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Early photograph of the Mormon Temple at Mesa, Arizona

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Vol. 13.                           Deming, New Mexico Terr., Jan. 14, 1893.                           No. ?


The Supreme court of Utah has decided the church eschatment case, involving $2,000,000, and ordered that the money be handed over to the Mormon church to be used for the support of the poor, parochial schools and the repair and building of Mormon houses of worship. The master in chancery had decided that the money should go to free public schools, holding that its transfer to the Mormons would be in aid of poligamy. The court holds that the belief in polygamy is an abstract rather than a concrete principle, and beyond jurisdiction of courts. Appeal was taken to the United States Supreme court.

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The  Arizona  Republican.
Vol. IV.                           Phoenix, Arizona Terr., March 4, 1894.                           No. 243.


The Famous "Temple Lot" Belongs to Them.

The Legal Opinion Granting it Also Finds that Utah Mormonism
is not Real Mormonism.

Kansas City, March 3. -- The famous "Temple Lot," the sacred piece of Mormon soil in Independence, for which the Mormons have bene fighting in the courts, has been decided to be the property of the Mormons. A decision was given by Judge Phillips in the district court this afternoon. The Indepencence faction of the Mormons is by the opinion enjoined from asserting a title to the property. The cloud is removed and full possession alloted to the plaintiff. The successful organization has its headquarters in Lamoni, Iowa. Its following numbers 25,000 souls and its president is Joseph Smith, Jr., son of Prophet Joseph Smith the founder of Mormonism.

Besides settling the totle to the much prized temple lot which is known among Mormons as the "Garden of Eden," the opinion incidentally finds from the evidence that the recognized church of the Latter Day Saints at Lamoni, Iowa, is the real church founded in 1830 by the Prophet Joseph Smith and that the factions of the Mormon church in Utah and Independence are off-shoots of the motehr church and have departed from the teachings of the prophet.

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