of "the truth as it is in Christ -- As the sheep of the great Shepherd and Bishop of souls they will hear his voice in and through an evangelical ministry -- As a people prepared for the Lord they will be made ready to receive with gladness the engrafted word of life -- As those ordained to eternal life they will believe, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as it is in Christ Jesus! This, this, as the pillars of Jehovah's throne are eternal, and the foundation of the Lord is sure, is the only legitimate, as it is the only scriptural standard of judgment as to who or where the elect, the ordained unto eternal life -- the sheep of Christ -- the heirs of the kingdom are! Such an experiment will, in the present day, furnish an arena for ministerial labor in which an Apostle's spirit might quail, and a crucible for the trial of faith fierce and terrible as the furnace of Nebuchadnezzer in a physical point of view. -- To occupy the labor in this arena would present a contrast in the circumstances of even those who are called calvanistic ministers as broad as the gulf that separates Dives from Lazarus -- This field of ministerial labor proves at what a man is estimated "in love for the truth's sake!" -- (Who will dare to try it for 8 years!!!)

    Upon the foregoing premises and general principles of official duty, opinion and judgment we have, for eight years past, "labored in word and doctrine" and to the extent of 40,000 miles of travelling to and fro in the earth. No heat, no cold, no privations, no want, no oppositions, no persecutions have stopped us. We have scaled mountains, penetrated forests, explored vallies, visited cities, towns, villages and neighborhoods in every direction throughout the country to preach the gospel -- the faith once delivered to the saints, and thus to measure THE TEMPLE: ours has been, a journey of exploration, a circumnavigation of discovery in reference to the religious "sings of the times" -- to know the character of the materiale of which| the churches in Protestant Christendom are made up! If the course which we have pursued, if the experiment which we have made by way of ascertaining the size, circumstances and character of the Temple are legitimate and scriptural, then have we to declare; that "the court without the temple," and in which mere professing Gentiles worship, to be of magnitude of dimensions and crowded with mere formal worshippers beyond any thing that we suppose to have existed since "The mystery of Iniquity" began to work in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ: The relative dimensions of "the court without the temple" or the numbers of worshippers therein we pretend not to be able to give: though in the following pages we have offered a mere suggestion to that point. By this test, in this experiment, we have become overwhelmed with he conviction, that "the remnant according to the election of grace," in the present generation, are "like angels visits -- few and far between." -- They, however are "The Holy City" † which the worshippers of the court of the Gentiles are to tread under foot forty and two months. Rev. xi. 2.

    Though the Holy city embrances but a "little flock," thus scattered and trodden under foot by "The Gentile dogs," yet of their number there are comparatively but few who have grace and strength enough to stand forth in support of "the whole

    * Ephes. i. 4. 2 Tim. ii. 19. 2 Tim. i. 9.

    † There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God. Psalms xlvi. See also Cant. iii. 2, 3 and Heb. xii. 22.


    [ ii-b ]

    counsel of God" -- the truth as it is in Christ, and in opposition to the Gentile cour -- alias CHRISTENDOM!

    My own varied and extensive experience in the ministry constrains me to testify, tha the man who will assume and act out the part of an evangelical or old fashioned calvanistic minister in this age had need to be , not only like Melchisidec, having neither Father or Mother, Brothers or sisters, but he ought to have neither wife or children or friends or intimates: in other words; he ought not to stand in any relation to human society after the flesh (hence, an apostle determined for himself, and exhorted his brethren, "to know no man after the flesh -- no, not even Jesus Christ") or after the affections, sympathies, passions, prejudices, selfishness and unbelief of our COMMON nature! For, Father, and Mother, brothers and sisters, wife and children, friends and intimates, in ninety-nine instances in the hundred will look upon the man as gratuitously encountering sacrifice, privation, persecution and want: while their complains of and reflections upon him will be in proportion to what they conceive his capacity, talents and experience are adequate to secure them of temporal interests and worldly influence, upon the supposition that he was devoted exclusively to the later object!‡ Such complaints and reflections in connexion with those sacrifices, privations, persecutions and wants constitute the measure of such a man's recompense for his ministerial labors. Nor is this to be wondered at when 99 out of the 100 of professors are evidently promoting their temporal interests by assuming the title of Christians, and thereby causing even multitudes of the children of grace to believe, that there is no longer occasion for the follower of Christ to be "crucified with him -- to share in his evil as well as good report -- to suffer with him: or, to hate Father and Mother brothers and sisters, houses and land for his sake:" -- Upon this ground it was, that the brethren and connexions of Christ (after the flesh) doubted and treated with contumely his mission as a teacher sent from God, and taunted and insulted him. -- Sires! There is nothing under the canopy of heaven less understood than the character of genuine evangelical minister and the relationship he bears to "the little flock" -- the scattered ISRAEL of God! You, Sirs, with several others of your church and her branches have given me some interesting evidence that you and they are in a good degree intelligent upon the subject! Barefaced, flagrant, gratuitous, vulgar and base as was the assault made upon an evangelical ministry in my person at Mansfield, yet in 99 out of a 100 professing communities I should not have found half a dozen of even calvanistic professors who wolud have offered the least support to the cause of God and truth in such a case. No, the miscreants (alias General Assembly Presbyterians and Fullerite Baptists) they take occasion from such circumstances, and under an affectation of ignorance as to how far such calumniating assaults may be justified, to withhold even common attentions to an evangelical minister, and to whisper him down, if they can, as a suspicious character.

    The part, then, Sirs, that you acted towards the truth in my person in the case adverted to will not only prove a refreshing reminiscence to me to the termination of life's fitful pilgrimage, but it has led me, as an expression of my respect and affection for you, individually and jointly, to constitute the Preface to the following pages an epistle to you. -- If you, upon a careful perusal of the following pages conceive, that the work is likely, to extent of a jot or tittle, to vindicate the insulted majesty of TRUTH, and defend the violated TEMPLE or church of the living God, give it your favor: for you may rest assured, that "THE HIBITATION OF devils, the hold of every foul spirit, the cage of every unclean and hateful bird," alias, Protestant Christendom -- alias "THE HARLOT DAUGHTERS will not spare it. Their forked and envenomed tongues are already hissing -- their reading jaws are already grinding, and their eyes roll and glare in their sockets as some she wolf pursued to her dismal cavern and assaulted over her ferocious cubs: -- It is, however, perfectly natural for all those to form a confederacy, who are nourished and fed by the devices and abuses in the religions world

    ‡These reflections are, happily, and therefore singularly, inapplicable to the author in his family relationship and compact. -- Hence, the base insinuations of an Alexander Campbell to this POINT, and the falsifying, calumniating and slandering of the author on part of the "General Assembly Presbyterians" and "Fullerite Baptists," are only creating in the breasts of his rising family a contempt for them in all their theological jugglery that, it is to be hoped, will grow with their growth, strengthen with their strength, and co-extend with their existence on earth!


    [ ii-c ]

    Against such a minister as tells them the truth: and when they can eject such a man the blood suckers recover from their dismay, and their religious societies beheld with a malignant joy the immolation of truth and righteousness in the character and persons of those men who preach or defend it. It is your Rowlands and your Millers (par nobile fratrum) who, as subordinate and interested instruments, throughout the country, are assuming to themselves the office of general custos morum and professing great zeal for their Lord's kingdom, when the glory of the gospel and purity of the faith are but a cipher in their ready but wretched calculations of private interest! That tribe of creature, one and all, agree to grovel in presence of their masters, or those who have power to promote or to injure them in their interests, in order to acquire the right to despising their inferiors: and thus servility of spirit is increasing daily and will be transmitted with an extending and augmented impetus to a future generation. From the "Papa of Rome" and "Right Holy and most Reverend Father in God" in the ecclesiastical Establishment of Great Britain, down to the lowest agent, tool and factotum in the traditions, inventions, &c. of Protestant Christendom there is an unbroken chain of growing oppression: while the despotism which they are consolidating is the inheritance they will leave us and our posterity. Even in our own country, what myriads of privileged persons there are -- Statesman, Lawyers, Physicians, Missionaries, &c. &c. who are all leagued to support their interests: directing at pleasure the women and the rabble, and govern the country by opinion and prejudice. They will altogether, ere long, levy a tax on the nation which the imagination is afraid to calculate. Even the religious world will not bear with impunity a whisper about retrenchment in its finances: pomp has, with it, become an all-important constituent of devotion, not to say necessary of life. An opinion largely prevails, that the wealth of the church (as it is called) is the essential guarantee for the salvation of all men: Carelessness as regards the future, prevents the people from inquiring whence so much money is derived, and what it costs the people to pay it; and how such vast and rapidly growing expenses are to be continued: or how deplorable will be the general wretchedness when the aristocracy of society shall resort to every species of imposition (as they do to an infamous extent already) in trade & commerce upon the multitude to enable themselves to keep up an appearance of Liberality to the Lord: and when men shall be made to tremble at the anathema of religious societies if they are even found remiss in giving. -- Sirs, what I have seen and known to the foregoing effect admonishes me, in a voice more terrible than the groan of expiring nature, that "the perilous times, the last days," and the climax of human depravity are at hand! -- But my limits admonish me to a conclusion. -- I presume, gentlemen, that I shall not tax your credibility or do violence to your intelligence, when I say, that in & during the 3 years that I have been in the ministry, I have preached more truths or the doctrine of the gospel of God our Saviour, than all the Fullerite Baptist, General Presbyterian and other similar churches' Missionaries, Tract, Sabbath school, Temperance, &c. societies' Agents, tools and factotums in the United States! So far, Sirs, you, though belonging to a different ostensible or visible religious society will, I know, believe: I will add: I have suffered more, sacrificed more, labored more, exposed myself more for the gospel's sake than all of them put together. I will also add: That had I surrendered myself to the USE of the Fullerite Baptists or the General Assembly Presbyterians, I should have realized, for contumely, official reputation, for sacrifice, gain, for poverty, wealth, for labor, ease, and that I should have been held up to eye of the religious world as a prodigy of holy zeal, pious effort, and ministerial labor. Above all, THEY would have made me, in that time, an instrument of gathering from the credulous and pharisaic community at least from one to two hundred thousand dollars for THEIR Lord's treasury! But, rather than be such a tool or instrument in their hands for a day or even and hour we would follow captain Blaney into the terrific jaws of the sea serpent, and there be ground to jelly, or gulped living down to his roaring bowels.

    Again: In the Providence and grace of God I have breasted the opposition (and until I met with your consistent and comparatively magnanimous support) single handed and alone of at least, a hundred thousand of the said Fullerite Baptists, together with THEIR natural spawn, alias "Christian" or "Campbellite Baptists" and "General Assembly Presbyterians." And, Gentleman, if any of this hundred thousand of the opposers and traducers, and calumniators of an evangelical ministry in my person will send to you, any charge of crime against me having a RESPONSIBLE accuser and embracing a specific accusation, I hereby pledge


    [ ii-d ]

    myself, if life and health are spared me, to PROSECUTE and to prove the accuser to be a LIAR! An overwhelming consciousness abides upon me, that before God I am a poor worthless worm and clothed with infirmities: but while convinced to that effect, as deeply and as broadly, perhaps, as any other human being, I will never, never consent to the doctrine of SOVEREIGN, DISCRIMINATING unfrustrable, reigning, and triumphant GRACE, which I preach, and on which my soul hangs her hope of eternal life, never, never, I say, will I consent to that doctrine being insulted stabbed and hung upon the gibbets of infamy to gratify with impunity the malevolence of incarnate Divine in their slanders of myself.

    The Diastole and Sistole (if we may so speak) of the heaven born soul are an expiration, or breathing forth, to the listening ear of Jehovah Jesus, deep, DEEPER, and ever DEEPENING acknowledgements of its native sin and pollution, vanity and impotence; and inspiration, or drawing into itself deep, deeper and ever DEEPENING draughts of "the unsearchable riches of Christ Jesus." [Searcher of the heart! How few there are of the professors of the name of Christ who know aught of the expiration and inspiration!] But it is only in proportion as the believer on earth to FEEL and ADORE the SOVEREIGN and unsearchable riches of grace in Christ Jesus! And yet -- strange, ineffably strange, and yet, the deeper such a soul's consciousness of its native depravity and sin is, the more terrific agonizings does it become subject of in even an approximation to sin or "the appearance of evil!" -- the more does it convulsive shudder at the idea of bringing one jot or tittle of dishonor upon the gospel of God its Saviour! Here is the law of the Spirit -- here is the rule of a believer's life! [Ye myriads of living sepulchers, titled Christians -- Ye pharisaic hosts, how brute-beast-like are ye ignorant of these things; aye, though going to and fro stewing the earth with your religious tracts and even Bibles!]

    In conclusion: You will, Sirs, find considerable tautology in the subsequent pages: the subject itself rendered tautology necessary: But that tautology will be calculated to fasten the nail! You will also be sensible of the vast additional illustration and confirmation which the general points of these pages are susceptible of from the scriptures, especially from the prophecies of Daniel: I too am largely sensible therof: But the work is only "The Pioneer," and got up and brought forth through oppositions that would have, I presume, confounded even yourselves individually. -- I will, if my life is spared, enlarge and improve the subject, if that life is not spared some more able pen will do it. -- In the exercise, then, of reminiscences of you, that will be among the last present to my spirit of earthly objects, I remain, Gentlemen, very sincerely yours in "the faith once delivered to the saints:" and which THEY will cleave to and triumph in, "midst the wreck of matter and the crush of worlds."     THE AUTHOR.

    § You will perceive, that I have attached a testimonial, which you were pleased to give me, to the end of this pamphlet: I thought it would be preferable to a similar one or similar ones from members of my own denomination -- alias -- "The Regular Calvanistic Baptist Church!" I presume the most fastidious will hardly consider me as violating becoming modesty if after seven years endurance of abuse from the heretical Baptists (including Fullerites and Cambellites) I avail myself of this opportunity to furnish a scrap of voluminous testimony in refutation of their dastardly accusations of ministrial impostership and incapacity, in my person!

    [ iii ]




    Verse 1. "And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his head the name of blasphemy."

    It is admitted, by all protestant commentators on the Apocalypse, that this verse is the symbolical representation of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy. -- By the sea is meant, the Roman empire in a state of political and religious fermentation and tumult. Such, most pre-eminently, was the situation of that empire during the latter part of the fifth and the beginning of the sixth centuries. -- There were, during that period, the fiercest political and religious strifes, civil dissentions and desolating wars within the borders of the Roman empire. -- "The Goths and Vandals, the Sueves and Alani, and various other hordes of barbarians, coiled their mighty waves successively on Italy, Spain and Gaul; they covered the most fertile provinces of the western empire, and threw all things into confusion." -- Out of this sea, or sea-like agitation, the Apostle saw "a beast rise up having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his head the name of blasphemy." -- By the seven heads are meant, the seven hills upon which the city of Rome was built: in proof of which it is said, in the 9th verse of the 17th chap. of Rev. "The seven heads are the seven mountains on which the woman sitteth." In the same chapter it is also said, that "the ten horns are ten kingdoms." By the name of blasphemy we are to understand, the blasphemous titles that the beast has assumed from age to age. -- Rome itself has often been called, "the goddess of the earth, the heavenly city, the eternal city," &c. -- In the beginning of the 6th century the Pope was proclaimed, universal Bishop, the Judge in the place of God, the vicegerent of the Most High, the infallible Arbiter of all doubtful questions; with many other titles equally blasphemous: and even to this day he assumes the blasphemous title of, HIS HOLINESS. Out of this sea rose up a political and ecclesiastical combination that is, throughout the Apocalypse, alternatively spoken of as a beast -- the whore of Babylon -- the mother of harlots -- the great city of Babylon, &c.: while in other parts of the inspired volume it is represented as, "the mystery of iniquity, Antichrist," &c.

    We would now ask: Is there nothing correspondent with the foregoing in the political and religious signs of the present times? Rather, is there not an unprecedented tumult in the religious world, and is not the political horizon of Christendom invested with ominous clouds? Do not all of he intelligent, reflecting and observant among mankind, who are elevated above the influence of religious mania and detached from political collisions, hear the first sighings or hoarse murmurs of a moral tempest that shall sweep over the family of man as a siroc blast? Is there a civilized nation on earth which, at the present time, does not require the congregated wisdom and utmost efforts of her best patriots to preserve her from internal, civil and religious convulsion or from external war? -- has there, as yet, no monster risen therefrom, or is there no prospect of such an event taking place? The history of the world admonishes us to expect, some moral and political beast to rise up of a magnitude and ferocity proportional to the religious an civil tumultuations that may obtain in the community of mankind. From this consideration alone we are warned, to suspect


    the embryon existence, in protestant Christendom, of political and religious beast, "fierce as ten furies, terrible as hell:" and compared with which the Roman Catholic hierarchy, even in the days of the 7th Gregory, was purity and harmlessness themselves.

    Verse 2. "And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a Lion, and the Dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority."

    In this verse we have a symbolical representation of the moral attributes or general characteristics of this beast -- to wit,

    1st. Like unto a leopard for SPOTS, for artfulness, maliciousness and quickness in the execution of its purposes,

    2d. Like unto a bear for perfidiousness and cruelty,

    3d. Like unto a Lion for ambition and tyranny.
    Whoever is coversant with ecclesiastical, or even general history, knows, that the Roman Catholic church has been vividly characterized by the spots of a leopard in reference to her practical and speculative heresies, which artfulness, maliciousness and rapidity in the execution of her purposes, stand in bold relief on every page of her history. -- Her cruelty and perfidiousness are strikingly set forth by the feet of a bear: for while she has professed to circle that human family in more than maternal embrace, she has prostrated and trodden upon every political and religious immunity, privilege and right appropriated to mankind, by the law of nature and the precepts of divine Revelation: She has not only fattened on human flesh and blood, but rioted in the betrayment, and suppression, and degradation and mangling and murder of the truth of the gospel, and the consequent spiritual sorrow and agony of the household of faith -- the elect of God! -- As a Lion, the reference to ambition and tyranny, she has been the ascendant among the ambitious of earthly powers; while the mightiest of the kings and Potentates of the world have been made, to hold the stirrups for the feet and to kiss the toe of the miscreant IMAGE as a specimen of her tyranny. As the voice of the Lion of Numidia roars, and every beast of the forest quakes -- sinks petrified with fear to the earth or slinks dismayed to its cavern; so, the days and the ages have been, in which the bulls and decretals and fulminas of the church of Rome have made the knees of monarchs on their thrones knock together as Belshazzar's and the flesh tremble of the bones of their subjects, from the centres of the circumferences of their kingdoms.

    Is there no resemblance between protestant Christendom and a leopard? -- Has she no spots in her tenets, has she no spots in her practice? Rather, are not her tenets for number comparable to the progeny of Milton's allegorical personages of Sin and Death, and to the colors of the kaleidoscope for hue -- opposite and conflicting as the elements of fire and water -- "a maniac's dreams, varying all shapes and mixing all extremes?" -- Can the most inveterate opponent of the Roman Catholic hierarchy say worse of her than, that she has denied every prominent or fundamental truth of the gospel? -- Who can, who dare say less in reference to the speculative heresy of Protestant Christendom? The existence of even hundreds of religious sects and fraternities in christendom, among whom and by whom every prominent truth of the gospel, as well as subordinate truth, are denied over and over again, is an answer to the last question:--every fundamental constituent of the doctrine of the everlasting gospel -- from that of the ineffably blessed mystery of a triplicity of UNDERIVED personal existence in the one all-glorious Nature or Essence, down to that of the resurrection of the human body are, trampled under foot in Protestant


    Christendom, as swine are wont to tread pearl under their feet: i.e. in consummate ignorance of their value, and in pursuit of some filthy food to assuage their ever ravening appetite upon.

    The multitudinous societies existing in protestant Christendom furnish a specimen of the innumerable little beasts that will ultimately be spawned upon the earth to perplex and plague, worry and devour the inhabitants thereof. If, anaconda-like, the cannot devour a carcase at a gulp, yet, like the locusts in Egypt, they are, in the aggregate, not less ravenous and destructive; for not only have they made havoc of every truth of the gospel, but perverted its holy ordinances to the most loathsome deformities; making them a mere membrane or webb to catch silly men and women with, and to cover the garnish living sepulchres! As to practical heresies in protestant Christendom we would ask: what is the import of the declaration of this, that the other church, respectively, of one religious denomination, who vaunts with one breath of its having added to its members to the number of two hundred a year; and, upon inquiry to that effect being made, has to acknowledge with its next breath, that it has discarded about the same number -- and for what? Because, as the dog returns to his vomit and the sow to her wallowing in the mire, these religious Reubenites have returned to the beggarly elements of the world! What is the import of the churches of another religious denomination (and the one who esteems herself the superlative among protestant denominations) resolving themselves into anti-intemperate, alias abstinent societies, to preserve their ministers and members from drunkenness? To waive, however, all attempt at detail, and in general terms we would ask; have not speculative heresies, and acts of crime of every grade, including homicide, infanticide, suicide, robbery, burglary, adultery, fornication and drunkenness increased in a terrific ratio even in the United States of American within the last twenty or five and twenty years? If so, what are we to estimate intelligence or honesty of that swarming generation of teachers and preachers at, who have been for years past making, and who continue to make, the vallies ring and the mountains echo with their predictions and their promises that the "latter day glory" is dawning upon us -- that we are already radiant with the roseate blush of the millennial more, and that, in a few more years at most, the human race, beneath their all-transforming hands, will be moulded to angel holiness, and the earth invested with the glories of Paradise!

    The other characteristics of Protestant Christendom, as detailed in the attributes of the leopard, the bear and the Lion, are most fully and forcibly identified with and developed in, the construction and operations of that religious MACHINERY which is now approximating to "high pressure" movement within the limits of the civilized world, and which the inventors and improvers thereof conceive is patented in heaven; but which we, from the results of its past operation, & the nature of the fire that now peoples it, and the color of the smoke it leaves behind, are disposed to believe is patented on the opposite side of the "great gulph." -- In our analysis of the remainder of the chapter before us, we shall have occasion to bring into view and to make application to protestant Christendom of the other attributes of the Leopard, the bear and the Lion: and, therefore, shall for the present only notice the mouth of the lion, as applicable to and generally descriptive of the religious world: not only, then, is protestant Christendom introducing her traditions, old wive's fable, filthy dreams, invention, experiments, enterprises and combinations as a standard of judgment, as respects both person and thing appertaining to the ostensible church of Christ -- not only do many professors believe and assert, that more good is done by Sabbath schools than by an evangelical ministry (of which ministry, by the bye, they comprehend as much as a beetle understands of the classical import of the pass of Thermopylae) more souls saved by tracts than by the bible, &c.; but the roar of her congregated


    anathematisers against those who will not bow submissive and sub-servant to her STANDARD is, as terrifying to the multitude of professors and non-professors, as are the fulminas of the Papal See to all those who are within the pale of its ghostly jurisdiction.

    It is added in the conclusion of the verse, that "the dragon gave the beast his power, and his seat and great authority." -- The dragon is a symbolical representation of the heathen and earthly minded men -- As the gospel became corrupted and the more offensive truths suppressed in the church of Rome and other contemporary churches, and as a human tradition, inventions enterprises & combinations were multiplied and superseded, the gospel as a standard of judgment, and gave rise to offices of title, honor, emolument and "little brief authority," so did the heathen and earthly minded men become professors. As the church of Rome excelled all others in these labors of love, so did she realize the greatest increase of members. The heathen and early minded men, in return for her charitable accommodations of the truth and pious efforts to allure them into the church, gave her their political influence and much of their gold and silver.*

    How much of power and authority earthly minded men in our day give to protestant Christendom, let the Excellencies, Honorables, Esquires. &c. that stand as prefixes to the names of the far landed patrons and leading officers of the American Bible society; as well as those of all other societies of modern origin I Christendom, even down to auxiliary tract societies, testify. The five hundreds, two hundreds, one hundred and fifty, thirty, &c. dollar contributions, which these earthly minded men make to these societies to be constituted Directors, managers and members for life, present an item of the financial power and consequent authority which the Dragon gives to the younger and smaller beasts. -- How far our pious missionaries make the heathen subservient to the advancement of the power and authority of the beast, by kindly taking upon themselves to dispose of the Indians' furs on our north-western frontier, or by directing their labors and disposing of their income, together with those of the Creeks, the Choctaws, the Cherokees and other tribes or fragments of tribes of aborigines in our own country, we say not: enough, no doubt, is accomplished in that way, to keep up the generous ardour which has heretofore prompted them to adventure among these tribes and tongues with loads of tracts and trousers, flattery and flannel. -- What a terrific drawback their Lord's treasury will be subject to, should that headstrong president of ours send these Indians into the wilds west of the Mississippi River:--what lamentation there will then be! Ramah's was music to it! Indeed, in anticipation, it makes their pious hearts weep tears of blood; and rouses them to every noble effort, to bring forward the women and the children of the country in threatening array against the United States in Congress assembled, if they dare to legislate the removal of these Indians -- alias, this item from the treasury of their Lord!

    Verse 3. "And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast."

    To understand the import of this verse it is only necessary to remark, that in the reign of Constantine the great, the seat of government of the Roman empire was removed, from the city of Rome to Byzantium on the Bosphorus. -- To the city of Byzantium Constantine removed his court, and there followed him a

    * The scriptures declare -- "The love of money is the root of all evil." -- Query -- If protestant Christendom is given to much prayer to be delivered from the evil? Rather, she considers money to be the root, trunk, branches, foliage and fruit of salvation:--But, if the love of money be the root of all evil, how full is she of evil?


    great portion of the leading political and religious characters of Rome, as well as a multitude of the common citizens. -- Under these circumstances an invasion took place of the western empire, by the northern barbarians under their celebrated leader Genseric, by whom the city of Rome was assaulted, captured, sacked and, apparently, unto death. -- But to the astonishment of all who were at this time contemporary with her, she, phoenix like, rose from her ashes to renewed and even superior splendor to what she possessed before her desolation. -- The leading circumstances by which this resuscitation of the city of Rome was effected, are to be found in the establishment of missionary enterprise by the Bishop and ecclesiastical authorities of Rome. -- Missionaries were sent forth among the various tribes, nations and hordes of barbarians residing in countries adjacent to the Roman empire, and they succeeded in proselyting numerous of the kinds, rulers and leaders to, what was then called, the christian faith. -- The kings, rulers and leaders being converted, their people, as a matter of civil obligation, became professors or christians too. -- Nothing could be more simple than was the modus operandi by which the missionaries of the church of Rome mad proselytes and converted the heathen. They had only to tell the heathen, the history of Christ's life upon earth, get them to believe the one fact -- to wit, "That Jesus Christ is the son of God," and submit to baptism, and they were then christians in the fullest sense of the word. *

    As a specimen of their converts we remark, that when some of these missionaries had given a history of Christ's life to Clovis, king of the Franks, and asked him if he did not believe, the one fact, to wit -- "that Jesus is the Christ," the barbarian answered, "yes, I believe it; and had I been there, with my valiant Franks, I would have revenged his death." -- The kings, rulers, &c. having been thus made christians, converted and saved by the wonder working missionaries of the church of Rome, and being fully convinced, in their own belief of the one fact and being baptized, they, as a mater of course, for such vast spiritual benefits, poured into the ecclesiastical coffers of the Roman church their gold and their silver, and gave her liberally of personal and real estate, while thousands of their subjects became citizens of Rome, and thus once more elevated her to pre-eminent opulence and population. †

    Verse 4. "And they worshipped the dragon that gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?"

    By "worshipped" is here meant, that the multitude of professors bestowed great praise upon, and wafted far and near, on the breath of popular applause,

    * This is the modus operandi of the renowned Alex. Campbell in reference to making christians! -- The legion of Devils in went into the Gadarenes' swine bleived the one fact -- and they were IMMERSED in the sea! Ergo, they were christians!

    † It is thus with hundreds or thousands whom Alexander Campbell, through his writings, and inexpressible Bishops, make christians: They are astonished at finding themselves christians -- They had supposed themselves as far from that character as Dives is from Lazarus. But the magic influence of Campbell's pen, or the fac similie tongue of his Bishops, can make them christians (to use their own peculiar language) "as fast as nailer heads nails." -- Then the astonished, grateful converts think, that the least that they can do in return for such vast spiritual benefits is, to buy a whole set of their Papa's traditions, debates, prayers and hymns: compared with which, they conceive, that the Alexandrian Library was mere school boy books.


    The names of the leading political and religious rulers and authorities in pagan Rome, and throughout the then civilized world, who gave their voice and influence in support of the half pagan, half christian system of religion that the beast of Rome rose clothed with into power and great authority. -- These characters were extolled as being high minded, liberal and zealous servants of the Most High God, and exemplary believers in Christ. -- Posts of honor, offices of distinction, and places of profit were bestowed upon such persons. These things attracted attention, and allured thousands of the leading character of the age, to make profession of the christian religion. * -- This made it necessary to form, what was called, religious societies all over the empire, to meet the expectations and to gratify the vanity of those who sought the distinctions, honors and emoluments of office. -- Hence, the titles of arch-deacon, arch-presbyter, arch-bishop, metropolitan and patriarch, with a whole host of inferior officers, such as acolytes, readers, catechists, &c. &c. -- Is there nothing similar in protestant christendom in our day? Rather, are not the inventions and combinations that new obtain among her churches for multiplying proselytes and making converts, and for giving pomp and éclat to the religious enterprises of the times, without a parallel in the annals of the world! Are not all orders and ranks of mankind, from majesties on their thrones to the sooty chimney sweep, from the Machiavelian statesman to the credulous child and idiot, brought into a direct or indirect connexion with the subserviency to the religious EXPERIMENTS of protestant christendom in this generation? Do not mankind of all grades, characters and conditions worship these little beasts? Do they not admire, praise, and extol to the skies, their professed zeal for the salvation of ALL MEN? and approve and laud that CHARITY, as an expression of high minded liberality, by which these religious denominations suppress the truth of the gospel, and garble, pervert and corrupt the doctrine of GRACE? Do they not shout acclamation to those little beasts as they multiply ostensible religious and benevolent institutions, and form combinations that the world can associate with and be a party in the operations of? -- Hence, Bible, Missionary, Tract, Sabbath school, Dorcas, Magdalene, Anti-intemperate, &c. &c. societies, are all institutions in which the world, and every thing pharisaic and heretical among professors, can be employed, honored and applauded! From these multifarious, and even multiplying institutions, office and title, honor and emolument, power and influence are dispensed adequate to gratity, in some measure, the pride and vanity of all classes of mankind, from Royalty itself to the femee de chamber: and thus stimulate the multitude of mankind to a co-operation with them, by the excitement and gratification of their ambition and their avarice. -- From these protestant beasts, and their appendages, we have bishops, and arch-bishops, prebends and arch-prebends, deacons and arch-deacons, doctors of divinity, masters and bachelors of arts, presidents and vice-presidents, presidentesses and vice prsidentesses, directors and directoresses, male and female treasurers, secretaries, managers, teachers, readers, catachists, &c. &c. -- Thus are all the societies alluded to not only caterers to the baser passions of our common nature, but are so many media of introducing into the ostensible church, and of putting it in the power of earthly minded men and women to create and perpetuate a ministry which has about as much of the faith of Gold's elect, or the essential doctrine of the gospel in it, as there is nutriment in the shriveled paps of an Egyptian mummy. -- Take, for instance, the Sabbath school societies: what studied efforts are made to proselyte the teachers to the religious denomination that their schools, respectively, may be under patronage of: and, as far as this succeeds, how zealously do the teachers co-operate with those religious denominations, or little beasts, to proselyte or convert

    * "Where the carcase is, there will the eagles gathered together."


    the scholars! The very negroes of their schools are tormented into a profession of religion: and then a flaming bulletin is, through the medium of the press, issued forth to proclaim, the glorious revival or conversion that has taken place. * -- In short, if the Roman Catholic church was a theological or religious beast and monster, from the principles and practices by which she rose into existence, extended her influence, and perpetuated her power; then are the protestant churches of our day but smaller beasts of the same genius and species. -- We also learn from this verse, that there were an almost universal exclamation and vociferation, on the part of the professors in the church of Rome, if, "who is like unto the beat? who is able to make war with him?" How striking a parallel do the protestant churches furnish out at the present time! All these denominations, with all the various societies which they form, including especially, the whole host of superior and inferior officers, thereof, lift up their united voices and thunder, from the pulpit and the press, from hotels and from ball rooms, from taverns and from theatres, "who is like unto these beasts? who is able to make war with them?" -- Were there ever such pious and philanthropic, wise and mighty efforts made to save all men? Never -- never! Who can resist our efforts? What power can defeat our enterprises? The moral† energies of the WORLD are rising up and congregating in our behalf, and we shall triumph gloriously! O how deep and broad is this spirit of vaunting at the present day -- how intensely are these little beasts worshipped -- how loftily do they inquire, Who is like unto us, who is able to make war with us? -- Thus the scriptures are fulfilling; for it is written: "This KNOW also, that in the LAST DAYS, perilous times (to all who know and maintain the faith of God's elect) shall come. For men shall be lovers of themselves, proud, covetous (of fame, office, title, pelf) boasters, traitors HEADY, high minded, &c. having a form of godliness, but denying the power (God's power) thereof: from such turn away." -- 2 Tim. iii, 1 to 5.

    Verse 5. "And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things, and blasphemies: and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months."

    We learn from this verse, that the church of Rome was encouraged to boast and speak great swelling words about her devices and doings, wisdom, zeal and power, from the success that she had met with in making proselytes and rising into earthly grandeur and honor. -- What a month, in this respect, has protestant Christendom! To say nothing about the Utopian perfection of general government which the political magicians of the age promise us, OR our posterity -- to say nothing about our ermined worthies promise of us justice through their simplifications and refinements of the elements of law, by which, ere long, the streams of equity will flow, through all the ramifications of the social compact, pure and clear as that river spoken of in the last chapter of Apocalypse: To say nothing of what our Universities, Colleges, Academies, and leaders among the deliciae literatae promise of intellectual elevation to the family of man, and that the time is at hand when one universal "feast of reason and

    * How ineffably absurd it is for parents to suffer their children to go to Sabbath schools to be taught religious things by mere children, or by adults who know no more of the meaning of the gospel than they do of Egyptian hieroglyphics:--Besides, there is not a Bible society, Tract society, Missionary society, or one of their auxiliaries, as there is not a Sabbath School in the world, that would receive the truths of the gospel in the love of them; while the most, if not all of them, hate the doctrine of SOVEREIGN GRACE to detestation!

    ==> We have tried them far and near! We know them!

    † Alias -- monied energies -- which all Iscariots deem much the best moral leper.


    flow of soul" shall be its daily portion: while intellect shall like vestal fire, consume and forever dissipate the gross elements of the animal economy of man: To say nothing of these modest promises of diffident boastings, or of those of the medical faculty who are, about to render the human body more invulnerable to disease than Achilles' to Trojan arms; * we shall confine our attention to the boastings of the religious community in protestant Christendom: What mouths, in this respect, have the little Beasts! What great things they speak! "Attempt great things, expect great things" exclaim the Baptists: our increase has been 40,000 members within the last year, shout the Methodists: Put me upon such a circuit, says one convert maker, and I WILL make you returns of 250 members in a year: and I, says another, will make you returns of 300 members in a year, if you will put me upon the same circuit. -- I can make 50 christians in a day bellows out a Campbellite or Christian Baptist bishop: and I, says another of the same fanaticism, Reubenite fraternity of Bishops, I can make christians as fast as a nailer can head nails: I have baptized 500 within the last year cries a loathsome free will baptist teacher: I wout stay among you, mutters a jesutical Fullerite Baptist minister, (albeit, all and every one of them are the very drippings of jesuitism) unless you have a revival: I have always been used to having revivals wherever I have gone -- vem, vidi, vici -- I came, I saw, I conquered. -- Let us send for Mr. Ludlow and Mr. Finney, exclaim the General Assembly Presbyterian church, and have another revival of religion. † -- In short, in almost every one of the protestant churches, proselitism and convert making are reduced to a mere mechanical business; and they are accounted bunglers in the ministry who cannot and monsters of cruelty to the soulds of men who will not make revivals! -- The presses groan with volumes of their vauntings, in the form of memoirs and biography of their more active and monied principals and patrons, histories of their revivals, their devices and their doings: The Bible, the Tract, the Missionary, the Sabbath school

    * Messeiurs -- The political magicians -- the ermined worthies -- the delicaie literatae -- the medical faculty, &c. throughout the United States. We know much, very much that is worthy of being written to your exaltation: but space forbids in this communication. One thing we would whisper in your ear -- that is -- that nine-tenths of your are drunk -- drunk with the wine of the whore of Babylon: The spirit of ARMINIANISM inflates you with an idea, that by the connexion with herself you will not only produce a race of men of angel size and form, but turn the present generation into "new creatures." This spirit speaks and vaunts through all protestant churches more or less. -- You will find in the end, that you or she cannot alter times or laws or seasons: That she is a Delila and you have been fools.

    † In reference to the General Assembly Presbyterian, and Fullerite Baptist ministers and missionaries it may, in a very general way, by remarked: That, in city, town, village or neighborhood, they make their official debut in a flaming effort to produce a revival. -- The proselytes and converts of these two revivals furnish the ways and the means (with some occasional contributions from the missionary funds) for the hopeful pair to establish themselves as a family: Contingencies admonish them, that they cannot long be content "with food and raiment" for simply two: The ways and means, therefore, must be increased: to increase ways and means, there must be an increase of members to their respective churches, and to that end another revival must be made! and SO ON: this, at least may be called natural religion, and natural revivals!

    It is really loathsome to the mind every "Israelite indeed" to witness, with what foxiness the Fullerite ministers crawl through street, lane and ally of city, town and village to seek and find out the pharisaic, the credulous and attic SOFT for the purpose of alluring them into a profession under their pastoral charge, and thus get themselves an increase of stipend, and themselves and churches popular notoriety.


    and anti societies, respectively, vaunt and boast of what they have done or what they are going to do! As if theirs was the prerogative to say to the tempest tossed ocean, "thus far shalt thou come and no farther, and here shall thy proud waves be staid:" as if theirs was prerogative to "make, the wickedness of the wicked to praise themselves, and the residue of their wrath to restrain:" in a work, and as before observed, the pulpit and the court-house, the tavern and hotel, the theatre and the ball room are alike rendered the sounding boards of their achievements and their fame! In the science of boasting they out Herod, Herod and fling Roman Catholic church itself into obscurity. -- The "blasphemies spoken in this very are found in the Arianism, Sabelianism, Socinianism, &c. that obtain in protestant christendom at this time. * -- This beast is to have existence forty and two months, or twelve hundred and sixty years! Let that be marked!

    Verse 6. "And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven."

    And is there no blasphemy against God in protestant christendom? If blasphemy against God is, some indignity offered unto him, verily, protestant christendom is full of it! Human traditions, "old wives' fables, filthy dreams," inventions, enterprises and combinations, have already been made to supersede the gospel of God as a standard of judgment, both as respects christian profession nad ministerial character! Is there no blasphemy against the name of God in protestant christendom? His name is, Jehovah! -- the self-existing, self-subsisting Nature or Essence. -- His name is, Jehovah Aleim -- the self-existing, self-subsisting Nature or Essence in plurality of personal existence! So that, not only are Sabellians, Arians, &c. blaspheming his name, but all who proclaim the nature of either of the persons in the Divine Existence derived, or either of their personal subsistence derived. † The God revealed in the bible is, not less Jehovah -- Self-existing, Self-subsisting, in PERSONAL existence, than he is, Jehovah -- self-existing, self-subsisting in nature or Essence! -- Not only are God and his name represented as being blasphemed, but also, "his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven." -- By his tabernacle we are to understand, the

    * A a specimen -- In Boston, out of 49 churches, 19 are Arian and Socinian: And Boston exhibits at least a creditable sample of New-England theology: Judging from the missionaries and ministers which that section of country so liberally send to these western wilds, and we might as well look for a Leviathan in a mud puddle as an able evengelical minister from New-England. We do not say that they have none such ministers, but if they have them, they keep them like jealous Spaniards do their wives -- sacked!

    † The doctrine of eternal generation, as applied to that modal distinction or person in the Divine Existence denominated "The Logos;" or of derivation to either the Logos or Spirit, and which notions are held by great body of Trinitarians, is but the last drippings of the Arian gall: In the Liturgy of the Church of England it is thus expressed: "O god the Son proceeding from the Father, &c.: O God the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the Father and the Son, &c." In this language is conveyed the idea of One-prime-original, and two derived and subordinate personal existences in the divine Nature or Essence. There is no such a God revealed in the Scriptures! Concerning the Father it is, JEHOVAH -- Self-Existent -- Self-Subsistent in nature and in personal existence! (Zech. xiii. 6.) Of the Spirit or Holy Ghost it is, JEHOVAH -- Self-Existent, Self-Subsistent, in Nature and in personal existence! Isaiah vi. 8, 9, 10, Acts xxviii. 26, 27.

    Out of hundred of passages of scripture which testify that the Logos is underived or ungenerated in his personal existence as one of the modal distinctions of the Devine Being, we shall here cite out one or two: -- Micah v. 2, 3. "But thou Bethlehem


    church in her mutations and wanderings in this world, from the earliest period of her existence, to the present time, and which wanderings will continue, until that period shall have arrived, when she shall be established on the tops of the mountains, and become the beauty of the whole earth: The church will then cease to be a moving tabernacle and become an established glorious temple. -- The beast is said to blaspheme or offer indignity to this tabernacle! And does not protestant christendom in our day blaspheme or offer indignity to the tabernacle of God: For instance -- is there a church established upon the simple principles of gospel order, maintaining and proclaiming the doctrine of SOVEREIGN GRACE (such churches are, "like angel visits -- few and far between!") in all its fulness and purity, and confining herself, unyieldingly, to God's appointed means of salvation? How is such a church a blasphemed! how insolently do those little beasts proclaim, that the doctrine which she promulges, the order which she observes and the principles that she acts upon, will never do any good -- never save sinners or advance the cause of the Redeemer. -- Thus is such a church spoken of and reproached, and the slow moving finger of scorn is pointed at her as, bigotted, illiberal and ignorant of the sings of the times. --

    Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet of thee shall come forth unto me that is to be a ruler of Israel; and his GOINGS FORTH? have been mem Cadem mimi Oolem, from eternity days everlasting." While, in this language, we have represented, the local and temporal origin of Messiah's humanity, the Hebrew language is strained to the utmost it will hear to assert his distinct eternal existence in Deity. -- Numerous attempt have been made by different writers to make this passage say; "the distinct Hypostatical existence of the Messiah in the Divine Nature was begotten;" but it steadfastly remains unyielding; for the word ve mutzatin is plural: and could be wrestled or wrong into the meaning of generating or begetting, when applied for that purpose to his divine existence, would express it often begotten, which would be downright absurdity.

    In the 22d Psalm there is a prophetical representation of Christ in his sufferings, and that suffer called (verse 20.) Ihidethi; "My UNITED One." -- Yod, my, and ihideth from ihed to unite or make one: -- united with mankind in human nature, so as both natures, the divine and human, to be but one complex person namely, "The Christ of God." -- Luke ix. 20.

    The generating or begetting of the humanity, of Christ is every where in the Scriptures ascribed to God: "And the angle answered and said unto her, the Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee, shall (first future tense) be called the Son of God." (Luke i. 35.) -- The fact of his humanity being begotten is announced by the Angel to Joseph -- Matth. i. 20 "Fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife; for that which is (gennethen) begotten in her, is of the Holy Ghost." -- Thus is Christ the Son of God by EXTRA-ordinary generation a real man was produced in a preternatural way: and in this EXTRA-ordinary generation, hypostatically united to one of the medal distinctions or subsistencies of the Divine Existence: hence the appellative Ihidethi -- "My united one." -- Thus the scriptures demonstrate him to be human as well as invincibly prove him to be divine: What then is predicated of him as a human being, as generated, begotten, humbled, growing in knowledge, &c, can never be applied to his distinct personal existence in the Divine Nature! -- If God the Father by any act eitehr immanent or prophoric, generated one modal distinction or personal existence, he can generate another and another, &c. or he has ceased to be what he once was in power! if so -- he has ceased to be God! -- More anon!

    § ACTIVE PROCEEDINGS, is, unquestionably, the sense of mutzaim in all its variety of application; whether to the springing of fountains, to vegetation, to the rising of the sun, to the working of intelligent agents, or to any other of the motions of mind or matter.


    The same blasphemies are spoken of those who dwell in heaven -- that is, of those who really enjoy heavenly places in Christ Jesus -- who have a conversation in heaven -- who seek those things that are above; who study to glorify god, & to realize that honor which is from him:--those who despise to be found mattering one man, threatening another, appealing to the vanity of a third and self interest of all, for the purpose of making proselytes to any religious party or sect. -- Those who are thus Israelites indeed -- who are thus exalted to heaven in moral integrity and evangelical fidelity to the church, to the gospel, the doctrine and the ordinances of the Lord Jesus Christ; and who shrink away from the vain pomp, profession and popularity which these little beasts are compassing sea and land to augment and perpetuate to themselves: these character, we say, are spoken of, by those little beasts, in the language of ribaldry and false accusation, and denounced as being, benighted, illiberal, uncharitable monsters and enemies of the God of Bible, Missionary, Tract, Sabbath school, &c. &c. societies. -- Thus they blaspheme the tabernacle of God and them that dwell in heaven: though if it were not for that tabernacle and they that dwell in heaven, every vestige of the TRUTH of the gospel of Christ would, ere this time, have been obliterated and buried in oblivion beneath the rubbish of their traditions, inventions and combinations. -- Hence, that tabernacle is said to be "the pillar and the ground of the truth;" and those who dwell in the heaven to be, "the salt of the earth," the only true light there is in the world. -- Power, it is said was given to him to continue to blaspheme against God and his name, and his tabernacle and them that dwell in heaven, for forty and two months, or twelve hundred and sixty years.

    Verse 7-8. "And it was given to him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: And power was given to him over ALL kindreds and tongues and nations! And ALL that dwell upon the earth SHALL worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life, of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."

    In these two verses it is emphatically declared: 1st. That the beast should have power to make war with the saints and overcome them! 2d. That power was given him over ALL kindreds, and tongues and nations: 3d. That ALL whose names are not written in the book of life shall worship this beast; and, in the conclusion of the 6th verse, it is declared, that power was given to the beast to continue forty and two months or 1260 years. -- In other words: "It was given unto him to make war with the saints and to overcome them for and during he period of 1260 years: And power was given him over ALL kindreds, and tongues, and nations for and during 1260 years! And ALL that dwell upon the earth shall worship the beast, whose names are not written in the book of life, for and during the period of 1260 years. -- Without presuming to say, at what particilar period of time this 1260 years commenced, it is admitted by all protestant churches, that said 1260 years have not yet terminated: consequently, the beast continues to have power to make war with the saints and to overcome them: he continues to have power over all kindreds and tongues and nations: and all that dwell upon the earth continue to worship him, excepting those "whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life."

    From the foregoing positions it indisputedly follows, that ALL protestant christendom are of those whose names are written in the book of life -- the elect -- the saints of the most high God, OR the Beast has power in and is worshipped by protestant christendom! but no one is prepared to say, that the vast majority of men and women in protestant christendom give any evidence, in life or in death, of their being born of God or the subjects of spiritual life, (which is the import of the names of men being written in the Lamb's book of life) which is


    admitting, in so many words, that he beast is worshipped by the vast majority in protestant christendom. -- Here it will be proper to notice what constitutes the power or influence of the beast, and what the essential worshipping of him. -- If we were to describe Revolutionary France, during the reign of a Robespierre, Danton or Mara, we would, with propriety, say, that a political beast or monster reigned. -- By which we would mean, that a jacobinical spirit had corrupted every fundamental principle of sound political economy, polluted the fountains of justice, and disorganized and degraded the whole social compact of the nation; while those who are the agents, instruments and approvers of this order of things, we would justly style, the worshippers of this political beast or monster. -- Moreover, wherever we might see or hear of a similar spirit of jacobinical government, we would, necessarily, speak of it as a beast or monster, and of those who give it existence, or who approved and promoted its influence as worshippers thereof. -- Apply this case to the subject before us, and we have an illustration given of the religious beast, both as respects his power and the import of worshipping him. The leading characteristics of the power and the influence of this beast are, a corrupting of the gospel for the sake of multiplying proselytes and of making converts; and of incorporating all classes of mankind with the ostensible church, by some inventions of its own, for the purpose of making an imposing appearance as to numbers, and for creating a revenue for those in ecclesiastical authority; as well as, by its inventions, enterprises and combinations, to create offices of honor, emoluments, title and "little brief authority," for those who are subordinates in its service and worship. -- If these things make up and make out, essentially, the power and worshipping of the beast; then is his presence seen and felt, then is he devoutly and largely and almost universally worshipped in protestant christendom at this time, OR, he never was worshipped and he never had an existence!

    If, then, from the family likeness we have exhibited as subsisting between the old beast and the young ones -- The mother of harlots and her daughters, we have indubitable evidence, that the protestant churches are the young beasts -- the hopeful daughters; who may blame us for developing that likeness. -- We say it then again, and say it most emphatically, that all the prominent features of the beast are clearly visible in protestant christendom, and will continue to be found there in bolder and bolder relief, until the expiration of the 1260 years -- OR, the scriptures will not be fulfilled!

    It is also said in these verses: "And it was given unto him (the beast) to make war with the saints and to overcome them."

    The leading truths of the gospel were opposed even in the days of the Apostles, by multitudes professing to e disciples of Christ. -- This opposition became organized and gigantic bodies in the churches of Rome, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Constantinople and Antioch. This opposition has continued to prevail ever since, and to triumph in general suppression of the leading truths of the gospel throughout ostensible christendom. -- In the days of Luther, Calvin and other contemporary Reformers, those leading truths were, for a short period, once more brought to light and proclaimed in the hearing of myriads. This was, however, but a temporary resuscitation of those truths -- an earnest of what God could and would do in after ages, when his truth should lie buried, as it were, ten thousand fathoms deep, beneath the traditions, old wives fables, inventions, &c. of protestant christendom. -- Immediately after the Reformation we find, Arianism, Socinianism, pelagianism, Arminianism and numerous other corruptions of the gospel to obtain in the protestant churches; until NOW there are more numerous heresies, contrariant and conflicting notions, in what is called protestant christendom, than ever there were in the Catholic Church. -- the Mother of harlots!

    How far this multiplication of heresies is to extend is not for us to say. It


    already solicits for the religious world the appellative of "Christendom in confusion:" It already exhibits more sects and fraternities than there are saints in the Romish calender, or suits of clothes for my Lady of Loretto. -- Under such circumstances an infallible head or Universal Bishop must be created for protestant christendom, or the hubbub of jarring sects will make earth an image of hell. -- To proceed, however, in our illustration of the conclusion of the 8th verse. -- As the Roman Catholic church has done, so is protestant christendom doing. She is corrupting, perverting and suppressing the truths of the gospel; she is introducing her traditions, inventions, experiments and combinations in the place of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ: and in this way is she making war with the saints; and in this way demonstrates, that she is as truly Beast -- "Mystery of iniquity, Antichrist and Abominations of the whole earth" as ever the Catholic church was. The saints opposed this Beast -- this mystery of iniquity, &c. as it grew and worked in Catholic christendom, and they must oppose it as it grows and works in protestant christendom, or elsewhere, and forever: The every pulsation of their souls is stern unyielding and undying protestation against, and opposition to this mystery of iniquity: The God of their faith and their fidelity, has constituted them kings and priests unto himself by the imposition of this own Almighty hand, and their power as kings will be wielded in defence of his gospel; while, if necessary, they will offer themselves, in character, property and person upon the alter of the truth as it is in Christ -- the faith once delivered to the saints -- the faith of God's elect! And soon, very soon will they have to offer themselves thus in sacrifice in protestant christendom, as they have in ages past in Catholic christendom. -- Ere we leave this verse we again remark, that all who, in protestant christendom, corrupt, pervert or suppress the truth of the gospel, upon the popular doctrine of prudence, experience or policy; or, who introduce human traditions, inventions, enterprises and combinations as a standard of judgment, SUPERSEDING the gospel, THEY are the BEAST; soul, body and spirit -- bone, sinew and marrow. While all who approve, abet and support that doctrine, those traditions, inventions, &c. in protestant christendom, they are worshippers of the beast as much as ever Catholics were under Leo X, when Jon Tetzel sold indulgences that would extend to one "Who had defloured the mother of God" -- and ALL too, for the treasury of the Lord! O hell! how like heaven canst though appear! No marvel, saith the scriptures, for Satan himself can appear as an angel of light! *

    Verse 9. "If any man have an ear let him hear."

    Ears, we know, men have and yet they hear not, eyes they have and yet see not hearts they have but they understand not! There are, however, but few of the multitude of professors that are at present likely to hear and to listen to such truths as the foregoing. -- But the time is coming when they must hear them in judgments,

    * Here, for instance, is a professed Baptist minister travelling from Athens in Ohio, to Washington in Pennsylvania to make a Presbyterian minister a life member of the Tract Society of the New-York! Now, this famous Baptist preacher could not, perhaps, and most likely, as a Baptist minister, realize 50 dollars a year -- but as a tract society agent he gets from four to five hundred dollars per annum! -- O, what stimuli there is in 4 or 500 dollars per annum! Again -- In a certain town an old fox of a Presbyterian minister is, by a young hedge-hog of a minister, of the same faith and order PRICKED our of his nest; and, as an alternative, (necessitas non habet legem) becomes a zealous abstinent society agent: -- for which he gets 600 dollars per annum! O, who can wonder that his holy zeal prompts him to doubly, trebly and quadruply damn all who do not join his abstinent societies! SUCH are a SPECIMEN of the Tract and Abstinent Societies' Agents throught the United States! They are of the same religious species as was Judas Iscariot, who sold Jesus Christ himself for the benefit of the Lord's treasure! -- Multum in parvo.


    terrible as the groan of expiring nature. -- At present they cannot hear the truth, but HEAP up to themselves teachers (bible agents, tract, Sabbath school, missionary, anti-abstinent, &c. agents) having itching ears -- (ears, so far and so deeply the subjects of the cacoethes, that Satan himself will, ultimately, be tormented in scratching them) and which teachers prophecy smooth things; and cry, peace, peace, when the world is rocking on the brink of destruction! They will not believe, that their SOCIETIES are nothing better than the synagogues of Satan, where the blackest infidelity to the truth of the gospel, and treason against the glorious kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, are brooding and operating to the consummation of "The Mystery of iniquity" in the prostration of the gospel, as far or farther than ever the law of Moses was made void or prostrated, by the traditions and inventions of the Scribes and Pharisees of old. -- It is these who have circumcised ears -- whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life -- the elect of God, whom it is not possible to deceive, by any false gospel, specious devices or fashionable religious and benevolent enterprises and combinations; -- it is only those, we say, who are the salt of the earth, and the light of the world, who will hear and gladly receive the word of truth; or who know "the signs of the times." -- Hence, it is written, "Blessed is he that readeth (in the spirit of understanding thereof) and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep in remembrance those things which are written therein, for the time is at hand."* That is, the time was then at hand in which the prophecy of this book was to begin to have a fulfillment: it has been fulfilling ever since! -- There are many of God's people who begin to hear these truths, &c. to give heed to them as to a light that shineth in a dark place: And every day there will be more and more of them convinced, that these things are faithful and true: and at last be astonished at their past ignorance or insensibility to these things, while their hearts will burn within them, in holy indignation against those little beasts, by whose dissimulation and artful practices they had been led astray.

    Verse 10. "He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: He that killeth with the sword must by killed with the sword: Here is the patience and faith of the saints."

    In the verse now before us we have an epitomized history of all religious establishments, teachers, theological Adventurers and professors, who pervert and suppress the truths of the gospel, and who introduce human traditions and inventions as a standard of judgment in the place of the gospel. All who do so are leaders of others into captivity to delusions and refuges of lies, at the same time they themselves are led into captivity by the Father of devices and lies: Thus, deeper and deeper, they mutually sink, until at least the blind leaders and blind followers alike fall into the gulph of perdition. -- This is exemplified more and less, in every religious sect, denomination and fraternity of the present day, -- deluded and led captive, as they are by myriads of corruptions of the gospel, human traditions and inventions, and "lo heres and lo theres" in reference to the kingdom of Christ. -- These very denominations whose professed faith embraces a general Calvinistic interpretation of the gospel, are crowded with open Arminian or pseudo-calvanistic ministers! In the end, there is do doubt, every one of these religious denominations will become, "the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird:" and in this way they will be annihilated as sects, midst the throes of internal conflict, and by those judgments of God which are detailed in the 16th chapter of Revelations. Until the termination of the 1260 years this scene and series of captivity will not be consummated! It will then begin to decline and fall.

    * Rev. i. 3.


    It is also said, "he that killeth with the sword, shall be killed with the sword." This clause, we conceive, has reference to the Ottoman empire, whose religion was established at the point of the sword; and which empire shall, ere long, no doubt, be blotted from the map of Europe as a nation, and that too by the sword of a foreign conquerer. -- There has been much declamation against Mahomed, as a false prophet and ruthless tyrant, propogating and establishing his religion by the sword. -- Well, imposter and tyrant as he was, he was innocence itself compared with those who, as worshippers of the beast, corrupt, pervert and suppress the truth of the gospel, and resort to every species and variety of theological jugglery, in the hallowed name of Jesus, to form new protestant sect or to get proselytes to an old one. -- As a proof of this, the judgment that is to come upon the Ottoman empire is merely the ordinary calamities of war, and the dispersion of the Mahometans as a nation: While seven bowls of the wrath of God Almighty -- or seven extraordinary and supernatural scenes and series of judgment are to be visited upon the beast, and all who worship him, or who have his mark on their foreheads or in their right hands: -- In short -- upon the old beast and the young ones -- the Mother of harlots and the daughters -- the great city of Babylon and the and the smaller ones -- the Catholic and the Protestant churches! They shall all drink of the wine of the fierceness of God Almighty's wrath, and that without mixture -- for they are worthy.

    This verse ends by saying, "Here is the patience and faith of the saints." -- That is, when the beast, in former ages, was corrupting the gospel, for the sake of accommodating it to the minds and feelings of carnal professors and an ungodly world, and thereby obtaining large accessions of numbers and revenue; and when multiplying device upon device, and adding, what they called, religious enterprise and combination of religious enterprise and combination, * for the purpose of multiplying proselytes and making converts; and when they appeared on the flood tide of successful experiment for the salvation of all men, and when, intoxicated with their apparent triumphs they were vaunting and shouting acclimation to the works of their own hands; as, we say, under these circumstances, the saints of the Most High God, patiently endured all the obloquy and abuse that were poured upon them, because they would not become a party of these unfruitful works of darkness; and as their faith clave to the truth of the gospel, and to the promulgation of that truth as God's appointed means of salvation to his church and people; and as they would neither receive the traditions of men for the truth of the gospel, or their inventions for the ordinances of the gospel, or give up one jot or tittle of the truth of the gospel; so now the patience of and faith of the saints have an equally severe and fiery trial. -- They cannot, will not, dare not sanction other means of salvation than those which God hath appointed and established in the ministry of Christ and his Apostles; and they must abhor, denounce and oppose every attempt to corrupt the gospel, or to suppress "the faith once delivered to the saints." -- Here they take their stand: and while the myriads of professors are, with trumpet tongue, pleading for innovation after innovation and corruption after corruption, suppression after suppression OF the truth of the gospel, and that upon the doctrine of expedience, prudence and policy, and denominating the whole, christian CHARITY; † the saints with unintimidated front and lion heart respond, heaven and earth shall pass away ere we will surrender one jot or tittle of the doctrine of

    This doctrine of combination, in the name of the gospel and church of God, ever has been and ever will be a moral Upas -- it is plague, pestilence and famine to the political and social order of mankind, as it is in direct opposition to what the scriptures represent and circumstance of God's people to be in this world, i.e. "the salt of the earth" -- as salt SCATTERED not combined!

    † Charity! Charity is a plant of heavenly growth, and is kept green and flourishing


    God our Saviour or ere we will give unto those devices and doings in his name, for which he has given us neither example or precept in his word, an which he hath m|no shape required at our hands. -- For assuming this attitude, & acting upon this principle of fidelity to the truth of the gospel, the interests of the church and declarative glory of the captain of their salvation, they have been and they will be treated with contempt, hated and scorned and trodden under foot. -- In all this the patience and the faith of the saints are severely tried and imposingly manifested as standing, in "the power of God and not in the wisdom of men."

    Verse 11. "And I behold another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon."

    The appearance of this best is in immediate connexion with an extended influence of the first. -- The first beast, or ecclesiastical authorities at Rome, had succeeded in corrupting the gospel, both as respects doctrine and practice, to an infamous extent, when this second beast made its appearance. Here we may take occasion to remark, that not only had the church of Rome corrupted, perverted and suppressed the truths of the gospel, and superseded that gospel as a standard of judgment, by her traditions, inventions, enterprises and combinations, but the churches of Constantinople, Jerusalem, Alexandria, and Antioch had also been for ages corrupting and suppressing the truths of the gospel, and multiplying their traditions and inventions for the purpose of making proselytes and converts. -- These five gigantic overgrown churches had been, for many generations, the heated, the hateful and the hating rivals of each other, respectively exciting their members to a high degree of ambitious effort and noble daring to gain the ascendency over the others, &a schooling those members &a their adherents to believe, that any degree of corruption given to the gospel, or any carnal devices or expedients resorted to for the obtainment of the prize, were all lawful, and that the end sanctified the means. -- Earthly minded men had got into "the high places and seats of authority" in the OSTENIBLE church, they had monopolized the offices, honors and revenue thereof. -- Under these circumstances the second beast made its appearance. The first beast is said to have risen up out of the sea -- the import of which we noticed in the commencement of this lecture. -- The second beast is said to rise up out of the earth. By which we are to understand, the multitude of earthly minded men that then, in general, composed and governed the ostensible church. -- This figurative term is often made use of in the scriptures to denote the inhabitants of this world and unrenewed men: as, for instance -- "And the whole earth was of one language and one speech. Gen xi. 1: -- O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord." The churches of Rome, Constantinople, &c. had become filled with earthly minded professors, they had possessed themselves of all its honors, emoluments & authority; while christiantiy was the established religion of the most of the nations civilized world; and a profession of religion, in some one of the churches, had become a hereditary and settled occurrence among all classes of mankind. -- Thus, judging from the universality of profession made, and the christian religion appeared to be fixed as the poles, immovable as the earth. -- Therefore, this second beast is represented to have risen up out of the earth. -- This second beast is a symbolical representation of generations of missionaries that the Bishop and ecclesiastical authorities of Rome created, and sent forth through the world of an especial, pious and charitable mission. -- The churches

    with the dews of the truth of the gospel: while all false interpretations of the gospel do but poison and deform it: But the charity of which these myriads of professors boast is, like the thorns and thistles of the wild forest, which does but spread a shade for the hissing serpents of slander against the truth, or shower its mock beauties upon the deadly asp of heresy.


    of Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, &c. had not only been for ages corrupting the truth of the gospel and multiplying their traditions, inventions and combinations for the salvations of all men; but were jealous of each other as a sultan of his harem, and respectively putting forth their most ingenious devices and efforts to become the ascendant.

    These lordly religious establishments had only obtained, an almost universal religious control over the minds of men, and a sweeping influence in the political affairs of the different nations of the earth; they had not only realized immense revenues, by the pious donations of kinds and princes, the rich and the noble of the earth, but they had acted broadly the principle of COMBINATION. Combination of professors was to constitute the lever, and combination of professors' gold and silver was to constitute the fulcrum upon and by which all men were to be raised, from sin and hell to grace and glory. -- The missionaries represented by the second beast, and sent out by the church of Rome, were designed to give the finishing stroke to the principal of religious combination -- to illustrate it practically in all its full-orbed glory, in all its ineffably delectable fruits of righteousness! -- That beast is represented as having two horns; by which, we conceive, is meant, the civil and ecclesiastical authority and power which were now more or less bleaded together in the church of Rome, and in or by which these missionaries went forth to convert the members of other churches to a profession in the church of Rome. -- These two horns appeared as the horns of a lamb -- upright and harmless -- so the civil and ecclesiastical power and authority of the church of Rome appeared upright and harmless in the persons and designs of these missionaries. No selfishness, no guile,, no sinister views were suspected to be in them -- they were, to appearance and in profession, "Israelites indeed." -- They spake as a dragon or crocodile. -- That is, they not only speak of and in the name of the gospel of Christ as mere natural men speak of it -- as a code of ethics, and terms and conditions of salvation -- but they professed to deplore all the DIVISIONS which existed in the church of Christ, and to weep for the salvation of all mankind. Thus, crocodile like, they passed themselves off as tender infants of simplicity, innocence, and sensibility. The women in particular, were enchanted with them as visitants, and though them angels of light, and listened to their good words and fair speech, and received their billings and cooings, as irrefragable evidence that they were the Lord's missionaries, and that they were devoutly engaged in labors of love for the salvation of all men! * Is there nothing correspondent with all this in protestant Christendom? No five or more lordly, gigantic religious establishments, corrupting the gospel, multiplying ad infinitum their traditions, inventions, &c. for, ostensibly, the salvation of all men? Are not these religious denominations jealous of each other as Othello of his wife? Are they not reaching after sectarian control over the minds of all men, by fabricating and extending, what they call, religious and philanthropic schemes which shall enlist the fleshly sympathies and earthly passions of mankind into their service, and for the enlargement of their religious borders? Are they not realizing large revenues in the form of pious donations from kings and princes, the rich and the noble of the earth? Are they not, instead of offering absolution for the money of the poorer classes of mankind, threatening them with double, treble, &c. degrees of damnation if they do not give to their Lord's treasury -- thus improving upon the iniquity of their MOTHER by adding insolence to their pious frauds? Are they not attempting to obtain political influence in our State and National Legislatures, by getting into the halls of legislation communicants of their churches,

    * The ladies became, in the end, so much attached to these missionaries on account of their pious labors, that when their holy mission was effected, female influence converted them into family and private Confessors.


    and communicants only -- by attempting to make the Congress of the United States legislate for the due observance of the Sabbath* -- by attempting to get the "Sabbath school union" incorporated -- by attempting to get an act of incorporation passed for their states' temperate societies, &c.? have they not been for years past inculcating, through all possible media, the doctrine of COMBINATION; as THAT on which was to be suspended the salvation of all men! Have they not been for many years filled with earthly minded men, to whom they have assigned, the "high places and seats of authority" in their synagogues? And did not these missionary, Bible, tract, Sabbath school, &c. societies originate with earthly minded men, or consummate errorists in the Baptist,† Presbyterian, Episcopalian, &c. churches of England? Has there no two lamb-like horned beast made its appearance in Protestant Christendom? Well, say it has but ONE (ecclesiastical power) as yet; but the other (civil power) is growing, and is upon the point of protruding from its young head. So that the time is not far distant, when our Tract, Missionary, Bible, Sabbath school, abstinent &c. Agents, mendicants and missionaries will have the civil power to sustain them in their noble rivalry of labors of the Roman Catholic church. In the absence of that power, or while their second horn is growing, they find a substitute, in some degree, in FEMALE INFLUENCE -- they act, in this respect, upon the French adage, which says: "The will of woman is the will of God." ‡

    This beast, in protestant christendom, is also speaking as a dragon or crocodile. -- As a dragon -- or as earthly minded men, these Agents, mendicants, missionaries &c. speak of the gospel as a code of ethics or terms, conditions and OFFERS of salvation to all men. Even to those for whom Jesus Christ is neither an atonement or a righteousnes or an intercessor! O heavens! what incongruity and ineffably contemptible absurdity do men -- and those whom we hope "the things that accompany salvation" -- reduce themselves when they preach and talk about the gospel as a body of body of terms and conditions and OFFERS of salvation, to those who die impenitent; and for whom, no atonement was ever made, no righteousness ever wrought out, and no intercessions ever offered by him who only is, "Wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption" to all the heirs of salvation! -- How feelingly do our Tract, Bible, missionary, &c. agents, tools and factotums descant upon the and deprecate the divisions in the society or in the interests of the religious world! O, exclaim they, O, that we were ONE combined solid phalanx! -- O that our hearts were knit together, as Jonathan and David's in an all-devouring great desire for the salvation to the ends of the earth, and pluck, as brands from the eternal burnings, myriads of sinners that most, in the event of our not visiting them, die the death that never dies. O, that we were thus combined -- that we were but one denomination -- that we had but one ministry (made up of Sabellian, Arian, Sociniam,

    * Query: -- If a certain Presbyterian Caiaphas in the transmontane "City of brotherly love" would think his Lord's Sabbath profaned, if a hundred mail stages were to thunder up to his meeting house on a Sabbath evening with 4 or 500 bearers, all softened with the Tuscan grape and who would bleed freely? i.e. give largely, into his Israelite hands, of gold and silver for his Lord's treasury!

    † As for instance -- Andrew Fuller: who, in his "gospel worthy of all acceptation" is as jesuitical and deep and broad a heretic as ever was idolized by the genius of Arminianism! -- Carey and Marsham were the intimates of A. Fuller -- they, we may presume, are giving the Bengalese and other eastern nations versions of Fuller's gospel.

    ‡ How mortifying to every real friend of the sex it must be, to witness them, the mere crows and cheese in the hands of these foxes.


    Pelagian, Armenian, Fullerite &c. doctrine, speculation and notion) what is feast of fat things should we not have, and what a flow of soul when surrounding our Lord's table, in the fellowship of saints, the unity of the spirit and the bonds of peace!

    The crocodilism of protestant christendom is more fully developed, in the professions of her leading and most influential religious and philanthropic projectors and experimentalists; who hold themselves up to the eye of the world as being Howards in benevolence and very models in self-denial, and who are, from the pulpit and the press, pouring forth volumes of encomiums upon the merit and blessedness of denying ourselves of every artificial want for the sake of the Lord's treasury, when they, themselves, as ministers or leaders are receiving and expending, to the amount of two to five or six thousand dollars a year; one-half to three-fourths of which is expended in supplying their, their wives and their children's ARTIFICIAL wants. This crocodilism is farther manifested, in their weeping for the salvation of all men, and at the same time doing all that they can to suppress that ministry which only God will own and bless, to the salvation of his elect: -- in praying the Lord of the harvest to send forth faithful laborers, * & when such appear, hunting them down as Spanish blood hounds were wont to hunt down the Japanese: In sending forth missionaries to the civilized and uncivilized inhabitants of the earth, who, they know, at best, to preach a wretchedly corrupt Arminian gospel: In weeping to send the Bible to foreign lands, and at the same time spending their lives at home in corrupting, perverting and suppressing; hating & abhorring its most gloriously prominent truths: In professing to be full of love and kindness to those Christians who are friends to the religious traditions and inventions of men, at the same time manifesting the rage of a Julian and the guile of a jesuit against all who faithfully maintain or boldly preach, "the faith of God's elect:" In making the pulpit a puppet show, in the exhibition of some of their Indian converts or Hindoo stone idols therein, and with tear streaming eyes and sepulchral groan, telling of all the native rudeness of the one, and gross superstition of the other; while they themselves are absolutely generating more than Indian ferocity in the breasts of different sectarists, and leading protestant christendom to bow down and worship the works of their own hands, in the form of hundreds of different and professedly religious inventions and combinations: In professing

    * Even every little squad of boys and girls that can form themselves into a Tract, Sunday school, &c. society, assume the prerogative of telling the Lord, "that the harvest is great and the laborers are few:" When it never was the prerogative of any being on earth, legitimately, to make any such assertion but the Lord Jesus Christ; who, and who only, knew his sheep and where they were: Hence: he tells the Apostle "I have much people in this city." § [Corinth.] -- But where ministers must get a living in City, town or neighborhood, they must impress the minds of the people with an idea, that there is much people of the Lord's among them; and give them, if necessary, to understand that they are all interested in the great salvation if they only choose to be so. -- Hence the broad and unblushing front and face of miscreant Arminianism is seen upon the ministry of all the missionary Presbyterian and Fullerite Baptist preachers; they must live in this, that, or the other city, town or neighborhood of their choice, their interest or their popularity; and they must persuade the communities respectively that much or all of them are the Lord's people: though in fact there is perhaps not a soul among the whole of their congregations that is of God's people: Thus they lie, and thus they live & and thus they die, that they all may be damned who pleasure in such unrighteousness. In the larger cities in protestant christendom this scene and series of blasphemous pretension to the Divine prerogatives, and Jesuitical doing is most detestably and broadly exemplified.

    § "The foundation of the Lord standeth sure, having this seal the Lord knoweth them that are his."


    to circulate the bible without note or comment when, in fact, and in the form of Tracts, magazines, religious newspapers, &c. they are sending forth and inundating the religious world with the most voluminous and discordant commentary with it, that human ingenuity can devise or human agency operate! * In the perusal of these religious publications or this voluminous and discordant commentary, professors generally have every remnant of time taken up, and are as ignorant of the bible as if it did not exist: This is the bible becoming an obsolete book and the word of God made void by the traditions and inventions of men, or the two witnesses (Law and Gospel) mangled and slain, and will ultimately be cast out into the streets of infidelity and pharisaic godliness and trodden under foot for the space of time appointed. Yet protestant Christendom weeps for the salvation of all men, and vaunts herself as the vicegerent God! -- But a thousand volumes would not contain the expression of the crocodilism: -- the foregoing may serve as a specimen:

    Verse 12 to 14. "And he exerciseth all the powers of the first Beast before him, and causet the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly would was healed. -- And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven in the sight of men. And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by those miracles which he hath power to do in the sight of the beast, saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by the sword and did live."

    From these verses we learn: - That the first beast had great power, so that he performed great wonders, which, at last, appeared as miracles; and, perhaps, by the permission of God, & through Satanic agency, he did make fire come down from heaven, or from the air. Satan himself is spoken of as "the prince of the power of the air," and in this case it may be presumed, that he wrought miracles, through the instrumentality of the Roman Catholic clergy, as he had done through the magicians of Egypt in the days of Moses and Aaron. In justice to the subject we ought to observe, that by the science and art of man an appearance of fire; as coming down from heaven, might have been produced. In proof thereof, it is but a few months ago since the Catholic clergy in the city of Rome produced the appearance of fire coming down from heaven, and solicited the Pope to report the incident, formally and officially, as a mighty sign of the Catholic church's continued power to work miracles. -- The Pope, however, deemed it proper to consult with men of science at Rome, as to the possibility of producing such an appearance up on the principles of human science. -- He was informed, that it could be done upon those principles; and consequently declined proclaiming the occurrence as a miracle. -- To the foregoing we may add, the numerously reported miracles of Prince Hohenloe. Two or three of those miracles took place in the Metropolis of the United States. -- One of them, we distinctly recollect, was the supposed instantaneous restoration of a nun to perfect health and wonted strength, form the last sate of a pulmonary, or some other extremely emaciating and severe chronic disease. -- Indeed, the whole scene and series of modera operations in what is called protestant Christendom, are peculiarly calculated to reduce the human mind to that state of confusion and distraction, and consequently imbecility, which is, and which ever has been

    * On no individual, under the canopy of heaven, does this reflection fall with greater force than on the Buffaloe Bishop -- "The prince of theological visionaries" -- alias, Alexander Campbell. This will be made manifest in the sequal. -- Never, perhaps, since God breathed into man's nostrils the breath of life, has there appeared an ecclesiastical Adventurer, who has more broadly or unblushingly invalidated his own avowed system than has A. C.


    A consideration with those whom, in brief, we will call, political and religious magicians; and which serves them as a fulcrum on which they can operate the severs of their political and religious experiments to the production of an endless variety of modifications and phases upon the exterior of human society, without ever effecting any change in the essential attributes of mankind, or in the material circumstances of their life; and, from the production of which modifications and phases, they style themselves, and are, in a multitude of instances, wafted around the world on the breath of popular applause, as REFORMERS and SAVIOURS, and their devices and doings estimated as, "mighty signs and wonders." -- The Roman Catholic church has seen with an experienced eye, the protestant christendom has been, for many years past, rapidly advancing to that state of mental confusion and religious credibility, which have ever been most conspicuous to her religious theatricals, pious frauds, and ecclesiastical jugglery. -- She has ventured upon a few experiments among her hopeful daughters, but perceives that the soil is not yet sufficiently mellow for the reception of her procreative seed. -- But we not only learn from the verses now under notice, that the first beast has had great power and performed great wonders, but that the second beast assumed the same power and performed the same wonders. -- While then, this second beast, or these generations of convert making missionaries, were exercising their power and doing their wonders, they were teaching and causing all they could of the professors of the other churches in the then christendom, to worship the first Beast whose deadly wound was healed; while all their power was exerted and all their wonders displayed, for the purpose of getting the religious world to make an image to the beast who had the wound by a sword and did not live." -- In all this we learn, that the Church of Rome, after having compassed sea and land to make proselytes, and after having added to her numbers, her revenue, her pomp and power far beyond any contemporary religious denomination, and thus becoming the ascendant of the churches; her pious bowels begin to yearn over the religious world on account of its divisions and subdivisions, together with the collisions of difference churches and the clashing of interests among ecclesiastical leaders, and the hubbub confusion of doctrine, speculation and opinion prevailing among professors. -- An IMAGE -- or Pope, as Universal Bishop, and the church or Rome as the Mother of all christians, became a desideration; and promised fair to make and secure, "one Lord, one faith and one baptism" among the holy tribes. -- To this end, this second beast, or these convert making missionaries were led to address the people, in every part of the then christian world, in reference to the all-important subject of union among believers: SO MUCH had been done in salvation by SO MUCH union and combination among the saints, so much more could be effected by so much more COMBINATION. -- O yes, if the dear brethren, sweet and precious sisters of the churches of Constantinople, Alexandria, Jerusalem and Antioch, and a hundred other comparatively small churches or sects would only avail themselves of the opportunity of being all united, presented by the door of universal companion now opened in the church of Rome, then they might safely calculate upon being able to carry salvation to every family on earth! or eve as purgatory. -- That this was the will of heaven was manifest, from the unequalled number of communicants that flowed into the Catholic church, from her vast and increasing treasury, from her commanding influence with the great and noble of the earth: Add to which, no teacher were like her teachers, no Bishop like unto her BISHOP: he was, evidently, God's favourite, God's power, God's vicegerent and interpreter, infallible Arbiter of all doubtful questions -- the most disinterested, most upright, most talented, most learned, most holy and most every thing great and glorious, that had or ever has been seen on the face of the earth under the name of a Bishop. * Such in brief, were the object, the nature

    * the Buffaloe Bishop -- alias, Alexander Campbell, always excepted!


    and incident characterizing, this last prominent and august missionary enterprise of the Church of Rome ere she become the ostensible Catholic church, alias, "The Mother of Harlots."

    In the farther application of the subject of protestant Christendom, we may remark: What wonders or apparent miracles she is performing! What exquisite symmetry and order is political government reduced to in principle and operation within her limits -- ‘tis the symphony of the skes -- the music of the spheres! How simple and how beauteous have the principles of jurisprudence become in protestant Christendom, and how happily divested of all gratuitous delay or vexatious, troublesome and onerous legal obstruction in their practical application! How largely and almost universally are mankind becoming the exalted, purified sons and daughters of philosophy and science, through the might influences exerted over public mind by and through our Mammoth Universities, splendid colleges and literary halls; and how releived from professional drones and devouring locusts which those and kindred institutions were wont, in generations past, to infest the community of mankind with! add to which, what vast efforts and appropriate expenditures are making to give the mass of population a mediocrity of education & intelligence rather than to make & perpetuate a scattered & scattering generation of literary aristocrats! What a flood of patriotism is tumultuating the bosoms of our rulers, and prompting them to construe State and United States' constitutions into authority for projecting any extent and variety of scheme and internal improvement, and for taxing the people to any amount deemed necessary to accomplish such improvement. While the friends, favorites, partizans and pimps of those Rulers can be well provided for, in the possession and enjoyment of the innumerous offices connected with such international works: and thus the social amities and private virtues of our rulers can be gratified as well as their amor patriae. -- O happy world! O Golden Age! well may you rise in loftiest conception of yourself as the ascendant of all generations, in wisdom as in virtue; in greatness and in glory.

    Happily the religious community in protestant christendom, drinks deep into the same spirit of generous ardor for the spiritual improvement of mankind, as the former party does for their temporal weal: and HAPPILY, the religious community's schemes quadrate in magnitude and variety, with those of our political rulers; nor can there be any doubt as to the existence of an auspicious and growing individuality or object and unity of action! -- What wonders then, yea, what miracles are not protestant churches doing! here is the Baptist Church in Great Britain and in America rising above the vulgar truths of their original Confession of faith, * and congregating under the black banner of Fullerism, they march through the earth, thundering, in Vatican fury, double, treble, quadruple and ad infinitum degrees of damnation upon all who hear, or who could hear the gospel, if they do not exercise a SAVING faith in Jesus Christ; as well as upon all those who having any means (i.e. gold and silver) do not aid the Lord in sending it to those who have it not! † This made her professors -- this made her missionaries! The Presbyterian church, by the same potent instrumentality, has wrought correspondent wonder. What do we, exclaims the Episcopal Church of Great Britain, standing idle all the day long? Behold, the whole world is likely to run after these dissenters and their religious projects!

    * The Baptist Confession of Faith will compare to advantage with any thing that has ever been written as a simplified and solid digest of the doctrine of GRACE; or general interpretation of the everlasting gospel. It stands as yet a moment of what the Baptists once were. Alas! how fallen!

    † From this doctrine -- FALSE AS HELL -- originated the MULTITUDE of modern professors -- missionaries, Bible, Tract, Sabbath school, &c. societies!


    We must have a "British Bible Society" formed. That Society was formed! -- What wonder -- what miracles she not already performed! Collected about 360,000 dollars per year for twenty-five years past -- printed bibles by steam engine wrought presses, and circulated 4,000,000 of Bibles and Testaments at an average cost of one dollar and fifty cents; or, two dollars for a copy of the Bible and one dollar for the New Testament alone, while the American Bible Society states, the cost price of the common bible at 40 cents and a new Testament at 22 cents! O what wonders, what miracles are here displayed. Correspondent with these wonders are those which the American Bible Society is performing. * What wonders are the Tract Societies doing! Their tracts -- "sweet little heralds" -- DELECTABLE COCATRICE EGGS. -- Their tracts, like the fabled genii of yore, are flying with the velocity of sunbeams and penetrating alik (through the key holes if necessary) the dormitory of some fashionable belle, or the gloomy, foetid cen of some malefactor, and imparting salvation to their souls instanter: or, in the language of many of the tract-mongers themselves, "they (the tracts) do more good and save more souls than the bible." -- Again -- What wonders are the Sabbath schools performing! -- teaching myriads of children, who are never known to commit sin AFTER they leave the all-transforming hands of their school teachers! Abstinent societies formed, and multiplying over the whole country, when at one blow and instanter, inflict destruction on the hydra headed monster intemperance. † Here is one religious denomination making 100,000 christians in a year! Another, making revivals wherever and whenever they choose so to do, or can operate by and through the instrumentality of their potent missionaries or ministers! another, whose Bishops, individually, can make 50 christians in a day, at least; and, when they set themselves seriously to the business and have "a mind to work," they can make, "as fast as a nailer heads nails." ‡ Genius of Catholicism! hide thy diminished head: What wonders, what miracle doing have you to compare with these things in protestant Christendom! And, know, thou once vaunted spirit, that a thousandth part is not here told! Nothing short of all, and the undivided operations of all the presses in protestant Christendom itself, could publish and proclaim her wondrous doings and miracles: and even then we might weep that there were no more presses to sound her pride! -- shade of Caligula! thou once illustrious emperor of Rome -- thou and thou only canst stand forth an appropriate personification of our wonder working age. -- Thou went forth leading thine invincible legions to the overthrow of the Germans and Britons; and when as thou advanced in thy terrible majesty, thine ambition glowed and soared above the mere conquest of pigmy man; and, therefore, thou didst adventurously seek a conflict with the elements of Nature; and heroically advance against the watery world, and drew up thy potent army in the very face, and on the trembling borders of old ocean's thundering cloud-capped waves and foaming

    * We shall notice the Bible and other religious institutions of protestant Christendom more fully in the next lecture!

    † How many kinds of intemperance are there? No intemperance in eating to excess -- in guzzling, daily, bottles of wine or quarts of strong beer, or of cider racked until 6 or 8 barrels are boiled down to one! No intemperance in the dress of our pious missionaries, or of our dignified ecclesiastical leaders, or in that of their cara sposas or their precious offspring? The very pettiest of their missionaries will bow a la mode his wife's bonnet with dollar ribbon. No INTEMPERANCE in selling the last cow of a poor man to pay the Parson's tythe! in klling ourselves in literary pursuits -- in professing great zeal for the Tract, Missionary, Temperance, &c. &c. societies when our subsistence is dependent upon them? We shall, in subsequent pages, if space permit, show that the religious world is reeling with intemperance -- or, drunk with the wine of the whore of Babylon.

    ‡ So vaunt the "christian" or Campbellite Bishops.


    surf; and there, in consummate skill, dispose thine engines, warlike machines and embattled host; and cause thy surge-deafening trumpets to sound, and the signals to wave for the appalling conflict; and as though didst triumph gloriously, and reduce the hitherto lawless billows to the slumber of the grave: and as thou didst load thy soldiers with curious SHELLS, many pearl and other precious spoils of the conquered ocean; and as they appropriate army did congratulate each other upon the unparalleled event, and sing the song of victory; so hast thou embodied and personified the unheard of doings, moral, political and religious achievements of protestant christendom in this age of ages!

    Verse 15. "And he (the two horned beast) had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the Beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed."

    The zealous missionaries of the church of Rome, symbolically represented by the "second beast," it appears, not only succeeded in making an image to the beast, but that that image, or universal Bishop, should have life, or authority through life, to speak and dictate upon all religious subjects, and hitherto controverted points in theology, with undisputed authority: His dictum was to be the ultima thule of judgement or of opinion; while all who presumed to differ with or dissent from his dieta were to be killed. -- Killed in the first place in their reputations -- charge with being enemies to the God of mission, moral, religious and philanthropic inventions, enterprises, experiments, and combinations that were abroad in christendom, under the patronage of the great and good, wisest and best of mankind, for the purpose of giving peace and unity to the church and salvation to all men. -- Such disapprovers were to be denounced, as leagued with Atheists, Diests and Pagans to oppose the great and glorious work of the Lord. -- In the event of this kind of assault upon and immolation of their character not effecting a termination of their opposition to, or avowed disapprobation of the traditions and inventions, &c. of the church of Rome, their lives were then to be forfeited. The image or Pope had power to enact and execute laws to that effect.

    And is there nothing resembling the foregoing in our times? Alas! protestant christendom is full of it. -- It is the very front and face of religious signs of the times. -- That the gospel is corrupted in the present age to an awful degree, the unprecedented number of religious denominations, sects and fraternities in protestant christendom, furnish irrefragable evidence of. -- The man who will dare to denounce those corruptions, and expose the false signs and "lying wonders" of the times, is sure to be killed: * His character will be stabbed, mangled quartered & hung upon the gibbets of infamy. -- To preach the everlasting gospel, in all its glorious truths, and according to the Calvinistic or Lutheran general interpretation thereof, & to live according to its holy precepts, is, in these

    * The author has been seen much, very much of human life and character, and he may with unqualified truth, declare, that of all classes of mankind within the limits of Christendom, the Presbyterian and Fullerite Baptist missionaries, Tract, &c. mongers, agents, tools and factotums are the most gratuitous, jesuitical and unwearied falsifiers and slanderers: -- They are, for the most part, the mere floating offal or scum of society, gathered up by the Presbyterian and Fullerite Baptist churches when about sixteen, eighteen or twenty years of age: -- their feelings vulgar; their manners and habits fixed; they pass through the theological mill, come and live and move as mere puppets and tools in the hands of those who made them & who can unmake them; & who will unmake them unless they submit to be their lick-heels at all times, and Iscariots when necessary! which, by the bye, is almost unintermittingly.


    days no standard for a man's character as an Evangelist or Pastor. -- It is not "what think you of Christ" and of his gospel, that is made the test of christian or ministerial character; but, what think ye of our missionary, our Tract, our Bible, our Sabbath school, &c. societies, that is made the test of religious character. Hence, Bible societies and their auxiliaries; Missionary, Tract, Sabbath school, abstinent societies, together with their auxiliaries, have such a degree of authoritative LIFE given to them that they can all, with impunity, speak and promulgate the vilest and most gratuitous slanders, and kill or mangle the reputation of all who will not fall down and worship them. -- In this way, the most loathsome drunkards, veriest knaves and consummate liars, are in a few hours, converted into censors morum, and assume to themselves the right of trampling upon the character of the most upright and useful of the members of society. * Nay even the pettiest of boys and girls become invested with the insolence of a Wolsey and fulmina of the Papal See, and can hurl denunciation upon the head of virtuous old age itself.

    Verse 16. "And he causeth all both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or on their forheads."

    The ambition of religious sects has led them, at all times, to esteem nothing done as long as any thing remained to be done: "Attempt great thing, expect great things" was no less the talismanic motto of Catholic christendom in ancient times, than it is of Protestant christendom in the present age and generation. -- In the verse before us we have an instance of it presented in reference to the Church of Rome. -- Although she had, almost miraculously, recovered from a deadly wound, though she had, by a train of apparently fortuitous events, been enabled to contend with the other religious Establishments of the age, and finally to raise the ascendant; yet she was not satisfied: her envy and ambition secretly pined for an eccleslastical control over the whole world; and she was bent upon making, if possible and by any means, every man, woman and child a proselyte to or member of her body. -- Her previous success, in religious EXPERIMENT and enterprise, had filled her with insane confidence of her being, the favorite of heaven, and the only true church upon the earth. It is natural for men, as individuals and societies, to esteem themselves the favorites of heaven, when particularly successful in their projects, enterprises and experiments, to whatever grade of human interests those projects, &c. ostensibly refer, or however infernal the motives that originate or the means and instrumentalities which operate them. In reference to what is called, the church, the scriptures are not, and have not been, referred to as a standard of judgment, but the pride and vanity of sectarianism, or the wind of popular applause. -- The churches of Rome, Constantinople, &c. all knew this to be the case, and therefore respectively struggled the more intensely for the attainment of that degree of ascendency which would turn the current of popular opinion and confidence in its favor. -- The Church of Rome succeeded in this trial of pious effort: She rose the ascendant and the other churches as rapidly fell. -- The same gigantic struggle is now going on among the leading protestant denominations or churches: They are nearly well balanced at present -- their scales are in equilibrio -- each as panting with "the pleasures of hope" that some master stroke of its own peculiar policy, or some fortuitous event will determine the balances in its

    * These are not fancy sketches: The writer is known hundreds of instances of the kind: and they are multiplying every day: Yes, we pledge our solemn word, that we have known these societies to own for their active members, those whom they knew to be among the most dastardly and vile of liars and blackguard calumniators! O tempora! O mores!


    favor -- that it will rise the ascendant and the others "dissolve like the baseless fabric of a vision." * -- To proceed: -- By the mark in their right hand or on their foreheads is meant, an open or literal or secret or virtual connexion with the beast. -- It is customary with the Romans to have their slaves' foreheads branded with the names of their masters; as it was also customary to have the soldier's right hands branded with the names of the legions to which they belonged, or of the general under whom they served: hence the emblems in the verse last cited; and from which we learn, that it is made the indispensible duty of all men, small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to make a profession of religion in the Church of Rome, or secretly to acknowledge her to be the only true and Apostolic church. -- Here it is worthy of remark and of special notice; that the church of Rome began her attempts at universal domination by taking the children, and the ignorant men and maid servants under her ghostly jurisdiction. -- There were teachers and catechists and Acolytes, &c. appointed to watch over and train up those children and servants in, what was said to be, the fear and admonition of the Lord, and for the security of their souls' salvation. -- But it was only for the purpose of making and perpetuating them members or proselytes of the church of Rome. -- Indeed, all the teachings, all the institutions of that age were only devised and used to get members to some one or other of the christian churches; though they were all, professedly, for the salvation of souls. -- The whole was a perfectly organized system of operations, for the purpose of schooling, frightening or alluring girls and boys, maid servants and men servants, and all classes of the community into a connexion with some one of the churches. As before intimated, they had their sabbath schools, tracts or traditions, lectures, children's prayers, hymns, male and female teachers, &c. as we have now; and they all resulted in making worshippers of the beast of Catholic Christendom, as they do now in protestant christendom.

    Verse 17. "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

    Here we have the climax of ecclesiastical imposition and tyranny exemplified. -- To prevent all opposition to her self exaltation and universal dominion, the Church of Rome assailed the characters and lives of all opposers or neutrals, and lastly their temporal interests! Mens characters, lives and temporal interests are every thing to them in this world: some men would prefer to lose their character and temporal interests rather than their lives; while others would prefer to losing temporal interests and life rather than their characters: But a considerable portion would rather lose their lives and characters than their temporal interests. -- The Roman Catholic Church determined to sacrifice men's characters, lives and temporal interests rather than fail in her pious efforts to make men proselytes and converts. -- Every thing was to be done that human ingenuity and COMBINATIONS under Satanic influence could do, to prevent those from getting a temporal subsistence who opposed or who would not abet the ambitious designs of the Church of Rome. -- Politicians, lawyers, physicians, merchants,

    * The efforts which the Baptist Church has made, and is making, to establish "State conventions," and out of State conventions and "United States Conventions," is a specimen of this ambitious project. -- There never was one of these Conventions that could bear to hear or to have the truth preached to them; &a they have never sent out (knowing him to be such) a missionary or minister that was better than a compound of loathsome Arminian and pseudo-calvinistic doctrine. -- It is questionable whether there is even a Baptist association in the U. States all of whose churches are sound; for the most part the majority of the churches of different associations are Fullerite and therefore the associations are but synagogues of Satan.


    manufacturers, mechanics and all of every class of mankind, who would not worship the best, were to be opposed in all their lawful and industrious efforts to procure a subsistence for themselves and families; while their very failure, from the diabolical combinations against them, were to be trumpeted forth as evidence of their indolence or worthlessness. -- This was the ratio ultima, or last logic, of the church of Rome -- it was FEELINGLY argumentative, and powerfully convincing with vast multitudes: -- it converted them when every other pious effort and combination had failed. -- This sort of persecution raged most fiercely against every man who struggled to preach the everlasting gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in all its essential truths, in contradistinction to the Arian, Socinian, Pelagian and Arminian corruptions and perversions which the Church of Rome, and other the other four leading churches, had given to it. -- It is well worthy of notice, that while every minister and every missionary (so called) in the service of the churches of Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Jerusalem and Antioch, were well provided for, by having their regular salaries paid to or continued collections taken up fro them; those ministers who would not prostitute themselves to the sectarian use of either of the religious denominations, but who fearlessly and faithfully preached the gospel which these sects were perpetually corrupting; such ministers were deemed unworthy of their pulpits, denounced by their pious communicants and popular assemblies, denied every tittle of contribution and left to labor for their own support; and even in that effort to support themselves and families every obstacle was thrown in their way, and every expedient resorted to for the purpose of baffling them in their attempts to gain a subsistence, that fiend-like malice could devise or human combinations operate.

    In all this is there no resemblance to the present religious times in protestant christendom? Rather: is there a political aspirant, lawyer, physician, merchant, farmer, manufacturer, mechanic, printer, bookseller or any artizan of any description in protestant christendom who does not begin to feel, or who has not felt, that it is important to his temporal interests and to his character and influence, to make a open profession of religion in some one of the leading christian denominations, or at least to appear friendly to one or the other of those churches, by co-operating with them in some one or more of their religious inventions, enterprises, experiments or combinations? Is there not enterprise upon enterprise and combination upon combination, from "State Conventions" of the Baptist Church, * (so called) "General Assembly" of the Presbyterian Church, "General Conference" of the Methodist Church, &c. down to Sabbath school operations for the purpose of causing all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, black and white, receive the mark of one of these protestant and smaller beasts on their foreheads or in their right hands? And is not every consideration, refering to personal character i this life and to temporal interests, urged and pressed upon the attention of small and great, rich and poor, and all mankind in christendom, to superinduce them to become professors! Are there not thousands of ostensible religious and benevolent societies, official dignity, "little brief authority," &c. to captivate the attention, interest the pride and gratify the vanity of all classes of society, from the mighty and noble, down to young masters and misses yet in their leading strings? †

    * If these State Conventions succeed in their operations they will crush and annihilate an evangelical ministry: We know their leaders and their tools on the east and on the west of the mountains and we know and have felt them to be -- even the most upright of them -- "sharper than a thorn hedge" -- the most jesuitical haters of the doctrine of grace.

    † If this degree of insolent assumption over the feelings, character and temporal interests of mankind marks protestant christendom in this early stage of their "pious frauds," what may we not expect of high and iron-handed imposition upon our


    As respects, what is called, the ministry in protestant christendom we find that all its posts of honor, offices of distinction and places of salary are; for the most part, parcelled out to those who are the most active in and subservient to the promotion of those devices and combinations, that are deemed the best calculated to exalt and push forward to ascendency the particular sect to which they belong. -- A man who spurns to be used to such a purpose, but who, as a minister, is determined to know nothing but Christ and him crucified, and the preaching of his gospel as the only means of salvation; such a man is considered an idiot or misanthrope. -- Again: We find ontinued collections taken up and continued contributions made, to support the missionaries that these little beasts make and send forth in the name of Jesus Christ, and, ostensibly, to preach his gospel; though, theologically, ignorant as Marcus, and heretical as Simon magus himself. -- If they can only lead an Indian convert through the country, and read an address in behalf of his race from the pulpit; or exhibit a Hindoo stone idol & narrate the history thereof; or do any thing to give more popular eclat, and contribute to the revenue of the sect to which they belong, verily, they are well taken care of. -- But let a hundred old fashioned, sound, able Calvinistic ministers go to and fro in the earth, simply in the name of Jesus Christ and his gospel * -- and what then? Are there any collection for them? -- any contributions to them? NO, not a cent! They may, if possible blend in their ministry, the intellect of a Newton, the learning of a Scaliger, the imagination of a Milton, the argumentative powers of a Paul and eloquence of an Apollos; but still the Lord's treasury in protestant christendom acknowledges no obligation to them: They are hunted more and less by every one of these little beasts, and all the religious fungus fraternities, which these little beasts are generating in swarms from moon to moon: and which fungus fraternities are known, in part, under the name of "Christians" -- "Bible Christians" -- "Holy brethren" -- "Christian Baptists" -- "Free-will Baptists;" &c., all of who, bodies and excressences, unite as one indivisible mass to oppose a purely Calvinistic ministry, and to defame or starve it out of existence. -- In short, the annals of the world do not afford a record of such deep, broad, varied, artful and plausible appeal to the pride, vanity, pharisaism and self-interest of mankind, in the name of the kingdom and of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, on the one hand; or of hostile attitude to the truth of the gospel of Christ, and all the instumentalities that lead to the promulgation of that truth on the other hand; as are now exhibiting in Protestant Christendom; or by the Daughters of "The Mother of Harlots."

    We are aware, that it is the prerogative of any and every one to call in question, the correctness of the general portraiture of Protestant Christendom which we have sketched in the foregoing pages. But time, we fully believe will make

    children? The author has a number of children, but rather than see them live to be schooled or hunted down to such ineffable surveillance to theological jugglers the dew damps of death glistening on their foreheads would be pearls in his sight, and his rattle sounding in their throats would be music to his ears.

    There are many individuals in cities, town, villages and neighborhoods who feel this thraldom as an incubus upon their political, religious and social rights, and have a fearful apprehension of its more onerous operation on their children: But in a general way, if some event or instrumentality in Providence gives them a momentary relief, by sternly rebuking the fell and accursed spirit of tyranny, they at the idea of combining to resist its renewed assaults, lest they sacrifice something of an inglorious ease or an item of their paltry temporal possessions: They inhale a few times and the atmosphere of wonted liberty, and then like dastards crouch and lie down to have themselves double ironed. -- Hundreds of instances of this kind have we seen.

    * Not in the name of Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopalian or any other sect -- Nor in the name of Bible, Missionary, Tract, &c. &c. society.


    manifest to all, that the hundredth part of her abominations have not been told; and that ere long each and all of the protestant churches will be found to be "The habitation of Devils, the hold of every foul spirit, and the cages of every complaint of the multitude of professors, in reference to the portraiture we have here drawn of protestant christendom, we would emphatically challenge all who profess themselves to be sound, pure Calvinistic preachers to do as we have done in the case: to wit -- Go forth to and fro in the world and preach the everlasting gospel, according to the Lutheran and Calvinistic GENERAL interpretation thereof; irrespective of any and every sectarian interest, and all the inventories, enterprises, experiments, societies and combinations of protestant christendom: Do this -- thus act out of the commission of Jesus Christ -- thus make FULL PROOF of the ministry; and you will then be intelligent and competent judges in the case! * -- Yes, when you, individually, shall have travelled 40,000 miles in the ministry, without scrip or purse, and preached some two or three thousand sermons of a purely Calvanistic or gospel character, without ever deigning to stoop as a tool to any sect, or to tolerate the traditions, and flatter the inventions, enterprises, experiments, "companies" and combinations of the religious world, you will feel unutterable conviction, that we have but partially and faintly delineated the corruptions of the gospel, the sectarian jealousies and rivalry, and the dastardly and almost universal combinations that exist and operate in protestant christendom against THE TRUTH of the gospel -- the doctrine of sovereign, reigning, discriminating, unfrustrable and triumphant grace! -- Until, Sirs, you have done this, or something approximating to this, as professed Calvinistic ministers, your scepticism is but a disgraceful reflection upon your intelligence, and honesty, and unequivocal evidence that you have the mark of the beast in your right hand. †

    In the conclusion of our first lecture we simply add: If the Parallel which we have briefly sketched as subsisting between the Roman Catholic Church, as the old beast, and the protestant churches of the young ones, be just and true, then, never did "the Mystery of iniquity" work with more subtlety or to greater extent than it does in christendom at this time: never did Antichrist stalk forth through the earth with more unblushing effrontery and desolating influence, and never did the religious world approximate so near to or advance so far in those circumstances that make up and make out the blasphemy, of converting the church of God into a house of merchandise and a den of thieves; the gospel into the polical engine and an affair of commercial SPECULATION -- In view of which we may say, these are, emphatically, the days of "lying wonders" -- the days in which the mystery of iniquity works with all power, and signs, and all deceiveableness or unrighteousness: the last days, in which perilous times shall come, in which men shall be lovers of themselves, proud, boasters, covetous, having

    * What would a Dr. Ely, Milnor, Sharpe, Rev. Brantly, Bishop Campbell, &c. be, under such circumstances or in such a case? As the Lord liveth they would sink into comparative nihility in the estimation of nearly, if not all, who now extol them: they would not in mere nature's moral energy and intellectual power sustain the incidental shock of opposition, privation and slander a month or perhaps a week -- As the Lord liveth they would not realize one cent where they now only by virtually occupying the ground of Arminianism, or filtering down the gospel to the insignificancy and absolute nothingness that Bishop Campbell does that enables him to become popular and "to get gain."

    † What a pity it is that our E-y-s, Bee-h-rs, Mil-rs, Br-nt-lys, Sh-p-s and numerous others of those splendid ecclesiastical luminaries on the eastern side of the mountains do not indulge the country more largely with their presence: Whoever should see them might and would admire; but all who know the truth and heard them, could only feel, disgust or pity.


    a form of Godliness but denying the power (God's as the power) thereof: the days in which the gospel of God our Saviour will be as effectualy made void by traditions, inventions, enterprises and combinations of men as ever the law of Moses was made void by traditions and inventions of the Jews; and thus the two witnesses (law and gospel) will be slain: and thus the final commentary made out upon the WISDOM and the depravity of the heart and life of man, by which the everlasting gospel itself becomes the instrument of making mankind two fold more the children of the Devil as respects their principles and actions, and the earth an image of profoundest hell. -- At THAT period it will be found, that the government of the wicked of this world, * as well as of the church, is upon the shoulders of the Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace; and not upon the shoulders of Michiavelian Statesmen, Mammoth Universities, splendid Colleges, Literary Halls, theological Seminaries, Bible, Missionary, Tract, Sabbath school, Dorcas, Magdalene, anti-abstinent anti-corset, anti-masonic societies, or any other device, invention, enterprise or combination of mans'. † -- No -- as well may we conceive and talk, of an infant of a day old, grappling successfully with the foaming billows of Norway, where Leviathan himself is shivered and driven as a feather before the tempest blast, as to conceive or talk of man controlling the fathomless and ever tumultuating ocean of human depravity. -- HE whose right it is to reign -- to guide the whirlwind and direct the storm -- will, ere long, speak peace to the tumult of the wicked, in judgments terrible as the groan of expiring nature; and at the same time send forth his angels or raise up and send forth his own missionaries to gather together his elect from the four winds of heaven: and as some of our readers may live to see these things in a measure come to pass, we now say, that they will find these missionaries as different in principle, character and theology, from those of the present day, as there was difference between the moral majesty of Paul and the low cunning and avarice of Judas Iscariot. ‡ -- Amen.

    * The lofty arrogance with which the wisdom of this world in this century assumes to itself the prerogative of controling its wickedness; and the same arrogance with which the religious world prophecies and promises salvation to all men whenever it can work, proclaims the approaching exemplification of the genius of Arminianism in all its fulness and fearfulness of delusions and refuges of lies: -- The hydra headed monster shall, ere long, under the influence of disappointment, confusion and shame, turn upon and peacemeal rend itself!

    † There never has been a project of man since the fall, whether it relates to the science or political government, civilization or religion that has done the human race any good; though in the wisdom of God their projects have been made subservient to the accomplishment of his own purposes. Tens of thousands are engaged in persuading the mass of mankind to believe the contrary, because tens of thousands are dependant on the mass of mankind thus believing for their artificial distinctions and superiority of circumstances in life!

    ‡ We have been, a hundred times told, asked for, "better means of salvation." We answer -- we make none nor adopt any that hath not a "thus saith the Lord" for them, either in example or precept! -- If protestant christendom want better means, as she calls them, she will have to wait till Satan grows wiser. To those who are professed Calvinistic ministers and asking such a question, we say, once for all, go ye (don't send others -- your mere automatons -- to hear who preach, is virtually, to give a God speed to all that is false and imbecile in theology) but, go ye into and through the country and preach the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Aye, do that and once in a generation afford an item of evidence that the integrity of the Israelite and the fidelity of the Apostles have not entirely abandoned the breast of ministers. -- This will be a better as it is the only means of gathering together the church of God. It will also do a thousand times more benefit to the world, than all your inventions and combinations! -- Do that and overwhelm angels, men and Devils with astonishment at the climax of miracles.!

    [ 33 ]


    (In this chapter there is an animated description given of the joy of "the saints of the Most High" on account of time having come when, "The Mystery of Iniquity" shall cease to make MERCHANDISE of the gospel and of the Church of the living God: When God will raise up and send forth generations of HIS OWN missionaries -- "his angels" -- to gather together his elect from the four winds of heaven. -- Hence, it is said, in the 6th verse of this chapter: "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue and people." From which language we are given to understand, that the time is coming, when the everlasting gospel will not be preached on the earth, or in any nation, kindred, tongue or people, though myriads of corruptions of the true gospel will be proclaimed and strewed over the earth; as, in fact, it is in a great measure the case in the present age: All of which corroborates what we have had occasion to say and reiterate in the foregoing pages: to wit -- that the everlasting gospel will be as effectually made void by the combined traditions, inventions, &c. of Catholic and Protestant Christendom as ever the law of Moses was made void by traditions and inventions of the Scribes and Pharises of old: and, thus, the two witnesses (Law and Gospel) will be slain and cast out into the streets of infidelity and Christendom's inventions and theological jugglery, and trampled under foot for the space of three and a half days or years.)


    (In this chapter we have presented a representation of as it were, the preparations in heaven for the dispensation of those judgments in Divine Providence, denominated, the seven last plagues, and by and through the operation of which an end will be put to all opposition to the everlasting gospel -- the traditions, inventions, &c. of Christendom be destroyed, and the world of mere professors and open sceptics be swept from the face of the earth.)


    Having, as we conceive, shown, how "The Beast -- Babylon the Great -- the Mystery of Iniquity -- the Mother of Harlots -- The Abominations of the whole Earth," * has operated and continues to operate, throughout both Catholic and Protestant Christendom for the corruption of the gospel and desolation of the church. -- And having shown that this corruption, pervasion and suppression of the truths of the gospel will go on until all the earth, including every nation, kindred, tongue and people shall worship the beast, or become a party in corrupting, perverting, and suppressing the fundamental truths of the gospel, upon the doctrine of expedience, prudence and policy, EXCEPTING those "whose names are written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world." And having shown, that all this will take place under an imposing form of godliness, and that mankind will think, that in doing these things they

    * The Jezebel if fond of titles, from the Papa of Rome down to the President and Presidentess of the Bible and Mite Societies of Protestant Christendom. -- Her merited titles are found in the Apocalypse: the above are a sample.


    will be rendering acceptable service to God: We come now to notice, that series of judgments by and through the operation of which Jehovah will avenge himself upon those corrupters, perverters, and suppressors of the truths of his everlasting gospel -- "avenge his own elect which cry day and night unto him," and overthrow all the devices and inventions, enterprises, and combinations of man in the name of his gospel, exterminate human traditions in his church, resuscitate and send forth, far and near, "the faith once delivered to the saints," -- gather together his elect from the four winds of heaven; embody them "in the unity of the Spirit and bonds of peace" -- having one Lord, one faith and one beauty and glory of the whole earth! and thus usher in and consummate the Millennial inheritance of his saints -- the latter day glory of Time!

    Those dispensations of judgment, by and through which these things are to take place, are symbolically written and detailed in the 16th chapter of Revelations; which we now proceed to analyze --

    Verse 1. "And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth."

    The church of god is, alternatively, spoken of in the scriptures, as a tabernacle and a temple, in allusion to the tabernacle and temple under the old Testament dispensation, both of which were types of the church. The Tabernacle, which was carried about with the Israelites in their journeyings through the wilderness representing the unsettled, wandering circumstances of the Church, until the latter day glory, and the Temple representing her at rest; when she shall become the beauty and glory of the whole earth, as also her more immutable and consummated establishment in heaven: * There she is emphatically, pre-eminently and forever a Temple! Out of the Temple or Church, then, in heaven, the Apostle heard the great voice saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out, &c. -- This great voice, no doubt, was, "The voice of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah," whose voice the dead themselves obey -- who speaks and it is done -- who commands and it standeth fast. -- He commands the seven angels to go their appointed ways and execute his judgments. -- Angels, we are to remember, are "ministering spirits, sent forth to minister to them that shall be heirs of salvation." -- They had charge over the elect HEAD, and their charge equally extends to the elect members, or the mystical body of the Lord Jesus Christ -- the elect Head. God does not devolve upon his saints the dispensation of vengeance on their enemies, their persecutors and slanderers. The angels

    * The author feels justified in saying, that he conceives, there are more real christians or the elect of God the recipiants of grace, out of, what is called, the church, than there are in it: At all events they are, as they ever have been, a scattered people, that they may be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. -- But in our day all who are born into the churches through the instrumentality of professing parents, or all who can be wooed, frightened or bribed to herd together as a body of professors and are called churches, are considered at the elect of God -- the sheep of Christ. -- Let, however, the truth, the doctrine of grace, be once preached among them and the grunt and the hiss ploclaim them to be an entirely different class of creatures. But in every city, town, village and neighborhood the ministers of the multitudinous sects must have, individually, so many members to furnish the ways and means of support; and, if they can, so many more members to gratify their vanity by excelling other churches in appearances as to numbers and official SKILL. And then, with what tenacity do they cleave to their flocks -- O how their hearts are knit to them. -- They persuade their people that they are christians -- their people support them for it. -- But let the doctrine of grace be heard and, like Ithuriel's wand, it transforms these saints to friends.


    are the executioners of his judgments on behalf of the saints. -- At the sound of the voice from within the temple the seven angels went forth, having the seven vials or bowls (The last is the most correct rendering of the term) of the wrath of God, to pour out upon the earth. By the earth we are to understand, all mankind who shall have been, impenitently, open or secret despisers of the word of God, or maintaining a direct or indirect opposition to the truth of the gospel; and who shall have been, in any measure and form, a party in or accessary to the corrupting, perversion or suppression of the doctrine of the gospel, upon the principles of prudence, policy, expedience and self interest; and the introduction of human traditions, inventions, enterprises and combinations, as substituting the preaching of the gospel, as a means of salvation, and a standard of judgment as to person or thing in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ! Or, in the language of Revelations, upon all who shall have worshipped the old Beast or the young ones: -- the Mother of harlots or her daughters -- or received their marks on their foreheads or in their right hands.

    Verse 2. "And the first angel went, and poured out his vial or bowl, upon the earth, and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and them that worship his image."

    It is to be continually borne in remembrance, while we pursue our reflections upon the Revelations, that every prominent idea therein is clothed in a symbol. -- Hence, this judgment which is spoken of as "a grievous sore" is to be considered as an emblem, and as such referable to the swelling and diffusing ulcers which brake out of the bodies of the Egyptians, when God sent his plagues on Pharaoh and his people. * As those biles, and blains constituted a feverish, irritable, painful and torturing sore on the bodies of the Egyptians, so, when this first vial or bowl shall be poured out, it will produce a correspondent effect on the minds of the worshippers of the beast. -- And, as we know, that nothing under the heaven has so great a tendency to produce irritation, fretfulness, pain and agony to the mind of man as the failure of his temporal projects, prostration of his earthly hopes, and disappointment of creature enjoyments; we may safely conclude, that his judgment will operate in that way: and that in the language of Jehovah (in Deuteronomy, xxviii. 16 to 19) we may say, "cursed shall they be in the city, and cursed shall they be in the field, cursed shall they be in their basket and in their store. Cursed shall they be in the fruit of their body and fruit of their land, in the increase of their kine, and the flocks of their sheep. Cursed shall they be when they come in, & cursed shall they be when they go out. The Lord shall send them cursing, vexation and rebuke, in all that they set their hand unto to do, until they be destroyed and perish quickly: because of the wickedness of their doings whereby they forsook him. The Lord shall make the pestilence † cleave to them until he have consumed them off the earth. Their heaven over them shall be brass & the earth that is under their feet shall be iron. The Lord shall make the rain of their land powder and dust: from heaven shall it come down upon them until they be destroyed." Under these circumstances there will be a fulfilment of Jehovah's threatening by the prophet Isaiah, (v, 8, 9.) "Wo unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they might be placed alone in the midst of the earth. In mine ears, saith the Lord of hosts, of a truth many houses shall be desolate, even great and fair houses shall be without inhabitant. Yea, ten acres of vineyard shall yield one bath (7 gallons of wine) and seed of a homer (8 bushels)

    * Exodus ix. 8, 9, 10, 11.

    † See Rev. xvi. 17. "And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air."


    shall yield an ephah," (3 pecks.) -- From the foregoing we learn, that mankind -- the earth -- the worshippers of the Beast -- will be cursed in the city or their commercial transactions. Merchants will be disappointed in, and robbed by one another until all the commercial ligaments are torn asunder. Husbandmen will be cursed in their fields; they will no longer yield their wonted fruits. -- 10 acres of vineyard will afford but one bath or seven gallons, and the seed of a homer, or 8 bushels, will yield but an ephah, or three pecks. Manufacturers, merchants, artizans and all classes of society will be equally participants of discomfiture and disappointment in their temporal affairs; the lord shall send them cursing, VEXATION and rebuke, in ALL that they set their hand unto to do. Not only shall they be cursed, vexed and rebuked in all their earthly projects, but also in the fruit of their body, or in the persons of their offspring: in their coming in their domiciles & in their going out therefrom. That is, their children the fruit of their body, will be ingrates to their parents; husbands will be betrayed by their wives and wives abandoned by their husbands; and thus all shall be political anarchy, commercial embarrassment, temporal losses and crosses, social, relative and domestic wretchedness! Under these circumstances the minds of men will be lashed to tempest fury -- they will like so many foaming daemoniacs in a living Golgotha. -- Those who are the best read in the scriptures, and the most observant of human nature will feel fully satisfied, that a dispensation of Providence by which mankind would be blasted to a great extent in their earthly pursuits and gratifications, would render them fac similies of fiends incarnate. -- "fierce as ten furies, terrible as hell." -- How forcibly is this illustrated in the Israelites, who, under the judgments of God of injustice to them, by taking up a parable, saying: -- "The Fathers have eaten our sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge." (Ezekiel xviii. 2.) Another illustration of this infuriated, daemon-like spirit is found in the case of Job's wife who challenges and taunts her husband, under his earthly losses and degradation, tyranny, and then commit suicide. Another instance is furnished in the death of the apostate Julian, (as he is called) who, having been baffled in his ambitious design and attempt to rebuild Jerusalem, and when dying from a wound received in battling for the re-possession of the ruins of that city, flung a handful of his own blood towards heaven, gnashing his teeth, and exclaimed, thou Nazarene, thou hast conquered! Another instance is found in the dying moments of Emerson, a celebrated infidel of the last century, who, raising himself up in his bed when he felt the chill of death curdling round his heart, exclaimed, in a terrific spirit of opposition to the will of heaven, "God! God! God! I wont die," and fell back on his bed a corpse. But every man's breast is a living commentary upon the truth and fact of this spirit's existence in the human heart. All that is necessary to awaken and rouse it up in murmurings, repinings and blasphemy against God is, such dispensations in providence as shall blast their earthly expectations and creature enjoyments. -- Hence, even the patient Job, when made the subject of affliction to a degree beyond the measure of supporting grace given unto him, cursed the day of his birth, and the womb that conceived him. And "the man after God's own heart," under a certain weight of affliction blasphemously said, "I have washed my hands in innocency, I have cleansed my heart in vain: It is a vain thing to serve God." (Job iii. 1. Psalm lxxiii. 13.) In a word, what irritation, fretfulness, murmurings and repinings are mankind at large, the subject of, under the present and more common discomfitures and disappointments in their earthly pursuits and creature enjoyments: so much so, that they are represented as the troubled sea, continually casting up mire and dirt. Under the operation, then, of this first vial or bowl,


    mankind will become like raging waves of the sea; foaming with passion, vexation and despair: they will give themselves up to the commission of every species of violence; and homicide, parricide, infanticide, suicide, and crime of every grade will multiply and abound to an unprecedented degree through and among all classes of mankind. Under these circumstances of mankind will be fulfilled, the language of the Apostle where he says: "This KNOW also, that in the LAST days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous (of power, fame, office and money) boasters (of their own devices, inventions and doings) proud, &c. -- Having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof." (2 Tim. iii, 1 to 5.)

    This sore is said to fall upon the men who have the mark of the Beast, as well as upon those who worship his image. -- By those who worship the image of the beast is meant, all within the pale of the ostensible or visible catholic church; over whom the image or Pope is universal Bishop -- an infallible teacher -- the vicegerent of the Most High: these worship the image! Those who have the mark of the Beast are those, of other churches, or elsewhere, who approve of, abet and commend those corruptions, perversions and suppressions of the truths of the gospel, and those traditions, inventions and combinations of men by which the Catholic and other churches became possessed of "great power and authority." Such men have the mark of the beast though they may belong to Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Baptist or any other religious denomination.

    Verse 3. "And the second angel poured out his vial (or bowl) upon the sea; and it became the blood of a dead man; and every living soul died in the sea."

    By the sea, we have already shown, is emblematically meant, a community of men in a state of tumult. -- Hence, the wicked are said to be like the troubled sea: -- the tribe of Benjamin is said to be, "unstable as water;" and a multitude of errorists to be, "as raging waves of the sea," (Jude xix.) This emblem, then, as here used, is significant of political and religious tumultuation; more particularly of the latter. Who, that soberly and intelligently contemplates the world at this time, but what is convinced, that much political agitation exists throughout what is denominated, the christian world. and that what does exist is, but the first sightings of a terrific storm! But more emphatically is the religious world, (as it is called) marked by excitement and tumult. In that the wind blows from every point of the compass, the horizon is clothed with almost impervious clouds -- they thicken and spread daily, and bid fair to shroud the world in religious darkness that may be felt, and at the same time it is heaving and tossing like the troubled ocean when his billows lash the angry clouds. In other words -- "We live in times marked by intense activity and restlessness of mind -- in stirring and adventurous days." -- The intellectual powers of man are in universal and incessant agitation. * They rest not either night or day. -- A spirit of enterprise and independence is gone abroad, which rushes into every region of knowledge, and which is ready to commit itself to every untried variety and combination of things: and which knowledge, in fact, hath no other tendency than to inflate and puff up the native lawlessness and arrogance of the human

    * The universality of the spirit of controversy or inquiry, as it was called was the distinctive characteristic of both periods of time embraced, in the Revolution in England under Cromwell, and of France under Danton, Marat and Robespierre: Those terrific civil and religious explosions were mere evening zephys to what is coming out of existing and progressing controversies: -- We hear many politicians and ecclesiastics expressing their conviction, that the world is upon the eve of a glorious Revolution -- Yes, glorious as hell and human depravity can make one!! Eyes they have but they see not!


    mind; and constitutes it abstract foolishness in the estimation of God, though it be clothed with the appearance of heavenly zeal and pious effort for the salvation of all men! From this general ferment fumes upon fumes rise up to bewilder the brains of men, t fill them with an insane confidence in their own powers, till they are ready to fall down before the creations of their own fancy, and wonders of their own right hand; and call it, as did the Israelites when they danced around their golden calf, "a feast unto the Lord," though a stench and an abomination to him. -- It is in vain that the volume of nature and of grace call upon them to desist from seeking, in this arrogant and godless temper, for the abode of wisdom and the place of understanding. -- It is in vain that "the depth says, it is not in me, and that the sea, saith, it is not in me." -- It is in vain that the word of God saith, "It is not in man that walketh to direct his steps: that none can bring a clean thing out of an unclean: that the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God: that it is the Spirit that quickeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing, and that salvation is of the Lord!" This unquiet spirit hath seized on the mind, it will continue its search through every realm and province of creation; it will continue its experiments in every untried vanity and combination of things, to the suppression, corruption, and perversion of the truths of the gospel -- the exclusion of God's simple and only ordained means of salvation. -- God being thus forgotten, and his gospel most infamously corrupted, perverted and suppressed, in the midst of the works and imaginations of men, he will at last take up his own cause. And after all these achievements in science, and all these seeking of inventions, and all these popular projects, these fashionable, benevolent and religious enterprises, and imposing combinations for the salvation of the world; and after all these "lo heres and lo theres," we shall be filled with shame for glory, and the cup, of the Lord's right hand shall be turned to us! We shall find, that we have sown to the wind of our own vain and lawless imaginations to reap the whirlwind of disappointment, confusion and shame. -- Yes, by the pouring out of this second vial or bowl, all this eagerness for mental excitement and conflict, all this lusting after what is new & strange, that now so widely pervades all ranks and degrees of men, shall die away. These religious paroxysms shall cease, these untried experiments shall terminate, these combinations shall be dissolved, these restless spirits shall become extinct. The whole will be succeeded by a death-like stillness, and religious society shall become as coagulated blood. The grand results of all these religious devices, inventions, enterprises and combinations will be, to furnish mankind with, what they will suppose, an irrefragable evidence, that the christian religion is "a cunningly devised fable" -- that all religion is unnatural -- that there is no God -- that matter is God and God is matter, and that it is no matter whether there be a God or not. These, then are to be the awful results of vainglorious and wide-lauded inventions of the religious world at the present day. The prophecy of the philosopher of Lanark will then be fulfilled, but not upon his principles, or in commendation of his social system" -- Christendom will then reject all scripture as a revelation from God, and become worse infidels than the Owenites themselves. -- Then there will be a terrific fulfilment and illustration of Christ's language in reference to proselytism and convert making: "Wo unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye (then) make him two fold more a child of hell than yourselves:" Matth. xxiii. 15, That is, they convert the Gallio, careless sinner into an open or secret enemy to and opposer of the truth of the gospel; and by introducing him to the ostensible church of Christ afford him the fullest opportunity thus to oppose the gospel in its essential doctrine. -- Then shall be fulfilled and illustrated the language of Rev. xviii.2, "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird." -- Much of this is all


    ready fulfilling and exemplified around us. Thousands and tens of thousands of our generation have, the native infidelity of their hearts confirmed by the confusion of christendom. Indeed, the extravaganzas, the pride, the vanity, the pomp selfishness, jealousy, rivalry, and the multifarious conflicting and opposite notions, together with the devices, inventions, enterprises and combinations that obtain in the different religious denominations of christendom, do more to confirm the innate infidelity of our common nature, than all the writings of Shaftsbury, Bolingbroke, Hume, Gibbon, Voltaire, and Tome Paine, together with those of the whole host of sceptical writers, an Owen's system put together, have ever accomplished. As we have already remarked, sea and land are compassed to make proselytes, and when they are made they are only careless sinners converted into open or covert haters and opposers of the truth of the gospel, and dastardly calumniators of all who preach that truth -- the whole counsel of God, and mere tools in the hands of others to carry up the religious Babel that is now building in Christendom. The protestant churches, as well as the Catholic, are already more or less, yea, in an unprecedented degree, "the habitation of devils, a hold of every foul spirit, a cage of every unclean and hateful bird." That is, if opposition to the doctrine of grace, the truth of the gospel, be the spirit of the devil; if every foul spirit means a corrupter of & trampler upon the truth of the gospel; and uncleaned and hateful bird, mean carnal, unregenerated churches, such a habitation; aye, as sure as ever Mary Magdalene was the habitation of seven Devils.

    Verse 4. "And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains and they became blood."

    It is rivers that furnish the waters that make hte sea, and fountains which furnish and send forth the waters that make those rivers! It is said in the scriptures, in reference to the benificent acts of Jehovah in the dispensation of his providence, that "he visiteth the earth and watereth it: he greatly enricheth it with the river of God which is full of water," Psalm ixv. 9. And, again, it is said: "There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the Most High," Psalm xlvi. 4. And, again, it is written: "And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb," Rev. xxii. 1. As in the first of the foregoing citations, the benificence of Jehovah, in the despensations of his providence, and through the instrumentality of the elements of nature, whereby the earth is made to yield her increase, is signified; so in the two last citations, allusion is made to and a figurative illustration given of the grace of God, in the economy of salvation, whereby the truths of the gospel are made purifying, refreshing and fertilizing to the souls of the inhabitants of Zion, as pure rivers are cleansing to those who have therin, and refreshin and fertilizing to the earth. -- Hence, it is said in the 5th verse of this chapter. "And i hear the angel of the waters say," &c.; which angel of the waters is, a symbolical representation of all truly evangelical ministers who, through the doctrine which they preach, sanctify and cleanse the lives, affections and thoughts of the house of Jacob and the inhabitants of Jerusalem. To this end Jesus says to the Father, "Sanctify them through thy truth, they word is truth," John xvii. 17 -- and the Apostle says, in reference to the church, that "christ also lived it and gave himself for it: That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word" -- i.e. -- through the agency of the Spirit and by the word as an instrument, in the economy of salvation, with the elements of water in the economy of nature, Zach. xiv. 8. As, then, the truths of the gospel are compared to the river which make glad the city of God, &c.: So false doctrine, human traditions, the devices, inventions, religious enterprises and combinations


    of man out of the truth of the gospel are compared to foul and loathsome waters, Ezek. xxxii. 2.

    So that the instrumentalities that run to and fro in the earth, deceiving and being deceived in the name of the gospel of Christ, constitute rivers in this emblematic sense, as evangelical ministers constitute a river. In the former case they are said to be rivers because their doctrines are many, in the latter case they are said to be a river that makes glad the City of God, because their doctrine is one. -- With these explanatory remarks before use, and we feel justified in saying, that the rivers spoken of in the 4th verse are emblematic of the myriads of instrumentalities that now are, and which for nearly 18 centuries have been, more or less, moving and running to and fro in the earth, in forming, feeding and maturing that "Mystery of Iniquity," that did already begin to work in the days of the Apostles, and that has been working ever since with progressive desolation to the truth in, what has been called, and is still titled, christendom: and which instrumentalities exceed in number, and excel in plausible appearance all that have ever preceded them. The fountains are those societies & combinations of societies, which have sent, & shall continue to send forth, their endless variety of instrumentalities, or rivers, for the inundating of the world with the flood of heresies, delusions and refuges of lies in the name of the gospel of Christ; and for the purpose of making proselytes to their different systems of christianity. These instrumentalities are now visible under the names of missionary, tract, bible, Sunday school, mite, anti-intemperate, &c. societies, agents, tools and factotums. Mankind, generally, will, ere many years have passed from this time, despise and reject the multifarious agents, mendicants and missionaries of these societies, as the Egyptians loathed and cursed the armies of frogs, locusts and lice that swarmed their land, invaded their domiciles and polluted their chambers. They will indignantly exclaim: Avaunt! Ye herd of Jesuits! It is now three score, four or five score years since ye, with throats of brass and adamantine lungs, began to thunder in our ears, that we were upon the threshhold of a political, moral and religious millennium -- in the young dawn of the Latterday glory: to urge us to make you contributions of gold and silver to accelerate * that glorious era, and to make universal that illustrious event. We now find that ye were gross deceivers, lying prophets, and arrogant imposters: -- that all your traditions, inventions and combinations; all your missionary, tract and other societies have only evolved an accumulation of crime and created ten fold disorder; and left us but the mortifying reflection, that our fathers and ourselves have been exhibiting the credulity of infants, or the drivelling imbecility of idiots in attaching any confidence to your predictions, your promises, your vauntings and illusive projects! -- Ye promised unity and peace throughout your self-styled christendom and, lo, we have the discordance of bedlam, the confusion, of Babel, and the uproar of jarring elements! -- Ye promised us a hundred fold in this life, if we would lend to the Lord our gold and silver † that he might have the means of saving the heathen and the ends of the

    * One of the most prominent features of Antichrist is, that he "thinks to change times and laws," (Dan. vii. 25.) Protestant christendom is full of and reeling drunk with this vain and arrogant imagination. The very babies are taught to rattle, as it were, their mite boxes over their heads swimming with the idea that their coppers are earnests of salvation to heathens' souls. while their little hearts swell and flutter with pharisaic pride, that they are forwarding the great salvation as to time and subject!

    † These BORROWERS may in the end be served as a certain Sultan of Egypt once served the Jews: Some centuries since the Sultan alluded to summoned the leading and the wealthiest of the Jews to appear before him: They appeared, and were asked, if they believed the whole of Moses' writings to be true? They instantly


    earth, and, behold, ten acres of vineyard yield but one bath, or seven gallons of wine; and the seed of an homer, or 8 bushels, yield but an ephah or 3 pecks! Behold, our houses are desolate -- our families divided -- our wives infidel, our husbands, profligate, our children ingrates, &c. we are tormented even before our time. Avaunt! we say, we have learned from sore experience that ye are tribes of theological ignoramuses & spiritual quacks, practising upon our ignorance & credulity, at the same time we must exonorate you of the charge of that particular item of infidelity involved in the neglect, of providing for your own households: we must give you credit for unrivalled attainments in the art of self-preservation. -- Go, we say, ye theological imbeciles, ye croaking mendicants, ye princes of imposters! return to your Assemblies, your Conventions, your Conferences, and Associations who spawned & sent you forth, and tell them, that we esteem them nests of theological knaves; that we have no more credulity for them to play upon, no more patience to exercise, no more gold and silver to bestow. They have lived and fared sumptuously long enough at our expense: We shall no longer furnish them with the means to gather from the scum of society those whom they call, "poor, pious young men," to be drilled as tools and factotums for their merchandise making use of the gospel. -- Some such sentiments and feelings will be expressed by mankind, generally, towards these societies and agents, &c. when the second vial or bowl is poured out. -- And thus these inventions, enterprises and combinations now obtaining in the religious world will be dissolved -- these rivers will be dried up. These agents and tools of Missionary, tract, Sabbath school, &c. societies will return to their respective societies without any of the all-potent, all-converting gold and silver: And then those societies, or, as the prophet says, "companies," will vanish like "the baseless fabric of vision." -- Then these rivers and fountains will be dried up -- they will become as the blood of a dead man. -- Yea, the individuals composing those Councils, Assemblies, Conventions, Associations, and Conferences, together with the hosts of agents and tools appertaining to their religious and philanthropic societies (as they are called) will themselves become sceptics and constitute the van of infidelity -- "The army of aliens:" That this will be the case -- or the transformation which these zealots will undergo, is evident to all who know, that in proportion to the excitement that obtains among mankind under the influence of error and false zeal, so is that infidelity when that zeal is confounded.

    Verse 5, 6, 7. "And I heard the angle of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, wast and shall be, because thou hast judged thus: For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink, for they are worthy: And I heard another of the alter say, even so, Lord God Almighty, true and righteous are thy judgments."

    By "the angel of the waters" is here meant, evangelical and faithful ministers, who, throughout the scriptures, are frequently spoken of as angels, and personified under the character of an angel: For instance, it is said of John the Baptist, "Behold I will send my angel (or messenger) before me," &c.: -- "Unto the angel of the church in Sardis write," &c.: "and to the angel of the church in

    responded, yes. Then, said the Sultan, I find from your own acknowledgements that the Jews or Hebrews borrowed large of the Egyptians of gold and silver, when the former went out of Egypt under Moses and Aaron; and I now expect and demand of you to refund us Egyptians some part of the loan. -- The crafty and money loving Israelites had to pay an enormous sum by way of compromise to the Sultan! So, by and bye, the world will serve our pious churches: They will be made to disgorge what they have borrowed, with the interest simple and compound.


    Philadelphia write," &c.: and Jesus saith, in allusion to the latter day glory, in which the ransomed of the Lord shall return to Zion; "and he shall send HIS angels (ministers) with the great sound of a trumpet, and they SHALL gather together HIS elect from the four winds, from one end of the heaven to the other." -- "The angel of the waters" is not only a personification of an evangelical ministry (as is the angel flying in the midst of heaven in Rev. xiv. 6) but this very personification of that ministry in the singular person is highly significant as representing the essential and perpetual unity or faith and doctrine among the Lord's ministers, messengers or angels. Nor is the selection of an holy angel as personification of that ministry less significant of the holy or divine nature and holy motives of evangelical ministers; in constradistinction to the carnal, selfish, earthly motives of that host of professed ministers who make merchandise of the church, who sell the truth of the gospel, and are ashamed of the WORDS of Christ. "The angel of the waters" is, a figure taken from the officer of the temple of Jerusalem, whose business it was to supply the temple of water for the baths and other reservoirs, which, altogether, took about 480 hogshead each day. This officer was called, "the angel of the waters." And as he furnished water for the washing & purifying of the bodies of the priests, worshippers & vessels of the temple, & by which they were ceremoniously sanctified; so, evangelical ministers have ever furnished the spiritual temple, tabernacle or church of God, in her militant state, with those truths of the word of God and gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, which, as waters cleanse and purify their own souls, and the souls of all who "Believe with the heart unto righteousness." -- Hence, Jesus prays, in reference to all whom the Father had given him; "Sanctify them through they truth: they word is truth:" and he says t Peter, except I wash thee, or "if I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me." -- The prophet Zachariah says, in allusion to the promulgation of the gospel by the apostles and immediate disciples of Christ; "And it shall be in that day, that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem;" and the apostle says, in language which we have already cited, that "Christ loved the church and gave himself for it; that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word." We are, then, to understand, "The angel of the waters" as symbolical of evangelical ministers: and such ministers shall bear testimony that God is righteous in the dispensation of these judgments. -- But, the apostle, it appears, heard also another voice out of the alter bearing testimony, not only to the righteousness of these judgments, but to the veracity and faithfulness of God in the infliction thereof. -- For a satisfactory understand of the character of "the voice out of the alter," it is necessary to refer to the 6th chapter of Revelation, where it is said (ver. 9, 10, 11,) "And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the alter the souls of them that were slain for the word of God and the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, how long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were GIVEN unto everyone of them: and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, UNTIL their fellow servants also and their brethren that SHOULD be killed AS THEY WERE should be FULFILLED." From this passage of the Revelation, in connexion with the former, we are given to understand, that the angel of the waters represents, all those ministers and faithful brethren who have been, or who shall hereafter be killed in their reputations or bodies, since the writing o the Revelation: and that the angel or voice that spake from under the alter represents, those prophets, apostles, evangelists and "holy men of old," who had suffered and been killed for the word of God and the testimony which they held, previous to the writing of the Revelation. The case is alluded to and illustrated by the Lord Jesus Christ in the parable of the unjust Judge, Luke xviii. in which he says: "And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him,


    though he bear long with them? * I tell you that he will avenge them speedily † -- The idea, that being literally slain or killed is the scope of import attached to the subject or case before us is entirely erroneous. The apostle under his sufferings and persecutions, presents himself as, dying daily. -- It is were mercy itself to kill a man's body compared with stabbing and wounding his character, and mangling and murdering his feelings. Hence, the apostle Jude represents "the Lord's coming with ten thousand of his saints, to execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them, not only of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, but of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinner have spoken against him;" both in his own person and character and the persons and characters of his saints and faithful ministers; for, inasmuch as they do those things to at least of them they do them unto him. Nor may it be forgotten, that the Lord Jesus Christ hath declared, that if the master of one house hath been called Beelzebub much more shall they of his household be called so: that if they (his enemies) have persecuted the Lord & master they will also persecute his servants: Add to which, an apostle declares, that "If any man (without exception!) will live godly in Christ Jesus, he SHALL suffer persecution;" and Jesus pronounces a wo on that man or those disciples of whom all men speak well. Indeed, the scriptures abound in example, precept and promise as testimony to the same effect: but the religious world, at the present, as in former times, is full of pious effort to put a negative upon these as well as upon all other essential truths of the word of God. ‡ She by her conduct, virtually declares, that two or two thousand can walk together though they are not agreed: that Christ can have fellowship with Belial; -- light with darkness; and that it is the duty of privilege of the disciples and ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ, to please all men and to secure the approbation of all men. But let God be true and every man a liar! And so it will be found, in this as well as all other points of difference between the word of God and the notions of men; and that those who are truly believers in and contenders for "the faith once delivered to the saints," will be hated of all men, though the most Julian-like of their haters, and jesuit-like of their persecutors will be found robed in an imposing form of godliness. Though the civil laws of Christendom interpose in our age

    * Or, though he suffer them to be persecuted through many, very many generations.

    † "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness, but is long suffering to us-ward," &c. says an apostle (2 Pet. iii. 1 to 10) therefore the language of encouragement in Rev. vi. 10, 11.

    ‡ Christ and his apostles were dubbed with every vile epithet -- our preachers with an almost endless variety of honorable titles! Christ and his Apostles made themselves poor that others might be spiritually enriched though their sacrifices and labors: our preachers are striving to make themselves rich! The former had not where to lay their heads, the latter fare sumptuously every day and repose on bed of down! The former realized not a farthing for their Sabbath days' labors, the latter have individually from 10 to 60 from 60 to 1000 from a 1000 to 7000 § dollars for their Sabbath days' labor! Christ and his Apostles were considered as disturbers of the peace; our preachers are esteemed as the conservators thereof. Christ, his Apostles and his missionaries had to "flee from city to city" under the lash of persecution, and thus they carried abroad the gospel, our preachers and our missionaries dont go from city to another without a formal and polite invitation and with an assurance, that the quid pro quo awaits them -- funds are provided before hand for our missionaries; Christ and his Apostles never begged of the world gold or silver, our preachers are ceaseless in their begging. But hell and heaven scarcely present a broader and more vivid contrast -- we can only add -- Christ and his Apostles preached the truth of the Gospel, our preachers endless lies in its name!

    § One Arch-Bishops' (of England) annual income is 320,000 dollars!


    For the security of an evangelical minister's life, yet he is made to suffer a thousand deaths in his character and feelings by the remorseless myriads of popular professors, who are only careless sinners converted to sectarianism, and thus, as ostensible members of the church, constituted privileged detractors and slanderers of every truly Calvinistic preacher. * This, then, is the kind of death that the witnesses now die. So that the religious world, as it is called, has only improved in the refinements of cruelty and murder, since the days in which dungeons, gibbets, faggots and stakes were in use, ostensibly, for the Lord's sake! Whea, however, the third angel shall have poured out his vial or bowl, then old Testament and new Testament saints and faithful ministers will simultaneously and universally proclaim the righteousness of God in those judgments, and that he is true, according to his promise, in the infliction therof. To this case the apostle Peter writes when he says "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some me count slackness; but he is long-suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." 2 Pet. iii. 9. In the verses which we have transcribed, from the 6th chapter of Revelation, we find the souls of them that were under the alter vehemently calling upon the Lord to judge and avenge their blood: These souls were those prophets and holy men of old, "who were stoned, sawn asunder; who were tempted, slain with the sword, who wandered about in sheepskins & goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented," &c. Heb xi. 37. In answer to these souls, the Lord said, that they should rest or wait yet for a little season -- i.e. rest or wait for a little season in his promise to avenge them: That season or time was to be, UNTIL their fellow-servants also and their brethren, that SHOULD be killed as they were, should be fulfilled." And the apostle Peter gives us to understand, that the Lord postpones his judgment of the world until all spiritual Israel are saved. -- Until all come to repentance whom Jesus is exalted a Prince and a Saviour to give repentance and remission of sins to -- THEY ARE ISRAEL!!! Acts v. 31. Thus God continues the world of sinners in existence, until through their instrumentality by natural generation, the elect shall, one and all, be brought into existence, "preserved in Christ Jesus and called." Jude i. Therefore is God said to be, long-suffering to us-ward (i.e. for the elect's sake) not willing that one them should perish, or fail to be brought into existence, by a premature destruction of the world of sinners. -- Hence, another apostle says, in reference to the saints -- the elect -- "All things are yours, whether Paul or Apostles, or Cephas, or THE WORLD, or life or death ; all things are years, and ye are Christ's and Christ is God's." I Cor. iii. 21 to 23. These witnesses, then, under the old Testament and new Testament dispensations, will be the most appropriate judges of the righteousness of God in the dispensation of these judgments or vials of wrath. They will remember all that they shall have suffered under the Jewish economy; from the Roman Catholic hierarchy, and in Protestant Christendom. -- A formidable part of them will well remember, how the gospel was made merchandise of in protestant Christendom: How, there too, the fundamental truths of the gospel were denied in toto, or suppressed and trampled upon; and how subordinate constituents of the doctrine were corrupted, twisted, and wire drawn until the word of God was made to appear as a cunningly devised fable or loathsome mass of absurdity, inconsistency and

    * Never did falsifiers & calumniators swarm among any class of professors more numerous, impudent or more jesuitical than they do among the General Assembly Presbyterians and Fullerite Baptist missionaries, tract, Sabbath school, anti-intemperate, &c. societies, agents, and factotums: Truly they are college bred in these respects, and the least one of them entitled to the degree and diploma of "Master of Arts!" We could fill a volume with what we have personally known of their falsehoods and their calumnies. But "the mystery of iniquity" must work -- till the cup be filled.


    self contradiction. -- These witnesses will recollect how the pulpit of even those denominations in protestant christendom, whose ostensible faith embraced the fundamental truths of the gospel, were open to receive any half insane or ignorant missionary, tract, Sabbath school or revival-making-monger that brayed through the world, though as heretical as Simon Magus himself; at the same time that these denominations shrink from a faithful witness -- a truly Calvinistic preacher, as they would have shrunk from the exhalation of the upas, or from the siroc blast. * They will well remember, how human inventions, traditions, enterprises and combinations were made to supersede the gospel of Jesus Christ as a standard of judgment both as to person and thing in the ostensible church of Christ. In a word, they will have thousands of volumes of reminiscences of the Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant Churches' open or covert hatred to and persecution of "the faith of God's elect" the doctrine of sovereign and discriminating grace: and this will constrain them to exclaim, "Thou art righteous O Lord, because thou hast judged thus. For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are WORTHY." -- Once more we remark, that by the shedding of the blood of saints and prophets, we are not less to understand the torturing the feelings and mangling the character of faithful witnesses, than the literal killing of their bodies; hence a prophet says -- "We are killed all the day long:" and an apostle says, "I die daily." The world -- the worshippers of the image of the Beast, and all who have his mark, will, in the operation of the vials or bowls of the wrath of Almighty God, which we have already noticed, become the subjects of reciprocal hatred, distrust, slander and persecution in all the relationships of human life: † They will be given up to anarchy, violence and bloodshed; to confusion, desolation and despair, in reference both to their temporal and eternal interests. And thus God will not only be righteous in the dispensation of his judgments, but true in the fulfillment of his promises. -- Under these circumstances, however, the world will have no heart to oppose the promulgation of the gospel -- they will be controlled by an awe of consequences as was wicked Baalam: Satan will begin to have his chain contracted preparatory to his lying bound for his "thousand years" Nevertheless, this cessation of hostility to the everlasting gospel is not to be looked for until the whole of the vials or bowls of wrath are poured out and in full operation: Then shall the stout heart of infidelity and carnal professors quail, and be brought down to a reluctant and churlish forbearance of all opposition to and perversion of the gospel. All of which we shall see more fully in our reflections upon subsequent parts of our subject.

    Verse 8, 9. "And the fourth angel poured out his vial or bowl upon the sun; and power was given him to scorch men with fire: and men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues; and repented not."

    * Let any such minister reside in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington City, &c. on the east side of the mountains, or in Pittsburg, Zanesville, Columbus, Cincinnati, &c. on the west side of the mountains, and he will find himself estimated by the churches as much as a swine estimates a pearl in its snout. -- There are individuals, no doubt, with whom he would be differently estimated -- but they, comparatively, are a drop in the bucket.

    † Yes, ye General Assembly Presbyterian and Fullerite Baptist Missionary, Tract, Sabbath school, &c. mongers, ye will find your well taught lying slandering proselytes, school progeny, &c. will themselves deal out to you a two fold measure of the contumely and calumny that you are prompting them now to deal against all who will not abet your devices and religious flummery!

    § He would be buried in some mud puddle of slander


    By reference to a prophecy of Jesus Christ we have some distinct light thrown upon these verses, to wit: "Immediately after the tribulation of those days, shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." Matth. xxiv. 29 to 31. The days of tribulation here spoken of had, unquestionably, imposing appiication to and illustration in that period of time, wherein Jerusalem and other cities of the Jews were beseiged by the Roman armies under Titus and other generals; and during which the Jews suffered unparalleled misery from internal, civil and mititary broil, the assaults of the Roman soldiers from without and appalling famine within: But though thus applicable to the foregoing evants, we presume that prophecy will have still more and a final application to and illustration in judgments embraced in the operation of the vials now under consideration. When the seige of Jerusalem terminated in the destruction of that memoralable city, "the sceptre departed from Judah, & a lawgiver from between his feet;" or, the national existence of the Jews terminated: they were peeled, scattered, blotted out of the number of the nations of the earth: And thus was their SUN, or political government darkened and extinguished: Their ceremonial observances and typical sacrifices, or religious ritual, was soon abandoned after the destruction of their holy city. And thus, according to the prediction of Daniel, "the oblation and sacrifice were taken away:" which sacrifice and oblation ceased to be of any service to the Jews after the crucifixion of Chrlist -- he nailed them, as types of himself, to his cross: and though the Jews continued after Christ's death to attend to the Levitical ritual -- to offer the oblation and sacrifice, it was attended With no benefit to them -- it could not avert their impending destruction: and after their extinction as a nation they voluntarily ceased to offer any sacrifice or oblation, as they perceived, that God no longer regarded their offerings or heard their supplications. -- In this figurative sense, then, the moon was darkened. And, as a consequence of the Sceptre departng from Judah and a Lawgiver from between his feet, and of the oblation and sacrifice being taken away, the stars fell from heaven: or, in other words, the political, civil and ecclesiastical rulers fell or were cast down from their high places and seats of authority. As additional authority for the foregoing intepretation of the three symbols let us remember, that God in his government over his ancient people, the Jews, was said to be, their "Sun and their shield;" and that the ceremonial institutes of the Jews are represented as a shadow, Heb. x. 1, and hence the church under the New Testament dispensation is said, to have the moon (Jewish oblation and sacrifice) under her feet, Rev. xii. 1. We also find leaders and rulers spoken of throughout the Scriptures as stars: "They that turn many to righteousness shall shine as stars," Dan. xii. 3. "He that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand," which seven stars are the rulers or ministers of the seven churches of Asia, Rev. i. 16. "And on her head a crown of twelve stars:" which, twelve stars represent the twelve Apostles, Rev. xii. 1. "And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the ground;" that is, a third part of the ministers or leaders in the church were destroyed by the Dragon or Pagan Rome, * Rev. xii. 4. Having, therefore, made it manifest, that Jesus made use of Sun, Moon and Stars as symbolical of general government, religions observances and civil and ecclesiastical rulers and leaders, we now proceed to notice "the sun," spoken of in the 8th and 9th verses of the chapter now under consideration,

    * There is not a symbal in these lectures, and perhaps not in the whole book of Revelation, but what the scriptures interpret as to import: So true it is, that scripture best interprets scripture. Space precludes us from citing the interpreting passages as we would wish! Search the Scriptures!


    as an emblem of political, and ecclesiastical government as now generally obtaining throughout Christendom. -- That government is essentially similar in its political principles, intertiational law and civil jurisprudence. It has much if not entirely the same rules of honor and decorum: While the same moral precepts and religious tenets and observances are found to prevail in one part of Christendom as in another; thouogh modifications and discrepancies under which it operates in different nations give different results to the sum of benefit derived therefrom: In view of which we estimate the different countries in which it exists and operates as more or less free and happy. In other words -- "All the forms of government in Europe and in the Americas, and different views of the doctrine of the Bible, different forms of worrship, and different kinds of government established in their churches, are all so many parts of one great moral system." -- On this moral system, then. a judgment will descend when the fourth angel shall pour out his vial. That judgment will embrace political fermentation and contentions, fierce jealousies and rivalry among religious denominations, sects and fraternities, which shall inflame, scorch & burn men's minds to Julian-like rage and jacobinal fury. -- The consequence will be, universal civil & religious broil and bloodshed, and the overthrow of all government, political and social and domestic. -- Already this fire begins to smoulder, proclaiming the crater that exists within the bosom of civilized society, it will ere long issue in a political & religious irrtuption that will reduce the now self-styled christendom to Revolutionary France's riot, confusion and anarchy. -- Then shall be filled, in the last and fullest degree, that prophecy of Christ already cited. -- Then shall the sun or general government of Christendom be darkened: then, shall the moon or that partial light of the gospel -- a light which merely makes darkness visible -- then shall that moon or mere semblance of gospel light, be extinguished. -- Then the stars, or political and ecclesiastical rulers and leader, shall fall, as Satan, like lightning from heaven: Kings, Lords, Excellencies, Honorables, &c. in the political world; and Papas, Metropolitans, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, D. D's, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, &c. &c. in the religious world will become, the mere tennis balls of an infuriated lawless populace, hurled from their high places and seats of authority to degradation, contempt and penury, and thus, like their celebrated progenitors, the Scribes and Pharisees, receive the greater damnation, or weight of judgment: for, in proportion as had been their exaltation so will they severely feel and maddening writhe under the extremee of abasement. * -- Thus, even in our own country, we find a large mass of the inhabitants beginning to feel indignant at the burden of imposts which political and ecclesiastical rulers are laying and increasing upon them: THOSE under sanction of a liberal, PATRIOTIC construction of the constitution and for internal improvements and national prosperity. THESE under sanction of a charitable, philanthropic construction of the gospel, in harmony with the spirit of religious enterprise that is abroad in the world, and for the noble object of accellerating the appearance of the "Latter Day Glory." -- In both cases there are the most plausible or appaarantly patriotic and pious motives that demagogues could profess to act from, as well as the most seducing to the well meaning & credulous of human society. These things will go on, even in our own country, until a political and ecclesiastical aristocracy shall command and control the avocations of mens' lives, and the finances or monied capital of the country so far as will enable them to reduce the mass of the population, to mere "hewers of wood and drawers of

    * They will thus receive their reward for slirring up and inflaming the passions and ignorant religious zeal of mankind by their inventions, &c.: they will then learn, to their confusion, shame and woe how deep and how terrible is the ocean of human depravity.


    water." * -- Under these circumstances the "red right foot" of civil commotion will be stamped and the country roused to furious opposition. -- Then will even our own general government be overthrown, or darkened: then will the stars, or civil and ecclesiastical rulers and leaders, fall from heaven, or their high places and seats of authority, -- Then there will be an exclamation of, "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen! That great city that was clothed in fine linen and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones and pearls." † In the recollcetion of the series of political and religious jugglery and imposition that have been practiced upon her even America will spurn the of existence of a general & of State governments as well as the existence of ecelesiastical societies. -- If these things are in a state of progress in our own highly favored country, much more is it the case in all other parts of what is called Christendom! -- there the "mystery of iniquity" is almost matured -- the harvest is bowing for the sickle.

    "Thus the Jews, before Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans, were divided and subdivided into political and religious parties; they were excited by jealousy of and inflamed with rage against each other, and were so scorched with animosities and contentions, that they became their ewn worst tormentors," -- And is not this emphatically the case in our day throughout protestant christendom? What splitting, dividing & subdividing among political parties & religious denominations! What clashing of interests, what jealousies & anomosities among ambitious political & ecclesiastical leaders! It is only necessary for this scene of political and religious jealousy, rivalry and consequent animosity to gain strength and estension to produce the confusion of Babel and the uproar of warring elements. It will come! Then will all christendom's dignitaries, from the Papa of Rome, down to the Tract presidentesses, fall like lightening from heaven, and all the office, title, honor, authority and emolument of religious societies come to an end. -- When they find themselves reduced to such circumstances, or all their honors and subsistence in and by the gospel taken away

    * It is already most manifet, that MONIED, political, Commercial, manufacturing, legal, medical, literary and ECCLESTASTICAL, aristocracies are in existence and multiplying in numbers and increasing in influence in our own country. -- As they exist thus far measurably separate, they are but so many republican baronies -- a partial approximation to the feudal governments of Great Britain and other parts of Europe some centuries since. -- When concentrated, or Merged into one general interest, they will prove a Domitian or a Heligobalus in the political, and a 7th Gregory in the religious world. -- Very soon we shall see in own [sic - our] country religious denominations electiitg their creatures to political office, and these, creatures when put in to office legislating for the interests of those religious societies that elected them. § This scene will extend and accumulate weight until the joint impositions and tyranny of these political and religious aristocracies will sting, goad and rouse the mass of the community to take terrific, vengeance on those who have thus abused their confidence and imposed upon their ignorance and credulity. -- All this may be slow in maturing but it will be sure -- long in coming but it will be more like the bolt of heaven.

    † Kings, Lords and Rulers, Politicians, Statesmen, Lawyers, Physicians, Magistrates, Merchants, as well as ecclesiastical rulers and all the prominent classes ef society make use of the gospel, or a profession of the gospel -- or support something appended to the gospel, as religious enterprise, and that as a matter of merchandise or profit to themselves in reputation or temporal interest: All their advantages, influence and security in there respects will be destroyed, and then they will exclaim and lament -- "Babylon is fallen, is fallen," &c.

    § The Presbyterians are about to bring 500,000 voters to the polls -- the Baptists about to form an United States Baptist Convention. where political spectators and stock-jobbers may find another 500,000 voters -- Sabbath schools about to be incorporated, &c. &c. -- as a SPRINKLING of the holy leaven!


    way, and all their darling, pride-gratifying, vainglorious and wide lauded devices and enterprises rendered abortive of good and teeming with every evil, EVEN they will then form the vanguard of blasphemers. -- For the present it is certainly quite natural for the Papa of Rome, his Cardinals, Arch-Bishops, Bishops, &c. &c. clerical dignitaries, down to his catechists and acolytes, to laud and cherish that gospel, and that order of things in the religious world which secures them those high places and seats of authority and furnishes them with all "things that are dainty and goodly, and that clothes them in linen, and purple and scarlet and decks them with gold, and prcious stones and pearls!" Rev. xviii. 14 to 16. It is also quite natural for the Arch-Bishops, Bishops, Deacons, Arch-Deacons, Prebends, Arch-Prebends, &c. of the established churches to be well pleased with that gospel which vields them an annual income of, from 72,000 pounds sterling or 320,000 dollars, to 200 pounds sterling, or about a 1,000 dollars. -- It is quite natural and easy for learned D. D's, Presidents, professors, &c. of colleges, theological and other seminaries to laud THAT gospel and that order of things, in the religious world, which places them in those "high places" and sumptiously provides for them while they are revelling in all the enjoyments of intellectual pursuits and recreations. -- It is very natural and easy, we say, for them to exercise great faith in the millennial aspect of the times, and to heap up swelling words about the glory and happiness which the world is soon going to realize through their wonderful works! But their millennium amounts only to making the world somewhat more intellectual in its tastes and pursuit, and of establishing and perpetuating themselves as the stars of science and the rulers of the empire of mind! It is very natural and easy for the pastors, missionaries, authors, publishers, printers, bookbinders, booksellers, Tract, &c. agents in and of the religious world, to exercise great faith in the millennial aspect of the times, when they find personal and family subsistence, respectability and influence in the world, literary fame and the whole et cetera of their earthly interests and gratifications to stand connected with this millennium. *

    It is still more natural and easy, for that vast multitude of loose, detached and lazaroni materiel, which the different religious denominations have gathered from the surface of society and made their missionaries, pious mendicants, agents, managers, ‡ &c. it is, we say, still more easy for them to believe that the young dawn of the millennium is now blushing upon us. -- By Millennium they understand, that order of things by which they have been exalted above that level for which nature designed them in the community, and by which they calculate upon being perpetuated in that fictitious, exaltation. † But above all it is natural and easy for the vast majority of professors in christendom to believe, that the "latter day glory" is about to be ushered in, when it is understood, that, this stupendous event is to be brought about, at least greatly facilitated, by human

    * The conclusion of this sentence brings to our recollection the Buffaloe Bishop, alias, Alex. Campbell and his new titled periodical -- yclept "The Millennial Harbinger." -- He has made, in all probability, from 20 to 30,000 dollars by HIS religious publications under the title of "Christian Baptist," "Debate," &c.; and the love of "the mammon of unrighteousness" being his ruling passion, he fondly, dreams and firmly believes (upon what he conceives to be THE BEST evidence in the world) that the millennium is at hand! So the scriptures represent, that there will be no lack of those who shall consider, every eddy "of gain" in their use of the gospel, as a voluminous wave of "godliness!"

    † The vanity of office in the religious world is above all description. Most superlatively is this exemplified among the Campbellite, fraternity. A church of a few members will have six or eight BISHOPS!!

    ‡ Nothing can be fraught with more forbidding consequences to religious and civil liberty than, the growing ingathering from the surface of society, into the different and religious denominations of (as they are called) "poor pious young men."


    inventions, enterprises and combinations: Here the genius of Arminianism luxuriates -- here, as to a common centre, all that is pharisaic, self-righteous and merely formal in godliness tends. Of these notions they quaff to intoxication, exhibiting the religious world already the subject of a drunkard's reveries and a drunkard's vauntings, paroxysms and beatings of the air, -- While this order of things continues all those interested classes of society can talk very delectably about faith and hope, temperance and patience, and every grace of the spirit and virtue of the christian. -- But when their Babylon shall fall -- when they shall be stripped of all they now enjoy; then the secret native fountain of their depravity and unbelief will be broken up, and blasphemy will rush like a cataract from their hearts, and they will foam like so many daemoniacs in rebellious dispositions against the government of God, and incessantly blaspheme his name. ("The history of the Israelites, in their journeyings through the wilderness of Sinai, affords a striking instance of it. They were continually speaking against Moses and against God,' whenever they were afflicted." Numbers xxi. 5.) They will not consider their sins, especially their wicked corruptions, perversions and suppressions of the truths of the gospel, and the carnal, selfish use that they have made of the word and Church of God, together with the substituting of their own inventions, enterprises and combinations, as a standard of judgment and instrument of salvation, for the gospel of Christ, as the cause of their torment, but they will charge God with injustice and cruelty. Like Pharaoh and his host, they will know of no repentance -- repentance shall be hid from their eyes. The furnace of their afflictions, in contention upon contention, in tumult upon tumult, in degradation upon degradation, that furnace will glow more and more fierce: they will feel parched and shrivelled in all their hopes of earthly enjoyments and temporal ease; and yet "no penitential sighs or cries will be heard:" no tears of godly sorrow will be seen to flow; "but the ears will be stunned, every sense will be annoyed, and the scene rendered doubly horrible, by the voice of blasphemy against him who alone has power to lessen or increase these plagues." Such will be something like the results of the pouring out of the fourth vial. The foundations of political, commercial, religious, moral, social and domestic order will be destroyed, and all that is lawless and profligate in human life will become the "signs of the times." This picture is drawn by the pencil of Jehovah; the features of the original already begin to make their appearance to the eye of intelligent and dispassionate reflection. We shall conclude our remarks on the 8th and 9th verses by refering to the 18th chapter of Rev. from the 9th to the 19th verses inclusive, for a fuller description of the confusion and anguish of soul that shall reign in the world after this fourth vial is poured out; and by transcribing a few verses from Isaiah applicable to and generally descriptive of the whole scene: to wit: "Inflaming yourselves with idols (your own inventions) under every green tree, slaying the children [of] the valley under the clefts of the rocks, &c. &c. I will declare thy righteousness, and thy works, for they SHALL NOT PROFIT THEE: When thou criest let thy COMPANIES (religious and philanthropic societies) deliver thee: but the wind (of civil and religious broil and commotion) shall carry them (the companies) all away: vanity shall take them; *

    for the ministry, the Sabbath school, &c. &c. societies' service: They are, to these religious denominations, what the Swiss guard were to the Court of France, or the Hessian troops and scalping Indians have been to the British government. These denominations make them, and they can unmake them -- these instruments FEEL it, and are therefore prepared to become agents and tools in any and every attempt to exalt their masters, even at the sacrifice of all political and religious immunities and rights.

    * Those who have had intercourse with these COMPANIES, and have observed them dispassionately, know, that they are Clothed with pride, and very balloons of vanity


    but he that putteth his trust in ME (in contradistinction to those companies or societies) shall possess the land, and. shall inherit my lofty mountain."

    Verse 10, 11 "And the fifth angel poured out his vial or bowl upon the seat of the beast, and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed, their tongues for pain and blasphemed the God of heaven, because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds."

    "The fifth curse fell upon the SEAT of the Beast. By the seat of the beast is not meant any particular local situation. It is, properly speaking; the throne of the Beast, and refers more particularly to that part of the moral world where he has the greatest degree of authority. The throne is a symbol of government, and signifies the chief seat of the Beast's power. He has his throne in the Church of Rome and every other church, where the gospel is corrupted, human institutions obtain, and false worship is practised. The Beast's government is not bounded by the limits of states or territories, of islands or continents; but by the influence which he exerts over the human heart." -- Hence, as Jesus is a king, revealed in the hearts of his people, "the hope of glory," and as he. rules and reigns in their hearts, and works in them to will and to do of his own good pleasure; so, Satan is represented as the prince of the power of the air, working in the children of disobedience, leading them captive at his will." Satan, in the government of this Beast, is represented as existing and operating prior to the establishment of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, under the appellatives of the "Mystery of Iniquity" and of "Antichrist:" Then he is spoke of as "the Beast" -- then as "the Mother of Harlots" -- then as “the whore of Babylon,” -- then as "the great city of Babylon." It is the same "Mystery of iniquity" that is recognized as existing and operating under those several symbolical appellatives. -- One of his characteristics is, that, "He sitteth,in the temple of God, sheweth himself that he is God -- changing times, seasons and laws." Daniel vii. 25. That is, he sits in the ostensible or visible church or temple of God, and not only assumes all the blasphemous titles and dictation which characterize the Church of Rome, but in the protestant churches he assumes the prerogatives and authority of God by suppressing the fundamental truths of the gospel, and ordaining means of his own instituting for the salvation of all men, even to the exclusion of those means appointed of God -- making void the gospel of Christ by his traditions, inventions, enterprises and combinations. "He is not content with the dominion of one portion of the earth, but has established his authority in every country where christianity is known." The apostle represents, the seat, throne or kingdom of this Beast to be full of darkness when this vial was poured out, and that the subjects of the beast were miserable and were gnawing their tongues with pain. It will be recollected that the vial containing,the noisome and grievous sore, the one containing the overwhelming infidelizing drying up of the rivers and fountains of waters; the one containing the, death of every living soul in the sea, and the one containing the great and scorching heats, all were operating while the subjects or worshippers of the Beast had no light to enable

    -- A thousand instances of that pride and that vanity might be narrated: We have space only for one -- to wit: At a certain Missionary meeting in Maine, after their Magnificencies, the President, Vice-President, Directors, Manager, &c. officers had eulogized and voted thanks to one-another until their modest brows glowed like the blush upon the cheek of one of the frail sisterhood it was then moved, by a worthy D. D. of the name of Beeman, that a vote of thanks should be given to God Almighty: which pious and considerate motion was seconded, by a Rev. Mr. Brown of Vassalborough -- and the vote, we suppose, was unanimously granted! -- from Maine to Georgia, from Cape Hatteras to Baton Rouge, in all their companies the same loathsome pride and vanity and vile flattering of each other are, to be found. -- We have seen it a hundred times told!


    them to change their condition. Under these circumstances "they gnaw their tongues for pain, the blaspheme the God of heaven, and do not repent of their deeds." If Purgatory pains or the torments of hell could have any thing to do in the changing of the heart, it would find an exemplification in the operation of these judgments. But the reverse is the case -- an increase of pride, rebellion and hardness of heart! And is there no symptoms of religious darkness, at this time, in Protestant Christendom? That question has again and again been answered in these pages. * -- Men grope for the wall at, what they call, noon day: They are ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth -- theological Reubenites, unstable as water; -- "wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever." In fact, such are the almost endless diversities in the opinions of men with respect to the word of God, that there are multitudes who who think that the scriptures have no meaning; but that every man can find authority in them for whatever religious opinions he may choose to adopt. From this state of things -- from this confusion of tongues, more infidelity is generated in the heart, or, at least, solicited in the avowed sentiment and conduct of men, than from all other sources put together: It is, as we have elsewhere remarked, and in stern, naked fact, christian teachers and professors who are infidelizing the world instead of evangelizing it -- rendering it like the waves of the sea, foaming out its own shame. To suppose, however, that the scriptures, have no definite meaning, and that every professing denomination, society, church and individual can find authority in them for whatever religious opinions they may choose to adopt, as well as for all the Babel-like notions and tenets that they are now promulgating in the name of those scriptures, is an insult to the God of truth, who has given his word to be, a lamp at the feet and a light to the path of his people, and who, himself, hath declared, that "all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for all things: for doctrine, for reproof, for correction and instruction in rightousness, that the MAN OF GOD may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." There is less knowledge of the spiritual meaning of the scriptures in this day than there was in the days of the Reformation; and, considering the relative number of professsors, the scriptures are less read now then they were then. But Protestant Christendom boasts of circulating the bible divested of all human commentary! This, we have already shown to be false as sin, by refering to the endless variety of religious periodicals and papers that are circulating with the bible by the different sects composing protestant Christendom. The religious world is literally inundated with them. -- They are literally crammed into mens' houses and strewed on the public roads: nay, as in the case, of the Tract society's operations for instance, families and individuals are reprobated and hung upon the gibbets.of infamy and the slow moving finger of scorn pointed at, and the envenomed fangs of slander transfix them who refuse tract and other periodical publications. As we said before, these publications engross the whole of the reading time and attention of the vast majority of professors, hence their ignorance of the scriptures to which we have adverted. -- All the knowledgde that the multitude of christians have of the Bible is, at most, embraced in a few dozen of scraps of passages which are made to refer to the duty, and doing and meritof the sinner in his own salvation; † or, to his duty, doing and merit in the salvation of others ‡ -- It may perhaps be thought by many, that nothing but sectarian

    * In what is called the Baptist church in the United States there are not less than twelve different sects or fraternities; and among them every fundamental truth of the gospel is denied! The Baptist Church began these modern religious devices and inventions, and terribly shall they answer for it. -- O Fuller! thou excrable name!

    † Arminianism.   ‡ Fullerism.


    jealousy has induced modern Christendom to circulate the Bible without notes or commentary immediately attached to it; or that she concluded, that if the Bible was circulated with her diversified, conflicting and soul harrassing exposition of its text, that it would close the door to all confidence in her missionary enterprise, and to the reflecting part of the heathen world themselves appear, rather a laughable caricature of christendom than an instrument of moral amelioration and salvation in the hand of the Father of mercies and of lights. -- Again: We may remark, that if it were liberal, meritorious, prudent and pious circulate the bible amoung the heathen, or others in the world destitute of it, without note or commentary, it would be equally so to circulate it among the professing community of mankind without note or commentary! -- Once more: If it be unnecessary or disserviceable to the cause of salvation among the heathen, or those destitute of the scriptures, to circulate the bible among them with a written or printed commentary or commentaries, immediately or remotely attached to it, it must be equally unnecessary or disserviceable to connect an oral or viva voice commentary or commentaries with its circulation: Of course, what is called the preaching of the gospel is disserviceible or unnecessary!! -- But the true reason is found in the fact, that when the religious world concluded to circulate the bible without commentary the Calvinistic general interpretation thereof had been established and sustained, as the essential truth, through a flood of opposition, depth of machination, array of philosophy and science (falsely so called) a popular show of literary refinement, sophistical argument, distortion of scripture and appeal to the mere natural and fleshly feelings and carnal reasoning of the world: THAT Calvinistic general interpretation, * we say, had been established and sustained in despite of all this opposition of earth and hell, and that by the most transcendent abilities, consummate erudition, clearest reasoning, finished argument and extensive variety and amplitude of scripture declaration. -- Satan, to get rid of this interpretation (an interpretation ever hateful and abhorrent to natural men of all and every grade of intellect) proposed through his liberal minded and charitable children, to circulate the bible free of all commentary. At the winding up of the great, fitful and mazy drama of human life it will be found, that the Bible never was designed by its author for any thing more of essential benefit than to render the man of God -- the election of grace thoroughly furnished unto all good works: the croakings of Arminianism about "do and live," and of the Semi-Arminians, of terms and conditions and OFFERS of salvation, and of the Fullerite detestable jargon of double, treble, quadruple and ad finitum degrees of damnation to the final impenitent and Apostate world, who did hear or read, or who could have heard or read, the gospel, and refused to exercise a SAVING faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (though Jesus Christ neither died or prayed for them!) to the contrary notwithstanding. † For the present it is fearfully evident, that the religious world is

    * Once for all: Ye intelligent Deists, ye genuine republican politicians, do not ascribe the ambitious & tyrannical projects and combinations among "General Assembly Presbyterians" and Fullerite Baptists to a general Calvinistic interpretation of the gospel. It is true those Iscariots PROFESS a cordial belief in such an interpretation of the gospel, as they profess, politically, pure republicanism. But they are consummate JESUITS and LIARS in both cases. Their churches are inundated with the grossest ARminian ministry, device and doing; as is the civil community excited and disturbed by their audacious attempts to monopolize political influence.

    † Lest the bowels of you Arminians and Fullerite Baptists & Presbyterians should becurdled, with sorrow, or petrified with horror in view of such multiplied damnation on those who have heard or read, or could have heard or read your gospel, we would remind you, that your ministers and your TRANSLATORS never did preach and never did translate the gospel of Christ! Let this comfort your anguish riven souls!


    full of darkness and the confusion incident to darkness, and that that darkness is connected with unprecedented practical depravity. "Whatever errors have characterized christendom in former ages have descended, like an overwhelming torrent, on bur unhappy age, and the stream of the waters of life is mingled with the turbid flood, so that it cannot easily be discerned." -- In a few more years, at farthest, christendom will have the measure of her errors, delusions and refuges of lies, in the name of the gospel of Christ, filled to the brim, and will therein exemplify precisely the curse contained in this vial of the wrath of God. For the present, there are but few, comparatively, who see the growing darkness: -- by and bye it will, like the Egyptian darkness, be felt. Mankind will then begin to understand and realize their condition: -- their horror and torment will then commence. -- They shall then begin to be convinced, and their conviction shall increase by every new dispensation of Providence, that this judgment has fallen upon them, because they have hated the light -- the doctrine of grace -- the fundamental truths of the gospel: because they have corrupted, perverted and most infamously suppressed the most prominent truths of the word of God, and made their own traditions, inventions, &c. a standard of judgment in lieu of that word. They will then begin to have "a fearful looking for of vengeance and fiery indignation" which are to devour them as God's adversaries. Well may we, therefore, say "a little while the light is with you, walk while you have the light, for the NIGHT cometh in which no man can work" -- Alas! how many there are, even now, throughout Christendom, who in view of that Christendom's confusion are exclaiming; "Judgment is far from us, neither doth justice overtake us: We wait for light but behold obscurity, for brightness, but we walk in darkness. We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes: We stumble at noon day (in these boasted of and revival making days -- this vaunted dawn of the Latter Day Glory) as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men. We roar all like bears, and mourn sore like doves: We look for judgment but there is none; (no judgment, even now, in a general way in christendom by the gospel as a standard, but by human inventions, &c.!) for salvation, but it is far from us." Isaiah lix. 9 to 11. It is here worthy of special notice, that in the 58th chapter of Isaiah it is said, concerning those very characters who are here represented in this horrible condition; "They seek me daily, and delight to know my ways, as a nation that did righteousness, and forsook not the ordinances of their God. They ask of me the ordinances of justice; they take delight in approaching to God. -- Wherefore have we fasted, say they, and thou SEEST not? Wherefore have we afflicted our soul, and Thou takest no knowledge? (Answer!) Behold, in the day of your fast ye find pleasure, and EXACT all your labors: Behold, ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness: Ye shall not fast as ye do this day, to make your voice to be heard on high!" Isaiah lviii. 2,3, 4. Here we see, that the horrible condition of religious darkness which we have been noticing is to be found with the most rigid observance of the externals of godliness, and an apparent delight in their devotions, is if they had not forsaken the truths of the gospel and ordinances of God. They seem to ask the Lord for direction in all their ways; but at the same time it is no less obvious that their heart is going after COVETOUSNESS! they exact the full price of all their labors of love, which, in their modesty, that price is estimated by themselves. They fast for the sake of striving more effectually with each other as sects, and with the view of gaining the ascendancy; supposing, as they do, that the broader they can make their devotional appearances, the greater will be their influence among the credulous and unthinking multitude. And they fast and strive to make their voice to be heard on high -- they have weekly, monthly and annual concerts of prayer: *

    * Never was their a closer resemblance between two professing communities,


    They covet money, power and popular fame: They sell the truth of the gospel and yet keep up a "form of godliness." This, this is a vivid though brief portraiture of Christendom in our day. -- To men of intelligence nothing is more evident than that in proportion as religious tenets and observances are false and earthly, and addressing the mere feelings, religious pride and vanity of mankind, so is their devotedness to and zeal therefor. Paganism, Mahometanism and Catholicism in their histories, respectively, demonstrate the truth of the foregoing remark: -- Nor does Protestant Christendom at this time furnish less than a share of evidence of the truth thereof. -- Tract, missionary, Bible, Sabbath school, together with numerous anti societies, charity balls, philanthropic dinners, theatrical charities, ladies fairs, &c. are the religion of the multitude in christendom; while mere psalm and hymn singing till midnight, or rigid observance of the Lord, day, or being baptized by immersion or sitting down regularly at the Lord's table and making due contribution to the support of a preached gospel (thouch de facto the gospel is never heard from those whom they support as preachers) constitute the religion of a vast minority in christendom. In all these instances the fiery zeal of the professors is only surpassed, by the malevolence and guile of their hearts towards the essential truths of the gospel, in the persons and character of those who fully and faithfully preach them, and the ignorance of their minds as to the general doctrine of that gospel, and of which these truths are constituents. -- How can it be otherwise than they should be thus ignorant when every thing of gracelessness and biblical ignorance, in the form of "poor pious young men," counting house blades, flirting girls and wanton widows, are invested with the office of public teachers! -- In reference, to these very times Jesus hath said -- "When the Son of man cometh shall he find faith on the earth." Luke xviii. 1 to 8. And an Apostle says: "This also KNOW, in the last days perilous times SHALL come, &c. 2 Tim. iii. 1 to 5. Those "last days" constitute that period of time when the fifth bowl or vial of wrath will be poured out and operating in the world, -- when "darkness shall cover the earth" And gross darkness the people."

    Verse 12. "And the sixth angel poured out his vial on the great river Euphrates, and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared."

    In this verse we have one of the most pertinent and comprehensive symbolical representations of the religious use that has been made of the gospel of Christ in former and in present times. -- "The Euphrates is a well known and much celebrated river of Asia, which rises in the mountains of Arminia, and after pursuing a southerly direction for more than 1500 miles empties into the Persian Gulph. In ancient times it was considered of such importance, that, in the old Testament, it is generally called the River, as if no other stream was entitled to this appellation. It waters some of the finest and most fertile countries in the world, but their fertility is much increased, and perhaps chiefly derived, from artificial canals cut through its banks, and numerous reservoirs, by which its waters are retained, and conveyed through the different countries in its vicinity. -- On this river stood the ancient city of Babylon, which is said to have been divided into two equal parts by the stream. The Euphrates was the channel by which wealth, population and power constantly flowed into this celebrated Metropolis. -- The river was navigable, the country was fertilized by its waters and the city of Babylon was the heart of all its productions. -- This city

    than exists between the Scribes and Pharisees (as pourtrayed in the 23d of Matthew) and Protestant Christendom in our day. The amount of difference is: the former were hypocritical professors in the name of Moses the latter in the name of Jesus Christ! -- Read and re-read Matth xxiii.


    was surrounded, and rendered almost impregnable by a wall of 350 feet in height and 87 feet in breadth. -- It is, therefore, that Babylon could never have been taken by an enemy, had it not been for the entrance that was made by the stream of the Euphrates. -- Cyrus, king of Persia, and Darius, the Mede, the uncle of Cyrus, combined, with other kings or Potentates who came from the east, to besiege and capture this great city. After having beseiged it for two years they found the means of entrance through the channel of the river. -- A canal was dug at some distance from and at both ends of the city; the water of the river was thus drained off from its proper bed, and the two divisions of the army that were posted at each end, marched along the channel and met in the centre of the city. -- That was the night on which the hand writing on the wall warned Belshazzar of his approaching fate; but inattentive to the divine admonition, and faithful warnings of Daniel; the whole city, buried in drunkenness and debauchery, became an easy prey to the invading foe. After this period Babylon never recovered her ancient splendor: her high walls at length mouldered into ruins; her population gradually diminished until at length she became a habitation for the birds of prey, and the wild beasts of the desert."

    The ancient Babylon is intended to represent the modern or Spiritual Babylon! We may once more remark, that the New Testament Scriptures warn us of the existence and operation of "the mystery of iniquity" in the name of the gospel of Christ: That the gospel and the church of the living God will be made merchandize of, and this to a point of time yet in the womb of futurity, and terminating the 1260 years already noticed in these lectures. Now then, all religious denominations who have corrupted or who do or shall hereafter corrupt, pervert and suppress the truth of the gospel; or who have or shall connect with their corruptions of the gospel, human traditions, inventions, enterprises, experiments and combinations, they, by so doing, create a spiritual Euphrates, while all the churches and religious societies that they build thereon are only so many parts of the mystical Babylon. There is no one in and of Protestant Christendom but what will readily admit that on such a spiritual Euphrates were the churches of Rome, of Constantinople, of Jerusalem, Alexandria and Antioch, together with scores or hundreds of other contemporary but minor churches built. That it is equally so with Protestant churches is, we conceive, demonstrated in the foregoing pages. -- The corruptions, perversions and suppressions of the truth of the gospel were never carried to greater extent in Catholic than they are in Protestant Christendom: how could they be, when every important truth of the gospel is denied over and over again in protestant Christendom! Besides, it is evident, that Protestant Christendom is using all or more than the arts of the Mother of Harlots to seduce the world into spiritual fornication: verily, the Mother is sitting at the feet of her daughters and learning of them the art and mystery of convert making. -- Here is the Episcopal church making the whole inhabitants of a nation her members by legislative enactment of the civil power: Here are numerous Dissenting Paedobaptist churches making and perpetuating tens of thousands of members by the introduction of puting babies into their visible body. Here are some of the better Baptist churches, and those of whom we would hope the things that accompany salvation, who are superinducing a profession in the Baptist church by giving an unwarrantable importance to the ordinance of baptism, while many, yea hundreds if not thousands, of other Baptist Churches are making baptism, regeneration and salvation. *Now, what would be the wealth, the power and the

    * Baptism by immersion is, in its proper place, a beauteous ordinance -- So, is the human eye in its proper place is a beautiful object, torn from its socket and it [is] a most unseemly and disgusting. -- The manner in which the Campbellite, or, self-styled, "Christian Baptists" estimate and speak of baptism by immersion is enough


    numbers of the Episcopal, those Dissenting Paedobaptist and Baptist churches, if these unhallowed and anti-gospel devices were not resorted to? That wealth, power and theirr numbers would be comparative nihility! * These corrupt practices and carnitl expedients, together with the thousand streams of false doctrine and false worship that meanders and bubbies through the christian world, make up the spiritual Euphrates, on which every religious denomination now in Christendom is built, and upon the bosom of which all their wealth, power and population is borne. As authority for this general interpretation of the symbol we remark, that the true church of God is frequently represended as a city (Psalm xlvi. 4 and Heb. xii. 22) which is said to have a river running through it -- the river of water of life: So, this "city of Babylon"" has also her river, large and deep, extending its waters in all directions: But they are polluted waters, fouled to the most abominable, stench, and proceed from the throne of the beast. -- The more numerous the heresies, corruptions, perversions and suppressions of the truths of the word of God, or doctrine of the gospel, the more general, and more fashionable and popular does a profession of religion become, and, consequently, the gteater does the spiritual Euphrates swell and the higher does it rise, bearing more rapidly and amply wealth, honor, population, pomp and splendor into the spiritual Babylon! -- Nor is the spiritual Euphrates without its artificial canals: † What they were or what they now are in Catholic Christendom, we have not time or space to detail -- Absolution -- Indulgence -- Confession -- Mass for the repose of the dead, or deliverance from purgatory were a part of those canals whose streams had a considerable share in enriching the Church of Rome -- THEIR MOTHER! In Protestant Christendom these canals are found, in the form of Bible, Missionary, Tract, Sabbath school, Temperatice, Mite, &c. &c. Societies, all of which are pouring increasing wealth into that part, or half of the mystical Babylon denominated "Protestant Christendom." -- We shall not have space to give that relation, or make out that estimate, of these artificial canals and reservoirs, connected with and flowing into the spiritual Euphrates, and enriching the mystical city Babylon, which we could wish. Some general remarks upon the subject is all that we can offer at this time. -- Since the canalling, or these works of internal improvement palpably commenceed in protestant christendom, and until within a few years agone, a differeqce of opinion, as to the expediency of and authority for these works, was not only tolerated with impunity, but considered as a mark of liberal forbearance and christian charity. -- The works, however, have gone on; power, wealth and numbers have accumulated in their favor as they have progressed: uncertainty as to the authority for and varied PROFIT from them likes rapidly vanished; so that now it is not only the most infamous infidelity to doubt the authority or the profit, but treason against heaven and earth to opppose or object to them, or even to wince under the onerous and ever multiplying taxation and impost which they

    to make fiends incarnate blush. "But they foam out and glory in their own shame."

    * Those Baptist ministers who are somewhat sound in the faith, and who, have something of a pastoral charge from which they are fed and clothed, are as afraid of and as treacherous towards an evangelical minister of some little talent who may visit them, as was David of and towards Uriah. -- Sirs -- I know you, and have felt your kindnesses and attentions east, west, north and south! -- The same remarks will apply to the more sound of other ministers of professed Calvinistic churches.

    † This canalling business will, ultimately, prove hot water both to Church and State! It is not likely that in either will the business be confined to its present limits -- the political and religious aristocrats conceive, that they have got the vantame ground: and that a few more links and blows will finish the chain and rivet the manacles! -- But, Sirs, take care, that your canal and reservoir &c. political and ecclesiastical digging does not prove a grave to myriads of you or of your delectable successors!


    entail: at the same time, double, treble, quadruple and ad infinitum degrees of damnation are to be poured out in cataract like fury upon all who persist in opposition to them; or dare to doubt their origin. † -- This is moving on "the flood-tide of successful experiment" with a vengeance! In a few years more it will not only be, double, treble, &c. degrees of damnation in the world to come, but the potent addenda of, dungeon and rack, faggot and flame in this world for all who may dare to oppose or who refuse to labor in their internal works. -- To proceed. -- The Bible Society, as first in magnitude, first in fame and, what is vastly better, first in productiveness, has a claim to the first consideration, and may be titled Canal No. 1.

    THE BIBLE SOCIETY: In reference to this, we remark:

    Such a society was not wanted in Protestant Christendom when, or since it was originated! Every family in that Christendom might have had a copy of the Bibie, without its existence and operations, and that too, for less than what it has cost the christian world to publish copies through that Estabiishment -- as will be manifest in the sequel. But to proceed to a very brief expose of this society's recepts and disbursements in Great Britain and America up to the year 1827. -- The, British Bible Society, accordingto the "Eleventh Report of the American, Bible Society," page 17, had received 1,355,000 pounds sterling, or six millions, sixteen thousand two hundred dollars! It had, according to the same Report, distributed 4,000,000 of Bibles and Testaments! The American Bible society says, that the COST PRICE of a common Bible is 60 cents, and of a common Testament 22 cents, or an average cost of Bible and Testament of 41 cents. -- Taking the American Bible Society's publications of the scriptures as data and one-half of the copies of the scriptures distributed by the British Bible Society were Testaments. -- This being understood and the account will stand thus --

    British Bible Society.
    To "AMOUNT of RECEIPTS," up to the year 1827 as pr. "Eleventh Report of the American Bible society (page 17) -- £1,355,000 or $6,1016,200 00

    By 2,000,000 of Bibles at 60 cents pr. copy -- 1,200,000 00
    By 2,000,000 Testaments at 22 cents                  440,000 00 } 1,640,000 00
                                                                                    Difference 4,376,200 00

    Here are FOUR MILLIONS three hundred, seventy-six thousand, two hundred dollars; out of SIX MILLIONS unaccounted for, if it cost the "British Bible Society" no more to publish Bibles and Testaments, than it does the "American Bible Society!" This British Bible society had been in existence (up to '27) twenty-two years, and, according to the above statement, they have distributed to the amount of seventy-four thousand five hundred dollars worth of Bibles and Testaments per year and for which they have received two hundred seventy-three thousand four hundred sixty-three dollars, sixty-three cents, per annum; or, one hundred ninety-eight thousand seven hundred and twenty-five dollars a year, more than what the Bibles and Testaments cost, at the American Bible Society's price for common Bibles and 'Testaments!

    Some idea of how the 4,376,200 dollars have been disposed of may be gathered from "the British Bible Society's Report" for the year 1826 -- There they say

    * They are ever craving yet ever poor. -- To imagine or devise a new tax for their Lord's treasury is considered a stroke of genius, and the art of disguising it shows the adroitness of the financier.

    † We leave the reader to give his subject an application to the political affairs in the United States.


    that the contributions did not exceed £40,336 and the expenses incurred by the society in managing that sum was £8,450 -- that is, more than 20 per cent.--

    £40,333 is in dollars 179,078 52 } thirty-seven thousand five hundred and
    £8,450 is in dollars 37,518 00 }
    eighteen dollars expenses incurred in the manayetnent of forty thousand three hundred and thirty-three pounds! -- the items of expences are --

    Such have been the receipts and disbursements of the British Bible Society up to the year 1827, and such is a specimen of the annual expenses of the society, for simply conducting or managing the business, as given by themselves. -- We will now notice something of their translations, as stated by themselves, in their Report for 1826 --

    1st. The publishing of the Welch Bible -- the first undertaking in translations in 1806. -- This was by a Mr. Thomas Charles, an itinerent minister among the Methodists; and done in such a bungling way that the translation after it was published had to be suppressed. -- Here, no doubt, thousands and and tens of thousands of dollars were squandered -- lost!

    2d. The printing of an Irish Bible: For the translation of this the society fixed upon a Mr. McQuig, Who had formerly been a preacher among the Wesleyan Methodists, and who had been expelled from this connexion for repeated misconduct. This version was also rejected as a vile corruption of the scriptures. Here went thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to no purpose.

    3d. The version of the Gospel of St. John in the Mohawk language: This

    * This is the man of whom the Society in their Twelfth Report, page 13, say: -- "Leander Van Ess, seeks no earthly emoluments." -- $1,600 per annum no emolument! But he dont seek it -- fool if he did, when he can get it without seeking! -- How the Society can fib.


    came forth at the expense of the society; it was transited by Captian Norton, a Cherokee by birth and education, and ignorant of every word of Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

    4th. Next they publish a Calmuck version of the New Testament. They acknowledge, themselves, that the translators are uneducated men: that the Calmuck has yet received no literary cultivation, and that "the common aids for acquiring a language, such as dictionaries and grammars, are entirely wanting."

    5th. Dr. Carey says of his own translation of the Scriptures into the Bengalese dialect, that it had been, "the product of seven years severe labor and study:" In revising the first for a second edition, Dr. Carey himself informs us, "that he found himself compelled to alter almost every verse, in order to render it conformable to the Indian idiom: In the first edition (says he) the words were Bengalese, but the idiom (how nobly must the Bengalese readers have been edified!) was English."

    6th. The Chinese version of the New Testinient by Mr. Morrison in 1813 under the patronage, of the Bible Society -- he himself says: "I beg to inform the Society, that the translation of the Testament carrying on it this place (Canton) into the Chinese language has been completed, and I hourly expect the last sheet from the press. -- Allow me to notice, that I give this translation to the world not as a perfect translation. That some sentences are obscure, that some. might be better rendered, I suppose to be a matter of course in any new translation made by a foreigner; and in particular in a translation of the Sacred Scriptures where paraphrase is not to be admitted. All who know me will believe the honesty of my intentions and that I have done my best." -- Eleventh Report app. page 26.

    In a letter dated the 8th June 1815, a year and a half after the former letter, Dr. Morrison says: "The Chinese dictionary in which I am now engaged, will gradually mature my knowledge of Chinese." Thirteenth Report, app. page 16. -- What a bible Society! Rather, what a Diable Society, thus to trifle with the word of God: But they wanted to boast and they coveted larger contributions, they had, therefore, to appear to be dome something great. -- It's obvious that Dr. Morrison executed his version as a mere exercise while learning Chinese.

    7th. This Bible Society's foremost supporters on the Continent of Europe are notorious for entertaining heretical or infidel opinions. The sagacious managers of this Society, therefore, exult in having enlisted under its banners the self-styled philosophers and neologists of the Continent; but we must request them to moderate their triumphs: for while the directors fondly imagine that they use their philosophical supporters as tools to promote their own views; yet de facto in this design they have been completely outwitted: the tables have been turned upon them; they have been the dupes of a set of Encyclopedists, and who have quietly availed themselves of the influence and resources of the society, in promotion of their own purposes. -- And so many of such characters use the Tract, Sabbath school, &c. &c. societies. They know that these things will produce Bedlam in Christendom, & thus prove the most efficient means of undermining the bible itself, and of overwhelming the christian religion with ineffible contempt and degradation. And is it for men who know and revere the truth -- and who can "see the signs of the times" to stand quietly by while measures are carried on by ignorant and perverse men and mere boys, or vain and flirting women and girls, which have no tendency but to diffuse among the inhabitants of the earth mean and meagre shadows, or distorted and thrice imbued Arminian caricatures of the word of God, and sweep as very siroon the hope of the gospel from the face of the earth? heaven forbid!


    So much for the "British and Foreign Bible Society" -- We could fill a volume in similar criticism upon it, and then the half would not be told that ought to be told to its infamy! We shall only add: If this institution be a work or God where shall we look for a work of the Devil!

    Of "the American Bible Society" we have a little more to say at present, than that she speaks of the "British and Foreign Bible Society" as "the work of God" (See Report for 1826 -- page 17) and that she appears to be in pious labour to imitate the former: and to present an analysis of the financial part of "the Eleventh Report of the society" -- This we proceed to do.

    A general analysis the Eleventh Report of the American Bible society presented May 10th, 1827.


    From this analysis we find, that one hundred, thirty-six thousand eight hundred and twelve dollars and fifty-nine cents of "THE RECEIPTS" are unaccounted for: that is, about 35 dollars in the hundred they have found necessary to retain for their pious services over and above what they, themselves declare to be the cost price of the bibles and Testaments which they have published in 11 years and up to 1827! The last year (1829) their "Report" represents them as having received about 200,000 dollars. * -- Suppose that for an 11 years to come they realize that sum per annum: It will amount to two millions two hundred thousand dollars;of which, according to their own statement of anterior Receipts and Disbursements, they will pocket, seven hundred thirty-three Thousand three hundred and thirty-three dollars: To what tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars profit they may politically and commercially speculate or gamble with these RECEIPTS, heaven only knows. -- Our limits admonish

    * We have not their Report by us, but state from recollection in this instance.


    us to leave the subject: we do so, as we would abandon the presence of the most consummate Iscariotism, or retreat from the most putrescent carrion: simply adding, that if this is not a canal of the spiritual Euphrates there never was one, neither are there such things, literally, as the Hudson and Erie Canals.

    Missionary Societies -- alias Canal No. 2.

    Of these soceties we can, at present, say but little, because we have only 100 pages octavo to embody our lectures in. -- It is net possible to say what these societies in Great Britain, in America and other parts of the world, have within thirty or thirty-five years past, collected of gold and silver for their support and operations -- millions upon millions of dollars withuot the shadow of doubt! We shall simply offer some general reflections upon them.

    1st. If they have been as hortest as our Bible Societies they have only appropriated to the use, indulgence and influence of the Directors, Managers, &c. thereof about 500,000 dollars in the million! *

    2d. If they are to be judged of in reference to their operations among uncivilized nations for what they have been in civilized countries, and in their RENDERINGS of the gospel whether in translations or preaching, then they have been the veriest Simon Maguses, and downright pestilence in a religious point of view: But the fact, no doubt is (reference to the remarks concerning the bible Society will demonstrate it) that they have been, if possible, unmeasurably more corrupt and ignorant in their translations than even in their preaching -- "confusion worse confounded" -- Alp of heresy, corruption and perversion of the word of God heaped upon Alp!

    3d. The aggregate of Christian missionaries sent out into the world negative, a thousand times told, every fundamental truth of the gospel in their contrariant, conflicting, and antipodes doctrines, speculations and opinions advanced in the name of tho gospel -- how worthy of the prayers and of the gold and silVer of "the household of faith" are such missionaries! †

    4th These missionary funds, in a general way, amount to nothing more than shear malke-weight in the salaries of "poor pious young men" who have been appointed to ministerial, Sabbath school, Tract, &c. labors in this, that and the other part of the country, & from whose labors the little beasts, that spawned them expect and derive ultimately, salary and interest.

    5th. The author has known of these missionaries (say Presbyterian and Fullerite and Campbellite Baptist societies') from the state of Maine to Georgia, and from the Atlantic to the out skirts of the Mississippi Valley, and solemnly, and as there is a judgment to come, he never knew one of them to be any thing like "an able minister of the New Testament" -- any thing like a pure Calvinistic preacher, any thing like "an Israelite indeed," any thing like an honest open, undisguised man in the gospel which they profess to believe in and to serve. -- On the contrary, he feels well assured, that Leviathan may as well be sought for in a mud paddle as an able evangelical minister among them; and that there is no more moral or spiritual affinity between them, and "the remnant

    * These National Bible, and other religious societies will, in the end, prove like the South-seas scheme got up in England many years since: like that, when they have gulled the religious world out of its money to "the sticking point" of its faith, they will take the benefit of the insolvent laws -- they will commercially fail with hundreds of thousands of dollars to their advantage!

    † Add to Which, they are but mere apologies for men, both physically and intellectually. Muffled up in fur cloaks, caps, gloves and moccasins in mean temperature of atmosphere. Such are they, while their cara sposas are corset stricken DEARS -- just life and energy enough to vegetate -- to furnish and bless the world with one or two miniature resemblances of themselves, and then they are exeunt from the stage of life. -- Gone (it is supposed) to double, treble, &c., glory.


    according to the election of grace" -- "the salt of the of the earth" -- "the light of the world" -- "the Church of the living God," than there are emotions of maternity in the breast of an Egyptian mummy. -- Ye ineffable Jesuits! I know you -- and did I feel it my duty I would hold up some of your names as infamous commercial, Bank and private SWINDLERS; as adulterers, palpable drurkards, proven liars and habitual slanderers. For the present you are spared that I may not be charged with an attempt to revenge myself on you for the past traduction, and in proof of my contempt of you and the most malevolent and multiplied of your diabolical machinations against the truth in the persons and character of those who preach it.

    Tract Society -- Alias Canal No. 3.

    This Society, if our recollection serves us, represents its annual income to be about 75,000 dollars! De Alembert, Diderot, Voltaire and their associates were the originators of Tracts within the limits of Protestant Christendom. -- Infldelity is its Father, Mother, midwife and sponsors! We do not know, or at least for the moment recollect, the origin of tract societies in America: but so far as the ostensible Baptist church, has been Concerned therein we know that a petty clerk and a petty printer in the City of Washington had the honor of commencing its operations: Both of them, we also know to be as fervent haters of the doctrine of GRACE, or the faith of God's elect, as ever Jew was of Samaritan, and we may presume from sources equally peurile and paltry have the American Tract and all the auxiliary societies originated.

    Again: -- The heterogeneous mass of religious notion, speculation and tenet in the multitudinous tracts; is, itself, enough to disgust every intelligent and reflecting mind, at the same time that it is most lamentably well adapted to interest all that numerous portion of the community, who are prone,

    "To swallow, without patise or choice,
    The total grist unsifted: Husks and all!"
    Add to which INFIDELITY has the same means of of operating; so that, at best, it is but like a game of chess, which at last would be a drawer game, were it not that the heart of man by nature is disposed to doubt the authority for any and every restriction upon his present pursuits and gratifications, and which restrictions are increasingly solicited in the operations of Tract, &c. societies: this will ultimately determine the great portion of christians to the side of infidelity. Disease is contagious, health is not!

    Again: The incessant appeal made to the cupidity and avarice of men, and to the vanity, show and flirtation of women is still more loathsome than the heterogeneous doctrine of their tracts. -- As for instance, offering and giving fifty dollar premiums for the best written tracts refering to some favorite point or principle of this religious experiment: The Tract titled "Female Influence" * -- The one on "Temperance," and, perhaps, the one called, "The Dog Rover," furnish a specimen: These and kindred tracts are put into the hands of any thing and every thing of impertinence, loquacity, intrigue and idleness in the form of fashionable belles, old maids," young widows and mere children, - and serve them as a passport to every body's house, intrusion into every one''s family, and interference into every body's domestic concerns.

    Again: -- The arrogant, tyrnnical proceedings of those Societies in their notorious attempts to dragoon whole communities into their service is, itself

    * As we have before remarked, "The will of women," in the estimation, "is the will of God." Yes, ye foxes, female influence, as you call it, will be more terrible to you and your POSTERITY than Sampson's brands to your prototypes! Well are you inflating and forming their minds for the subliminated gas of WRIGHTISM! It is, already working and will work with a vengeance to you!


    sufficient to condemn them. -- Instance the operations of the Society at Headquarters (New-York) who, every now and then, are unpacking and turning out their agents of all sizes, character and color to visit and compel the families of the city to receive their cocatrice eggs, and in case, more or less of them refuse to foster the soawn, they, who thus reject them, are to have "a black mark" put upon them as families and individuals -- their characters are to be impugned -- they their temporal weal prostrated, by the most cold-blooded, unyielding, and fiend-like opposition to them in all their honest and laborious attempts to gain a subsistence for themselves and their dependant families. * What characterizes, New-York, is characteristic, more or less, of every auxiliary society throughout the whole country. At the same time those swarms of impertinent distributers have their 20, 25 or 30 pr. ct. commission upon all the tracts they can sell, truck or any way distribute. -- The more Tracts the Society can dispose of the more they can boast, and the more money than can presume to demand: The same may be said of the Bible Society's operations! Hence, though thousands and myriads of bibles, Testaments and Tracts are lying uncalled for on the shelves of the stores or in the houses of agents, throughout the country, yet having got them sent from the manufactories, to these depositories they are represented as distributed to the spiritual blessing of the country, and larger claims upon christian benevolence for gold and silver predicated thereon. -- For the present we simply add, that 75,000 per annum is tolerable toll for Canal No. 3.

    Sabbath Schools -- alias -- Canal No. 4.

    If this canal yields immediateiy no great deal of money, it furnishes hands to work the theological and religious tow boats of Protestant Christendom: It gives them hereditary or regular supplies of well disciplined hearers and members of their synagogues (called churches) as well as agents, tools, &c. for their Bible, Tract, &c. beggings and distributions: and in these respects they may be considered a sort of ample "Feeder!" -- But to proceed.

    1st: These Sabbath schools violate the Sabbath day: If they do not, then school keeping may be tolerated in all its forms. Colleges, Academies and subordinate seminaries may prosecute their studies on the Sabbath in common with other days.

    2d. It is altogether an unnatural proceeding for parents to surrender their children, into the hands of strangers to receive the first rudiments of religious instruction.

    3d. The children that are pupils of these schools have the affection and reverence due to their parents transferred to strangers, whose vanity induces them to lead the minds of the children into an idea, that if it had not been for their most philanthropic exertions on their behalf that they would have been MISERBLES in this world and that to come; and this idea leads the children to think, that their natural relatives and friends were monsters of cruelty and of negligence towards them. This debt of gratitude is to operate upon the children through their lives, and to render them obedient and accomodating and contributory to the churches under whose pious patronage their Sabbath school teachers taught them "the way of THEIR Lord."

    4th, The pride, vanity and pomp displayed in parading these children, with streamers flying in the wind, and in embodying them at intervals, to the number of one to eight or ten thousand in some organ sounding chapel, there

    * As we have before intimated, this is the spirit of the whole of existing religious societies: Thus they all operate for their Lord's treasury. -- Go on ye synagogues: add scorpion after scorpion to your thong; multiply andi drive your goads, your slaves will the sooner settle accounts and pay receipts in full with you. -- Go on!


    to witness and confound the pall-bearing step and Wolsey like hauteur of the clergy for heavenly solemnity, the elongated phiz of pharisaism and the demure of Arminianism for the devotion of saints; and to hear fulsome addresses made to the principals and teachers of these schools; and farther to hear themselves spoken of as "brands plucked out of the burnings," and the happy subjects of a religious education, &c.: and from all of which they are inflated with the idea, that they are really a generation of junior saints -- children of God and heirs of his kingdom, while, as we before hinted, those that made them, all this the children are "to SERVE all the days of their lives!"

    5th. The most of the teachers of these Sabbath schools are grossly ignorant of the scriptures themselves, and no more competent to open them yp and unfold them, in their spiritual meaning, than they are competent to interpret Egyptian hieroglyphics: While all of them are filling the children's minds with the grossest Arminian notions of the gospel, and thus, if possible, rendering them two fold more averse and hostile to the truth of the gospel when they may hear it afterwards and from other sources; as well as prompting them to insolence and abuse of those who preach that truth. *

    6th. It is entirely questionable, whether there is a Sabbath school in existence whose teachers, managers, &c. would or could bear to hear one really gospel or Calvinistic sermon: for the most part they hate to abhorrence such doctrine. † If these things be so, we may say to the families of christendom in the language of Scotia's poet, and in reference to these schools

    "Give them the schooling or your wee'ns
    For clever diels they'll make 'em."

    * Hundreds are the instances which the author has known to this is point.

    † We perceive that it is proposed in the "Columbian Star," for the Baptist churches in Philadelphia, "and the region round about" to send out a drove of Sabbath school agents to our wilds for purpose of establishing Sabbath schools all over the great Valley. Now, Sirs, take our advice -- for we are adequate to give advice in the case -- take, then, our advice; that is, keep your agents at home; if they are good men and have "the power of godliness," heaven knows, and we know that you want them, as a professing community, to keep you from universal putrescence! -- But you have a thousand dollars funded for this enterprise, and have already sent forth a couple of scouts; § you are therefore committed and must go on! Well be it so. But then it will devolve upon its to inquire as to who are to become our children's teachers! Yes, we still, perhaps, leave the liberty to do that!

    § Was it one of these gemmen, that called at the author's house last Sabbath, to see if he would enrol his children under these new banners! If so, we tell him, not we would rather wrap them IN THEIR SHROUDS, than suffer them to fall into the hands of such theological buzzards!

    Again: Will the Editor of "the Columbian Star" promise us that the Sabblath school agents that are to be sent out to us heathens in the Mississippi Valley, are of equal, or any thing approximating to equal MODESTY with himself their pecuniary demands for their pious labors? -- Will they not exact more than "2,000 dollars per annum as a specific salary, and an imposing dwelling house free of rent, and a school that shall be PLEDGED to give them a thousand dollars per annum, and if it realize any more, the excess to be theirs, add to which, the Editorship of a religious Newspaper that shall yield them 500 dollars per annum -- Say, altogether, 4,000 dollars per annum for EACH OF THEM! -- If so, send, O send the dear delectable SHOAL! Such MODELS of evangelical and Ministerial disinterestedness and self-denial must certainly prove refreshing to our vision as tufts of green herbage to the sirec scathed eye of the traveller o'er the deserts of Arabia. While their Editorial dissertations or ministerial harangues upon the blessedness of denying ourselves for the Lord's kingdom will fall on our ears in sounds sweeter than the music of the spheres! -- So every thing antipodes to all that is heartless, hollow, false and hypocritical; that we may stand in fear and trembling, lest the rude people in


    Temperance Societies - alias, Canal No. 5.

    It is said that, thirty millions of dollars are or have been spent in the United States per annum for ardent spirits. And certainly the sin of drunkenness has increased in a horrible degree in our country within a few years past, while the crime and various evils connected with it are deeply to be deplored. -- But it is not the sin of drunkenness only that has increased in a proportional ratio; and none more so than those of lying and slander: myriads of idle, luxurious belles, widows and old maids spend the whole of their worthless existence in leading and encouraging the calumny of all around them. DRunkenness, then, is but a figment of the prominent "evil in the world," -- As again, and again remarked in these pages, the religious world has been promising for these 20 years past, to make all men saints and earth a paradise: the increase of crime and and confusion is so palpably and notoriously self-evident, and operates so seriously to their disadvantage as prophets and saviours that they writhe with mortification, and in their stupidity and ignorance, are refering all their failure of defalcation to the whiskey barrel -- to the influence of masonry * -- the want of Sabbath or infant

    this great Valley should "lift up their voices, saying, 'the gods are come down to us in the likeness of men:'" ‡ and sacrifice should be offered to them. -- But, Sir, Mr. Editor of "the Columbian Star," we warn you against being a party in this device -- you have gone pretty much the length of YOUR chain -- if you attempt to load us old fashioned western Baptists with any more of theological impositions and jugglery than we already writhe under, you will find more than a Camel in the way; -- The hour of resistance (at least) if not the hour of vengence upon those who are ever shearing is at hand. -- Again, we say, beware how you protrude your feelers here! For as the Lord and our soul liveth if you dont you and they shall both be SHORN!

    * The Author has nothing to do with Masonry, Nevertheless he must acknowledge, that among the multitude of human beings that he has been acquainted with none loom higher or more vividly in every thing of refreshing moral and manly attribute than do numerous masons (alias Free masons) of his personal acquaintance, -- We may also add, that we have known personally and particularly several (if not numerous) of the leading seceding masons, and of therm we are constrained to say, that their oaths, & their honor never were of any kind of value longer than it was supposed by them, to be their interest to break them! -- Among this Iscariot clan stands JOSHUA A. BRADLEY -- than whom a more jesuitical FULLERITE † Baptist minister, a more syllabub theologian, or a more dastardly INGRATE, to the masonic fraternity, never crawled through society. -- To see, then, such a man's letters against the masonic society in circulation was, itself, enough to blast all confidence in ANTI-MASONRY. -- The viper! -- For twenty-five years he was fostered in their bosom! twenty years ago he knew of all the evil in the institution that he now knows! He would have been pure nihility, as a minister, had not masons given him their countenance and support wherever he sojourned -- he would have had to turn a scavenger (that avocation appears to be about the summit level of his capacity) for a subsistence if it had not have been for the masons: Most emphatically were all these suggestions exemplified in his year, or so, of sojourn in Pittsburgh. -- But it appears the masons were becoming too well acquainted with, some SECRETS that he was by no means desirous of them being initiated into, and he left them and joined the anties in all the moral dignity and mental independence, of a Knapp versus Crowninshield! Dread God! what a mass of such every thing selfish, disingenuous, false and Iscariot-like is gathering upon and sinking the best portions of human society! Already is it felt as an horrifying incubus, against

    ‡ Acts xiv. 13, 15.

    † All, all Fullerite ministers, we repeat, are jesuitical, whether in the social circle, in a church, in an Association or in any other connexion! As toad stools are toad stools all the world over so are Fullerites, lying deceitful professors and ministers.


    schools, the want or tracts or Bibles, or missionaries, or prayer meetings or female influence, &c. -- To every thing they refer it but the right source! It is asked, what that is? We answer -- to the purpose of God! in which he will overwhelm the genius of ARMINIANISM, now so arrogantly and universally at work throughout Protestant Christendom, with a sea-like and eternal confusion and shame by leaving the devices, traditions and combinations of the religious world to operate or evolve more moral infamy than ever was elicited from human hearts before -- and thus forever stamp LIE in all possible infamy upon the very os frontis or forehead of Arminianism. -- But, as before suggested, is there no other intemperance except that of using ardent spirits to excess? No excess in eating' Doctor Boerhaave (if our memory serve us, it was he) gave it as his opinion, that fourteen-twentieths of the disases of which mankind are the subjects originate from excess in eating! Is there no excess in literary pursuits? What scores, hundreds and thousands send themselves to a premature grave by intemperance or excess in merchandizing or in professional business when we see the eyes of the merchant, the doctor, the lawyer and the divinein fine frenzy rolling" at an opportunity to impose to the amount of from 25 to 100 per cent upon the ignorance or necessities of others; † and that too, to make themselves and their families of

    which many attribute, moral and political virtue and Christian integrity and fortitude themselves appear in vain to struggle. -- Or, as a certain periodical pertinently observes in reference to leading characters in the political and religious world: "Alas! poor human nature! Thou dost sink deeper and deeper, as time passes in his flight; Men appear to improve upon vice, while a praiseworthy emulation of christian integrity appears likely to die a natural death. -- Like bodies thrown into the sea, all that is sound sink down in society, while putrid carcases, which spread contagion, disease and death, become bouyant by the very qualities which render them in reality offensive, and float upon its surface the most prominent and most honored."

    * The most of these students, however, are like the calf that sucked two cows, the more he suckled the bigger calf he grew!

    † The author has seen again and again, two men as merchantile firms trading with their customers; the one was in the habit of giving to many if not all of the religious enterprises of the day, and he charged their customers 25, 50 and even a hundred per cent more for their goods than his partner did who had nothing to do with these pious frauds or holy institutions! - in short, it matters not who they are that thus give to religious devices of the day; whicher merchants, doctors, lawyers, tailors, Tavern-keepers, or any other class of the community, from the president of a bank to the keeper of a toll gate, for all they lend to the Lord, they will if they possibly can, make others refund them with interest simple and compound. Hence, are you a traveller? shun a tavern where you find Tracts, Missionary Magazines, "Heralds,"Stars," and other religious Newspapers, for they will even take away or rob your poor horse of half his oats ‡ (if you dont watch them close) to pay for those publications in aid of their Lord's treasury. -- Do you want merchandise? dont go to a store where the proprieter is a Tract, missionary, &c. monger, and has foresworn the sale of spirituous liquors (and every thing stronger than six barrels of cider boiled down to one!) he will make you contribute to indemnify him for what be has given to the Lord and for what he is losing by giving up the sale, of whiskey, &c.! Is he a tailor that you would employ; or as a seamstress, be employed by: shun those who are tract, &c. mongers, they will have double cabbage (in sooth, they took treble cabbage off ourselves lately) from your cloth, while they will grind the widow and the orphan, who may be employed by them, 33 1/3 to 50 per cent more than will the most ungodly! -- The author knows them, from Dan to Beersheba, and he would say to the reader; shun them, shun them as treble refined rogues!! -- that is, as a class of people -- there are, we hope, some honorable exceptions!

    ‡ It is but a few days since the author had his horse thus treated and he caught them flagrante delicto.


    the privileged order, yclept, MOCK gentility, and to loom in the published lists of liberal contributors to the Lord's treasury! Is there no intemperance in getting up Temperance Societies, Bible, Missionary, Tract, &c. &c. Societies, when we know, that it is by "this craft" that we get our living, and that if that living was not connected with these things we should be, in reference thereto, torpid as toads in an iceberg! No intemperance in multiplying Sabbath schools, Tract societies, &c. so that, among other uses, we may have the precious PUPILS, as agents, tools and factotums, to serve our turn in dragooning into our service, or slandering them into insignificance or non-resistance every man, woman and child in the community who may presume to oppose us. But time would fail us -- at least our limits prevent us from detailing a moiety of the intemperance characterizing "the signs of the times" in the religious world! We simply add, when pious Presbyterian and Fullerite ministers, alias, Parsons, (and there is no lack of them) individually pour down their throats * four glasses of Madeira wine (containing 100/400 of ALCOHOL -- poison! rank, deadly, damnable and DAMNING poison!) at a time; and then lick their lips, and twist their hands, and raise their heads, and heave their breasts and their eyes in a professed thanksgiving to God (as long as the 119th Psalm) for his CREATURE COMFORTS, and the next hour join to belie and slander others as intemperate who had taken a wine glass full of old rye, containing just half the alcohol -- poison, rank, deadly and damning poison, that their four glasses of wine contained. -- Where is the detestable, damning intemperance in such cases! †

    Again: The institution of Temperance Societies as appendages to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, or ordinance of his, ostensible church is, a blasphemous reflection upon that gospel, as being inadequate to accomplish that for which it was given "by inspiration of God;" i. e. "that the man of God might be thoroughly furnished unto all good works:" "that he might be taught to deny himself of all ungodliness and worldly lusts, and to live soberly, righteously and godly in this present world." 2 Tim. iii. 16, Tit. ii. 11, 12. As a moral experiment these instructions belong to the world and not to the church of God! She is not left to proect or operate moral experiments; her business, her duty, and her privilege are to be, "the ground and pillar of the truth" of the gospel; in the support and promulgation of which, moral and spiritual benefits, as the results are placed above all contingencies; for it is declared, that that "word of truth" "shall not return unto God void, but shall accomplish that whereunto it was sent." Isaiah lv. 11. But in these EXPERIMENTS on the part of the church, the everlasting gospel is libelled, prostituted, buffooned & burlesqued! If the children of this world have a disposition, at any time, to attempt to reduce the heat of their boiling over cauldron, they have our best wishes for the success of their experiments for the accomplishment thereof. Again: Why is there no religious
    & philanthropic bowels yearning over the be-angelized ‡ portion of the human family

    * The reader will please to forget in this association of ideas, any thing that may be written about throat in Rom. iii. 13.

    † So those serpents -- that generation of vipers, contemporary with Jesus Christ, as teachers of religion, and titled, "Scribes and Pharisees," reported and treated him: "Behold," said they, "a man gluttonous and a wine-bibber, a friend of publicans and sinners." -- The whited sepulchres the hypocrites were, upon all occasions, endeavoring to loom high above Jesus Christ himself as the godly, righteous and sober. -- As we elsewhere remarked, our generation swarms with the same characters! The former were perpetually attempting to impugn that doctrie of SOVEREIGN, distcriminating, grace which Jesus Christ preached by representing him as a bad man -- a fanatic -- by believing and slandering his moral character, just as our Missionary Presbyterians and Fullerite Baptists do in these days, in reference to those who preach the same doctrine!

    ‡ Notice the following language in the Tract, enitled, "Female influence and obligations."


    within the limits of protestant Christendom in reference to their INTEMPERANCE, for it must be self-evident to every one, of every common observation upon human society, that there are more females killing themselves in intemperate habits, in indulgence in dress than there are of men who kill themselves in the excessive use of ardent spirits, mournful as the number of the latter class are. We are presented with myriads of terrific reprentations of misery entailed upon families from the drunkenness of the husband (if such a wretch may be called by such a title) and Father: every energy of imagination is roused to exertion and every variety of style is adapted to pourtray, in the most horrifying point of view, the political and moral, physical and intellectual, social and domestic desolations resulting from drunkenness: and to cap the climax, the eye is brought into requisition in the contmplation of the ghastly spectacle by having submitted to its notice eagravings, other pictures, representing the most antic, infuriated and bloody freaks of the slaves of drunkenness. * Now, if all this be very moral, very philanthropic and very pious, why not give us similar pictures as an appropriate and vivid representation of female intemperance in the use of strong tea and corsets, ice-creams and confectionary; and from the use of which their midnight theatrical & ball-room, masquerade & opera freaks, they superinduce disease & constitute themselves very pandora boxes. Why not tell us of the incubus-like dyspepsy, the legion-like hysteria, the moping hypochondria, the emaciating liver complaint and the loathsome pulmonary disease which the intemperance of the be-angelized ones bring upon themselves! Why not give us plates and pictures representing these females as phrensied hystericals, snarling dyspepsyists, sullen hypochondriaists, or helpless under the burthen of chronic disease! -- Why not describe to us the injustice and cruelty which offspring and husbands are the subjects of from these habits, this indulgence, this intemperance of the females. Why not take up a lamentation for and in behalf of the ten thousands of children who inherit liver complaint, pulmonary disease, &c. from their mother's intemperance, and for the poor husbands upon whom these be-angelized ones hang for years as palsy, inasmuch as their husbands have to provide for them housekeepers, wet and dry nurses, men servants and maid servants to substitute their services in the family and domestic avocations: aye & in nine instances out of ten, to pursue an uninterrupted course of injustice towards and imposition upon others to provide suitably for their rocking chair of bed-ridden cara sposas! Ah, ye philanthropists, ye pious experimentalists why do ye not lament and howl over this scene and succession of human suffering and self-immolation? You know the reason! it is, because you feel that female influence is the kite upon which you are to raise your personal, professional and religious influence! It will not do, then, to provoke their resentments or innovate upon their independence: no, like Majesty, they can do no wrong -- their will is heaven's will! Let them emaciate, disease and kill themselves; the priesthood are sure of their influence in behalf of the Lord's treasury treasury; while the Doctors have them as STANDING patients together with their rickity,

    Page 7. -- "But should the soul of your husband, or your child, or your neighbor, perish for the want of that Christian influence which you might have exerted -- and who will dare to say that this may not be the case? -- what guilt would be yours! Think of this -- a soul irrecoverably and eternally lost through your neglect! And instead of one soul, it may be MANY!" O ye angels, O ye very virgin Marys, your influence individually, can save one or MANY souls though Clrist died not for them; and vour negligence, individually, may cause the souls of many to be eternally lost for whom Christ died and intercedes!! O ye angels -- ye precious Saviouresses have mercy, have mercy upon us!

    * Vide -- The tract on "Intemperance;" prefacing which is a plate representing the drunkard with daemoniac countenance and in the act of hurling a chair at the heads of his wife and children.


    puny, and drivelling offspring; and the men must labor and must, lengthen out, if possible, the pulse of life to a hundred years for the purpose of providing for such generations of females and through their pious influence for the Lord's treasury, and through their bodily infirmities and diseases to provide sumptuously for generations of medical aristocrats. *

    Lastly: It is most manifest, that the clergy, including Missionary, Bible, Tract, &c. mongers conceive, that a good part if not the whole of the 30 millions of dollars expended in the United States for ardent spirits may be diverted into treasury of their Lord: hence the Temperance Societies † agents already begin to claim for their Lord's Treasury what the members of the temperance societies individually, had been in the habit of spending for ardent spirits! ‡ Fifteen or twenty millions of dollars per annum from the whiskey barrel would make a jubilee in Protestant Christendom -- it would prove to demonstration, that the Latter day Glory was begun -- it would make the Temperance Society, alias Canal No. 5, the best canal stock in the world: The dividend would, be without, precedent in the annals of modern theological enterprise and speculation: The abstinent society gentry might then drink champaigne, and their cara sposas and delectable progeny drink noyeau as a common beverage.

    As a general reflection, from the foregoing brief remarks upon the CANALS appended to that side of the spiritual Euphrates which waters, refreshes, invigorates and fertilizes protestant Christendom, we may observe, that they only furnish out additional evidence (if additional evidence were wanting) that protestant christendom makes merchandise of the ostensible church, that she commercially speculates with the gospel -- that she is Antichrist -- Mystery of Iniquity -- and Beast and City of Babylon as truly as ever the Church of Rome was: in view of which, and we have the following appropriate and emphatic language of inspiration to apply to her, to wit "The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, ¶ and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall and not rise again. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth. § And they shall be gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the pit, and shall be shut up in the prison, (of human traditions, inventions, &c.) and after many days shall they be visited," See. Rev xiv. 6, with "the everlasting gospel." "And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink the wine of the wrath of her fornication; and the same shall drink the wine of the wrath of God: With her THE KINGS of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth base been made DRUNK With the wine of her fornication." (See Isa. xxiv. 20 to 23: Rev. xiv. 8 and 17-2.) If the substance of the foregoing pages be intelligently and legitimately applicable to protestant Christendom, then she is

    * Many of the professors of the medical facility in the United States realize from 20 to 40,000 dollars per annum! Honestly!!!

    † Strictly speaking, these societies are, according to the letter of their constitutions, Abstinent Societies. Temperance is a scripture -- a gospel doctrine, whether it refers to meats or to drinks: abstinence, in reference to meats or to drinks,is no gospel doctrine.

    ‡ It is related of Vespasian, that he laid a tax upon wine for the replenishment of his exhausted coffers. Protestant Christendom is about to lay a tax on the, whiskey barrel for the replenishment of her Lord's treasury: Verily, one might conclude from her finaniceering operations, that her Lord was about to stand in need of the benefit of an insolvent law!

    ¶ If such are not the circumstances of the religious world at the present time, there never has been such circumstances within her borders!

    § The reader will please to refer to what is said, in reference to kings of the earth, under the 14th verse of this chapter of Revelation.


    drunk -- reeling DRUNK with the wine of the whore or Babylon: and is it she that undertakes to project and execute projects for the extinction of literal drunkenness! Well, admitting she is most competent and that she will be most preeminently successful in her philanthropic enterprise in this case; yet if she can get even 15 out of the 30,000,000 of dollars that are or have been expended in the U. States per annum for ardent spirits, then she will be trebly drunk in the use of the wine of the whore or Babylon -- alias religious enterprise and theological jugglery. -- No, no. She is drunk enough already, rather (as a choice of two evils) let literal drunkenness prevail to its present distressing and wretched extent, than that protestant christetendom should be more religiously drunk. * Better to ruin the body with whiskey or aquafortis than the soul with the endless delusions and lies of the religious world. Let intemperance -- yea, the entire disuse of ardent spirits take place in the United States if possibly, it can be done without furnishing the ways and means for the religious world to become more and more drunk with the wine of the whore of Babylon: if that cannot be done, then let literat drunkenness exist, yea increase a hundred fold as a matter of desirable alternative.

    From the foregoing remarks it not only appears, that Protestant Christendom is a part of the mystical Babylon through which flows the spiritual Euphrataes, but that HER side of the river is well canalled, with every prospect of those canals being multiplied. -- As we may have remarked before in a note, to imagine or devise a new tax, or make a new canal is considered a stroke of genius, and the deviser is lauded as a theological Clinton. Instance the project for Sabbath schools, in the person of Raikes, spoken of as a beam or ray from the everlasting throne: and the project of Tract publication represented, as that which will give cause to and constrain myriads to bless the names of those who first gave shape anti operation to it, in a religious form, for millions of years in eterinty. † The offices and commissions attached to these spiritual canals are virtually sold, and constitute a rapidly increasing tax upon pride and folly. -- The whole is denominated, loans to the Lord, backed with liberal promises to ameliorate

    *In London, some time since, a fashionable Lady sent one evening for a Physician of great celebrity to visit her in a sudden indisposition! Her carriage bore him in railroad like rapidity to her domicile -- he was, instanter, ushered to her chamber -- felt her pulse in death-like gravity and silence -- retired from the chamber, made signs for pen & ink, scrawled, as it was supposed, a prescription & then was taken home in the same carriage. In the morning the physician called again to see his patient, who, as the doctor entered her chamber,drew the bed clothes over her blushing face, &, in answer to the doctor's inquiry as to how she felt then, she stammered out an apology for her situation the evening before, promised never to repeat the act, and expressed unbounded admiration of his professional penetration by which he could discover instantly the nature of her indisposition. The fact was: that this Doctor was so drunk when he first visited this patient that he could not use his tongue while in her chamber, and when he had gone down stairs he had a pen, ink and paper given to him for the purpose of writing a prescription: but his pen refused to do its office as had his tongue, and in the mood of the moment he scrawled -- "Drunk, drunk, drunk" and left the house: this scrawl was taken to the lady, who supposed, that the sagacious doctor, having found out her complaint, deemed a night's rest the best and the only necessary restorative. In the morning the doctor rose with an indistinct recollection of what had transpired the evening before in reference to this new and important patient, and felt full of suffering in his professional reputation he hurried to her house, to offer an apology, and by double attention to make an atonement; when, lo, he found his very drunkenness had given him unrivalled exaltation in the estimation of the patient. -- Thus the religious world is prescribing for literal drunkenness when she is two-fold more drunk spiritually; and thus intelligently are her skill and prescriptions estimated.

    † There has been some consideralble controversy in Christendom as to what consitutes


    the moral condition of all men and to save the heathen: and thus they find present resources in future expectations: liquidating the debts of colleges, theological Seminaries, churches, &c. and paying themselves and their agents, tools and factotums before hand. -- In a word. To trace the insensible progress of the public towards religious insignificance, is to write the history of the present times! Chtistendom is a proof, that religious denominations, sects and fraternities may multiply and vegetate as a church, without that church having any visible existence. *

    But it is said, that the water of this great river Euphrates was dried up that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared. -- How this drying up of the 'waters of the literal Euphrates took place, and who were the kings of the east, we have shown in the beginning of our remarks upon the 12th verse of this chapter. -- The kings of the east are a personification of numerous powers that shall operate to the overthrow of all the corrupt practices in and merchandise making use of the gospel that now obtain or that shall hereafter obtain in Christendom. -- These powers are already in existence and are already operating, to a certain degree, to overturn the "Mystery of iniquity" -- to dmolish the mystical Babylon -- to punish the Mother of Harlots and her daughters. "Men of sense and discernment have generally begun to see, that the present reigning system of religious doings is not calculated to be of be of any real benefit to mankind. They know that it is full of fraud and hypocrisy, and therefore cannot be the course, which God has chosen to propagate the truth, and to establish the kingdom of his Son. † This class of mankind then (and they at this time amount to an army of no small size!) and who are really disposed to manifest some respect towards a consistent and intelligent system of religion though they may have no intention of becoming professors themselves, this class we say, together with Deists and easier sceptics, are now combining their power and arranging their forces for entering the Mystical Babylon. -- They have their leaders or kings in the persons of such men as Robert D. Owen, Jennings, the Editor of "the Reformer," the editor of "The Truth-Teller," the editor of the "Christian Baptist" and "Millennial Harbinger," and hundreds of other such characters, both mate and female, including Miss Frances Wright and the caustic Mrs. Anne Royal [sic - Anne Royall?]. ‡ These leading characters as well as thousands of others of the

    "the new song:" it appears we are approximating to a discovery! Its burthen is to be, Sabbath school and, Tract, &c. projectors! --

    Swans sing before they die! say, is it sin,
    To wait for death before we join your hymn?

    * Once for all: For twenty-five to thirty-five years Protestant Christendom (including Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian and numerous minor RELIGIOUS denominations) has been testing by growing extension and ever multiplying ramifications the traditions, inventions, enterprises and combinations now obtaining in the religious world; and that with the most notorious increase of religiotis confusion and practical iniquity throughout her borders: By their fruits they are to be known! But no, sic sentia, sic sentiam. So I believe and so I will believe, is the prison house of the vait majority of men and women who are herded and huddled together in protestant Christendom as professiors! Thunder they will call lightning and lightning thunder. Midnight noonday and noonday midnight.

    † They know, that the preaching of the Landervaster, the Koran, the Talmud, the Sybilline fare, fables, or any other tale produced from the lawless imaginations of men, is as likely to produce moral and spiritual benefit as the endless jargon in the ministry of Christendom!

    ‡ This woman may be rude, very rude -- she may be deeply sceptical; but she has more intellectual energy and more moral courage than a thousand of her bitterest persecutors. -- The writer bears testimony to the general correctness of her


    same class, and as persons of intelligence, can perceive the theological jugglery and ecclesiastical impositions which obtain and are increasing in protestant christendom; and they have already came forward in multitudes of instances to sound the tocsin of alarm -- to warn the credulous and ignorant of the chains that are forged for and that now are being rivitted upon their political, religious and social liberties. So far these kings of the east, or this class of the community, personified by the kings of the east, act according to the law of natural and revealed religion. But as many of them as confound this theological jugglery and these ecclesiastical impositions with the gospel and treat it with contumely and opposition because it is abused, perverted and caricatured in the hands of Simon Maguses and Iscariots, they are justly obnoxious to the severest reflections from moral virtue and mental entegrity, as well as the wrath of God. -- Alas! there are incalcuable numbers sustaining such a character and occupying such ground reference to the everlasting gospel. Among this class of sceptics -- this army of the beast, there are some few who, as leaders or kings, combining with others, to demolish the mystical Bablyon, who, with the utmost effrontery pretend to be believers in the gospel, when their profession of belief is only made to furnish them with an opportunity to gratify their literary pride and promote their temporal interests in the publication of what they denominate religious periodicals. * All of the foregoing classes, then, constitute,

    moral portraiture of the "General Assembly of Presbyterian," and "Fullerite Baptist churches' MISSIONARIES and TRACT mongers, whether male or female. -- They are all that she represents them to be, in a moral and a political point of view; and ineffably more serpent-like, and detestable in a theological point of view. -- The writer also knows, the "Generai Assembly Presbyterian and Fullerite Baptist" missionary, Tract, and Sabbath school mongering rabidness that hunted her at Washington, D. C. Every thing considered, and it is a matter of surprise that she escapol with life. -- Their blackguard Sabbath school progeny, Tract and Temperance agents, tools and factotums were set upon her, to provoke her to intemperance of ,expression, and then they drag her before one of their civil tribunals as being a nuisance or a common scold. Such is their mode of operations all over the country. -- Yet they cant about civility and decency of deportment and lanauage -- pretend to the most rigid regard to the suaviter in modo from, even, those whom they know, are brow ueated, insulted, falsified and slandered by their miscreant tools in every lane, at every corner and turn of life! -- These remarks may be applied to Alexander Campbell in their fullest import: He affects the greatest degree of the suaviter in modo (to men, however, who have been raised gentlemen, he is, in this case, a sheer personifcation of awkwardness!) in his personal address and writings; at the same time he knows and calculates upon his vulgar proselytes speaking and acting upon his crafty insinuations or innuendoes, as faisifiers of all he would injure: This they do, from Adamson Bently down to crazy Tate.

    * Of this class, we conceive, is the renowned Bishop of Buffalo alias Alexander Campbell. Hence, we find him taking up the gauntlet in polemics with Robert Owen: The difference between them in a theological point of view is, as the difference between tweedledum and tweedledee: while in mental integrity and every manly attribute we consider Robert Owen a very Saul compared with the other -- head and shoulders above him. -- Robert Owen stoop to impose himself upon a religious denomination, as one with them in sentiment, when he knew that he designed to subvert their faith and order! Robert Owen profess to believe in the Bible as a Divine Revelation for the purpose of making merchandise of it! Robert Owen, bill, coo and woo the credulous of the community to patronise him in a periodical publication for the purpose of gratifying his literary vanity, and of furnishing himself with the means of falsifying, insulting and abusing, at every point of the compass, individuals who might happen to incur his displeasure by stripping him of his disguise in the incipient stages of his theological Adventureship, and who were destitute of every correspondent means of self-vinidication and defence. -- He pledge himself to answer specific accusations as a


    in the, aggregate, a furmidable army, and are commanded by individuals of no, mean capacities or common placed skill and manoeuvre. They therefore are exerting themselves already to destroy the influence of what they know to be

    Theological imposter and Editorial calmniator for the purpose of 'getting the name of an accuser, and then sneak away from even Caesar's triubal into his Editoriai kennel to bark out his malevolent falsehoods through a religious periodical titled "Christian Baptist" or "Millennial Harbinger" or "Latter Day Glory," to satiate his revenge and evade the force of truth! Robert Owen calculate upon a multitude of fanatical proselytes to give trumpet tongued proclamation to his inuendoes, and low-lived suggestions against the character of others! He attempt to extinguish the sanctities of relative endearment between husband and wife and Father and children by base fabrications! He profess to be one of the must secluded, modest and unaspiring of men and of saints, and devoted WHOLLY to THE REIGN OF CHRIST" -- whose kingdom is not of this world, and at the same time danciag attendaace at battallion musters and tavern clubs, to make electioneering harangues to obtain for himself political preferment and office! Robert Owen assume the character of a christian Reformer, and denounce the existence of ministers as gratuitous,and in the end multiply BISHOPS in his own religious clan as frogs and lice in Egypt, so that ten or fifteen of his Bishops are found lighting at a time upon a poor deluded proselyte's house eating his family out of provisions and his cattle out of provender! He tolerate and excite a generation of deluded men, under the title of Bishops, to proclaim the water of a river or a creek Or a mud puddle to be "the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ flowing for the remission of sins, and that all who would go down into that water (drunk. or sober!) and become the subjects of immersion should have their sins washed away -- should come up therefrom 'holy as angels' -- should have the Holy Ghost given unto them in one, two, three or four days at most!" Robert Owen get up theological Debates in the name of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and publish new translations, together with prayers and hymns for his proselytes, and gull those proselytes individually into the purchase of a whole set of his theological Debates and publications as a sine qua non of salvation! He forge stories of supernatural illumination attending the ordinance of baptism by immersion, in and through his administration thereof, by way of superinducing whole families to t;uomitti themselves to the ordinance through his instrumentality, that he might vaunt and loom himself in his periodicals is a very Apostle! Robert Owen indulge himself in rhetorical flourish and vaunt in a State Convention about the ineffable inhalation and exhalation of the mountain breeze of political independence," at the same time gratititously (and as a professed Christian and christian minister!) buying and selling human beings! Robert Owen profess the most scrupulous, Zaccheus-like devotion to honesty and yet sell a negro that he knew was going blind as being sapa in corpora or sound in body! -- He assume an attitude of opposition to Masonry merey to cloak an act of peculation upon a mason to the amount of 700 dollars! -- He persuade Booksellers that his Debates were of ready sale in foreign markets -- induce them thereby to give him 300 dollars for the copy-right, to publish one edition of 3000 copies just to have them to look at! He, Robert Owen, profess to be a brother and fellow laborer with an old and Israelite-like Baptist minister, and wheedle him to become security for his son to the amount of a 1000 to 1500 dollars for books, which he had previously cajoled that son to engage to take under an assurance, that his Debates would sell rapidly and to great advantage in the Eastern,States: and, when after a year's trial, labor, expense, &c. of Father and Son to dispose of the trash, they found they had not sold as many as would pay their travelling expences: to, then, strip the old man and his family of every scrap of earthly property to secure his iniquitous claim against them as security for their credulous son! -- Robert Owen do these things or pass off his publications as being honored with the contributions of the deliciae literatae of the country, when those contributions were from proselytes ignorant as Marcus and, theologically not more than a and which contributions or communications he had vamped up to the appearance of intelligence, and in the publication thereof not only exhibited the appearance of having learned correspondents, but secured the most zealous efforts of those correspondents in the circulation of his periodicals that THEIR vanty might be the more largely gratified as public writers and theological illuminati! Robert Owen, we


    false and injurious to the best temporal interests of society: their intelligence enables them to recognize in Protestant Christendom the existence and ominous operation of the same principles, and practices that made the Catholic Hierarchy

    say, do these things! No, infidel as he is, he is as far above such conduct as the Zenith is above the Nadir -- no, he would rather roast at an auto de fe than approximate to the shadow of such doings: He profess to be, one of the most disinterested disciples and ministers of Christ, when he had never failed to make money out of every thing that he had done in the name of the gospel of Christ -- when his printing office was evidently his sanctuary, his writing desk his pulpit -- his Ledger his Bible, his subscription book his psalms and hymns, when gold was his God and when he had no faith in any but his banker! No, R. Owen would not and could not act such a part. -- While, then, it was some interesting reminiscences of the Buffalo Bishop that brought forth this allusion to his celebrated antagonist's character; we would avail ourselves of this opportunity to notify that Bishop, alias, Alexander Campbell, that, whenever he may please so far to improve or advance in publishing falsehood in reference to ourselves as to give us an opportunity therefor we will let him know to his cost, what R. Owen is not and what HE IS!! We shall then give him evidence, that we are of greater topographical intelligence, if not of more extensive "pedestrian celebrity" than even his erudite self is aware of. -- It is six years since we warned him of our being destined to "bruise his head" though we felt conscious that it would be his prerogative (serpent-like) to wound our feet! If we mistake not the prediction is likely to be fulfilled -- We shall gladly avail ourselves of any event that will bring it to issue!

    since writing the foregoing we have, for the first time, heard Alexander Campbell deliver one of his orations on the christian religion; His theme was the conversion of Paul as narrated in the 21st chapter of the Acts of the Aposties. -- The orator gave his audience no reference to his theme by chapter, section or paragraph! The orator called his audience, "christian friends." The orator then told them that they (his audience) were "in preternatural circumstances;" being neither CHRISTIANS or Jews, Mahometans or Pagans. The orator added: that they (the audience) consisted of all religions and no religion: The orator then said; that they (the audience) had been preached out of their common sense: The orator then said, that the volume of the New Testament is to be understood literally -- alpha and omega -- that it was most plain and easy of understanding: and then he said, that he had to go over all Paul's writings to ascertain the meaning of one word of Paul's! The orator said, that one single topic, and one only characterized the ministry of John the Baptist, Jesus Christ and the Apostles -- that topic was REFORM The orator said: that Paul and other contemporary minisisters did such miracles as were sufficient to satisfy every reasonable man, of the truth, of the gospel. -- The orator said, that God gave salvation to men as he gave corn, and wine, milk and butter, &c. -- i.e. by and through men's own instrumentality. -- The orator said again: that his audience were in preternatural circumstances -- that he felt himself impotent, entirely impotent in reference to the production of faith in their minds while in such preternatural circumstances. The orator said: what could Paul do or say more than, that he believed in Christ as the Messiah? It was all he could do or say! The orator said; The man who believes that Jesus is the Christ and is baptized, knows as well that his sins are forgiven as that he knows what his name is! The orator said That every thing that God could do for the salvation of his (Campbell's) congregation had been done! The orator declared: that he had not gone, in his oration, one word beyond the scriptures! that when a man was baptized it was to obtain the remission of his sins! The orator declared also; that it appeared to HIM, that when a man was baptized it gave his soul an impetus or projectile motion by which it was pushed HALFWAY TO HEAVEN. * The orator said a hundred other marvellous things all

    * Query! If one dipping push a man half way to heaven, how far will two dippings push him!

    ==> Bishop Scott and others or the Campbellite clan have been dipped twice -- Where are they? In heaven of course!

    ==> The Dunkards baptize by three dippings! they, of course, must be pushed far beyond heaven! To where? -- Such is a specimen of Campbell's orations!


    "the Mother of Harlots" -- "of Abominations of the whole Earth." And hence, the front and face of their opposition to Protestant Christendom's christianity at this time. -- And they will continue their opposition with increasing energy until the mystical Euphrates is dried up and the mystical Babylon will be demolished. While, then, this host of Deists and other sceptics, will be gradually terminating the theological jugglery and imposition tlint Christendom is playing off at the expense of the earthly minded and worldlings among mankind; there will be a gradual increase & goings forth of evangelical ministers, to & fro in the earth, to denounce on the one hand the traditions, inventions, &c. of Christendom, and on the other hand to proclaim the everlasting gospel in its truth, its whole truth and nothing but its truth; and with trumpet tongue to lift up their voice saying, to "the remnant according to the election of grace," "Come out of her my people that ye be not partaker of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues: For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities" (see Rev. xviii 1 to 24 -- reader! read that chapter attentively, in recollection of what we have written!) And "the remnant according to the election of grace" shall hear and shall come out of the, mystical Babylon, and they shall see, and they shall loathe, and shall abhor all those abominations that now support her and are, as yet, hidden from most of their eyes. In this way, then, will the spiritual Euphrates be dried up: that is, all CONTRIBUTIONS to the Mystery of Iniquity -- AntiChrist -- The Beast -- the Mother of Harlots and her Daughters -- The Great City of Babylon and the smaller ones or, THE ABOMINATIONS OF The WHOLE EARTH!" will be terminated! The Monstrum Horrendum, or Horrible Monster, must then fall, head, trunk and LIMBS! And then the Papal, Cardinal, Metropolitan, Archbishop, Bishop, Right Reverend, REverend, Arch-Presbyter and Presbyter, D.D., A.M., B.A., President and Vice President, Presidentess and Vice Presidentess, Director and Directress, Acolyte and Teacher, Catechist and Agent, &c. &c. merchants ot the mystical Babylon; or, "the kings of the earth who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shaii see the smoke of her burning. Saying, alas, alas, that great city of Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come: And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth her MERCHANDISE any more." Rev. xvii. 9, 10, 11. Not only will the opposition of Deists and other sceptics, in connexion with an increasing generation of God's missionaries -- angels or ministers, produce a drying up of the spiritual Euphrates, and a preparation for the overthrow of mystical Babylon; but the growing con

    quadrating with what we have noticed as one magnetic needle quadrates with another -- The orator suited the action to the word -- sometimes onclining in beauteous curve (the mathematical sublime!) over his desk -- theu elevating his hand to his os frontis and combing back his hair with his lily fingers, and peradventiure giving excitation to his sensorium by gentle tittillation of the sutures of his PLIAINT head; then compressing his nasal organs with his thumb and finger or taking the dimensions therewith of his protruding chin: anon, resting his foot on a chair in courtly elegance and ease and supporting his body thereon by the intervention of an arm bent to the utmost point of triangular elegance!

    The Orator concluded his splendid effort by assuriog his audience, that if there were any men or women present that desired to be IMMERSED, that he would be happy in being the instrument of baptizing them!! Exeunt Omnes.

    The writer would have replied to this oration of Mr. Campbell had it been what he (the writer) had reason to expect it would have been -- perhaps, we may add, if it had been worthy of Campbell himself: but, solemnly, to such peurile addresses, such theological reveries we cannot descend in controversy: The toleration of such puff-ball harangues in the name of the gospel of Christ, proclaims the community that tolerates them intellectual and theologicalimbeciles! With such communities the Buffalo Bishop is estimated as the greatest man in the world!


    on the minds of men of the futility of Christendom's religious projects and enterprises will lead mankind to abandon all abettance of those devices and doings: not only so, the very preaching of what is called the gospel in christendom, together with the observance of the Sabbath and the administration of the ordinances will be attended with no benefit either in a moral or spiritual point of view; *' and then even all externals of devotion and religious observances will be totally abandoned! Thus the Jews after the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ, and up to the time of the destruction of their city, continued to offer sacrifices and to attend to all their forms of worship as they had sone before, But in the course of a few years a sensible change was produced. The ancient rites and ceremonies gradually lost their influence. -- So, what is called the preaching of the gospel (O Gospel! how art thou blasphemed, buffooned and burlesqued!) in Catholic and protestant Christendom, the observance of the Sabbath and administration of the ordinances, even they (to say nothing about the endless variety of relogious EXPERIMENTS now obtaining in Christendom) shall cease to have any moral or religious effect. -- For twenty to thirty years past has this been gradually exemplifying, while theological device upon device, and ecclesiastical jugglery after ecclesiastical jugglery have been multiplied for the purpose of keeping up religious appearances. But it is already overdone -- the power of it begins to decline by its frequent use -- it has spent its force, and the religious world betrays the delorium tremens of paralysis; so, that, as we have again and again had occasion to remark, RELIGIOUS ENTERPRISE and religious profession will soon generally cease throughout christendom -- Through these media, then, conjointly, will the spiritual Euphrates and its various canals be dried up.

    It is worthy of being remarked, that though the drying up of the literal Euphrates, and the capture and overthrow of Babylon were according to the purpose of God, and with special view of liberating his people, (the Jews) from their infamous and iron bondage in babylon, yet the kings of the East and their armies were, in a great measure, if not altogether, ignorant of true religion. It is more than probable, that they could not distinguish the captive Israelites in Babylon from the other inhabitants, but would have destroyed them all had they not been prevented. So, in our day, and in reference to spiritual Babylon (where spiritual Israel is now in captivity!) and the kings of the East, who are now assailing the mystical Babylon, now drying up the Spiritual Euphrates, they, for the most part, do not know an "Israelite indeed" from the ungodly, and the sinner, much less from that immense multitude who have a mere form of godliness. -- As, for instance, the Buffalo Bishop alias Alexander Campbell: that man knows no more about or of the essential attributes of a child oi'grace -- of a spiritual Israelite; no, no more than he knows of the quadrature of the circle, or of polar attraction, or of the Longitude. And if he were to write and print to the end of time, in the name of the gospel of Christ, be would prove, theologically, but as the shrivelled pap of a mummy to the lips of new-born infancy. -- He confounds Hebrews with Babylonians, theological jugglery with all that is precious in the faith of God's elect -- at the same time that he is one of the most consummate THEOLOGICAL jugglers that the sun of this century has

    * To see the trick and manoeuvre resorted to by even professed calvinistic ministers or preachers to get members or communicants is enough to make hell blush if not heaven weep. -- And then there are associated with such ministers little, syllabub brained men as deacons, who, in true dog trotting style, are running to and fro in the cities, towns, &c. to see who and how many they can allure to their kennel, and make life time bow wows for their church interest! These remarks will apply to New-York as to Bostoon -- to Baltimore as to Philadelphis -- to Washington as to Frederick - to Pittsburgh as to Wheeling -- to Zanesville as to Cincinnati and all the world over!


    shone upon? And yet he with many others like him, are formidable powers in operation against and for the destruction of the mystical Babylon. They have their reward in making a subsistence (in some instances a fortune -- as in the case of the Buffalo Bishop) realizing literary fame and Editorial celebrity: so that when God has accomplished his own purposes with them, he will say of them as of the literal kings of the East: "O Assyrian, the rod of mine anger, and the staff in their hand is mine indignation, (not their righteousness) I will send him against a hypocritical nation, and against the people of my wrath will I give him a charge, to take the SPOIL, and to take the prey, and to tread them down like the mire of the streets. Howbeit he (the Assyrian, the kings of the east) \meaneth not so:" -- Yes, Catholic and Protestant Christendoms! you are trampling upon the faith once delivered to the saints -- upon the very heart-strings of God's elect, and in a measure upon the necks of infidels: the latter shall hold you a fierce struggle, -- the Assyrians shall ultimately prostrate you, despoil you of your MERCHANDIZE and trample you in the mire. -- Thou Antichrist! -- Mystery of Iniquity -- Mother of Harlots and Daughters -- Ineffable Beast and Abominations of the whole earth, you already have fearful prelibations or evidences of it. Already you begin to utter doleful lamentations and to stand aghast at the growing power of infidelity -- which like a cataract bids fair to desolate and drwon your pleasant borders; you are summoning up and putting into requisition your corps de reserve -- your last legions and manoeuvre against your enemy; but the die is cast -- your doom is sealed -- the day has come when you must reel to and fro like a drunkard, and ultimately fall to rise no more. -- Amen and Amen!

    Verses 13, 14. "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs, come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. -- For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles (or, doing wonders as it might be rendered) which go forth unto the kings of the earth, and of the whole world, to gather them to battle of that great day of God Almighty."

    The dragon, as already frequently remarked in these pages, is a symbolical representation of eartly minded men, who, whatever may be their appearance or profession, are essentially sceptics or infidels as respects the fundamental truth of divine revelation. -- The Beast is, a symbolical representation of Roman Catholic, and Protestant Christendom, as corrupters, perverters, suppressers, and betrayers of the truth of the gospel, and as introducing their traditions, inventions, experiments and combinations as a standard of religious judgment and matter of tenuous observance, superseding the gospel.

    The false prophet is, the two horned beast, or generations of missionaries in Catholic and Protestant Christendoms, spoken of in the first lecture and under the 11th to the 15th verses of the 13th chapter of Revelation. Out of the mouth of this dragon, this Beast, and this false prophet, respectively, an unclean spirit like frogs is represented to come forth. -- As the frogs literally came up out ot the rivers of Egypt * and covered the land, invaded the domiciles, infested and polluted even the chambers of the Egyptians; plagued, perplexed and tormented them with their filthy presence and ceaseless croakings; so these three unclean spirits have proved and are more fully to prove spiritual or religious frogs, to Christendom. -- The self-styled philosophers and neologists, the Encyclopedists and Illuminiti the Atheists, Deists, Materialists and Free-thinkers of Europe

    * What troops of theological frogs, under the name of christian or Campbellite or Scottite Baptists are coming up out of the rivers in the Mississippi Valley to plague and vex the land!


    and America, are represented by the unclean spirit that comes out of the mouth of the dragon. -- They are, empahtically, at this time like an army of frogs swarming over the land, invading houses, and croaking in the chambers their infidelity in the form of lecture and tracts, &c. -- To hear a Miss Wright or Owen lecture two or three thousand will assemble at a theatre or elsewhere at a time, and that too in our principal cities, and from the ranks of the most fashionable and leading characters of both sexes. -- The unclean spirit like frogs represented as coming out of the mouth of the beast are the innumerable corrupters, perverters and suppressers of the truth of the gospel, together with the traditions, inventions, experiments, enterprises and combinations of the religious world in the name of Jesus Christ, and in all of which they pollute the gospel, the church and the worship of God as Belshazzar impiously polluted the vessels of the Temple in using them at his unholy revellings: these things are also swarming in the land in the form of psalms and hymns, sermons and tracts, magazines and newspapers, reports and circulars, &c. -- The unclean spirit like frogs proceeding out of the month of the false prophet is, the myriads of missionaries (Sabellian, Arian, Socinian, Pelagian, Ariminian, Universalist, Sandemanian,Baxterian, Fullerite, Campbellite, &c. &c. under all their diversified forms of domestic and Foregn mission, Bible, tract. Sabbath school, &c. &c. agencies and operations) who, like the frogs of Egypt, are infesting every house and gaining access to every chamber and croaking out their "old wives' fables" telling their "filthy dreams," and narrating millions of lies about the revivals that they have made, and the souls that they have saved. -- Yes, it is at least questionable whether there are more lies told by the whole of christendom in any other form and through any other or every other media, than what are told in the form of religious profession and in the name of the gospel of Jesus Christ; it evolves a perpetual & universal contradiction one of another among the sects and fragments of sects, and a thousand times repeated negation of every truth and every ordinance of the gospel!

    These three spirits are not only unclean as respects their principles, sentiments and religious (for even deists have their religion) practices; but like frogs they pollute every thing that they touch. Hence, as we before intimated, the gospel in all its glorious truths and sacred ordinances is made to appear an horribly misshapen and loathsome object by the corruptions, traditions, inventions, &c. which they spawti upon it, rather than a transcript of Jehovah's sovereign DISCRIMINATING UNFRUSTRABLE, reigning and triumphant GRACE! -- The uncleanness of these spirits or armies of frogs is more fully developed in their respective, simultaneous and, when they conceive occasion requires, united slandering of the doctrine of grace and falsifying and calumiating of all who will boldly avow or faithfully preach it. * -- Here they are every thing foul, and would stain and pollute legions of holy angels themselves. -- It-is astonishing with what unblushing effrontery they concentrate one another's malignant slanders and give them an increased momentum; knowing, as they do, that what they report is, entire falsehood and vile calumny. -- In review of but a small part of this conduct that has come under our notice, and we consider them legitimately described under the appellative of, "Serpents and generations of vipers."-- Whether they can escape the damnation of hell or not it is not our province to say. But if the most ruthless, savage and diabolical attempts to bring the doctrine of GRACE into infamy, by speaking all mannerof evil of those who preach it, and charging to that doctrine the evil embraced in their own vile slanders, constitute any mark of reprobacy; then the "General Assembly Presbyterians" and Fullerite Baptist ministers, missionaries, Tracts &c. &c. societies' agents,

    * The Deists and Episcopalians are the least given to this infernal practice as being the most of gentlemen -- add, the Union, Seceder and Covenanter churches.


    tools, and factitums GENERALLY have that mark upon them, in characters terrific as those traced by an invisible hand against Belshazzar on the walls of his palace. *

    How far these three unclean spirits have been or now are identified with the existence and operation of the Roman Catholic Church we have not space to suggest: no protestant will deny, that they have been as prominent SPORITS in catholic as they have been in protestant christendom: heaven knows, that it is admitting enough! -- In view of the foregoing and we may truly say, that these three unclean spirits are the spirits of devils. -- But it is also said, that they work miracles or do wonders. What wonders are the Atheists, Deists, Materialists, &c. of that class of mankind professing to be accomplishing! Let the creed and the social systems of R. Owen, Miss Frances Wright, Parson Jennings and others answer. -- They represent the highest point of visible, moral and intellectual greatness and happiness to depend upon extraneous or surrounding circumstances, or a certain concatenation of events which they modestly assume to themselves the power of TRAINING, and so OF ever sinful men, to make a perfectly moral and disinterested being, and the earth as an Eden. -- What a pity it is, that some one, at least, of those penetrating geniusses had not existed antecedent to that concatenation of events by which the world, and all which it inherits were brought forth, so that they might have counselled and directed the Goddess CONCATENATION to the investment of the human mind with a native, all-controlling conviction, that man was to be the creature of circumstances in his moral and intellectual being. -- Rather, what a pity it is, that the Goddess Concatenation has not concatenated such circumstances, in reference to human life, as to make and perpetrate the race of man all perfect and their existence on earth all-felicitious. -- But this clean spirit having been duly brought forth & attained to superlative philosophical action, we may reasonably expect, that their blind or short-sighted Goddess' blunders will soon and efficiently be corrected. As to the miracles or wonders that the unclean spirits of the Beast and the false prophet are doing we have noticed them over and over again. -- In view of their WONDERS the multitude of professors are shouting as vociferously (and with as much intelligence!) as ever the Ephesians did in adulation of their great Goddess Diana. †

    It is said, that these unclean spirits go forth unto the kings of the earth, and to the whole world. In the amplitude of scripture meaning, a king is used to signify, not only a monarch who sits on the throne, but all who are possessed of influence and authority in any community. It is in this sense that, "kings and rulers" are used in the 2nd Psalm and in Isaiah xlix, 7. -- In this sense Christ useth it where he says, "they that wear soft clothing are in kings houses," Matthew xi. 8: And in the same sense the Apostle uses it when he says, "Now ye are full, now ye are rich, ye have reigned as kings without us." 1 Cor. iv. 8.

    The kings of the earth and of the whole world, then, are to be understood as being, the leading men in the nations, in the cities, towns, villages and neighborhoods of the earth and the world. -- Hence, it is of great importance to the Prince of darkness, the Father of delusions, devices and "lying wonders," that these kings should be induced to support his cause, for the mass of mankind will always follow them into good and evil. ‡ -- Here it is that we find the source.

    * As before observed, among these censors morum -- alias slanderers, among the said Presbyterians, Fullerites, Campbellites and Methodists, the author has known of them to be, the most flagrant adulterers, adulteresses SWINDLERS and proven liars: but their churches found them serviceable! If these things are denied, the author will in a second edition give some of their names and residences.

    † Albeit, she is a Goddess not likely to have many worshippers among the Ladies of this and coming generations! Heathenism is declining!

    ‡ IMITATION has become the character of the religious world -- that is to say, they have no character; Women and womanish men govern.


    from whence have originated, in Catholic and in Protestant Christendom, those religious institutions and philanthropic societies that attract the attention, elicit the applause and command the patronage of the leading characters in nations, cities, towns, villages and neighborhoods. The titles of Prince and Princess, Duke and Dutchess, Lord and Lady, Right Reverend and Reverend, Excellency, Honorable, Esquire, L.L.D., D.D., A.M., A.B., &c. as prefixed to the names of the officers and patrons of the Bible, Missionary, Tract, Sabbath school, &c. societies dhow, how largely and with what assiduity their influence has been sought by the beast in protestant Christendom. Their titled names blaze in all the reports, circulars, &c. of the leading religious societies, as well as in every fashionable rubric of the day. On thid principle the philospher of Lanark (Owen) seeks notoriety and patronage in the Congress of the United States! -- On this principle the Bpatist Convention, meeting at Washington some years since, waited on the President of the United States in adulatory address, and visited the tomb of the "Father of his country" and watered his ashes with their tears of gratitude, and made his vault musical with their classic lore! -- they were seriously in want at that time (as they continue to be) of the "things of Caesar's" to enable them to complete their magnificent college and theological seminary, which they had commenced the erection of at the Metropolis of the United States: to that end they were disposed to flatter the living, worship the dead or do service to the Devil! -- On this principle a Campbell or a Miss Frances Wright send copies of their respective publications to some of the leading characters in cities, towns, villages and neighborhoods where they hope to make converts, * and send them too without money and without price. On this principle we find Bible, Missionary, Tract, &c. &c. agents, seeking the patrinage of the leading and influential characters in all parts of the country and of the civilized world; knowing, as they do, that if they can only get the patronage of such leading persons, pride, vanity and self-interest will soon prompt others to imitate those who are considered their superiors. -- We have not space to present a full portraiture of the subject, we must reduce it to miniture and as exemplified in the small towns or villages throughout the country. -- In each of these villages (with few exceptions) there is a "General Assembly Presbyterian" or Fullerite Baptist minister, a lawyer and a doctor (frequently a double and sometimes a triple set.) This professional trio constitute a triumvirate as terrible, within the sphere of its influence and operation, as was ever that of Octavius, Lepidus and Anthony to the city and Empire of Rome. †

    * If Miss Wright could only succeed in discipling all the women in the country, and Campbell all the men, verily, there would no longer occasion" (according to Dr. Watts' lyric poems) for making matches in heaven -- they would be most felicitously made on earth!

    † As a specimen of the moral dignity of these triumvirates we narrate one of a thousand of similar occurrences. -- In Mansfield in Ohio, the missionary Parson is alarmed at the influence of a passing minister: "cries havoc, and lets slip the dogs of war:" The Doctor is first and loudest in the yell of calumny: He is put into the hands of the Sheriff as a vile calumniator. The Parson says, "If it should be proved that the Doctor has lied like Lucifer in the case, he (the Parson -- soul) supposes, that some, (not he -- O no, he is too, too charitable!) will be disposed to blame the doctor: But if the Doctor should not be proven a consummate liar, why, then the doctor will be worthy of all praise." -- The lawyer declares, that it will be extremely reprehensible for any one of the PROFESSION (i. e. Lawyers) to become counsel for the stranger! that the doctor is their fellow citizen, and has property, family and connexionss and common interests among them as a community -- Ratio ultima Pandamonia Can Pandemonium itself boast of more moral


    The parson's pious CHARGE give[s] patronage to the doctor -- the doctor in his obstetric skill promises to deliver them of all troublesome visitants on the form of evangelical ministers, by dosing the latter's character with the calomel of inuendo and the jalap of open barefaced falsification, while the lawyer stands pledged to garnish the white sepulchre & to hold up the philanthropic doctor as a paragon of censors morum, and worthy of all praise in the expression of such zeal for the preservation of the community's principles and piety. -- The ladies of these triumvirates, together with a select few of certain widows that Paul speaks of, 1 Tim. v. 11, and females that have passed Lord Byron's "certain time of life" constitute the lady Bountifuls and pious Directresses of the feminine portion of these communities: They are, for the most part, perpetually visiting and occasionally distributing shillings and sermons, tracts and trousers, foolishness and flannel. Under the notion of a regard for the spiritual welfare of the Village, these ladies became mistresses of all its secrets, and hold the strings of all its intrigues. They thus gratify their love of scandal and their lust for power! * They continue to occupy a burthensome leisure, to banish the ennui of their idleness; and they secure in addition an imaginary place for themselves in Paradise. These triumvirates, with their pious helpmates, secure the patronage of the MOCK gentility of towns and villages, respectively, and thus operate and perpetuate their individual, family and professional influence; together with the eleemosynary religious institutions of protestant christendom. -- Not only so, but what with the over-reaching and exorbitant charges of the MOCJ gentility in those towns and villages, in the form of merchants, lawyers, doctors, tailors, tavern-keepers, † &c. together with tax impost for Bible and Missionary, Tract and Sabbath school, Dorcas and Magdalene, Anti-temperate, anti-masonic, &c. &c. societies, together with subscriptions to religious Magazines and Newspapers, Journals and biography, PORTRAITURES and PROFILE LIKENESSES of popular preachers and theological jugglers, together with tax upon tax for theological seminaries, infant schools, &c.; who, we say, with all these imposts and taxations, together with those of town and country, State and United States are in as fair a way of becomming, if, virtually, they already are not, a herd of mere "hewers of wood and drawers of water" as are any aother people under the canopy of heaven. ‡ -- It is time they should set up an harlot as the Goddess of liberty, as they did in Revolutionary France -- She who

    majesty! -- Such, such is the chance for JUSTICE on the part of an evangelical, anti-sectarian minister in City, Town, Village and neighborhood in Protestant Christendom! Such is a specimen of what the Author has been familiar with of ENTERTAINMENT" from Presbyterian and Fullerite Baptist missionary Parsons, tract &c. mongers for seven years!

    * Some of those ladies have, in the absence of the author from home, visited our domicile with their tracts: Should we ever find them there upon this pious mission we promise to count their false curls and artificial teeth. For the time being we assure them, that we sublimate their tracts as far as fire can do it: recommending the opposite element to them in the form of a shower bath three times a day -- to moderate their zeal, to keep them cool!

    † As a trifling expression of this exorbitance of charge we remark: that we put up for several days at the tavern of one Morris in Washington, Washington county, Pa. during which period we preached several times: The charge or bill of "mine host" was, at the rate of 10 50/100 dollars per week for self and horse; and had "mine host" fed our horse as he ought to have done, and charged in proportion, his bill would have been 12 25/100 dollars per week! Some months afterwards, and while lecturing on the signs of the times in the same place, we incidelitly mentioned this charge or bill. The next morning the said Morris called upon us at a Mr. Bradfields § and puckering like a turkey * * * * and looking terrible as a mud puddle in a storm, demanded of us a certificate in Writing, and to be published in the Newspapers, that he had made to such exorbitant charge: such was the demand, backed, by an assurance, that if we did not give such a certificate


    is at the beck and call of every one for the most detestable purposes is an appropriate personification of Protestant Christendom's liberty.

    We are given to understand, that these "three unclean spirits go forth unto kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to battle of that great day of God Almighty." -- So that all these devices and doings, traditions and inventions, enterprises and combinations of Deists and other sceptics, together with those of Protestant and Catholic christendom, and the "lying wonders" of Bible, Missionary, Tract, &c. &c. societies, agents, tools and factotums, are are all but so much combination of earth and hell for one last dire struggle against the "Lord and his anointed." in the existence of his church and THE TRUTH and ordinances of the everlasting gospel. -- In this struggle it is to be expected

    that we should go into the hands of the Sheriff! Here was a desperate alternative to be reduced to: We knew that we had this worthy man's billand receipt in our pocket-book to prove, that his charge was as we had stated, and therefore we could not accommodate the gentleman with such a certificate as he wanted: we would not aid him in publishing a BAREFACED LIE even against our worthless selves: on the other hand, we were given to understand, for such a sin as we had committed, the court and corporation and limos of the lady and sheriff and posse comitatis would glow with indignation and hold us in durance vile utitil reparation should be made to their injured fellow citizen & the insulted majesty OF LAW appeased in our punishment! Father Abraham! what saint-like MODESTY -- what resplendence of moral principle, gleams through and irradiates the whole of this proceeding of citizen Morris -- O how immeasurably distant are we and our children from slavery, when even a Tract, Missionary, Bible, Sabbath school, &c. mongering tavern keeper, tailor, storekeeper and the et. cetera brood, presume to practise their extortions on whom they can and then threaten to put a man into the hands of the sheriff if he dont give a written certificate, to be published, denying their charges or bills to be what they de facto are!

    § A gentleman -- and every way superior landlord: It is a pleasuse to put up with such a man, and to pay such moderate charges as his are! Nor can I say less of Tavern-keepers, as a class of people, than that I have generally found them most friendly, hospitable and liberal. In many instances, however, such Land-lords, are, sooner or later, depreciated in their dispositions and character through the influence of "General Assembly Presbyterian" or Fullerite Baptist, Tract, Sabbath school, &c. mongering wives. -- Which wives are, to appearance, horrur-stricken at the presence of any one who calls in question the piety of Tract, Sabbath school, &c. device and doing, and will treat such persons with the most insulting manners that they can assume: at the same time if a member of Congress, a Judge, Lawyer or some other individual of official consequence or plentiful pelf visits their houses, they (these Tract and Sabbath school pious wives) will decorate and adorn themselves with the best of their attire, and assume the attitude of waiters to those worthies, though they know that their guests are debauchees & have even seduced and run away with other men's wives! -- Such characters are found to receive a cordial welcome at the parties of the mock gentility of cities, towns, villages and neighborhoods; while the individual who even whispers any thing in opposition to the religious DEvICES of the age is denounced as being a monstrum horrendum! We could tell of persons, places and times exemplifying these things -- and much more like them! Such LADIES and such parties are very devils in falsifying and slandering!

    The leading political and ecclesiastical characters in the U. States -- alias, Republican America, are industriously engaged in persuading the mass of the inhabitants to believe, that they are most superlatively blessed in their temporal and spiritual rulers and guides, and that they lie myriads of degrees from any thing like slavery: When, in fact, by the multifarious and ever multiplying societieS, or self-created political & religious tribunals, they are made slaves in their character and property, and bankrupts in even their social LIBERTY -- they dare not eat and they dare not drink, and they dare not speak and they dare not think only under circumstances somewhat similar to the renowned Panza in the gubernatorial chair, or the wretches under the ghostly jurisdiction of the holy Inquisition!


    that the Dragon, the Beast and the false Prophet, will unite to hunt down and crush an evangelical ministry. Few there be at present that are truly gospel ministers; that few will find Infidels and Catholics, Episcopalians and Methodists, Presbyterians and Baptists (so called) together with their Assyrian-like hosts of agents, tools and retainers banding together to oppose and if possible exterminate them; though among themselves, upon all other occasions, every thing discordant, malignant and conflicting obtains; rendering them rather theological gladiators than even cicilized beings. -- Yes, such ministers must claculate upon the kings of the earth and of the whole world, including the officers of Bible, Missionary, Tract, Sabbath School, Temperance, &c. &c. Societies, together with the leading characters of Cities, Towns, Villages and neighborhoods, and of the MOCK gentility of those Cities, towns, &c. opposing them by every variety of diabolical assault upon their feelings, their character and their scraps of temporal interests: -- they must calculate to enter into the kingdom of heaven through much and unremitting tribulation. -- But in a furnace of affliction and fiery trial unparalleled in the sufferings of the saints of the "Most High," they will still be enabled to say to the Dragon, the Beast and the false prophet combined: "Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? The KINGS of the earth set themselves, and the rulers * take counsel together, against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh. The Lord shall have them in DERISION. † Then shall he speak unto them in his WRATH, and vex them in his sore displeasure." -- It is worthy of special notice, that this work of judgment is to take place at that period, when the heathen shall be given to the Redeemer for his inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for his possession. Then he will scourge those KINGS, or rulers and leaders in Nations, Cities, Towns, Villages and neighborhoods with a rod of iron, and as a potter's vessel will he dash them in pieces!

    Verse 15. "Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame."

    Elsewhere Christ says, "For at such in hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh:" and again: he refers to the same subject under the parable of the the Lord of the vineyard, who sent his servants into a far country; & adds, "what I say unto you, I say unto all (all his people, in all generations) watch." -- The time to which the foregoing interjection and admonition refer is evidently after the three unclean spirits had gone abroad in the earth. -- Then the Apostle heard Jehovah say; "Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame." This language is in allusion to a well known custom among the priests who kept the watch of the temple. -- At every gate there was a sentinel who stood on guard during the different watches. In every watch the president, or commanding officer, went round to every post; and if he found any of the guards asleep, he tore or burnt oft their garments, and he left them naked. In this case there was evidence given as to who watched the temple from reverence and devotion to it, and who watched it merely for the eclat of the priest's officer, ‡ or a piece of bread." Thus the Lord Jesus will

    * The reader will please to refresh his recollection with what we have written in reference to kings, leaders and rulers in our analysis of the 14th verse of this character!

    † If the Lord have these kings, rulers and leaders in derision no wonder that his peoplie are the subjects of somewhat similar feelings towards them, and the endless trumpery of their later traditions, inventions, enterprisms and combinations. In sooth, the gospel, in their hands, must appear to the really intelligent child of grace, as a pearl in a swine's snout!

    ‡ It is really disgusting -- ineffably loathsome, to see how pride and vanity operate


    come hereafter and strip and expose all the sectarian pride, vanity, jealousy and rivalry, that have excited and moved the church of Rome, and that in these excite and move the protestant churches to make proselytes and converts under the affectation of holy zeal for the salvation of all men! Then the pride and vanity, profit and peculation connected with Bible, Missionary, Tract, Sabbath school, &c. &c. societies will all be made manifest. -- As for instance: -- The press is represented by protestant christendom as being "The most powerful engine, perhaps, which God has ever entrusted to mortals, for the general and rapid diffusion of knowledge," * -- But then we are not told how many myriads of of type founders, machinists, ink makers, paper manufacturers, editors, book-binders, Rev. book-sellers, agents, &c.&c. are indebted to the press for their temporal subsistence; or, how writers of sermons, religious essays, tracts, pamphlets, news-papers, magazines, &c. have not only their literary pride and vanity but their subsistence connected with the press, † We are not told, of the innumerable heresies circulated through that medium, and the infamous spposition which it presents to the preaching of a pure gospel. ‡ -- But when the Lord Jesus Christ shall come and strip the christian world (as it is called) of all disguise, it will then be understood clearly and fully whether the Bible, Missionary, Tract, &c. societies are not established and sustained for the purpose of making proselytes to the different reiigious societies, and with a view of diverting all the means or monies of individuals and families, that are expended for what are called luxuries, to the support and indulgence of the leaders, rulers and their subordinates in those societies. -- It will also, and clearly and fully, be made manifest, how far the different religious sects, of christendom of past and in future generations, have professed a spirit of catholic communion and acted upon an accomodating principle of mutual exchange of pulpits and reciprocal eulogy through the media of their publications, for the sake of popular eclat and temporal interest. It will also be made manifest, how broad, hiw varied, how artful, how sectarian, how selfish and how diabolical have been the means and combination of means by which an open, honest, faithful and intelligent Calvinistic or evangelical ministry has been crippled And suppressed, and its ministers hunted, tormented, calumniated and trodden down to obscurity, penury and want. God has already began to bring to light the hidden works of darkness; and this developement will continue to progress, until hypocrisy shall be generally exposed, and mankind shall appear in their

    to obtrude myriads of men to the assumption of the ministry: In the ostensible Baptist denomination this appears in boldest relief. Men who are entitled to petticoats are crowding the Baptist Associations as ministers, To be recognized and called Pastor, Bishop, &c. and known to have the charge of one, two or three petty, paltry, theologicaily nondescript Baptist churches is to make these little officials swell and strut like Wolseys: -- The Campbellite, Christian or Scottite § Baptists are the ascendants in this respect.

    * We leave always understood, that a soldier was the inventor of the art of printing, but these Solomons would make God the patentee: -- God has entrusted the printing press to the hands of man! To see, we suppose, if the follows would make good use of it! We rather conceive that it is time it was taken out of their hands.

    See, "American tract magazine," No. 6. Vol. 4, page 67, These wretches would ascribe any thing to God from, or by which they can make money.

    † This applies emphatically to the Buffalo Bishop.

    ‡ It is high time that something was done by way of checking the lawless, disorganizing and abusive operations of these periodicals. It is alreadly the prerogative

    § Bishop Scott maintains that the Buffalo Bishop derived his system of theology from him, and not he (Scott) his system from the latter, alias: Scott is the Gamaliel and Campbell the Saul, and not the converse of the case as has been supposed.


    true colors to the eyes of one another. -- How horribly ghastly will be the spectacle! Hell-born and execrable the vision! * -- Here will be a full and final termination to the existence of Papas, Cardinals, Metropolitans, Arch-Bishops and Bishops, Arch-Prebends and Prebends, Arch-Deacons and Deacons, † Presidents and Vice Presidents and Professors of Colleges and Theological Seminaries, L.L.D's, D.D's, Masters and Bachelors of Arts; Religious, Philanthropic &c. Societies' Presidents and Presidentesses, Vice Presidents and Vice Presidentesses, Directors and Directresses, male and female Secretaries, Treasurers, Managers Missionaries, Preachers, Teachers, Acolytes, Catechists, agents, tools and factotums that now swarm the christian world. -- Here will be a full and' final termination to all the civil, religious, personal and society eclat and influence which have been obtained in the name and at the expense of the truth of the gospel -- a termination to all the honor and authority, office and title. temporal emolument and subsistence, earthly and carnal advantages that have been sought for and realized by Mankind in their USE of the Bible and those things that shall have been appended to the Bible as religious institution! -- Then there will be an almost universal and heart-appalling exclamation of; "Alas, alas, that great city of Babylon, that mighty city: for in one hour is thy judgment come:" And, as it is also said in the 18th Revelation, "The merchants of the earth shall mourn over her; for no man buyeth her merchandise ‡ any more: And the FRUITS that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all which were dainty and good (intellectual recreation, titles, honor, literary fame, temporal subsistence, &c.) are departed from thee, and thou shall find them no more at all." The merchants of these things which were made rich by her, shall stand aar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing, and saying "Alas, alas! that great city that was clothed in fine linen and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearl! ¶ For in one hour so great

    of any knave in politics and religion to put himself at the head of every littie low-lived, vulgar political body or religious denomination, and, through the patronage of the one or of the other, to establish and circulate a periodical to falsify, calumniate and cry down every one manly, virtuous and independent in society. The evil may be checked for a season but never will be terminated until the press shall have operated as a very moral, political, religious and social siroon -- until it become controled and operated the basest of the human base. Something, if not much, of this is already exemplified. -- Yes, the whole circle of human Science, philosophy and arts will in the end be rendered instrumental in developing the native and unknown depravity of the human heart and extending and constimmating the degradation, infamy and misery of man on earth.

    * In this scene, there will not only be an unovering of the unfathomable deep of human, innate and universal depravity, and that to the confusion and dismay of infidel philosophers and the genius of Arminianism; but to the final and overwhelming conviction of the church of Christ, that th'e whole world is guilty before God - the carnal mind ENMITY to him, and that all flesh, out of Christ, is worthy of that torment whose smoke ascendeth up forever. -- How palpably superficial is the knowledge of christendom, of the depravity of human nature, consequently ignorant of and diabolically opposed to the doctrine of sovereign GRACE!

    † We mean; such Bishops and Deacons as now obtain in christendom!

    ‡ "HER merchandise:" i. e. No man will pay any thing more for the support of her Babel-like ministry, or to her Mission, Tract, Bible, Sabbath School, &c. &c. societies!

    ¶ What multitudes of the reading ministers and missionaries in the protestant churches beg the last dollar from the poor for their Lord's treasury, whose wives and daughters are fluttering in all the gaudiness of fashionable dress, and gliltering in rings and chains and bracelets and mufflers, &c. -- These innocents and these ANGELS will by and bye be adorned with sackcloth and herd with beasts.

    ==> See Isaiah iii. 12 to 26 inclusive: Yes, Ladies, read that portion of scripture and see his end of your influence and the part that you are acting in the fiful masquerade of the religious world.


    riches is come to nought. And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships om the sea (religious societies -- in their cruises of experiment and adventure on the sea-like tumult of the world) by reason of her costliness (that is, the emoluments of religious invention, tradition, &c. in Christendom) for in one hour is she made desolate." verses 20 to 25. -- Thus Metropolitans, Arch-Bishops and all the splendid dignitaries of church and state, and all the intermediate classes of civil and ecclesiastical rulers, down to the most insignificant agent and instrument in the religious societies of Catholic and Protestant Christendom, will lament, wail and howl with disappointment, vexation and rage; because they can no longer make the gospel a political engine, an affair of State, or use it to sanction, enforce and perpetuate artificial distinctions in life, no longer use it as a matter of MERCHANDISE, in any of the departments or in promotion of any of the interests of the present life. -- Then the gauze of mere profession. --the form of godliness will be torn off of the multitude of professors, and their nakedness, or entire destitution of a living faith in the gospel, will be exposed to their confusion and shame.

    Verse 16. "And he gathered them together in a place called, in the Hebrew tongue, "Armageddon."

    These three unclean spirits which are the spirits of devils, are here represented as gathering together their respective armies, and ultimately uniting to fight the battle of the great day of God Almighty -- the battle of Armageddon.

    The Dragon, the Beast and the false prophet from whose mouths these three unclean spirits proceed are, as already remarked, symbolical representations of Deists and other sceptics in Christendom, and of the Catholic and Protestant churches, together with the generation of religious-semi-politico ecclesiastic, missionaries, mendicants, agents, &c. now swarming and hereafter to swarm the earth! -- They are all putting forth their utmost and most ingenuous efforts to multiply recruits and to fill their ranks, as well as to secure popularity and they have already some severe skirmishing among themselves and which will, in the process of time, result in the most infuriated and fearfully exterminating scene and series of battle. -- In the mean time it will be found that these three unclean spirits -- these armies of sceptics, Catholic and protestant churches, generations of missionaries, &c. will, as occasion may require, be united to oppose, to hunt down and trample under foot that ministry and all those who proclaim and contend for the faith of God's elect -- the faith once delivered to the saints -- the faith of the operation of God -- the truth as it is in Christ -- the whole determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God -- alias, the ever hateful and abhorrent doctrine * of, sovereign DISCRIMINATING unfrustrable, reigning and triumphant grace! † (So, the Jews were divided among themselves into fierce and blood-thirsty factions while their city was besieged by the Roman army! Those factions, full, of the most deadly hostility to each other, and dealing forth violence and death, anarchy and riot in every direction, supposed themselves, respectively, to be doing the work of God, and that they were the destined SAVIOURS of their nation. Yet when assailed by the Roman army those factions would suspend their civil and religious broils and promptly unite

    * That is, ever hateful and abhorrent doctrine to the natural man, whether professor or non-professor!

    † Even now, Atheists, Deists, Arians, Socinians, Pelagians, Arminians, General Assembly Presbyterians, Fullerite Baptists and the endless etcetera of professors band together to drive out of city, Town, Village and neghborhood all such doctrine! 'Tis true as heaven! We know and have felt it!


    to repel the Romans. -- Or, as Pilate and Herod were at variance and in opposition to each other, but become friends and and united in the crucifixion of Christ, so this army of Sceptics and army of Catholics and Protestant professors are united at all times to exterminate, if possible the doctrine of GRACE!)

    This COMBINATION against the truth of the gospel has already advanced so far that Deism and Arminianism * are saucily and in every quarter, vaunting triumph over that truth, and boasting of themselves as being too wise and rational, aye, and too powerful too, to tolerate any longer any such absurdity! The manner in which so much of this battle as refers to the army of infidels and of professors AGAINST the truth of the gospel will be conducted, will, not be an attempt upon the of those who, preach or contend for it, that the civil law wiii prevent, but it will be a general and joint series of assault upon the feelings, character & every scrap of temporal interest or earthly possessions of those who preach and those who contend for that truth. -- This scientific campaign against the everlasting gospel has not only began but it has progressed to a terrific extent! -- Who among professed Calvinistic ministers in our day will put the case to legitimate test! Who of them will venture to go forth to and fro in the earth detaching themselves from all mere sectarian interests, and all the influence of family connexions and personal friends, and social and relative sympathies and fleshy affections, and proclaim the truth -- the whole counsel of God! Whoever shall do this, (and they are likely for many years to be but few) thus go forth and preach the gospel, they, though they were pure or purer than the angels in heaven, will soon find themselves preceded and followed by as flood of foulest calumny -- transfixed with myriads of worse than Parthian shafts! -- This chivalrous, heroic conflict with the truth on the part of the armies of Sceptics and Christendom's professors, will go on until those "aliens" shall persuade themselves into a full belief that the ministry which proclaims and the souls who believe that truth have become extinct. -- By this time they will be veteran soldiers and will return to broil and battle with each other in double fury -- From falsifying and slandering each other merely as fellow citizes in political and commercial character, they will proceed to falsify and slander, hunt and torment each other as political, religious, philanthropic, benevolent sects and societies ministers, missionaries, agents, tools, factolums and members: † then they will falsify and calumniate each other as neighbors, as parents and children, as maids and matrons, as husbandsand wives: then as brethren in the bonds of infidelity and in OSTENSIBLE christianity! They shall be well steeped in and drenched with the loathsome flood of slander that they have used to drown the voice of truth in. From this thev will proceed to individual, from individual to family, from family to neighborhood, from neighborhood to society and anti-society, from society and anti-society to church, from church to religious denomination or sect, and from that to general personal violence, ruthless assassination and bloody and exterminating war -- war from the sword to the knife, from the knife to the blade, from the blade to the hilt. -- They shall have blood to drink, for they are worldly! -- Their nature's depravity will rage as the flames of tophet -- inextinguishable! An earthquake of judgments will shake & rendt these millions of living sepulchres, and falsehood and deceit, anger, wrath, malice, violence, and murder shall stream forth as lava streams forth in volcanic irruption, scathing and consuming and bearing from the earth the countless hosts of those two armies. -- During all this protracted conflict and long agony between these armies, Jesus Christ will be multiplying and sending forth "his angels (his missionaries) to gather together his elect from from the four winds of heaven." And though these "aliens," will, sooner or later, be sensible of the presence

    * Under those two classes 99 out of a 100 in Christendom may be ranked!

    † No little of this already pervades and agitates Christendom!


    and operations of those angels, yet it will be at a time when they shall glow and burn with such all-engrossing fury towards each other, that they will forego a pause in their deadly conflict even to hunt down the doctrine of GRACE, -- the everlasting gospel! -- These things will constitute "the battle of the great day of God Almighty:" Thus the army of infidels and of mere professors will be virtually annihilated, & the wickedness of the wicked be made to praise God, while the residue of their warth he will restrain. This battle is said to take place in Armageddon. "There are different renderings of this word from the Hebrew but it is generally believed to be derived from the ancient Megiddo. This appears to have been the name of a district of country in the land of Canaan, watered by the river Kishon; as well as the name of a city in that district. It was celebrated for great battles, vast destruction of the human family, and for great mourning and woful lamentations:" and as characterized by these things becomes a strong and vivid representation of "the battle of the great day of God Almighty when he will dash his enemies to pieces, and gather together his elect, and bring up his church out of this sin-stained, wo-worn world clear as the sun, fair as the moon and terrible as an army with banners."

    Verse 17. "And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, it is done."

    As a consequence of the operation of the first vial in which the earth shall from generation to generation) refuse "to yield her increase;" and the operation of the sixth vial, in which the earth will become a very slaughterhouse of the human race: myriads, and tens of thousands of myriads of terraqueous and aqueous, &c. animal bodies will become the subjects of loathsome and contagious disease and premature death, from which will result the presence and operation of the seventh vial in the form of a pestilenial atmosphere. Not that we would exclude the idea of their being a direct and supernatural operation on the air by the finger of God. -- But in the presence and operation of all vials or bowls of wrath there will be so much of an appearance of their originating in and operating from natural causes that mankind will, in the lawlessness of their imaginations and infidelity of their hearts, ascribe them to the laws of nature, and conceive of them as more or less subject to their management and control, upon the principles of their science and combinations! There are many intimations in the Old Testament prophets, which point to something of this nature. We are told, "that in all the land, or, as it might be rendered, in all the earth, TWO PARTS therein shall be cut off and die; Zech. xiii. 8, 9, and that many houses shall be desolate, even great and fair without inhabitant," Isaiah v. 2. -- "The voice out of the temple; is, the voice of God out of his then growing church, which will be rising and assuming the character or a temple; and the ministers in and watchmen of which will perceive, understand and proclaim, the signs of the times." They will then "see eye to eye" -- they will then feel that the hour is come when God will avenge his own elect, and gather them together to the inheritance of a new heaven and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness. -- These ministers will then shout and reshout to one another, saying, -- "it is done" -- the vials of the wrath of God are poured out, and are in operation & shall operate to the full accomplishment of his holy indignation: Let us rejoice, for "the great day of his wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand."

    Verse 13. "And there were voices and thunders, and lightnings; and


    there a great earthquake, such as was not since men were, upon earth, so mighty an earthquake and so great."

    In immediediate attendance upon the, pouring out of the seventh cial, in connexion with the other six vials, a multitude of voices are heard, together with great, thunders: and lightnings are seen gleaming and flashing at every point of the compass. Now, considering this as symbolical or figurative language, and the following will be the import of the verse under consideration.

    1st VOICES, are (in this case) expressive of confusion of tongues! Matth. xxiv, 24.

    2nd THUNDERS are expressive of the feeling, and sentiments of anger and rage that the various political and religions divisions and subdivisions among mankind will have and give thundering expression to one for another.

    3rd LIGHTNINGS are the endless variety and rapid succession of human device, & for what is called the moral amelioration of the world and the salvation of and under the GUIDANCE of which men are not only separating themselves into endless variety of sects and societies, but are, like the zigzag lightning through the vault of heaven, dancing, first after this device, tradition, invention, enterprise and combination ard then after another.

    4th EARTHQUAKE An earthquake is a great shaking or trembling of the earth or some part of it. Amos i. 1. It also expresses great alterations and changes in the community of mankind. Heb. xii. 26. The delivering of the Israelites out of Egypt is called a moving or shaking of the earth. Psalm lxviii. 8. And an extraordinary and unexpected alteration in the state of affairs civil or ecclesiastical is represented by an earthquake, Rev. vi. 12, and 16-18 -- Matth. xxvi. 27.

    If, then, the foregoing definition of the terms, voices, thunders, lightnings and earthquakes, as symbols, be just, we may remark, that they already find no trifling illustration in the political & religious circumstances of mankind. -- What voices -- what a confusion of tongues characterizes a profession of religion in the name of the gospel of Christ! And still more multifarious will the voices in that respect be -- still more confused and Babel-like will the doctrine, speculation and opinion become in the ministry of Christendom. -- There will be myriads of conflicting voices of political parties,leaders and quacks heard in propositions for new forms of government as being adequate to give some check to the hurricane of RELIGIOUS mania and political anarchy that shall obtain. The voices of such experimentalists as Owen, such theological adventurers as Campbell, or such lecturers as Fanny Wright will multiply beyond number, while the voices of Bible, of Missionary, Sabbath and infant school, Tract and Temperance, &c. societies will be heard; together with those of the Colleges, and other schools of literature, science and philosophy, including, the ever improving medical faculty; the voices, we say, of all such experimentalists, such Adventurers, societies, institutions and professions, together with ten thousand more, will be heard like the noise of many waters, and in thundering, deafening sound from the centre to the circumference of Christendom. They will all feel arrogant confidence that their prescriptions and their instrumentality are going to restore health, energy and happiness unto the bodies politic and ecclesiastical, moral and PHYSICAL! But why contemplate this subject through the glass of anticipation! It is literally present! our eyes and our ears are witnesses of its existence: We are already stunned with the noise of the voices in the political, religious, literary and professional world. -- These very inventions, experiments, enterprises & combinations of the political & relgious world; or, their prescriptions for the GROWING immorality & WRETCHEDNESS of the human family will prove entirely abortive of good; & as lights, treacherous and fleeting as the zigzag lightnings of a thunder storm, or the fantastic evolutions of a quagmire's lurid exhalation;


    while these abortions * will scathe the hearts of the kings, rulers, leaders and zealots in the religious world, to their very cores with confusion, mortification and rage. -- Nor is the eartquake-like state and condition of the community of mankind within the limits of Christendom less manifest. And yet, palpable and fearful as these things are in their present statae of existence, they are, compared with what they will be hereafter, but as the warblings of a moss imbedded brook in contrast with the rushing torrent, and deafening roar of Niagara's earth-shaking cataract. Hence it is said; that there never was such vices and thunder and lightnings and earthquake since men were upon the earth; so mighty an earthquake and so great. The language of Christ in the 24th Matthew and of an Apostle in Hebrew 12 will have striking application to and full illustration in these, scenes: Christ says: "Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of'wars and rumors of wars; see that ye be not troubled: for all, these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places. ALL these things are the BEGINNING of sorrows. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; † believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets and shall shew GREAT SIGNS and WONDERS inasmuch that if it were possible, they should deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you! See that ye refuse not him that speaketh: for if THEY escaped not ‡ who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven. -- Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. -- And this word, yet once more, signifies the removing of those thinos that are shaken, as of things that are made, that THOSE things that CANNOT BE SHAKEN" (they are not the Bible, Missionary, Tract, &c. &c. societies!) may "remain. Wherefore, we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: For our God is a consuming fire."

    Verse 19. "And the great city was divided into, three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath."

    The great city spoken of in the commencement of this vese is,, we conceive, the ecclesiastical or religious establishments which are now erected on the spiritual Euphrates, including the Roman Catholic and Protestant national churches; together with the numerous dissenting churches, that may be considered

    * Apart from the moral effects of the scene, and it is really amusing to witness with what fantastic, zigzag-like flashes of zeal the busy, bustling would-be REFORMERS, PHILANTHROPISTS and SAVIOURS of the times rush from Bible to baby school, from Missionary to Magdalene, from Tract to trousers, from Mite to Anti-Masonic, from Sabbath school to Temperance, &c. &c. Societies' operations! ==> "Driven about by every wind of doctrine!" Reubenites -- unstable as water! Wandering stars!

    † Lo, here is Christ and his kingdom blusters the Bible Society! Lo, there it is, say the missionary societies. The kingdom of Christ is with us, vociferate the Saabbath and Infant schools, and Tract, &c. societies. And so of all the societies in Christendom down to Alexander Campbell's seven years old fraternity or clan -- ALL these things, are said, and all these predictions are made, in the name of MEN!

    ‡ That is -- The Jews: who, by their religious traditions, inventions, expertiments, enterprises and combinations, made void the law of God.!


    the outskirts or suburbs of this great city. This great city said to be, "the great whore (of course implying the existence of smaller whores) that sitteth upon many waters" (including the myriads of canals that we have adverted to) hence it is said, in the last verse of the 17th chapter of Revelation, "And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over THE KINGS of the earth." Rev. xvii. 1 and 18.

    This great city was divided into three parts! By which, we apprehend, is meant, that the inhabitants or population embraced within the limits of Christendom (Catholic and Protestant) will be divided into three great and powerful parties. And this idea harmonizes with all we have had occasion to say of the community of mankind within the limits of Christendom under the symbols of the Dragon, the Beast and False prophet, and the saints of the most High." -- Within the limits of Christendom there are millions of avoeed and covert infidels or disbelievers in and of the Bible as a divine Revelation -- this multitudinous host have not, neither can they have, any cordiality with or fellowship for "spiritual Israel -- the remnant according to the election of grace -- the household of faith -- the church of the living God." Neither will their INTELLIGENCE * be imposed so far as to brook or tolerate the religious signs of the times: or the traditions and enterprises and combinations of Catholic and Protestant Christendoms! Their spirit of opposition to these things will be as that of Amilcar's son to the Romans. On the other hand, Catholic and Protestant Christendom in and with the regalia of their traditions and inventions, enterprises and combinations can never, never tolerate Deism or any other grade of infidelity; (or unbelief in their gospel thoigh they give a very hydra head to it) and, as a matter of course, a separation will ultimately take place between these two, vast and, at present, dominent portions of mtnkind: The former portion will have this life and all which it inherits, without any profession of religion; the other portion will have them by and in a mere profession of religion -- and that profession made too in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Reader, let your anathemas against Deists and Sceptics moderate! at least if not moderate let them be secondary to your anathemas against the latter portion of mankind; and that upon the same principle that you would denounce a Devil negatively good, in subordination to a Devil positively bad! -- That is about their relative merits -- that is about the difference between an Alexander Campbell and Robert Owen; between a Miss Frances Wright and a Doctor Ely and the etcetera of the leaders in and of the respective portions or parties. -- But there is a third part to be noticed; and that part or division is, "the ransomed of the Lord out of every nation, kindred, people and tongue." They shall return from captivity in mystical Babylon, -- they shall "come out of her:" Wearied, harrassed and tempest-tossed are the souls of many of God's people becoming with the Arminian and other corruptions of the gospel, together with the traditions, inventions, &c. of men upon which their churches are founded, and by which they grow and thrive. The time is at hand when those who have been the called according to God's purpose -- the elect, sanctified by the washing of regeneration and renewings of the Holy Ghost; will forego all profession of religion IN or connexion with any one of the ostensible churches NOW EXISTING IN CHRISTENDOM! Those churches will be estimated by them (as they most truly are) rather as "synogogues of Satan -- the habitation of Devils, the hold of every foul spirit and and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird," than the household of faith -- the tabernacles of the Most High God -- Really evangelical ministers will also separate themselves from these churches (as they are calied) they will not be

    * The intelligence of Deists and other sceptics flashes conviction, overwhelming conviction to their minds, that Christendom is filling, flooding, inundating with theological jugglery, all of which they lamentably confound with the gospel!


    able -- they will not dare to prestitute their mental independence or spiritual integrity and profess fellowship with religious denominations, Assemblies Associations, churches, ministers and professors who, they know and feel, are full of heresy; no, they will not dare to do this for the sake of having official influence and dignity, and sectarian pomp and pride of appearance and a comfortable temporal subsistence. -- Ministers -- aye, old fashioned, evangelical, and purely Calvinistic ministers, and sound, grace-adoring PROFESSORS, assuming this attitude and sustaining this character will multiply from generation to generation until the elect of God are gathered together from the four winds of heaven; seeing eye to eye -- having one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. -- Such ministers and such professors -- the church of the living God redemed from among men -- constitute, as they will hereafter more largely constitute, the third part or portion into which the great city shall be divided!

    As the wheel of time progressively evolves the foregoing DIVISION of the great city, the cities of the nations will fall. -- As the church of God is frequently, throughout the scriptures, spoken of as a city (See Cant. iii. 2, 3. -- Rev. xi 2 --. Psalm xlvi, 4) so the religious establishments titled churches formed and perpetuated by men are denominated cities. The church of God is titled city -- in the singular number, to express the oneness of her faith and order: * The religious bodies or sects making up and making out Christendom are, from their diversified faith, doctrine and order, legitimately spoken of in the plural number, and as cities. In confirmation of which we remark: that the very use of the adjective great to the city of mystical Babylon (as in the verse now under notice) imports the existence of smaller cities: Again: we read of Babylon the great the Mother of Harlots: Rev. xvii. 5 and xviii. 2. or the great mystical city, or Babylon which is the Mother of Harlot daughters, and which daughters are smaller cities, and altogether constituting "THE ABOMINATIONS of THE WHOLE EARTH." The great city of Babylon, then, as used in this verse is to be considered as representing Roman Catholic Christendom which is but one ecclesiastic establishment all over the earth; and the cities of the nations are to be considered, as representing the various national and sectarian religious establishments or churches existing throughout Protestant Christendom. Thus, as before intimated, as the great city divides into three parts, or as the community of mankind, within the limits of Christendom, separate into Deists, and professors "having a form of godliness," and into the congregating, gradually congregating, or gathering together of the missionaries or angels of the Lord and the elect from the four winds of heaven; so will the cities of the nations -- the Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist (so called) Methodist, &c religious denominations fall, -- Yes, if this be not the case --

    "The pillard firmament is rottenness
    And earth's foundation stubble!"

    Perhaps, as appropriate addenda to the forearms remarks, we may observe:

    * The spiritual Israel are, no doubt, scattered through the many religious denominations of Christendom in different proportions as respects those denominations. Perhaps, in the Catholic church they are as one to a thousand professors! In the Episcopal church as 1 to 500 processors: In the Presbyterian Church as 1 to a 150, and about the same proportion in the Baptist (so called) and in the Methodist Churches: and so of their numbers in many other religious denominations. -- In the streets then, of the great (mystical) Babylon, the spiritual circumcision, or Israelites are captives and desolate. They will in the end be sick to the core of their hearts of the corruptions, perversions and suppresions of truth of the gospel and the inventions, traditions, &c. of men in the name of the gospel of Christ, as ever the Jews were sick of and loathed Babylonian idolatry,


    That the terms city and cities as used in the Revelation are, unquestionably, symbolical. -- Every city, then, in a literal sense, has its own peculiar municipal laws, POLICE, &c. by which it grows, is perpetuated and the various interests the different grades and classes of its community are, professedly secured. This is, emphatically, applicable to and illustrative of the great city of Babylon and the cities of the nations which are spoken of in the verse which we are now analyzinq. They, as cities, or religious sects, denominations and churches have, respectively, their municipal laws POLICE, &c by which they GROW are perpetuated and their interests (including ministerial support and personal character and temporal influence of professors,) de facto, both made and secured! * They all, however, profess to derive authority for their laws and POLICE from the scriptures though they are as diversified end different in their governments as mosaic work itself. † Let their ministers, as avowed Calvinistic ministers (we say nothing about the avowed Arminian and mongrel ministers) detach themselves from the protection and patronage of the municipal laws and police of these ecclesiastical cities, and go forth into and through the religious world, preaching and proclaiming the everlasting gospel according to the doctrine of sovereign, discriminating, unfrustrable reigning and triumphant grace -- the Calvinistic general interpretation thereof. Let them do this, we say, and the best and the brightest and greatest of them, will on be denounced, degraded and reduced to mere insignificance in popular estimation and in the estimation of 99 out of a hundred of professors. ‡ And let those who are professors of such doctrine maintain and contend for it, as in duty bound, and they will be denounced, degraded and reduced to insignificance too. ¶ But no, such a trial is no more to be expected from them than light and truth from the bottomless pit: At the same time they will, from their CHIMNEY CORNER inteligence, assume to themselves the prerogative of entering up their judgment as

    * For instance. what a consummate ecclesiastical oligarchy is the Wesleyan Methodist Church -- not a lay member in all its hundreds of thousands of communicants allowed a voice, in any part or particle of its legislation: and this oligarchy existing too in the heart of a Republic! On the other hand: what loose and anarchical or Jacobinical-like government characterizes what is denominated by the Baptist church throughout her hundreds of thousands of communicants -- though made up of 10 to 20 different clans or fraternites among whom every fundamental truth of the gospel is denied over and over again: yet, any part, portion, or individual figment of this denomination has the perogative of insulting, opposing and traducing a really evangelical Baptist ministry and that with impunity unless appeal is made to Caesar's tribunal!

    † As we before intimated: there is not a religious denomination under the canopy of heaven § of greater theological contrarieties and confusion of theological tenet, or characterized by more vulgar, fanatical, Arminian, hypocritical, falsifying slandering and heretical professors than is the OSTENSIBLE Baptist church! And yet within her borders are some of the most precious saints and genuine Israelites!! But where there is one minister or fellow professor to "comfort them by their mutual faith" there are a score to confuse, harass, torment, deceive and calumniate them. -- Ye that are really Baptists will feel this to be true! We know it from vast, varied and dire experience.

    ‡ For idstance; Had that "Prince of theological visionaries" -- the Buffalo Bishop, maintained such doctrine in his orations and periodical writings he would have been as many thousand dollars out of pocket as he is now thousands in pocket by his theologica publications. The Fox knows it too!

    ¶ Instead of this we find professed Calvinistic Baptists, Presbyteriaos, Episcopalians. &c. tolerating Methodists, or tolerating any Arminian or other corruption of the gospel, for the sake of securing their interests as merchants, mechanics, school-masters and school mistresses or keepers of boarding houses, &c.! Ninety-nine out of the hundred of professors will be any thing and every thing in profession to promote or secure their temporal interests.

    § We mean as respects Protestant christendom!


    equivalent, or more than equivalent, to that of those who may have made the trial for a period of 6 or 10 years duration and to a circle of observation twofold the circumference of the earth. When the gospel comes to be preached in the way we have just suggested the cities of the nations will fall like lightning from heaven.

    It is further said "And great Babylon came in remembrance before God to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath." -- By great Babylon in this clause of the verse, we apprehend, is meant, the Roman Catholic hierarchy. -- That church still stands proudly pre-eminent above all others. -- She may be denominated the Metropolis of the religious world: Where she sways her influence the moral and political elements are of the most ominous character: The feelings and minds of men generally are and have been characterized by the most brute-like ferocity and ignorance within the limits of Catholic Christendom: when, then, the tens of millions of human beings within the pale of the Catholic church shall break down, throw off and spurn all and every existing political and religious government, then shall great Babylon -- the Mother of Harlots -- The Roman Catholic Hierarchy, in the persons of her Papa, Cardinals, Metropolitans, Arch-Bishops, &c. &c. of ecclesistical dignitaries, officers, agents instruments, tools and factotums be overwhelmed with the indignation and wrath of those infuriated millions and tens of millions: then shall they feel a terrific measure of that cruel, bloody persecution which they, as an ecclesiastical establishment, have for so many, many ages meted out to their fellow beings to extend and perpetuate their ungodly and infamous dynasty; and in all this realize the very fierceness of the wrath of God, and a prelibation of that torment whose smoke ascendeth up for ever and ever.

    Verse 20. "And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found."

    In view of the foregoing analysis of the 13th and 16th chapters of the Revelation and nothing can be more self-evident than that the religious world or Christendom is, in its political and religious institutions, emphatically represented undpr the emblem of a sea! In every known sea there are more or less Islands! -- Islands, then, in the verge under consideration are a symbolical representation of the various and manifold political, religious and professional divisions and sub-divisions that exist or that shall hereafter obtain throughout Christendom. They are now as the stars of heaven for number and as a maniac's dreams as to confusion. They shall all dissolve, as it were, with the rapidity of an Eagle's flight -- that is, what shall have cost the wisdom and labor of men hundreds of years to devise and to accomplish in experiment for the ostensible improvement of human nature and the promotion or perfection of human happiness on earth, will all be dissipated in the course of a few fleeting years.

    It is not only said that every island fled away, but the mountains were not found. -- In the scriptures mountains are used as a symbol of various things, as for instance -- 1st as places of power and authority in a kingdom Amos iv. 1. 2d; High places whereon idols were worshipped, Isaiah lvii. 7. Ezek. xviii, 6. 3d. Such powerful obstacles as hinder the progress of the gospel, Isaiah xl. 4. Isa. xlix. 11. 4th. Idols that were worshipped in mountains or high places. Jer. iii. 23. 5th. The most lofty and powerful enemies. Isaiah xli. 15. In view of this symbolical import of the term mountains, and it has evident and comprehensive application to and illustration in the political and religious organization of Christendom. -- Hence, in the fulfillment of this verse places of political and ecclesiastical power and authority will no more be found in Christendom: The High places or religious societies and combinations of men, whereon idols are worshipped, or human traditions, inventions, &c. supersede


    the gospel of Christ, shall no more be found: all obstacles to the progress of the gospel shall be removed, and the loftiest and most powerful enemies to the triumph of the church of the living God shall be overthrown and destroyed. All of which harmonizes with and confirms much of what we have written in explanation of the preceding verses of this chapter.

    Verse 21. "And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven every stone about the weight of a talent; and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great."

    In the plagues visited upon Egypt was that of a great shower of hail whereby "all that was in the field, both man and beast" were smitten through; "and the hail smote every herb of the field. Only in the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel were, was there no hail." In the 78th Psalm it is said, "he destroyed their vines with hail, and their sycamore trees with frost." "He gave up their cattle also to the hail, and their flocks to hot thunderbolts." From these and numerous other similiar passages in the Old Testament Scriptures we learn, that the dispensation of hail showers has been a sort of climax of Jehovah's temporal judgments upon mankind: The dispensation of hail now more particularly under consideration, is, it will be remembered, in connexion with a pestilential atmosphere and attendant upon the operation of that vial of the wrath of God, whereby the earth shall have so far refused to yield her increase that ten acres of vineyard shall yield but one bath and the seed of a homer produce an ephah. Under these circumstances, and when the spontaneous growth of nature, together with all that the art and labor of man can draw forth of subsistence from the bosom of the earth will afford the multitude of mankind nothing more than food to die by piecemeal or by inches upon; under those circumstances, we say, this great hail will descend & destroy the last remnant of natural [ailment] both of man and beast, at the same time, no doubt, kill myriads upon myriads of those who have the mark of the beast in their foreheads or their right hands, of those who worship his image, and of those who worship the Dragon -- or, in other words, of the great army of infidels and mere christian professors. Hence it is said in Isaiah xxviii. 2 "Behold, the Lord hath a mighty and strong one, which as a tempest of hail and a destroying storm, as a flood of mighty waters overflowing shall cast down to the earth with the hand; and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, * and the waters shall overflow the hiding place." -- When this hail shall have fallen men will, even then, continue to blaspheme God -- repentance shall be hid from their eyes: Hence says Jehovah, "Since these days were, when one came to a heap of twenty measures, there were but ten; when one came to press fat to draw out fifty vessels out of the press, there were but twenty. I smote you with blasting and with mildew and with hail in all the labors of your hands; yet ye turned not to me, saith the Lord." It will then be clearly understood, that no devices, enterprises, combinations, labors or art of man can give repentance, and that even the most terrific of God's dispensations in judgment avails nought in reference to the human heart; that repentance is the special gift of God and fruit of his Eternal Spirit, never designed for or given to any but his elect -- the Israel of God. -- Yea, it will be seen, that when God does not sanctify his chastisements of sinners that it does but evolve more and more, and from time through all eternity, the desperate wickedness and blasphemy in the human heart.

    * This will put a final negative upon the boastings, prophecies and promises of Christendom in reference to the forthcoming of the Latter Day Glory and salvation of all men by their devices and doings!!


    It may here be asked, what is to become of "the people -- the elect -- the ransomed of the Lord" under these circumstances of temporal judgment, earthly privation and want? to which we in brief reply. -- It is to be recollected, that the vast and multitudinous community within the limits of Christendom * will be divided into three parts † between whom there will not only be, a moral and social impassable line of separation, but God will also make a Geographical separation between his people and the other two parts that shall exempt the former from, at least, the destroying influence of the pestilence and hail: This separation, no doubt, will gradually progress as the previous vials of his wrath are poured out and operate. So, in reference to the Israelites in Egypt, it is said, "Only in the land of Goshen where the children of Israel [were], was there no hail." And it is promised by the Lord in Isaiah xxxii. 18, 13": "And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places. When it shall HAIL comng down on the forest: and the CITY shall be LOW in a low place!"

    As the concluding sentence to the foregoing pages, and in reference to the time and incidents to which they direct our ultimate attention we say, in the language of Jehovah, by the pen of the Prince of Prophets. "The loftiness of man shall be bowed down, and the haughtiness of man shall be made low: and the Lord alone shall be exalted in that day." ‡ Amen and Amen!


    To exhibit the connexion in some general way between the foregoing analysis of the 13th and 16 chapters of the Apocalypse and the remaining part thereof we would simply remark: The 17th chapter represents the more particular and final destruction of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy.

    In the 18th chapter we are given in general terms to understand, that Babylon falls to rise no more: that no more shall the gospel and the church of God be made merchandise of by the great men and kings of the earth. (See ver. 23!)

    In the 19th chapter the marriage of the Lamb is celebrated i. e. HIS elect are gathered together from the four winds of heaven, and constituted a glorious temple instead of a wandering tabernacle; (as heretofore) in the progress and rapid accomplishment of which there are overwhelming joy and ineffable songs of triumph in heaven. See verse 6.

    In the 20th chapter we have an account of the binding of Satan for a thousand years: and of the first resurrection: in which, we presume, will be raised from the dead, and introduced into the joys of a new heaven and a new earth, all "holy men of old" -- Prophets, Apostles and all who have really suffered for the kingdom of heaven's sake: who, like the Captain of salvation, have been made poor and of no reputation for the elect's sake and, the faith once delivered to the saints.

    In the 21st chapter the society of saints, in "the latter day glory," is represented under the figure of a City ¶ descending from heaven clothed and radiant with the glory of God: By which we are given to understand, that the ransomed of the Lord shall be brought into the latter day glory inheritance by the sole and exclusive power and wisdom of God, in contradistinction to all human devices and inventions -- hence it is said: "And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven."

    * In all our pages we have said nothing particularly or specifically as to the heathen: Our subject did not lead us to it: This we will say -- That in Christendom the positive iniquities of the heathen are a thousand fold exceeded! Again: There are more detestable refuges of lies, and blasplaemy, more detestable abominations obtaining in the name of the gospel of Christ in christendom than in the idolatries of the heathen world!

    † See remarks on the 19th verse.

    ‡ Isaiah ii. 17.   ¶ I Cor. iii. 9, I Pet. ii. 5.


    The 22nd and last chapter represents "a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb," and that this river flows in the city. All of which, no doubt, is the pure and unadulterated word of God which as a river shall flow making glad the city of God: While the Spirit thro' the instrumentality of God's missionaries and the Bride, or saints generally will be uttering forth the most cordial invitations to all who thirst for the truth as it is in Christ, to come and drink.


    You must know by this time, that Fullerism superinduces myriads to make a PROFESSION as Baptists, all of whom, upon the most natural principles, may become (hundreds and thousands of them do become) Campbellite or any other sort of consummate heretical Baptists -- the transformation is as natural, easy and rapid as that of a flye-blow into a maggot in Dog-days. -- Strike, then, at Fullerism: that is the head of the Serpent, and the other is the mere tail! Again: You know and feel that you have no fellowship with Fullerism and consequently none with the Fullerites. Why, then, continue virtually to LIE and act the HYPOCRITE by professing fellowship with them in church, Association, &c. connexions and intercourses! Why suffer yourselves to be PROSTITUTED to their detestable use -- to strengthen, extend and establish their delusions and refuges of lies -- their infamous religious Babel! By all that is terrible in the judgments of God you will be made to smart for such infidelity to the truth. -- "Come out, -- come out from among them."

    Again: Brethren, "The Regular Baptist Church" on olden times -- in her best days, used the Psalms of David in her praises of God, both in her social and public worship: And, MARK she will have to RETURN to them. Watts * and Ripon, Dwight and Parkinson and even the renowned and erudite Miller and Boyd & Co. of Cincinnati, † will have to give way for "the spirit and understanding of God's most holy word -- it IS, it IS, "profitable for ALL things, &c. that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works" or it is itself a LIE and, consequently profitable for nothing!" Think, brethren, of these things:

    Once more: If in Providence I may be near or in the midst of you, as a travelling minister, I cordially invite you to make yourselves known to me -- I am willing to serve you in the gospel of God our Saviour at all times under all circumstances. -- But with the, Fullerite and Campbeilite Baptists I never have & never shall have fellowship -- "no not for one hour, that the truth of the gospel may abide with you." I have never wittingly eaten of their bread or drank of their water: no, nor never, never will I. -- They have imposed themselves upon me in a thousand instances as Regular Baptists (The religious world is full of this kind of imposture -- can any thing under God's heavens be more base!) -- they have done every thing they could to destroy me ministerially: I here publish my entire and undying opposition to them in a theological point of view, I warn them against further imposing themselves upon me as being "Regular Baptists," as in every such instance hereafter I will hold them up to the public eye as LIARS And impostors! -- Nay more, if you, wherever you may be scattered, send me, FREE OF EXPENSE to Pittsburgh information of your "local habitations and your names" as few or many, I will, in Providence, sooner or later, visit you:, Yes, and I will

    * The insult and blasphemy offered to the word of God in Watt's "Preface" to his Psalms are enough, one would think, to make a Devil blush shame!

    † Cincinnati! Where they are indebted to an Alexander Campbell for their evidence of the Bible being a Divine Revelation! And where they have an artificial hell to frighten the citizens and others into religion!


    give you more gospel than all the Fullerite and Campbelite Baptists ministers in the Western country would give you: -- not that I know so MUCH, but that they know, so contemptibly little!


    He it no Regular Baptist minister say the "General Assembly Presbyterians" "Fullerite Baptists" and Campbellite clan. --

    This is to certify, that Lawrence Greatrake has been known to us for and during five years past as being an efficient, solid and consistent REGULAR BAPTIST Minister -- within the bounds (more or less) of the Redstone Baptist Association, -- or, in other words, a regular Baptist minister LABORIOUSLY itinerating in the counties of Allegheny, Fayette, Green, & Pennsylvania. Witness our hands this 30th day of March, 1830.

    * WILLIAM BROWNFIELD -- Pastor of the Union Town and Meritstown Baptist Churches, Fayette county, Pa.
    * TILLSON FULLER -- Deacon of the Meritstown Baptist Church.
    * GEO. WASHINGTON -- memberof the Meritstown Baptist chrch.
    * ELIAS PARSHALL -- Member of the Union Town Baptist church,
    * ISAAC LYNN -- Redstone, near Brownsville, Pa.
    ANDREW LYNN (Magistrate) near Cooks-town, Pa.
    JEREMIAH LONG -- Deacon of "Little Redstone Baptist Church" near Cooks-town, Pa.
    LEVI SEVERANCE -- late Deacon of the Pittsburgh Baptist church.

    * The names prefixed with a star, are to two different testimonials, one of them dated some time before and one of them some time after the above. For brevity, a sake we have attached those names to this intermediate testimonial.

    He is of no estimation as a preacher any where, but rather considered crazed, say these General Assembly Presbyterians, Fullerite Baptists & Campbellite Clan!

    To all to whom it may concern: This is to certify, that the Bearer, Rev'd Lawrence Greatrake of the old "regular Baptist Church" in North America having been introduced to our acquaintance about the first of March last, in the interim, between that time and the date of these presents, given a good example of Christian walk and deportment, as far as we have been acquainted with him in private: and in his public discourses by his eloquence, † (acknowledged of a high order) his firmness and independence in defence of what he conceives to be evangelical truths, he deservedly attracted large audiences, preached with a very considerable degree of effect, and approved himself to our minds and apprehensions as being truly orthodox, and as such we recommend him to the acquaintance, kindnesss and Christian offices of all such as are establistied in the faith.

    JACOB LINDLY,       J. H. PURDY,
    MAYOR,                 J. STEWART, att. at law,
    C. HAZLETT,           MATTHEW LIND,
    Members of the [Union Baptist] church at Mansfield.


    In our notice, in the preceding pages, of Sabbath schools (See page 64) we supposed, that this canal afforded "no great deal of money," &c. -- We have learned better. -- "The-Sabbath school Union" yields, with the interest on its Receipts, 20,600 dollars pr month, or two hundred, forty-seven thousand two hundred dollars pr year! We have not space to notice the interest on the Bible, Missionary, Tract, &c. Societies' Receipts -- amounting to hundreds of thousands

    † To do entire justice to this feature of the testimonial the reader must recollect, that these gentlemen's feelings were strongly interested in behalf of the doctrine preached, and hence, in a great measure, their estimation of me as being eloquent. -- To circumcised ears the truth only is eloquence!


    of dollars pr year -- all of which the pious, philanthropic and disinterested MANAGERS do not pretend to give any account of! O how self-evident it must be to them that "The Latter day Glory" already dawns.


    We made intermediately, arrangements with a paper manufacturer for quite a fine quality of printing paper, but, we have reason to believe, from consciencious motives, at least, motives WORTHY of HIMSELF, * he failed to send us the paper. -- Under these circumstances; we were necessitated to purchase what we could most conveniently find of tolerable paper: If, then, our subscribers are somewhat disappointed in reference to the quality of the paper, we shall regret it, at the same time we would notify them, that one-third more matter is given than what we, in our Prospectus, contemplated.

    * Any scape-gallows -- or SCAPE-PENITENTIARY (as the case may be!) paper manufacturer (by say, religious PROFESSION, semi-Methodist and Episcopalian!) finds his CONSCIENCE in a spirit of hostility to a publication of this sort, fierce and settled as that of Amilcar's son to the Romans. -- While Printers, who have turned as many political somersets as there are suits of clothes for my Lady of Loretto (365) and who have waded chin-deep into the mire and filth of blackguardism and caluminy in reference to others for their own benefit are, conscientiously averse to the printing of such reactions upon "the signs of the times." -- In short, the most of Printers and Editors are seizing, with shark-like voracity, upon any and every rece of political and religious QUACKERY that obtains to get a living from it. -- Sirs! you are only digging your own graves! and a grave for America's freedom!


    Whereas, what we conceive to be the Calvinistic GENERAL interpretation of the Gospel is, in this age and generation, most audaciously contemned by the world, blasphemously impugned by the vast majority of professors of christianity, and most infamously betrayed by the multitude of preachers ceiling themselves Calvinistic ministers, therefore, we hold, and feel ourselves prepared to defend and establish against any individual opponent or opponents (believing the Bible a Divine Revelation) the following doctrine.

    1st. A Triplicify of personal Subsistence in the Divine Nature or Essence.

    2d. That that triplicity of Personal existence is, UNGENERATED and UNDERIVED in reference to either the second or third Person, Subsistence or modal distinction in the Divine Nature.

    3d. The Unqualified sovereignty of Jehovah in Creation, Providence and SALVATION!

    4th. The eternal, personal and particular election of all that are finally saved!

    5th The unfrustrable grace of God in the calling of his people -- his elect!

    6th. The justification of the souls of those who are saved by and through the righteousness of Christ imputed, and by that only.

    7th. The speciality of the Atonement both as to naure and application.

    8th. The Final Perseverance of the saints from grace to glory.

    9th. The entire EOUALITY in the heavenly inheritance among the "heirs of salvation."

    10th. That every leading and peculiar "notion" of Andrew Fuller's, in his book titled, "The Gospel worthy of all acceptation,"is LIE -- alpha and omega LIE!

    If there is a man in the United States that deems himself competent to maintain the negative of the foregoing propositions, we dare him to a trial of his utmost efforts: -- not that we love controversy, (we are from the centre of our soul averse to it) but we are determined, that the truth shall not be trampled upon with impunity by a generation of Swine-herds, without the fearless opposition of one, however humble, advocate.
    THE AUTHOR.      

    Address- Pittsburgh, Pa. -- all communication in reference to the subiect to be post-paid.



    The Harp of Zion and The Parallel and Pioneer

    c. 1830 signature of the Reverend Lurenis (Lawrence) Greatrake

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