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MStr Jul 09 '08

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"Good men even with small views are immeasurably more important.
to the world than small men with great views." --

No. 28.                                         July 9, 1908.                                         Vol. LXX.

[pp. 442-43]


In spite of all that has been published in refutation of the Spaulding story, which has obtained such wide circulation, it still figures with the British preachers as the only means of accounting for the otigin of the Book of Mormon. Notwithstanding that "The Manuscript Found," written by Solomon Spaulding, has been deposited in the library of Oberlin College, Ohio, and that it has been copied and published for many years so that it may be compared with the Book of Mormon, which has also been published since early in the year 1830, religious ministers still talk about it as though it were a settled fact that the Book of Mormon was concocted from that silly tale. Their folly is only excelled by their ignorance or their perversity. We refer to this matter now simply to state that on May 10th, 1908, at Boston, Mass., the nearest living relative of Solomon Spaulding was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President John G. McQuarrie of the Eastern States Mission, in a letter to Liahona, The Elders' Journal, gave particulars of the conversion of this lady. Her name is Mrs. Louie Elizabeth Brittain, and she is the granddaughter of the Rev. Solomon Spaulding. She heard ger parents talk about the "Manuscript Story" which he wrote, and when recently a Book of Mormon was shown to her she became interested in reading it. This was followed by inquiring into the whole matter, and she became convinced of the divinity of the Book of Mormon and the doctrines it contains. The old story, which still is used by reverend gentlemen in this country for the purpose we have mentioned, has no weight with anybody acquainted with the truth, and the fact that Mrs. Brittain is now a member of the Church and a devout believer in the Book of Mormon, ought to be another nail in the coffin wherein that old myth so loved by English ministers now reposes. The granddaughter of Solomon Spaulding records a fervent testimony to the divine mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith in a letter recently published in Liahona.   C. W. P.

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