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Vol. I.                                   Madras, India,  April, 1854.                                   No. 1.


We feel it our duty in this issue to take notice of three Tracts which are being liberally distributed in Madras, and Suburbs, by authority of the Religious Tract Society here.

We do not intend noticing all the misrepresentations and falsehoods they contain, but we would direct the attention of our readers to a few, that those who love the truth may judge how far the general tenor of such anonymous productions are entitled to credit.

It appears to us that the author, after having collected all the lies, and misrepresentations that have been published against God's work in these last days, was ashamed of his own doings, and afraid of the meroted infamy and disgrace which an exposure would justly entitle him to, and consequently withheld his name. For instance, the author says in Tract No. 600, entitled "Is Mormonism True or Not," on page 7, that Joseph Smith prophesied that Ex-Governor Boggs of Missouri, his old enemy, should die within one year, and that he hired one of his 'Danite band' to fulfil his own prophecy by murdering him, and because of this a mob was so exasperated against Smith that they broke into prison and shot him:" and on page 21, the author adds, "the prophet's barefaced iniquity in this matter was not allowed to pass unnoticed by the authorities, for he was apprehended on the charge of conspiring against the life of the ex-governor of Missouri, when he was shot as before related."

Now for the facts of the case. The prophet Joseph Smith never was apprehended for murdering the ex-governor of Missouri, neither was the ex-governor of Missouri referred to, or any other, ever assassinated by him or his associates. We have living witnesses in this Presidency who saw Governor Boggs, the official alluded to, in California in 1847, three years after the martyrdom of the prophet. And in 1852, when we were in California, ex-governor Boggs was living in that state, and for aught we know he is still prospering in his golden speculations. Any person really desiring to know and satisfy themselves may write to California and ascertain the facts.

Now, hiw is it that a religious body of men can be accessory to the circulation of such barefaced falsehoods as the above? How is it that they will sanction and distribute such libels among the people as gospel truths, and as a part of their duty as christian ministers? Is it not because their craft is in danger, and that they would rather believe and circulate a lie than the truth. Common honesty and a humane regard for the character of our fellow-man, would dictate a careful investigation, before engaging in an enterprise to calumniate, and circulate such gross and criminal charges against an honest, upright and innocent man.

The other allegations and charges of immorality against the character of Joseph Smith with which the Tracts abound are as utterly untrue as the case in question; but we have referred to this particular charge because we have the living witnesses on hand to prove the truth of what we have said

We will now leave Joseph Smith and his character, for the present, in the hands of God, with this testimony that he was a virtuous man of God, true, faithful and unyielding in the services of his Maker. But says Jesus "if they have called the Master of the house Beelzebub, how much more they of his household." And, again, "blessed are ye when they shall persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake and the gospel's; rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you."

Any person wishing to read a Reply to the charges contained in said Tracts against the character of the Prophet and his associates may obtain it, as we have still a few on hand that were published in Calcutta. Price Rs. 1-4-0.

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