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Vol. III.                           Phoenix, Arizona Terr., Wed., July 9, 1879.                           No. 21.

The  Estate  of  Brigham  Young.

A Salt Lake Telegram says: Two weeks have been consumed by the executors of the estate of Brigham Young to effect a compromise with his daughter Emeline Young; their efforts have been fruitless, and they have jointly filed an answer with [sic - word missing?]. John Taylor admits to taking property, claiming that it belonged to the Church, and his defense is a qualified admission that Brigham Young had used it during his life for the benefit of his own family. The executors seem to be in doubt as to their transactions, and submit their actions in the premises to the Court. The answer is regarded as flimsy -- utterly devoid of law.

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Vol. II.                           Tombstone, Arizona Terr., Fri., December 16, 1881.                           No. 286.

Another  Indian  War  Imminent.

Leavenwirth, Dec. 14. -- Cgris Gilson, who has been a government scout for thirty-five years, reported to Gen. Pope yesterday. He says there is no doubt that there will be an uprising of the Utes, Piutes and Navajoes in the spring. The rendezvous will probably be at some place in New Mexico. The Utes, who have been placed in Utah, he says, are being freely furnished with arms and provisions by the Mormons, who are affiliating with the Indians, and giving them all the whiskey they want. Gilson is the oldest scout in the service, and is considered reliable.

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